Please see the 'CORNERSTONE' ABSTRACT of this monumental 'PLAN' for WORLD SALVATION, which is fulfilling the prophecy of Daniel 2:34 and SMASHING the FOUNDATION of ALL the worlds KINGDOMS to ESTABLISH the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH by GODS ANCIENT DESIGN, by clicking here!






Pilate, the Governor of Judea cerca 33 C.E. (Jn. 18:38)


2000 years after that SEED of TRUTH was ESTABLISHED IN ZION to TAKE ROOT as promised from the foundation of the world, we can NOW SEE his VIRTUOUS INVISIBLE IMAGE juxt- OPPOSED to MANS current PERVERTED MATERIALISTIC IMAGE of him, and CHOOSE HIS IMAGE of INVISIBLE VIRTUOUS TRUTH as HE DESIGNED, and LIVE FREE FROM THE MATERIAL ILLUSION satan and his DECEIVED SELF RIGHTEOUS MINIONS are CONDEMNED IN, or LIKE THEM NOW, we shall REMAIN in a CHOSEN SELF CONDEMNED state of material IGNORANCE and REBELLION to GOD lacking intellectual INTEGRITY and HATING TRUTH, and so shall be REMOVED before mankind enters the NEXT PHASE of his DEVELOPMENT in the womb of planet Earth; a NEW WORLD ORDER under a RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, the MESSIAH weilding a HOLY ROD OF IRON.

The UNHOLY ROD used by the SECRETLY SELFISH RELIGION of the PROPHETIC EDOMITE (which is a Pedophilic-SODOMITE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, adopted from HAM and CANAAN who brought this CURSE upon MANKIND after the FLOOD and later called the 'WISDOM of TEMAN' in Bible prophecy, which VIOLATES the VIRTUE OF TRUTH to PERVERT and REPLACE the WISDOM of GOD, unsealed from Scripture and described within, can be seen clearly BLOOMING ALL AROUND YOU TODAY!) which has rocked the cradle of men's institutions from the foundation of the world until now, and under which the WHOLE WORLD is CURRENTLY STILL SUFFERING in a SELF CONDEMNED CONDITION because of OUR DELIBERATELY GROOMED IGNORANCE off which our 'leaders' PARASITICALLY FEED, is NOW MANIFEST for your VIEW so we may EVOLVE. The HOLY TORAH LAW was WRITTEN DOWN and SEALED UP UNTIL JUDGEMENT TIME for this VERY PURPOSE of EXPOSING and REMOVING this EDOMITE ERROR in MANS COLLECTIVE THINKING regarding HOLY LAW (as opposed to SODOMITE Law which is a PERVERSE ASSAULT on the VIRTUE of TRUTH which IS HOLY...the ANTITHESIS of holiness though having all the OUTWARD trappings, VOID of INTEGRITY which is a RELATIONSHIP with HIS HOLINESS, the TRUTH). The PLAN is now unsealed so OUR ILLNESS can be IDENTIFIED and EXPOSED for JUDGEMENT and REMOVAL for the EVOLUTION and PERFECTION of MANKIND by ANCIENT and HOLY DESIGN NOW UNSEALED AND MANIFEST HEREIN!

This is the SAVING TRUTH of OUR DAY; the PARADIGM of HOLY SPIRIT LAW, the Pure Mathematics 'Equation', Logical 'Formula', or Philosophical 'Model', that is REQUIRED for correctly interpreting Scientifically established Quantum 'reality' so we may BEGIN TO EVOLVE AS DESIGNED at THIS TIME in HIS STORY!



You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free! Jn. 8:32



As an INDEPENDENT WITNESS we shall DISCOVER that Socrates ALSO saw and WROTE ABOUT the SAME BIBLE PLAN I am unsealing now after 2000 years, as the BIBLE ITSELF CLAIMS would happen, as we shall see. Socrates ENVISIONED MESSIAH COMING and set him as the TRUE LIGHT of the world in his famous CAVE PARABLE. I also argue Socrates is the FIRST WITNESS and APOLOGIST for the LIGHT of the world described by the NEW TESTAMENT as the very wisdom of god in bodily form, as can be argued from his own 'APOLOGY' or DEFENSE AT TRIAL (same word used for a Bible APOLOGIST). Indeed Messiah, having directed him (as the WISDOM OF GOD who Socrates said he KNEW as a VOICE which DIRECTED HIM according to his own 'apology' or DEFENSE), Messiah himself was CONSCIOUSLY WAITING for the LATE SOCRATES DISCIPLES TO FIND HIM before he would be READY for his LIGHT TO BE SNUFFED THEY EXPECTED TO SEE because they understood THIS ANCIENT PLAN from SOCRATES PARABLE OF THE CAVE (Jn. 12:20 & 23) which the WISDOM of GOD gave to him to SHARE WITH US, and that INDEPENDENT GREEK WITNESS is POWERFUL. It was PROVIDENTIALLY INTENDED that I UNSEAL and DELIVER IT, for like SOCRATES explains in his Apology, I KNOW THIS WISDOM IS NOT MY OWN! I am merely the TOOL which the SON OF LIFE is currently using to SPEAK TO MANKIND, as he did with Socrates then.


The TRUTH of the Bible now established by Science is that we are ETERNAL BEINGS composed of various forms of ENERGY (energy which never dies only changes perceived forms) being held together within a currently invisible super SYSTEM and we see only SHADOWS of reality; NOT REALITY ITSELF! We live as AVATARS in a sort of HOLOGRAPHIC SIMULATION 'reality' where we see 'reality' as through a DISTORTED SMOKEY MIRROR, and we are given the CODE by which to CORRECT OUR VISION so we may see 'TRUE REALITY', for our healing and peace and the GLORY OF OUR DESIGNER as PLANNED. The TRUTH is a LIGHT that GIVES US SIGHT to SEE MOST CLEARLY in our MATERIAL DARKNESS.

By the light of TRUTH we observe only the VISIBLE material COGS of molecular 'materiality' in an immediately perceived SUB system metaphysical 'reality' as men living in a deep underground cave never having seen the light of the world which gives it true growth and energy, but instead deceived to believe the only light they have ever seen, the artificial light in the cave seen with eyes, was the 'light' of the world which gives it life; unable to even reason about what exists above ground in the light of day. This is how Socrates describes the Gospel plan for us as I shall demonstrate was intended by Messiah who is the TRUE LIGHT of the world DESCRIBED BY SOCRATES PARABLE as the PERFECT SON OF GOD! Both Socrates and the Bible ancintly testify that we perceive this 'world reality' as most real but the LIGHT OF TRUE MESSIAH SHOWS US that it is not reality at all but only a SHADOW of what is really REAL; this has ALWAYS been the TRUTH. What is MOST REAL is CURRENTLY INVISIBLE to our BROKEN PERCEPTION...but a CHANGE in perception shall come, ESPECIALLY if you are one of those who are sleepwalking in a SELF RIGHTEOUS DELUSION OF REALITY living a 'DREAM' life as a SELFISH ENTITY cut of from the LIFE GIVING TRUTH; a useless rebellious parasite or brute beast to be SOON REMOVED by the TRUTH who shall be KING of a PEACEFUL, SYMBIOTIC WORLD SYSTEM. You are advised to EVALUATE THIS EVIDENCE AGAINST YOU WELL because BY IT you will be JUDGED by YOUR OWN CHOSEN RELATIONSHIP TO IT...pray you LEARN TO LOVE THE TRUTH!

This NOW EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED SCIENTIFIC FACT was known and described by Socrates in his famous 'Cave Parable' 2400 years ago as we shall touch on again and again throughout this message since this ABSOLUTE TRUTH must be set as an invisible yet RECOGNIZED CORNERSTONE for our PEACE by ANCIENT DESIGN! What we perceive as immediately 'real' is only an illusion of 'reality' which is CREATED AND HELD TOGETHER FOR OUR PERCEPTION by the INVISIBLE SUPERSYSTEM MIND within which we EXIST and who SHOWS US HIS PERFECT INVISIBLE VIRTUOUS ETERNAL NATURE through imperfect, temporal material form but TRUE REALITY is beyond our MATERIAL PERCEPTION! and this was known to men OVER 2400 YEARS AGO as Socrates, whom the DISCIPLES QUOTED in many places [like Paul before the Greek Stoics in Athens (Acts 17:28) and those in Corinth (1 Cor. 13:11-12)] will show us.

In other words, TRUE and ETERNAL, INVISIBLE REALITY, the SOURCE and WELLSPRING of 'LIFE', is BEYOND our IMMEDIATELY SENSED temporal perceptions of material reality; we see only an ILLUSION of 'reality' and 'life' while here in the TEMPORAL ILLUSION; and THIS IS WHAT MESSIAH CAME TO SHOW US in his 'DEATH' according to the PROMISE OF THE FATHER when we REFLECT AS HE DESIGNED, in order to set this truth as an UNSHAKABLE CORNERSTONE for those of us who TRUST TRUTH; DEATH HAS NO STING FOR US...death is nothing but AWAKENING INTO TRUE LIFE for us who KNOW TRUTH! Born ignorantly of TRUTH into this world like animals (and some of us raised by lions, bears, and wolves), like such animals we recognize through our SENSES only the fallen material ILLUSIONS of reality in a mere SUB SYSTEM of that INVISIBLE SUPER SYSTEM ENERGY from which ALL THINGS receive their existence or 'BEING' in a shadowy 'FORM' to be PERCEIVED AS REAL, but it is the realm INVISIBLE TO US which is the GREATER REALITY in which the ETERNAL IMAGE of VIRTUE is found for MAN TO EMULATE when SEEN; according to the PROGRAMMING CODE now unsealed. Only ANIMALS who are IGNORANT OF GOD can be TRAINED/TAUGHT to do EVIL FOR GOD in a FALLEN WORLD SYSTEM lacking CORNERSTONE TRUTH, but ONLY UNTIL THE CORNERSTONE TRUTH OF REALITY SETS THEM FREE TO LIVE HONORABLY as an EMULATING LIGHT of HIS ETERNAL VIRTUE! These are ANCIENT and MIRACULOUS BIBLE CLAIMS now ESTABLISHED by the TOOL of SCIENCE to be MARVELLOUSLY TRUE, even as the SOURCE ENERGY of VIRTUE CLEARLY DESIGNED for us to SEE AND EMULATE as HIS LIGHTS to expose MANS DARKNESS associated with this PHYSICAL, MATERIAL perception of reality which his body perceives SEPARATELY FROM HIS 'REASON'! Through co-operation or REASONABLE COMMUNICATION with his HOLY SPIRIT we are led to put on the IMAGE of God who is SENTIENT VIRTUOUS TRUTH.

Human 'life' bodies, like rocks and trees, are composed of such atomic 'life' energy holding them together in our SUB SYSTEM 'reality' in a MOLECULAR 'FORM' to be perceived as 'real'. But the mind of MAN has been GRACIOUSLY GIVEN the POTENTIAL to CONNECT WITH the SUPERMIND of ETERNAL VIRTUE which HOLDS TEMPORAL ATOMICALLY STRUCTURED 'REALITY' TOGETHER TO BE PERCEIVED as real life but IS PROVEN NOT SO, through a CONSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP to the ETERNAL TRUTH SOURCE of all 'reality' according to HIS LOVING DESIGN PLAN. We actually work in tandem with that INTELLIGENCE SOURCE to CHANGE this 'sub reality' AS HE DESIGNED, merely by ALIGNING ourselves to HIS MIND [(the PROGRAMMING CODE rightly parsed within the biological unit so he PERCEIVES SUPER REALITY through a RENEWAL of MIND, 'born again' process as DESIGNED (Rom. 12:2, Eph. 4:23)]! The only biological 'unit' or 'being' within the subsystem of materially perceived atomic reality in which we exist which is given the ability to REASON ABOUT HIS CONDITION and make a CHOICE to see and PARTICIPATE with the WILL of the PROGRAMMER of the ILLUSION for HIS GREATEST GLORY, is MAN in whose IMAGE he is given the opportunity to CHOOSE to PARTICIPATE or NOT based on FAITH IN LOGIC, REASON and 'TRUTH'; saving truth. By refusing to choose the good (being given choices by which to be self deceived), one chooses their own relationship to the TRUTH who is the SOURCE OF LIFE, despite their inability to recognize him as king of their reality. Some are like brute beasts having no sensitivity to the Holiness of the TRUTH, who is LOGICALLY and REASONABLY UNDERSTOOD to be KING OF ALL EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED REALITY as He anciently claimed and ALL SCIENCES ARE ESTABLISHING AS ABSOLUTE FACT!

In other words OUR 'material reality', of which human bodies form a part of the whole LIKE OTHER ANIMALS, is merely a SUBSET reality being held together by the MIND of the PROGRAMMER who DESIGNED IT to be perceived as MOST REAL (by only fallen spirits inhabiting flesh bodies like brute beast animals of men called 'EDOMITES' in prophecies YET TO BE FULFILLED for OUR PEACE to be ATTAINED as explained within) and who MADE THESE CLAIMS THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO! The FIRST LAW of INVISIBLE REALITY we discover with the TOOL of Science is that ENERGY NEVER DIES, ONLY CHANGES FORM. Even ROCKS are ALIVE with this ENERGY! This applies also to our 'physical' bodies in MATERIAL atomic REALITY separately from the PERSPECTIVE of the ORIGINAL 'FORMLESS', CHANGELESS 'ENERGY SOURCE' which OUR MIND is given the PROPOSAL to CONNECT WITH and KNOW INTIMATELY; TRUE LIFE HIMSELF...and HE PROMISED to RAISE OUR BODIES in INCORRUPTABLE METAPHYSICAL GLORY JUST LIKE HIS! Edomites may say they believe this about our 'reality' as they pose as religious leaders but they LIVE OTHERWISE, as the LAW RIGHTLY INTERPRETED will HIGHLIGHT for us BY DESIGN, later!

A 'systems' energy never dies in reality, even if the 'form' in which the 'energy' is perceived to 'live' appears to 'die'...the LIFE 'energy' merely changes FORM within the framework of a greater or lesser complex 'material' SYSTEM which HIS MIND holds together to be perceived as reality by children trained by BRUTE BEASTS until the CHILDREN come of age to HANDLE THE TRUTH. We live and work within a TEMPORAL FALLEN WORLD SYSTEM of IGNORANT DARKNESS which Mans progenitors foisted on him as the only apparent reality with their DELUSIONAL FANSTASIES in place of the INVISIBLE CORNERSTONE of TRUTH, as God told us in advance would happen, cut off from the recognition of that greater system within which we ALREADY EXIST UNITED AS ONE with HIS MIND if we merely CHOOSE TO RECONNECT to HIS DIVINE CHARACTER using the ladder of his word to reach his VIRTUE and so LIVE as a LIGHT FOR HIM as we RISE above the controlling BEASTS on this planet, despite what any of the rest of the INSANE FALLEN ANIMALS in this FALLEN WORLD SYSTEM to be CONQUERED by the God of TRUTH thinks or does, even as the now UNSEALED and MANIFEST BIBLE PROGRAMMING CODE tells us!

As Socrates clearly understood and shows us even before the Messiah, represented by the Moon in his cave parable, came...and for whom Socrates himself died as a PROPHET-MARTYR for that light at the hands of those men BEASTS who were working under the power of world DARKNESS and deception in this fallen 'cave enslavement' reality (the VISIBLE things under the power of the SUN, which BLINDS MINDS, being mere SHADOWS of TRUE reality which the light of TRUTH, associated with the MOON as the true 'light of the world' by our PROGRAMMER, illumines in our MINDS EYE to SEE REALITY correctly through COMMANDMENT for HIS GLORY)...and this was even before the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD came to DESTROY THE ILLUSION according to the ANCIENT PLAN which SOCRATES SAW and WORKED FOR, as I demonstrate later.

The Bible contains highly sophisticated, multi-level, multi-dimensional, systems programming instructions or coding in Pure Mathematics FORMULA. The basic objective or GOAL of the Bible CODE or PROGRAMMING is to SAVE MANKIND from himself, setting him free from his CAVE ENSLAVEMENT and bringing him up from his bondage to IGNORANCE to begin EVOLVING into a PERFECT STATE of BEING through a process of PERFECTION in VIRTUOUS TRUTH which IS HOLINESS. At THIS POINT in the PLAN, this is begun by our WILLINGNESS to first EXPOSE and then REMOVE the ignorant psychopathy of FALLEN MAN (for which Socrates died CONDEMNING to help us SEE IT through thousands of years of CASE HISTORY which would follow the MESSIAHS DEATH) in our CURRENT SYSTEM, the AZAZEL of DARKNESS foisted on the whole world when the Messiah actually came AS DECLARED IN THE PLAN, which the SABBATH LIGHT PERSPECTIVE that is UNSEALED from GODS word saves us from in these end days (as described within), so that the WORLD SYSTEM which CURRENTLY EXISTS is TRANSFERRED from IGNORANT DIVIDED DARKNESS leading to CERTAIN and IMMINENT SELF DESTRUCTION, to one of ILLUMINATING LIGHT with GOD RULING EARTH from his METAPHYSICAL THRONE through OBEDIENT MANKIND in EVOLVING PEACE as He anciently DESIGNED and PROMISED. This is done according to the CODE embedded in the details regarding the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE, which we shall see is KEY to UNDERSTANDING the CODE of the Bible, as DEMOSTRATED within. Not only is the KEY of DAVID (the MOON as identified later) which the BUILDERS HID from us when they REPLACED IT with with the POWERFUL SYMBOL of WORLD DARKNESS called 'SOLOMONS SEAL' (anciently associated with a magic ring of 'invisibility' by which spirits are captured), but the TRUTH regarding the MANY MYTHS regarding THIS TRUTH whose BLINDING SYMBOL has been the HEXAGRAM (the symbol for mans FALLEN perception of only MATERIAL, CARBON BASED 'material reality' known before the destruction of the Temple) is now EXPOSED by the MANIFEST TRUTH of the SIGN of MESSIAH (the FULL MOON SABBATH IMAGE OF GOD) as the TRUE LIGHT of the WORLD, for the purpose of EXPOSING and REMOVING THE OFFENSE of WORLD DARKNESS, by Gods design!

The removal of this 'offense' in our kingdom of darkness (the identification of the FRUIT of our IGNORANT THOUGHTS which CAUSE us to suffer and PERISH when we indulge them...learning to discern GOOD THINKING and BAD THINKING and their CERTAIN, RESULTANT DEEDS and THOSE WHO LIVE LUXURIOUSLY in IDOLATRY off our ignorance as they pretend to serve as our leaders while VICTIMIZING US) is a SACRIFICE which must happen at both the personal-individual and impersonal-corporate WORLD BODY level through the APPLICATION of TRUTH in HOW WE CHOOSE TO PERCEIVE 'reality' as told to us FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD by GOD...this is what the blood of all the Martyrs (witnesses) for TRUTH tell us beginning with Abel, and other prophets like Socrates as we shall see later.

This spiritual 'darkness' or FALLEN PARADIGM of IGNORANCE which the WHOLE WORLD is CURRENTLY SUFFERING UNDER according to PROPHECY GIVEN IN ADVANCE, is the CAIN-EDOM-SODOM PSYCHOPATHY of HYPOCRITICAL LEADERS which must YET be removed from mans COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS through EDUCATION; enlightenment in SAVING TRUTH by GRAND DESIGN of a GOD OF TRUTH for his CHILDREN! It's basically an INVISIBLE SPIRITUAL CONSPIRACY regarding PHILOSOPHIES and there are TWO major Philosophies which WAR against one another in a FALSE 'Hegelian Dialectic' for POWER in GODS STEAD: EDOM and ROME (A.K.A EDOMITE-SODOMITES haters and MURDERERS of SAVING TRUTH whose ancient SYMBOLS are the HEXAGRAM and the PENTAGRAM). When those TWO philosophies of DARKNESS which RULE OVER YOUR MINDS AND DIVIDE IT TO CONQUER IT, are EXPOSED with the TRUE LIGHT of the WORLD (symbolized by the MOON through COMMANDED PARADIGM/FORMULA), then the TRUE PERSPECTIVE of REALITY will be KNOWN TO ALL and the WHOLE WORLD shall see PEACE under a UNITED ISRAEL (Ephraim/Israel joined finally with Judah into ONE SYMBIOTIC, THRIVING, LIVING 'HOUSE', 'BODY' or WORLD SYSTEM). We shall see within that it was PROPHESIED that JUDAH would be DECEIVED by EDOM (adopting the star of Remphan) to MARRY ROME (under the upside down RED pagan 5 pointed star/PENTAGRAM on Constantines 'seal') and SLAY GODS MESSIAH (and HIDE the KEY OF DAVID, the SIGN of MESSIAH which is the MOON perspective of viewing REALITY which is contained in the BIBLE, and PERSECUTE THE SAINTS until the END DAYS when the ANCIENT OF DAYS reveals this OPENLY and JUDAH REPENTS and AMELEK/EDOM IS JUDGED AND REMOVED from an ISRAELITE WORLD KINGDOM of MESSIANIC PEACE by ANCIENT HOLY DESIGN for GODS GLORY!


Judah joined together with ALL ISRAEL in repentence (together with the rest of the worlds nations who BELIEVE THIS ANICENT BLUEPRINT for the PERFECTION and PEACE of MANKIND) is REPENTANT according to this ANCIENT PLAN which Prince Joseph (A.K.A. the MESSENGER 'who is like god' who stands in the CONGREGATION of AUTHORITY, A.K.A. the 'ancient of days'. Dan. 7:13 & 12:1, Mal. 3:1, Ps. 82:6) reveals to MANKIND, and EDOM is NOT...their WRONG THINKING must be EXPOSED and the BIBLE contains the MESSIANIC CODE by which it SHALL BE DONE! The MESSIAH shall JOIN JUDAH together with ALL ISRAEL and HE (together with the REST OF THE WORLD AS HIS BODY) shall ROOT OUT spiritual EDOM according to the PLAN for mans PERFECTION and PEACE!

The TRUTH is the EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED 'CURE' which God provided before creating ANY MATERIAL THING in this SUB 'reality' in which we exist IGNORANTLY of direct perception of HIS SUPER REALITY. This TRUTH is his INVISIBLE SENTIENT 'WISDOM' by which the world is created, formed, and CONTINUALLY HELD TOGETHER as HE HIMSELF ANCIENTLY DECLARED (Job 38:6, Is. 28:16, Ps. 118:22). Throughout HIS STORY he has MANIFESTED HIMSELF as communicative SIGNS or LIGHTS and even FORMS of MEN to the ancient FATHERS, to effect CHANGE within our LABORATORY, by simply making seemingly IMPOSSIBLE BOASTS within our SUB REALITY to then MANIFEST into 'reality' as if 'magically'. For instance on several recorded Biblical occasions, giving a PROMISE of 'opening' or 'fertilizing' otherwise 'barren wombs' to bring forth CHILDREN PROMISED FROM HIM as a miraculous 'SIGN' who he would then RAISE as HIS LEADERS [even like Noah who survived gods DESELECTION/'evolution' process which destroyed the ante-deluvian world; Abraham from UR (Nimrod and Semiramis reformed Government in Chaldea), and Moses when he elevated the people from their Egyptian ignorance with LIGHT from God to lead them; Daniel in Babylon; Mordechai in Persia; and Paul in Judea/Rome] as 'saviors' who the spirit prophesy A.K.A. the Spirit of TRUTH, USES as TOOLS to SAVE MANKIND in such a way as to EFFECT HIS PURPOSES using an EDOMITE-SODOMITE REBELLION of FALLEN ADAMIC THINKING in CONTROL of planet earth as the necessary RESISTANCE until the END of a particlar phase or stage of the construction process toward the FINAL PRODUCT is acheived, a perfect nation/bride prepared and WED TO GOD ON EARTH.

Metaphorically speaking, for those able to see the writing on the wall, He's about to take out the firstfruits of Pharaoh and throw the 'power' of the current reality into the sea'...if anyone care to OBEY HIM and be willing tolook at the sort of 'SIGNS' one SHOULD be seeing ACCORDING TO THE GUIDEBOOK, and are LOOKING FOR when the time gets REALLY CLOSE for the SEASON of that 'fruit' to appear and so OBEY HIS VOICE AS HIS ORGANIZED BODY WHICH IS UNITED IN HIS SUPERTRUTH REALITY...and of course learning the WISDOM of the FEAR of GOD by REMEMBERING what happens to those who REFUSE to heed the SIGNS, FEAR GOD, and BEGIN PRODUCING FRUIT in LINE with their CONFESSION to KNOW and LOVE TRUTH as HE JUSTLY DESIGNED; they shall be pruned and tossed to the fire as useless PARASITES now EXPOSED FOR REMOVAL from a KINGDOM BODY of REPENTENT SAINTS ready for HEALING according to the ANCIENT PROGRAMMING CODE now UNSEALED JUST IN TIME and DELIVERED to EFFECT THAT CHANGE/GOAL.

This VISIBLE and AUDIBLE WISDOM of G-d which was in the beginning of CREATION with the INVISIBLE FATHER G-d as NARRATOR of the Genesis account (who tells us of 1. his father, 2. his light being sent into the world in visible form on DAY ONE of creation, and 3. the Holy Spirit of G-d hovering over our dark, chaotic world), who gave the account to Moses from the bush on Sinai, he's the SAME WISDOM who took comfort in Noah and sealed him safely from the consequences of Rebellious men through his OBEDIENCE to a PLAN for SALVATION. He also manifested to Abraham leading him out of Ur, Jacob called him his 'redeeming messenger' or 'angel', and Moses saw him in a 'burning bush'. Others have seen him as 'flames of fire', 'angels', talking donkeys and even men. In Kabbalistic language these 'manifestations' of Gods SPIRIT of WISDOM are variously referred to as the Memra, Adam Kadmon, Metatron, and 'Shekinah', the head of ALL the MALAKIM or 'angels', himself being called the unique 'SON' of G-d and understood to have appeared to both Joshua and Daniel with prophetic promises YET TO BE FULFILLED (Josh 5:13, Dan. 10:21, 12:1). Priests are also called the 'Malak YHWH' (angel or Messenger of YHWH) and ONE is even called the 'CONTRACTING ANGEL' (Mal. 2:7, 3:1). Let us also not forget that MEN are also called ELOHIM which is MISLEADINGLY translated with the PAGAN CONCEPTUAL WORD 'god' in MOST PLACES, but NOT ALL and for GOOD REASON. It wouldn't make much sense to place the PAGAN CONCEPT in such places as IT MIGHT CAUSE ONE TO RECONSIDER what is BEING COMMUNICATED by the SENTIENT TRUTH! (Ex. 7:1, Ps. 82:6, Jn. 10:35).

It is this SENTIENT, LIVING SPIRIT of WISDOM which HOLDS OUR REALITY TOGETHER as he anciently claimed, the SUPER REALITY within whom we exist as in a WOMB of creation (sometimes he manifests to or through one, some, or all within any group, system or sub system like clouds, pillars of fire, or a host of 'angelic beings' or MESSENGERS of SENTIENT TRUTH) which led the holy fathers into KNOWLEDGE OF HIM, and if we are SENSITIVE to HEAR his VOICE of TRUTH, it is he who shall lead us to SEE the LIGHT of HIS ULTIMATE SAVING TRUTH by which he shall EXPOSE and REMOVE the fallen Adamic, EDOMITE-SODOMITE enslaving paradigm of DARKNESS and WORLD IGNORANCE in the GREAT DRAMA of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE of GOD being PLAYED OUT for HIS GLORY on the STAGE of PLANET EARTH so his people and the WHOLE WORLD are no longer SUFFERING AND DYING at the hands of the GODLESSLY REBELLIOUS HIGHLY FUNCTIONAL, well coordinated INSANE KABALS of POWER who have ALWAYS USURPED HIS AUTHORITY on planet Earth as a consequence of his GRACE extended to mankind from the DAY HE REBELLED in the Garden until NOW! Now its time for JUDGEMENT to BEGIN. The FIRST HALF of the atonements sacrifice (where messiah was slain for the people) was finished two thousand years ago and NOW its time for the SECOND HALF of the SACRIFICE where EVIL IS RECOGNIZED, CONFESSED AND REMOVED in a WORLD COURT to SIT...the WEDDING BANQUET of GOD with his BRIDE MANKIND is being ANNOUNCED NOW and SOON, anyone NOT HAVING A WEDDING GARMENT will be REMOVED from the KINGDOM OF LIGHT about to be MANIFEST ON EARTH to expose ALL THE DARKNESS as ANCIENTLY PROMISED...their EARTHLY WAGES will be WORTHLESS to save them from the LIGHT of SENTIENT VIRTUOUS TRUTH now RECOGNIZABLE on planet Earth by Design of Ancient Holy Law!

Since we know that for all practical intents and purposes that one's ignorant shadowy 'perception' is their 'reality' (even if only childlike), and such a reality is effected by access and ability to assimilate TRUTH, and we know through use of the TOOL of Science as a method of INVISIBLE TRUTH DISCOVERY that there IS an EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED 'invisible' REALITY beyond PERCEPTION of only an immediately percevied 'material reality', then it is VITAL AT THIS TIME in HIS STORY for MANKIND, at the HIGHEST LEVELS OF POWER (institutional) to RECOGNIZE and AGREE to ESTABLISH this TRUTHFUL CORNERSTONE for OUR FUTURE WORLD EVOLUTION to UNITE a WORLD BODY for the glory of a God of ORDER on planet Earth...and GOD HAS ALREADY PROVIDED IT to be NOW RECONSIDERED as HE DESIGNED!

As demonstrated within, the BUILDERS of our current SYSTEM founded it on the WRONG CORNERSTONE 2000 years ago as God ALLOWED THEM for his GLORY in a GREATER PLAN; a PLAN which has been SEALED UP IN OUR FACES after that TRUE CORNERSTONE for the PERCEPTION OF REALITY was REJECTED AS PLANNED by those GODLESS FOOLS. Their PARADIGM of FALLEN IGNORANCE posing as 'wisdom' which SLEW THE PROMISE of WISDOM, for which MERCY or GRACE has been extended to both righteous and unrighteous on planet Earth since the garden according to THAT SAME PROMISE, for which that same 'wisdom' came in the form of a MAN later in the PLAN as DESIGNED, to SHED HIS BLOOD and SHOW US THE TRUTH, setting it IN ZION according to the PROPHETIC WILL of the SENTIENT TRUTH who holds our reality together to be perceived as most real by only those who are SLEEP WALKING through this 'life' REALITY. In the END he REVEALS HIMSELF TO THE WORLD and this LIGHT of TRUTH is that which EXPOSES THE ILLUSION of OUR MATERIAL FALLEN ILLUSION of REALITY which blinds THE WHOLE WORLD as God CLAIMED IN ADVANCE he was going to ALLOW. All of this HIS STORY is so the WORLD CAN SEE AND REMOVE the paradigm of darkness/ignorance, suffering, and death which the WHOLE WORLD is under, and CHOOSE TRUTH for the GLORY OF GOD as HIS BRIDE for HIS GLORY as HE DESIGNED.

The most RELIGIOUSLY INSANE among them are trying to HOLD ON to their DELUSIONAL WORLD power by keeping YOUR MIND ENLAVED BY IGNORANCE, BEWILDERED regarding the MEANING of the SCIENCE FINDS they are TRYING to INTERPRET for YOU while IGNORING GODS CLAIMS which they used to MOCK as preposterous fantasy. Its now time for the WHOLE WORLD to RECOGNIZE the TRUE CORNERSTONE PARADIGM of our 'REALITY' and to TURN from DARKNESS to LIGHT according to Gods MODEL for perceiving our reality CORRECTLY which will BRING WORLD PEACE as he designed and EXPOSE THESE PARASITES PLAYING GOD over IGNORANT MINDS as he designed. It's now unsealed and properly assembled to once again SHINE the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD on to our FALLEN WORLD ILLUSION as God DESIGNED for HIS WORD and the TOOL of SCIENCE to ASSIST US to SEE. And to establish this TRUE CORNERSTONE fixed in MANS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS at THIS TIME in HIS STORY, is to ENTER into the SABBATH REST even as promised from the foundation of the World!

If Yahshua had led them in to the PROMISE of the SABBATH REST, there would be no need to speak of resting later, A SABBATH REST THEREFORE REMAINS for the People of God (as a FUTURE PROMISE to HOPE IN by FAITH in SENTIENT SAVING TRUTH)! Heb. 4:8-9

Who do you think you are (neo-Babylon) a huge mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall be leveled into a field! He shall bring forth the CORNERSTONE with the shouting of 'FAVOR IT MERCIFULLY'!

The Stone which the Builders rejected has become the CHIEF CORNER STONE.


The ANCIENT and MIRACULOUS BIBLE CLAIMS about our 'reality' is that we live, move and have our very existence within A GREATER TRUTH SET OF REALITY from which we are BLINDED AT BIRTH into this material illusion from direct perception of that HIGHER DIMENSION of REALITY into which we MAY BE RE-AWAKENED, or BORN AGAIN, by TRUTH as from a DREAM (or nightmare) where we had lost our identity and became ignorant that we are merely dreaming, even while still in a material reality whose laws DO NOT YET RECOGNIZE HIS ETERNAL METAPHYSICAL KINGSHIP reality now ESTABLISHED as TRUE. This is done through our choices while within the temporal dream reality in OBEDIENCE to that SENTIENT ETERNAL FORCE HOLDING OUR TEMPORAL ILLUSION of 'MATERIAL reality' together to be perceived as MOST REAL, even as HE MIRACULOUSLY CLAIMED from the foundation of the world and SEALED UP UNTIL NOW as he ALSO CLAIMED (Is. 29:10-11, Jer. 8:8, Is. 8:16).

SCIENCE now ESTABLISHES with EMPIRICAL EVIDENCES the MIRACULOUS ANCIENT CLAIMS that in HIM we live, move and have our 'existence' in this sort of PROGRAMMED ILLUSION OF ENERGY. Scientists are now calling this DIRECTLY UNDETECTABLE, INVISIBLE POWER which they have CONCLUSIVELY AGREED ABSOLUTELY DOES EXIST, 'dark energy', without even a PEEP in recognition of these ANCIENT SUPERNATURAL BIBLE CLAIMS... because of course it FLIES IN THE FACE of their CHOSEN GODLESS, ACCOUNTABILITY HATING, WORLD VIEW. The Atheist religion has ALWAYS BEEN TO SUPPRESS TRUTH while usurping the POWER of GOD on planet Earth and controlling the TOOL of SCIENCE under PRETENSE of being religiously 'neutral' is the LATEST EDOMITE Philosophical 'EVOLUTION'. Their EDOMITE/SODOMITE 'RELIGION' now has its violent choke hold on EDUCATION in America and the world as evidenced by the Kinsey Syndrome. This SODOMITE AHAB and his SPIRITUAL WHORE wife which RULES YOUR MINDS through their PHILOSOPHIES OPPOSED TO TRUTH, are DRAGGING the Daughter of Zion-LADY LIBERTY through the STREETS and CONTEMPTUOUSLY DEFILING her VIRTUE OPENLY as a GOLIATH BEAST while all look with demonic exstatic glee while others POWERLESS to stop this INSANITY because of IGNORANCE...a DELIBERATELY GROOMED IGNORANCE MAINTAINED by CRIMINALS as GOD ALLOWED UNTIL NOW AS PLANNED!

In recent years these Spiritual perverts have been very vocal in their WIDESPREAD PROPAGANDA mocking 'creationists' as practically 'insane' for believing in an INVISIBLE SENTIENT FORCE which can't be DIRECTLY PERCEIVED as TRUE (and so they flaunt their perversion as MORALLY GOOD for the WORLD BODY 'SYSTEM' because of our PAST ignorance of SYSTEM SAVING TRUTH and HOW TO EFFECTIVELY APPLY IT). Now after they have been drawn out to expose themselves and their GOD PLAYING PERVERTED AGENDA, the TRUTH IS UNSEALED and SHOWCASED in the LIGHT OF THE SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED EMPIRICAL EVIDENCES which PROVE THE ANCIENT CLAIMS. We do not have to destroy ourselves by failing to implement LEGISLATION which would AVERT THE DISASTERS the Bible makes clear SHALL TAKE PLACE for FAILURE TO REPENT of CORPORATE PHILOSOPHICAL CRIMES now exposed as conspiratorially VICTIMIZING the BODY of MANKIND as a DIRECT RESULT of our ECONOMIC CORNERSTONE which by its very NATURE is OPPOSED TO GOD AND MAN, and so caters to EVERY VICE OF MAN for ITS OWN PROPAGATION until the system essentially implodes or collapses from vice and INTERNAL CORRUPTION; left unchecked like a CANCER, it will KILL the BODY of MANKIND.

The SCIENTIFIC discovery of DARK ENERGY (A.K.A. the 'Qi' in Eastern Philosophy) and the OBSERVATION PROBLEM we have with ATOMIC MATTER both SUPPORT THOSE ANCIENT CLAIMS of the BIBLE so in LIGHT of the TRUTH which IS REALITY, we are beginning to see that it is the ATHEIST EDOMITE who simply REFUSES to see the ANCIENT VIRTUOUS TRUTH who has patiently and lovingly been trying to communicate with such arrogant FOOLS whose only purpose in being created is to STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY hypocritically in GODS NAME until he JUDGES THEM for PLAYING GOD without his permission when his MERCY/GRACE period provided ends very soon. This SATANICALLY MINDED BALL CLUB dog pack CONSPIRACY begun 2000 years ago between JUDAH and ROME is now EXPOSED as the Bible said it would do all along. These REPTILIAN BRAINED NEANDERTHALS are COLD, CALCULATING, CONSCIOUSLESS, UNREPENTANT, SOCIOPATHIC HYPOCRITES; PARASITIC CANCERS in the BODY of GOD on EARTH for which we have the SURGICAL MANUAL for their REMOVAL and OUR HEALING. They SUPPRESS, RAPE and MURDER the VIRTUE of TRUTH UNRIGHTEOUSLY in FRONT OF ALL THE FLOCKS THEY ARE ABUSING, along with KEY 'LEADERS' of EVERY INSTITUTION of AUTHORITY, as SPIRITUAL MIND SLAVES and they had ALL BETTER GET SENSITIVE TO THE TRUTH of REALITY and begin to wake up to the WISDOM which is only JUST NOW BEGINNING to EXPOSE THEM ALL, and REPENT NOW, if they know whats good for them and have ANY FEAR OF GOD LEFT IN THEM AT ALL! Ps. 2, 82, 149, Jn. 10:33, Lk. 19:27

The MIND ENSLAVED 'enslavers' in our now EXPOSED neo-Babylonian/Egyptian MIND ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM to become TAX SLAVES after the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago (Lam. 1:1 - L'Mas), who think themselves in control as 'authorities' in the CURRENT SYSTEM (which some shall attempt to DECEIVE YOU to help keep it propped up and defend it UNTIL THEIR CERTAIN WRITTEN 'END') and having a 'handle on reality', are now busying themselves at the highest levels of their most posh ivory towers trying to figure out a scheme to keep you from SEEING THE OBVIOUS TRUTH which is the LIE or LACK OF TRUTH at the VERY FOUNDATION of EACH of their 'WORLD VIEWS' (religions). The MANIFESTING TRUTH is now making it VERY DIFFICULT for these MASTER MANIPULATORS, DISGUISERS and DENIERS of TRUTH to do so easily in plain view anymore, so they are being forced into some fairly ridiculous LOGICAL 'contortions' in their supposedly 'intellectual' positions. They are now going so far as trying to make up WILD NEW CLAIMS ABOUT 'REALITY' (what in REALITY amounts to PREPOSTEROUS NEW 'RELIGIOUS WORLD VIEWS' of FALLEN IDOLATROUS WORSHIP) to explain these UNDENIABLE findings which the Bible OMNISCIENTLY claimed thousands of years ago and they ONCE MOCKED. They are now making EVEN MORE INCREDULOUS CLAIMS than the Bible ever did! They are being FORCED by THEIR CHOSEN WORLD VIEW (refusing ACCOUNTABILITY to TRUTH who IS GOD) to make BOASTS EVEN GREATER THAN GOD himself (also as he anciently claimed they would be FORCED TO DO) whose claims have NOW been ESTABLISHED BY THE EVIDENCE. But rather than ADMIT THE TRUTH of such MIRACULOUS PROOF in and of itself and so eat a SMALL AMOUNT of 'crow', they prefer to make BOASTING CLAIMS OVER GODS HEAD like 'String Theory', 'Cloud Theory', and discussing endless rabbit trail 'problems' like the concept of 'infinite regression' (as opposed to the 'observation problem'). This ONLY 'MATERIAL' perspective of viewing 'REALITY' of course effectively puts off indefinitely and forever the PARAMOUNT questions regarding the PURPOSE and MEANING of 'life' (and therefore HOW one should live in ALIGNEMENT with the ONE MIND of INVISIBLE REALITY), which the Pure Mathematics PARADIGM 'sealed up' in the Bible and now unsealed as promised in that same book, establishes as MIRACULOUSLY TRUE. Discovery of the 'observation problem' in Physics SUPPORTS the SENTIENT nature of this ENERGY source when one REFLECTS long enough on the 'problem'. They are so INTELLECTUALLY DISHONEST (BETRAYING them as servants to their passions as materialistic SLAVES TO SIN and SERVING SATAN by their MANIFEST DEEDS in relationship to the MANIFEST TRUTH) as to now be suggesting more and more that EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL 'seeding' of Mankind took place on planet Earth, as a LAST DITCH EFFORT to EVADE SUBMISSION to the VIRTUOUS TRUTH they HYPOCRITICALLY have ALWAYS HATED. The fact is they are willing to believe that a fallen spirit of DARKNESS in some physical, tangible life form which they can SEE AND TOUCH (like an alien monkey or sea slug) is their 'creator', but they are UNWILLING to examine the EVIDENCE for the INVISIBLE SENTIENT SPIRIT of VIRTUOUS TRUTH and LIVE AS A REFLECTION OF HIM! They PREFER THEIR OWN BRILLIANT DARKNESS!

These Science CLAIMS are BOASTS and intellectually dishonest SMOKE SCREENS made by the hardcore ATHEIST/EDOMITE RELIGIONISTS which are even more fantastic and mind boggling than those claims made in the Bible which the TOOL of Science NOW ESTABLISHES as absolutely TRUE...and these PERVERTED RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES are now caught TRYING TO CONTROL the TOOL of SCIENCE, even as they had crept into seats of power in every institutional TOOL of the past (like religions and governments) to CONTROL MANS 'perception' of 'REALITY' throughout SPACE/TIME trying to stay ONE STEP AHEAD of the SENTIENT TRUTH who has been EXPOSING THEM and HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE over the course of TIME all along as HE PROMISED he would do. The TRUTH IS KING whether these MINISTERS OF DARKNESS choose to acknowledge him or not. Clearly they are now BOLDLY and ARROGANTLY making these CLAIMS out of THIN AIR in their fantastic MAGICIAN SHOW, while at the same time all along dismissing with perfunctory sleight of hand the now ESTABLISHED ancient Bible claims as nothing more than coincidence in 'poetic imagination' in ancient literature.

That ancient 'story book' which they mock as little more than ancient science fiction or religious fantasy while they HYPOCRITICALLY dream up 'new GOD reality' out of thin air, just happened to make such PHENOMENALLY EXTRAORDINARY and ACCURATE CLAIMS about our NOW KNOWN REALITY that were ONCE MOCKED by these EDOMITE DOGS. The BIBLE CLAIMS regarding the INVISIBLE SENTIENT ATOMIC STRUCTURE of our 'materially' perceived SUB REALITY cut off from DIRECT PERCEPTION of OUR BEING OBSERVED (what the 'Observation Problem' in Physics REFLECTS BACK to US) are NOW ESTABLISHED by the TOOL of Science as ABSOLUTELY FACTUALLY TRUE. Not only are these BOASTFUL LITTLE PHARAOHS NOT willing to admit this FACT (they dont even want you to CONSIDER IT), but in response they are coming up with a WILD ARRAY of EXTRAORDINARILY WILD NEW CLAIMS (or mebbe they will start a scurmish or WAR somewhere to distract your attention in their SLEIGHT OF HAND manipulation of TRUTH now becoming PAINFULLY OBVIOUS) to try to 'explain' (AWAY) the FACTS in a DIFFERENT LIGHT (a SELFISH PHARAONIC DARKNESS now exposed as INSANE HATRED of MANKIND through REFUSAL to LOVE TRUTH). If they could they would FOREVER keep you from EVER CONSIDERING the MEANING of these EXTRAORDINARY FINDINGS gleaned from the TOOL of SCIENCE which they are NOW SEEN URIGHTEOUSLY ATTEMPTING TO HIJACK AND CONTROL for FALLEN IDOLATROUS RELIGIOUS REASONS of SELFISH HATRED FOR GOD, which itself establishes and PROVES the ANCIENT BIBLE CLAIMS as TRUE... as EVIDENCED even by the SCIENCE TOOL of PSYCHOLOGY to be TRUE.

In light of ALL THE EVIDENCE and TESTIMONY (presented within), who then is it that is REALLY 'insanely' viewing 'reality' and believing in fictional sky fairies? Clearly these integrity lacking intelligence DRONES have an intellectually dishonest AGENDA to DECEIVE for PERSONAL, TEMPORAL, MATERIALLY IDOLATROUS MOTIVATIONS now EXPOSED AS ANCIENTLY PLANNED and BOASTED ABOUT all ALONG! This is a VERY SCARY 'religious' PSYCHOPATHY which has been controlling and TAXING MANKIND FOR HIS GOOD LIFE HERE AND NOW in TEMPORAL REALITY, called SPIRITUAL EDOM in prophecy. Those with a MATERIALISTIC PARADIGM of reality can not HELP THEMSELVES but be enslaved by their FLESHLY LUSTS through constant appeasing of them in an ECONOMIC SYSTEM that GROOMS AND TARGETS THEIR IGNORANCE for the SELFISH INDULGENCES of all those who understand the 'GAME' and are 'WITH IT' to PERVERT AND VICTIMIZE IGNORANT CHILDREN. They are 'cutting out a niche' for themselves in a system of DEATH more systemetized than Hitlers and do not even realize it or care, yet. They are ENSLAVED by MATERIAL REALITY and unwilling to sacrifice it, they become those 'with it' who ATTEMPT TO CONTROL THE 'DREAM' to FEED THEIR IDOLATROUS WORLD VIEW along with the REST of the FISH in PHARAOHS RIVERS of MATERIAL ILLUSION and IGNORANCE. They are enslaved so they ENSLAVE OTHERS for their OWN rewards in a SLAVE SYSTEM they CHOOSE to BECOME COMFORTABLE in; a FALLEN PARADIGM OF REALITY everyone is living in because it is SUBTLY GROOMED for them to PERCEIVE...the masses are TRAINED and SELF POLICED by a GROOMED PARADIGM called SPIRITUAL EDOM in the PROGRAMMING (deprogramming) CODE sealed up in the BIBLE.

I will set a hook in your jaw and reel you up out of the midst of your rivers; and causing all the fish of your river to stick to your scales, I shall reel you up out of the midst of your rivers with all your fish stuck to your scales ...and cast you upon the open field (to perish exposed to all). Ezekiel 29:4

Spiritual EDOM (A.K.A. the PHILOSOPHY, mechanism, and administrative COGS in a NOW MANIFEST NEO-EGYPTIAN ENSLAVEMENT in which YOU have IGNORANTLY PLAYED A PART, until NOW!) is a MIND INFECTION, an OVERARCHING PHILOSOPHICAL WORLD VIEW, a way of viewing 'reality' INCORRECTLY which has ALWAYS BEEN IN CONTROL OF MANKINDS FLESH 'religions' on planet Earth and which MUST BE IDENTIFIED and QUARANTINED at THIS STAGE in MANKINDS EVOLUTION, from entering into the NEW KINGDOM ORDER and continuing to INFECT the rest of the FLOCKS OF MANKIND. This is the PLAN sealed up in the BIBLE CODE now unsealed for our POSITIVE EVOLUTION (and DESELECTION process) into a PEACEFUL WORLD KINGDOM as ANCIENTLY DESIGNED! The Messiah shall SEPARATE the hired, unbelieving GOAT shepherds and WOLVES from HIS PRECIOUS FLOCK of SHEEP, his HOLY BRIDE.

The secret things belong to YHWH our Authority and those things revealed are for us and our children for ever that we may do all the things instructed by it (the manifestation of the otherwise invisible TRUTH). Deuteronomy 29:29

YHWH means 'HE EXISTS' and has the connotation of existing, though INVISIBLY, EVERYWHERE AT ONCE. YHWH is the Sentient TRUTH Force which has COMMUNICATED WITH us and has 'MANIFEST' himself in the MINDS OF MEN throughout time. It is He who compiled these BIBLICAL ACCOUNTS and 'visions' of his MANIFESTATION for us (unsealed within) as He has willed, in the form of the Bible in which he told us OMNISCIENTLY thousands of years ago that IN HIM we live, move and have our very EXISTENCE, and that everything we perceive as being MATERIALLY (and therefore MOST) 'real' is but a TEMPORAL ILLUSION BEING HELD TOGETHER BY HIM ('Dark Energy' or 'Qi') for us to perceive as MOST REAL. And at the end of all things in this time-space MATERIAL ILLUSION of reality, when its CONSTRUCTION PURPOSES is FINISHED (about another 8000 years from now according to the Blueprint as I interpret it), even the ELEMENTS (earth, air, fire, water) shall be BURNED in a SUB ATOMIC FIRE as we enter the ETERNAL STATE of BEING ONE with HIM!

These are ancient OMNISCIENT CLAIMS about the ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC NATURE and ATOMIC STRUCTURE of our MERELY PERCEIVED 'material' UNIVERSE which was KNOWN TO MAN WELL OVER 2000 YEARS AGO according to the TRUTH found in the Bible RIGHTLY INTERPRETED herin...the Bible interpreted HERIN contains a CORNERSTONE for the CORRECT PERCEPTION OF OUR HOLOGRAPHIC LIKE 'REALITY'. We were merely PLUNGED INTO INTELLECTUAL DARKNESS at the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem as told in advance in GREAT DETAIL in the Bible which was SEALED UP, and we have merely been REDISCOVERING what had been SEALED UP in front of our faces since that time, as ITSELF ALSO CLAIMED! (Is. 8:16, Job 26:7, Acts 17:28, Col. 1:16, Heb. 11:1-3, 2 Pet. 3:12).

When born into this PROGRAMMED REALITY we can either choose to awaken into TRUE METAPHYSICAL LIFE which HONORS INVISIBLE VIRTUE who we RECOGNIZE BEING VICTIMIZED AND ABUSED by the INSENSITIVE SLEEPWALKERS who think they are AWAKE and IN CONTROL, or, our minds FEELING the DISOMFORT of the COGNITIVE DISSONENCE naturally associated with the RECOGNITION of such OPEN DECEPTION, go further into the delusional SUBCONSCIOUS REALITY of the immediately apparent material 'illusion' of darkness (not perceiving you are being WATCHED BY GOD and MANIPULATED) designed to allow ATHEISTS to PLAY GOD as types of little PHARAOHS blinding the world with their HYPOCRISY regarding reality and their MANIPULATIONS of it, until the VERY END as they are QUICKLY EXPOSED, JUDGED, AND REMOVED as PROMISED. Men should begin to STARTLE awake at the PRESENCE off the LIGHT of TRUTH beginning to enter their EFFECTIVE MIND PRISON...the RELIGIOUS INSANITIES foisted on the ENTIRE PLANET after the murder of the TRUTH, FIRST FRUITS in Messiah LIGHT seeded into MANS COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS in the 1st century, and who PERCEIVED REALITY CORRECTLY. The DARKNESS which CAME ON THE WHOLE WORLD as promised 2000 years ago can now be SEEN and a CHOICE for LIGHT and TRUTH can be made FOR LIFE at this time, if they CHOOSE to. Now at the end of this construction phase (as with each phase), Truth is the SAVING LIGHT of HOLY SPIRIT FIRE being thrust into the INTELLECTUAL DARKNED mind and face of Maniknd in his GROOMED MATERIAL 'CAVE' perception as PRISONERS of their own chosen PARADIGM relating to the TRUTH.

Mankinds current PHARAONIC CORNERSTONE (symbolized by the Sun by our 'realities' PROGRAMMER as Socrates will help us understand later), which manifests his INSANELY HATEFUL IGNORANCE in his IMPRISONED CONDITION of temporal material reality, is NOW EXPOSED as EDOMITE DARKNESS by the CORNERSTONE TRUTH which GOD CHOSE AND ESTABLISHED IN ZION (represented by the Moon in unsealed programming code revealed within) from the foundation of the world.

He chose this DRAMA in the SKY put on by these celestial lights (which he holds together in his power which is ONE as he has ALWAYS CLAIMED) by which to SHOWCASE the FAITHFULNESS of HIMELF and his PERFECT IMAGE in THIS REALITY, HIS SONS OF LIGHT who view reality CORRECTLY (represented by the Moon) to be sacrificed by ANIMAL IGNORANCE of those who UNITE under the FALSE CORNERSTONE for the perception of reality (represented by the Sun) according to a PLAN that would be SEALED UP in front of our faces until the END of the DRAMA when men would CHANGE THEIR PERSPECTIVE of VIEWING REALITY to CONFORM WITH HIS UNSEALED PLAN FOR PEACE. He has ALLOWED Edom to throw his TRUTH to the ground throughout mans history so HE MAY CONVICT over TIME with a LONG TRACK HISTORY to be seen, using ancient truth and law, and REMOVE the REBELLIOUS MIND OF MAN from GODS PLANET for this WILLFUL CRIME against HUMANITY, hating the TRUTH of his maker, which he has so patiently ALLOWED men to do.

All are NOW (as in the Ante-Deluvian Age before its 'deselection' Judgement and EVOLUTION of man through NOAH) given the opportunity to come to the realization of the TRUTH regarding the CHOICE for SEPARATION from PROGRAMMING LIFE which took place when we (being eternal beings) were 'born' into this temporal illusion to be separated from direct perception of his OMNIPOTENT POWER and LOVE of our CREATOR, and therefore REPENT of that CHOICE of separation and JOIN TO HIM in the LIGHT OF TRUTH and begin to LIVE FOR THAT HIGHER DIMENSIONAL ETERNAL REALITY we CAME FROM even now as HE DESIGNED, despite what any insane fallen materialistic animal within this SATANIC BABYLONIAN MIND PRISON or WOMB of TIME/SPACE may think, and all based on logic, reason and TRUTH by DESIGN of a GOD OF TRUTH. Noah built an ocean cruiser in a dry land wilderness in a world that had NEVER seen rain UNTIL THAT TIME. Likewise, Moses in the OLD TEMPLE administratin and Yahshua in the NEW TEMPLE administration, both clearly show us the METAPHYSICAL POWER of our LOVING GOD. It's pure REBELLIOUS STUPIDITY to not believe THOSE BIBLE ACCOUNTS in the FACE of the MIRACULOUS EVIDENCES from the TOOL of the SCIENCES which SUPPORT its AMAZING PLAN; the BLUEPRINT for the PERFECTION of MANKIND!

The reality IS that our current reality is a sort of planetary WOMB reality where TWO COLLECTIVE SPIRITUAL BEINGS or COLLECTIVE MINDS if you will, are struggling for supremacy...the right to rule the minds of men. This struggle is taking place through FLESH AVATARS that are by DEFAULT blinded by CAIN PHILOSOPHY on planet Earth (ATHEIST 'wolves' playing God over the Flocks of God until harvest time) until the very END when the knowledge of the LAW established in ZION from the foundation of the world, brings forth the CORNERSTONE by GRAND DESIGN as PROMISED; the RIGHTFUL INVISIBLE HEIR who was SLAIN from our inception into the ILLUSION and the TRUE PERSPECTIVE of 'reality'. In the end the TRUTH REVEALS the VIRTUOUS PLAN for MANS EVOLUTION; VIRTUOUS TRUTH HIMSELF is finally RECOGNIZED on his METAPHYSICAL WORLD THRONE for HIS GLORY and the glory of HIS PEOPLE as PROMISED and DESIGNED from the very FOUNDATION of the 'world'.

These two SPIRITUAL ENTITIES (Edom vs. Israel) being formed together within the womb of Earth as cultures in a laboratory, growing together until harvest at which time they will be finally DIVIDED from one another according to GODS DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS which HIS MESSIAH will FULLY IMPLEMENT according to HOLY TORAH SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING LAW, are soon to be divided (Lk. 19:27, Mt. 25:32)!

It is GODS CHILDREN, ALL 'PROPHETIC ISRAEL' (which includes the helpless FLOCKS of MANKIND who are without guile) who are SAVED from the HARVEST of the WICKED from the face of the planet. It is they who come to recognize their IDENTITY and be DRAWN to the FEAR of their ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCE on the LIVING, SENTIENT, VIRTUOUS TRUTH, the empirically established PROGRAMMER of this MATERIAL REALITY from whose METAPHYSICAL REALITY we are as blinded as babies in their womb AT OUR BIRTH into this SUB REALITY. Those who RE-AWAKEN and are REBORN into TRUE REALITY by CHOOSING to feed the life giving SPARK of DIVINE TRUTH or INTEGRITY that is given to EACH of them when born into THIS ILLUSION, as a CONSCIOUS CHOICE who then ENTER IN to the KNOWLEDGE of this GREATER LIGHT 'TRUTH SET' REALITY which we begin WORKING TO ESTABLISH here within this Babylonian illusion life/dream THEY LIVE, even unto our DEATHS at the hands of the CONTROLLERS of the FALLEN ILLUSION of reality; the INSANE INVISIBLE HAND we expose as the TRUE invisible RIGHT HAND OF GOD MANIFEST ON EARTH. They are the 'unseen hand' which has been rocking mankinds cradle since the Garden of Eden who begin searing their consciences soon after their inception (birth) into this reality, like Cain, keeping men IGNORANT OF TRUE REALITY through the unrighteous suppression of and even the MURDER of the TRUTH as a PARADIGM of SELFISH CONTROL of 'reality'...they prefer to have no fear of a Holy God at all, but they do not mind if you have such SOCIALLY HEALTHY fears as long as YOU SERVE THEM in HIS STEAD! But is is GODS PEOPLE and NOT PHARAOH who are the BUILDERS of the METAPHYSICAL HOUSE of GOD on EARTH who understand the BLUEPRINT regarding BOTH REALITIES, the VISIBLE and INVISIBLE, and how they are to be MELDED so that the MEEK shall INHERIT PEACE and no longer be EFFECTIVELY MIND RAPED BY HYPOCRITES PLAYING GOD in a SODOMITE SYSTEM based on FAULTY PHILOSOPHY (Man's fallen thinking not GODS PERSPECTIVE which we DO HAVE its simply HATED BY EDOMITES in their ANTI-THETIC WORLD VIEW)!

This begins with the renewing of our minds in what that REAL PLAN in that book is, the Pure Mathematics PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS RIGHTLY PARSED that HE SENT INTO this temporal DREAM STAGE of HIS KINGDOM REALITY and beginning to IMPLEMENT IN RELATIONSHIP, those instructions of SAVING TRUTH for YOU PERSONALLY. What we see ABOVE in ETERNAL, METAPHYSICAL REALITY (envisioned in the MIRROR of Gods word) we then MANIFEST BELOW in OBEDIENCE to the ETERNAL TRUTH while in the only temporal MATERIAL reality in order to bring HIS INVISIBLE KINGDOM to MANIFEST on THIS EARTH all according to that marvellous ANCIENT HOLY PLAN. As above, so below is the ANCIENT LAW PLAN being CONSTRUCTED on planet Earth (Mat. 6:10, Lk. 11:2)!

When we awake to TRUE LIFE (at our translation or 'death' from this TEMPORAL SYSTEM 'reality'), we are then released from our temporal WORK as SLAVES to enter into the ETERNAL PRIZE as SONS for which we work (often being considered insane by those DECEIVED BY MATERIAL ILLUSION) which the MATERIAL MINDED MAN simply can not yet SEE because he CHOSE NOT TO. The Edomites who believe material things to be the prize in reality will be forced to see what they had simply REFUSED TO CHOOSE TO SEE when they were given a CHOICE in the material ILLUSION, not to see. They simply CHOSE to think this 'material, visible reality' was the ONLY REALITY despite even the NOW UNSEALED AND ASSEMBLED EMPIRICAL EVIDENCES of GODS ANCIENT HOLY PROCLAMATIONS and ALL MODERN SCIENCES establishing those FANTASTIC CLAIMS as ABSOLUTE TRUTH and ALL BY HIS DESIGN as HE HAS CLAIMED ALL ALONG. They CHOSE to believe this 'life' is NOT just a TEMPORAL SUB-REALITY as man has been taught throughout HIS STORY handed down from 'pagan GOD traditions' dating back to 'primitive minded' men since the 'dawn of time'. They used to MOCK such belief as they are now FORCED TO ATTEMPT EXPLAIN as if they are 'god' themselves; what FOOLS! They CHOSE in their 'EDOMITE wisdom' to prefer to 'LIVE THE DREAM' as if material 'reality' is all there is and LYING TO THEMSELVES AND OTHERS ABOUT GOD put them in a position of CONTROLLING THE DREAM (so it only SEEMED) from which they TRULY BELIEVE they will NEVER AWAKEN and there will be NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR HAVING LIVED A LIE! They TRULY BELIEVE, despite their RELIGIOUS CHICANERY designed to lead you to believe they are the most fervent believer in JUSTICE in 'afterlife', that this is ALL THERE IS and they DECEIVE YOU TO TAKE IT FROM YOU! They are a KABAL of CUT THROAT SOCIOPATHICALLY INSANE LIARS who NETWORK TOGETHER SECRETLY to DIVIDE AND CONQUER YOU through WAR IN GODS NAME, which GOD EXPOSED FOR OUR FREEDOM with HIS ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

They have DECEIVED THEMSELVES into BELIEVING that they are GOD and that when they 'die' they will simply enter a state of eternal forgetfulness, a SWEEET ETERNAL SLEEP where they will not be held ACCOUNTABLE for deeds done TODAY! These are some of the most CORRUPT, LYING, MUDERING RELIGIOUS DECEIVERS IN THE WORLD and have ALWAYS CREPT INTO SEATS OF POWER because their RELIGION is their LUSTS IN THIS WORLD! For ALL PRACTICAL INTENTS AND PURPOSES they believe THEMSELVES to be GOD on Earth, LITTLE PHARAOH'S. This of course allows them to ESCAPE, through this INSANE RELIGIOUS DELUSION or 'PACT WITH DEATH' these SELF DECEIVED DEMONS make, the FUTURE CONSEQUENCES of their BAD CHOICES regarding their PERCEPTION of THIS 'reality' which allows them to VICTIMIZE with IMPUNITY for THEIR TEMPORAL LUSTS to be fulfilled.

The ATHEIST GOSPEL (which Hides in seats of power in every religious and secular sub-system of power by DESIGN of our subsystem material reality) is that when you 'die' (awake to REALITY) you will blissfully sleep forever. They are CLUELESS regarding ETERNAL REALITY! It is the 'PACT WITH DEATH' these EDOMITES make (Is. 28:15) as they pose as your religious leaders. Ultimately what SHALL BE REVEALED is they ARE INSANELY living a 'dream', a WRONG CHOICE in PERCEIVING REALITY which they insanely believe they shall never awaken, but they KEEP THIS SECRET FROM YOU! All the Godlessly hateful Edomites make this faithless, SELFISH choice in the PERCEPTION of REALITY in the end, BY GRAND DESIGN of our SUB REALITY. They simply REFUSE TO BELIEVE THE TRUTH of HIM IN WHOM WE LIVE MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING AS ONE! This Message is designed as a VERY RUDE WAKE UP CALL by a MERCIFUL GOD of TRUTH who only wants those who ABSOLUTELY REFUSE HIS COMING KINGSHIP, to PERISH AS THEIR OWN CHOICE (Lk. 19:27)! They simply REFUSE to become SANE and must be removed from the population of MANKIND on PLANET EARTH by the SHEPHERDS of Gods flocks (Mat. 13:30, Rev. 14:15, Lk. 19:27).

The TRUTH that will SOON FREE US from our TEMPORAL SUFFERING and DEATH so that we may AWAKEN from the ILLUSIONS of this sub reality and into TRUE REALITY even while still in the temporal Babylonian reality or dream, is an UNCHANGING, VIRTUOUS, HOLY, SPIRITUAL LAW (A.K.A. PRINCE JOSEPH MANIFEST!) that when DISCOVERED and aligned to properly in right relationship, is like a POWERFUL (yet invisible) RING of LIGHT which gives to him who possesses and walks in its invisible power, the ability to SEE TRUE 'REALITIES' invisible to all others, by GODS DESIGN. This SPIRITUAL LAW holding our PERCEPTION OF MATERIAL REALITY TOGETHER from NOTHING to be perceived as MATERIALLY REAL by HIM as He CLAIMED THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO is NOW established with HARD SCIENTIFIC DATA and ALL EMPIRICAL EVIDENCES as ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Through the USE of the TOOL of SCIENCE as HE DESIGNED, we can now 'SEE IN OUR MINDS EYE OF UNDERSTANDING' at THIS TIME, the TRUE NATURE of our REALITY and of HIS ETERNAL KINGSHIP as He has TOLD US FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. We can NOW establish HIS HOLY LAW with its CORNERSTONE which He set in Zion from the foundation of the world, for the BENEFIT and PEACE of MANKIND as HE DESIGNED...the TRUE PARADIGM we are to VIEW HIS KINGDOM LAW from which will ESTABLISH PEACE in this METAPHYSICAL REALITY IN WHICH WE EXIST.

This 'REJECTED CORNERSTONE TRUTH' is CENTRAL to the FOUNDATION of REALITY ITSELF and the KEY to the UNLOCKING and UNDERSTANDING of the VISIONS which YHWH sealed in HIS TESTIMONY for HIS CHILDREN to view HIS REALITY from as MIRACULOUSLY EXPRESSED from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! His VISION for US to SEE are NOW UNSEALED and assembled (in sort of 'bare bones' fashion) and ALL of it is in FULFILLMENT of PROPHECY by HIS GRAND DESIGN PLAN for HIS GLORY and OUR BLESSING. This is HIS MESSAGE TO MANKIND as concealed within the pages of the Bible and ESTABLISHED as ABSOLUTE FACT by ALL SCIENCES! Any other 'explanation' for our QUANTUM REALITY is herein exposed as HATE FOR GODS TRUTH which told us the nature of our quantum reality THOUSANDS OF YEARS before we would develop the Scientifically established EMPIRICAL EVIDENCES which PROVES THE AMAZING ANCIENT CLAIMS TRUE! The directions for our proper relationship to HIS ETERNAL, OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, OMNIPOTENCE which holds our ILLUSION of 'material reality' together to be perceived as MOST REAL by only FALLEN, IGNORANT MINDS in this WORLD DARKNESS, are now UNSEALED and manifest together with the Science of QUANTUM PHYSICS and ALL of the other Science TOOLS of investigation, as ABSOLUTE CORNERSTONE TRUTH for a NEW WORLD KINGDOM ORDER as demonstrated within. This INTENDED INTERPRETATION of GODS WORD is now GRACIOUSLY UNSEALED to be seen by YOU as a LIGHT TO ALL NATIONS, as GOD ANCIENTLY PROMISED (Is. 49:6)!

When one falls in love with the SENTIENT TRUTH he receives a SUPERNATURAL LIFE where that TRUTH becomes his way of life; his food, drink, and even his very LIFE BLOOD! Such a one learns to follow him wherever he leads having NO FEAR of those who believe themselves IN CONTROL of a PHILOSOPHICAL DARKNESS which he is CALLED TO EXPOSE as HATING him for exemplifying the CHARACTER and NATURE of GOD in FLESH on the temporal stage of planet Earth according to the PLAN. We have had the facts and AUTHORITY to change our paradigm of death and destruction for 2000 years now, when will we ever become reasonable enough to RISE UP and CHANGE this SELF DESTRUCTIVE PARADIGM of MANKIND as ANCIENTLY DESIGNED?

As my father has sent me, so I send you. Peace be upon you. Jn. 20:21

How long will you pervert justice to favor the wicked?... I have declared it: 'you are elohim (gods), all of you are sons of the most high'...rise up elohim and judge the earth for you will inherit all the nations'. Ps. 82:2-8

Man is born as a babe into an illusory METAPHYSICAL REALITY where he is quickly blinded by self propagated deception as descendents of STOCKHOLM SYNDROME VICTIMS to confuse the nature of their reality such that they believe through SHEER GROOMED IGNORANCE that the material perception of reality is MOST REAL, and so they NEVER LEARN to FOCUS the EYE OF UNDERSTANDING on the GREATER METAPHYSICAL REALITY which the BIBLE TELLS US ABOUT from the FOUNDATION of the world, so that we may EVOLVE into HIS IMAGE by HIS GRAND DESIGN. The world still has a CAIN (atheist) paradigm of reality and understands 'god' from THAT FALLEN PARADIGM (discussed in great detail within) which the LIGHT OF GOD comes into this world (through prophets like Abel) to CHANGE our NATURAL PARADIGM by working in TANDEM with the LIGHT OF THE WORLD who GUIDES HIM. He who walks in the greatest LIGHT of the invisible TRUTH, that POWER who is STILL CREATING, like Abel did, must surely be MOST SANE, even able to EXPOSE and OVERCOME the current ruling PSYCHOPATHY of mankind (which views Biblical Law from the WRONG perspective of PUNISHMENT rather than HEALING) if given half a chance, through the use of HIS KINGDOM LAWS designed to SECURE the RIGHT for TRUTH to RULE the MINDS of GODS CHILDREN and so SET THEM FREE from their IGNORANCE, SUFFERING, AND DYING for HIS GLORY and by HIS GRAND DESIGN as HIS ANCIENT PROMISE to us; and WE ARE ON THE PRECIPICE of ENTERING THAT ANCIENT PROMISE RIGHT NOW!

The flocks of humanity were 'scattered' AS TOLD TO US IN ADVANCE and through DIVISION and CULLING of GROOMED HERDS have been trained to remain DIVIDED and ignorant. They have been subtly trained to even HATE parts of the FULL SAVING TRUTH which was slain 2000 years ago, even as the blood of Abel still communicates to us from the foundation of the world as revealed within, yet to this day by the CAIN (atheist) KABAL of the CRIMINALLY INSANE who RECOGNIZE and therefore WORSHIP only MATERIAL REALITY for ALL PRACTICAL INTENTS and PURPOSES: it is manifest IDOLATRY which they PARADE IN FRONT OF YOU in a FALLEN PARADIGM of your PERCEIVED reality and call it 'holy' and GET AWAY WITH IT because of our DELIBERATELY GROOMED IGNORANCE regarding HOLINESS which the LIGHT of TRUTH exposes to your view. The Cain Kabal is a RELIGIO-POLITICO agenda also pictured as religious WHORES who respond to the demands of the worlds BEASTLY kings so they use eachother in their mutual UNHOLY LUST for POWER (as an Ahab and Jezabel and later Yochannan ben Zachai and Emporer Vespasian as the SPIRITUAL HARLOT LEADERS of Judah & Rome who BETRAYED ISRAEL in a SACRIFICE which it was INTENDED HE MAKE so that when he REPENTS AFTER REALIZING THE TRUTH, the WHOLE WORLD MAY BE HEALED and so SALVATION will have COME to the WHOLE WORLD through the BRANCH of JUDAH who would bring FORTH the ROOT of ISRAEL all according to a prophetic PLAN already given in SEED FORM). Judah and Rome were PARTNERS in an INTENDED CONSPIRACY where the VIRTUE of GOD seen in TORAH and called the 'Daughter of Jerusalem' was thrown to the ground and DEFILED by SPIRITUAL EDOMITES (Lam 1:10) and that TRUTH is still being HATED BY YOU TODAY! For this reason your LEADERS are able to UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESS THE TRUTH through DRAMAS and SECRET AGENDA, right before the IGNORANT FLOCKS, and they tell them as their authorities that the world will end whenever their usurped POWER within the SYSTEM God is building DESPITE THEM, is threatened. For this reason CHILD MOLESTORS are able to RAPE CHILDREN in the STADIUMS of AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES as part of their CAREER for YEARS in BROAD DAYLIGHT with OFFICES FILLED WITH PEOPLE ALL AROUND HIM and GET AWAY WITH IT as we see was TRUE at PENN STATE with COACH SANDUSKY (you KNOW its TRUE and EVERYWHERE AROUND US...the WORLD was destroyed ONCE, not just Sodom, to SHOW PATTERNS of what will happen if we FAIL to RECOGNIZE and REMOVE THIS PSYCHOPATHY OF MAN from POSITIONS OF POWER through the recognition of VIRTUOUS LAW as CORNERSTONE OF REALITY (Ps. 82, Ps. 149, Ps. 2)! You have been INDUCTED to WORK in a SYSTEM where you are REQUIRED to PARTICIPATE as the AUDIENCE in a SATANIC SEX CULT WITCHCRAFT PROGRAM which ALLOWS YOU TO LIVE COMFORTABLY and so YOU CAN'T OR WILL NOT SEE THE EVIL because YOU ARE GUILTY as a MIND SLAVE in the SYSTEM not even RECOGNIZING WHAT YOU ARE DOING or HOW you ARE BEING MANIPULATED!

To this day they are able to SACRIFICE the VIRTUE of the saving truth (and any who would represent it in anything more than lip service yet to this day, they TRAP men like BIRDS caged in an EVIL ECONOMY to SERVE THEIR EVIL. Jer. 5:27), EVEN IN PLAIN VIEW, CONSENT and even the ASSISTANCE OF ALL THE DECEIVED crowds yelling AS TRAINED by their leaders...that the ANGELIC IMAGE OF GOD is ODIOUS TO THEM and they desire to SODOMIZE THAT IMAGE for THEIR ANIMAL PLEASURE according to a paradigm of SELF CONDEMNATION in a SPIRITUALLY PERVERTED society. Such a PERVERTED SOCIETY, as in the ANTE-DELUVIAN AGE, becomes increasingly marked by GODLESS and GOD HATING insanity and violence throughout the system as a SYMPTOM of the ILLNESS of mans FALLEN PARADIGM and HATE FOR GOD, which is the CAUSE of mans 'psychopathy' as the BIBLE DESCRIBES. Those in the ante-deluvian world SYSTEM, the Tower of Babyl world SYSTEM, the Sodomite SYSTEM, the Egyptian and Babylonian SYSTEMS, would easily recognize the characteristics of todays spiritual EDOMITE SYSTEM as even more outlandish than their own, before God judged them. Not understanding the PARADIGM NATURE of their CAGE SYSTEM and how they have been effected by a WORLD PHILOSOPHY, a way of PERCEIVING REALITY which is only PARTLY (rather than COMPLETELY) TRUE at its FOUNDATIONS, men are teetering on the brink of SELF DESTRUCTION as graciously WARNED. All of mens INSTITUTIONS on planet earth are TOTTERING because of this WRONG PARADIGM as we were BENEVOLENTLY TOLD (Ps. 82). ALL are effectively MIND ENSLAVED by a FUNDAMENTAL LIE and are UNABLE TO ESCAPE the DARKNESS it creates APART from the DOOR GOD PROVIDES...the CORNERSTONE for OUR PEACE which he has provided from the foundation of the world. It is HIS LIGHT of TRUTH that EXPOSES this FALSE LIGHT the WHOLE WORLD is under as ITS DARK CORNERSTONE as revealed in the ANCIENT RELIGIOUS CONSPIRACY revealed in the BIBLE; which is the CORNERSTONE of the Bibles foundational TRUTH. This EVENT ABSOLUTELY TOOK PLACE according to HIS STORY, and is still taking place according to that same story as 'desolations until the end...then the kingdom is given to the saints' (Dan. 7:22). Until the PARADIGM of the CURSE is RECOGNIZED and turned from, we CAN NOT EVER ACHEIVE a GOOD KINGDOM 'STATE'! Not only is this the CORNERSTONE TRUTH according the BIBLE BLUEPRINT unsealed herein (even if poorly since the skill of writing I still have yet to acquire satisfactorally), but even as Socrates poinently demonstrated in his famous Cave Parable 2400 years ago as we shall see in great detail later.

[Socrates understanding of the Bible's 'Noble Lie' which was his Vision of the perfect state, is a much more marvellously written and far more concise Biblical work than my own, despite its lack of ANY direct Biblical references to support its TRUTHs which I provide within this message. So I encourage you to study the works of Socrates which are PERFECTLY CONSISTENT with the BIBLE, ALL KNOWN SCIENCE FACTS, and major components of ALL MAJOR ANCIENT RELIGIONS, which was shared with Socrates by PHOENECIANS (ancient Hebrew traders) as HE HIMSELF ADMITS in Book III of THE is ALSO MY GOSPEL/world view and it is the ONLY TRUE WORLD VIEW as EXPLAINED BY GOD HIMSELF within this message unsealed for your HIGHER EDUCATION at THIS TIME by HIS MARVELLOUS DESIGN! GOD WANTS THE WHOLE WORLD BORN AGAIN TO SEE THE TRUE LIGHT AND LIFE GIVER OF THE WORLD even as Socrates shall help us see by giving us a VISION of AWAKENING TO OUR REALITY embedded in HIS ANCIENT GOSPEL! Socrates GOSPEL PARABLE, which below he refers to as a 'Royal Lie', we will look at in great detail later but in the meantime, reflect on this OTHER WAY of looking at the same 'reality' which can ONLY BE UNDERSTOOD THROUGH PARABLE because though REAL, is not currently VISIBLE except by FAITH IN TRUTH as a LIGHT to GUIDE the EYE of the MIND!

"How may we devise a necessary falsehood (to accomplish the goal of a perfect state)...a 'ROYAL LIE' by which we may even deceive the rulers but at any rate, the people?

I propose to COMMUNICATE (TRUTH) gradually, first to the rulers, then to the soldiers, and lastly to the people. They are to be told their youth was a DREAM and their education and training which they received from us, an ILLUSION only. In REALITY during all that time they were being formed and fed in the womb of the earth where they themselves, and their arms and appurtenances, were manufactured (like a BODY FOR GOD). When completed, the earth their mother sends them up. And so their country being their mother and also their nurse, they are bound to advise for her good and to defend her against attacks, and her citizens they are to regard as CHILDREN OF THE EARTH and THEIR OWN BROTHERS!

You had good reason to be ashamed of such a lie, he said. True I replied but I have only told you half. 'Citizens', we shall say in our tale, 'you are all brothers yet God has framed you differently. Some of you have POWER of COMMAND and in the composition of these (characters) he has mixed Gold as they are DESERVING of MOST HONOR, others he has mixed silver as administrators and brass as craftsmen...The purity of these characters mingling is to be guarded above all things most carefully for an oracle (prophecy) says that once a man of brass or iron (character) guards the state, IT SHALL BE DESTROYED' (the state becoming THOROUGHLY DISHONORABLE at this point, to be destroyed by God as HE PROMISES). This is the (ANCIENT HEBREW) 'FABLE', is there ANY POSSIBLITY of making our Citizens to BELIEVE IT?

Not in this present generation, he replied."

For the SIN of allowing IGNOBLE MEN to have HONOR of COMMAND of the 'SHIP OF STATE' which was the WORLD POWER of Greece, she was CONQUERED. The power of Rome destroyed Greece as the Bible predicted in DANIEL (which Socrates ALSO saw... the prophet Daniel showed him how to see the 'writing on the wall' for the LIFE CYCLE of GODLESS NATIONS in prophesy). Learning to SEE the INVISIBLE NATURES of VIRTUE like PRECIOUS METALS of GOLD and SILVER in visible reality, and ALIGNING THEM PROPERLY IN ORDER, is the very HEART of Socrates UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH WORLD VIEW, his IDEAL STATE for which HE LIVED AS A DAILY SACRIFICE, and which is ALSO the ANCIENT BIBLE GOSPEL which DANIEL understood, and is what I attempt to SHARE WITH YOU herein, as GOD HIMSELF DESIGNED! He, like myself, saw himself as an AUXILARY of GODS GOVERNMENT coming on to PLANET EARTH, a GUARDIAN of the blind GUARDIANS sent by GOD HIMSELF as HIS EMISSARY to COMPEL THEM through FORCE of MANIFEST TRUTH to do GODS WILL. Like him I live just like BIBLE PROPHETS of GOD always being ACCUSED as the WORST and MOST VILE of criminals in a CRIMINAL STATE while at the same time LIVING SACRIFICIALLY on planet earth working toward PEACE all the while RECEIVING NO EARTHLY PAY for the HARDEST and MOST DANGEROUS WORK OF ALL in this visible illusion, exposing the BLIND RULERS ignorance with SAVING TRUTH for EVERYONES BEST INTEREST... to END THEIR SUFFERING, WARRING and DIVIDING GODS CHILDREN in HIS WOMB of EARTH as our LOVING GOD DESIGNED. The Greek authorities deemed that lowly and humble KING ON EARTH as nothing more than a pesky gadfly, one who taught things contrary to their TEMPORAL DESIRES and therefore SELFISHLY MURDERED for THEIR CHILDISH NOTION of 'PEACE' in their LUST FOR POWER because they PREFERRED their now MANIFEST BLIND IGNORANCE regarding REALITY, having been DECEIVED BY THEIR FLESHLY LUSTS just like HAM DID TO NOAH, and later in SIMILAR REBELLION, JUDAH who STRUCK HIS FATHER on the CHEEK with the ROD BETWEEN HIS FEET! So father Israel was instructed by YHWH to give the rod of discipline to Judah in a concealed 'blessing' recognizing that Judah would be the last corrected for the SIN OF CANAAN before JUDGEMENT BEGINS on EDOM, the ISRAELITE KINGDOM REBELS now VISIBLE according to the LIGHT of the PLAN, and it is GODS MESSIAH who shall lead!

Thus says YHWH GOD; Remove the diadem! Take off the crown as things shall no longer be this way: exalt the humble and humble the exalted. Ezekiel 21:26


Socrates, like myself, ALWAYS DENIED this wisdom was his own but confessed it was GODS WISDOM. He is the FATHER of PHILOSOPHY (the QUEEN or WISDOM of the SCIENCES) which we think is not 'religious' when in fact all philosophies, including the ancient pantheon of Greek Gods and their 'theologies' were mere fabrications made by men to usurp authority in GODS SUB SYSTEM. Socrates was one of the GREATEST VISIONARY PROPHETS OF GOD and even HIS ANCIENT WORK CONDEMNS YOUR MODERN IGNORANCE regarding REALITY which was ANCIENTLY KNOWN. The BIBLE DECLARED that God was going to allow the ENTIRE WORLD to be PLUNGED INTO INTELLECTUAL DARKNESS after the REJECTION of HIS MESSIAH and the subesequent DESTRUCTION of the MATERIAL TEMPLE!

The Bible interpreted herein describes a POLITICAL CONSPIRACY which Socrates FORESAW in the BIBLE BLUEPRINT (as His Cave Parable will help us see later) which HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE where an 'ANTICHRIST' BEAST POWER (Emporer Vespasian) and HIS SPIRITUAL WHORE (Yochannan Ben Zacchai) would CHANGE HIS PERSPECTIVE of LAW AND TIME for THEIR OWN LUSTS for WORLD POWER in SUCH SPECIFIC DETAIL as to suggest one might be PRACTICALLY INSANE to IGNORE or REJECT the EVIDENCE. We live in a NEO JEZEBEL divided WORLD KINGDOM and this is the PROMISED ELIJAH MESSAGE to EXPOSE this FARCE on PLANET EARTH as GOD HIMSELF DESIGNED. He is the one who TOLD US he was going to EXPOSE EVERY SECRET regarding this WORLD CONSPIRACY and the EVIDENCE HE PRESENTS IS IRREFUTABLE to all but the SELF CONDEMNED RELIGIOUSLY DECEIVED FOOL!

This conspiracy which took place 2000 years ago we could see easily TAKING PLACE AGAIN in SIMILAR FORM today as well, as it did even with Socrates, BY DESIGN of OUR REALITY. This is what IGNORANT ANIMAL MEN DO when their LAW recognizes ONLY MATERIAL REALITY and NOT the VIRTUE OF GOD. Criminals HIJACK RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY to MAINTAIN this FALLEN PARADIGM of IGNORANCE AND DARKNESS. This has been the EDOMITE/SATANIC god hating atheist SPIRIT which the BIBLE IDENTIFIES being at work in the world since Cain killed Abel and for which God selected the HOUSE OF JUDAH as the PRIEST for this SACRIFICE in HIS PLAN to EXPOSE and REMOVE this FALLEN NATURE of ADAMIC MAN for which GOD HIMSELF MADE THE SACRIFICE as promised from the FOUNDATION of this WORLD 'REALITY', which would EVENTUALLY FREE US through a SECOND ADAM come through a WOMAN which GOD CHOSE, despite Judahs BLINDNESS with Tamar and ROME! It's TIME TO REPENT! Any FOOL is WELCOME to REJECT GODS PLAN at HIS OWN PERIL from this point on; just remember that THE REJECTION OF SAVING TRUTH HAS CONSEQUENCES that ARE NOT PLEASANT!

The paradigm of Truth we currently have is STILL viewed from the wrong paradigm handed to us AGAIN by this CRIMINAL KABAL 2000 years ago (as the Bible also predicted thousands of years in advance of it happening, given for OUR HEALING and PEACE as HE has CLAIMED from the foundation of the world, and which IS the SOURCE of SOCRATES CAVE PARABLE as revealed within!) and is therefore like a BROKEN set of glasses from which EVERYONE views their 'unique reality' from, not realizing the glasses themselves are missing a PATCH to CORRECT the DISTORTED VIEW they have of SAVING TRUTH regarding the PERCEPTION OF 'REALITY' ITSELF which was handed down to them by the MURDERERS of that TRUTH, which will then end our ignorant propagation of war and suffering. God knew we would one day WAKE UP in THIS PRESENT DARKNESS because he gave us the message of LIGHT by which to SEE. War and suffering are REQUIRED by the ECONOMIC MODEL for reality we have inherited and SUPPORT in the SAME WAY men were required to be sacrificed in the GREAT Aztec 'Civilization', because of their own ignorance and deception regarding TRUTH. They also thought their system too huge to change or fail and ALL IGNORANTLY PARTICIPATED in PROPAGATING MURDER for the blessings of their ECONOMIC SYSTEM to continue to 'prosper' because IT WAS THE GREATEST EXPRESSION of the SYSTEM of MEN IGNORANT OF GOD ever devised on earth, surpassing even Hitler in its SYSTEMIZATION for making MURDER a RELIGION. But sadly that's JUST HOW THINGS ARE DONE yet to this day in the WORLD SYSTEM which conquered theirs but is ALSO using the same FALLEN PARADIGM of IGNORANCE and VIOLENCE to view 'reality' from in order to keep some semblance of 'order' through legislation enforcement, and so we ALL SUFFER under a MODERNIZED FORM of AZTEC TYRANNY and INJUSTICE which we think MUST BE and can NEVER CHANGE...GODS TRUTH will SAVE US from our own IGNORANT SELF ENSLAVEMENT in a material DELUSION of 'reality' which FALLEN SPIRITS attempt to control if we merely TRUST the INVISIBLE TRUTH and his ANCIENT, HOLY 'MARRIAGE ARRANGEMENT' PLAN unveiled herein, to do so!

All world Philosophies regarding ultimate TRUTH (whether religious, agnostic, or atheist) are like these 'glasses' through which one CHOOSES to PERCEIVE and INTERACT within 'reality', usually without even consciously recognizing they made a choice EARLY IN LIFE which will color ALL perception of their 'reality' and their later choices regarding revealed 'truth' within it; they ADOPTED someone elses world view WITHOUT CRITICAL THOUGHT having first been applied in regard to the TRUTH CLAIMS put forth by such 'authority figures'...they 'went along to get along' and were NEVER ALLOWED to question the VERY FOUNDATIONS of those truth CLAIMS least not without INCURRING PSYCHOPATHIC WRATH for having made the comfortably deceived of their particular 'faith' who believe themselves sane and in control, a bit uncomfortable in their assumed position of REALITY. Expect to lose friends, family and even 'life' in this TEMPORAL 'LIFE' REALITY to secure the PRECIOUS, ETERNAL LIFE TRUTH and be able to SHOW OTHERS my friend...don't sell your ETERNAL BIRTHRIGHT for a temporal world ILLUSION or DELUSION of 'reality' or cower from doing what is right out of fear of losing 'your life' must wake up to the FACT that your BODY is created as an AVATAR in a SUB REALITY for the MIND of GOD to DIRECT and CONTROL for HIS GLORY, whether or not you CHOOSE to CONSCIOUSLY cooperate with HIS PERFECT WILL for your life. By YOUR CHOICES you JUDGE YOUR SELF according to HIS PERFECT WILL for YOU; please forsake your ALLEGIANCE to this worlds crumbling economic system which SUPPORTS EVIL and CHOOSE to HONOR and DEFEND the VIRTUE of TRUTH and begin storing up ETERNAL ECONOMIC VALUE, even now!

Each 'recognized' PATH, world view, or 'religion' trains its children in a way that is DISTINCTLY different from all others, some having more light than others and the distinctions setting them apart from the 'old' being made the new recognized 'ultimate truth' which unites the new group. And each group, region and/or nation has its own recognized leader over that 'body' of people. This has been the process of mans development since the foundation of the world and for the 'west' which dominates the world, from the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. It is this process of seeking TRUTH which generally brings more 'enlightenment' and SPIRITUAL understanding of the METAPHYSICAL REALITY into the dark world to be seen and dealt with BY ALL. In this process of LAW and RELIGION being SEPARATED and given to a FALSE MESSIAH and his FALSE PROPHET for the purpose of ESTABLISHING a system of LAW which would eventually usher in TRUTH AS KING so we may be freed from our human ANIMAL captors who maintain us as slaves in THEIR IGNORANCE for satisfaction of their own FALLEN ANIMAL LUSTS (or those of their satanic masters). When that psychopathy is RECOGNIZED, ISOLATED and REMOVED from each mind one mind at a time, there will no longer be a conflict between RELIGIOUS and WORLD GOVERNMENT authorities. Mankind will be one symbiotic, thriving SYSTEM with One KING who shall RULE IN PEACE over BOTH OFFICES (Zech. 6:13)!

An ULTIMATE RING of METAPHYSICAL TRUTH is one which JOINS TOGETHER these OFFICES and all Philosophical PATHS of TRUTH, LIGHT, and PEACE...all civil religions, governments and world views joined to it as a 'CORNERSTONE' or HUB of a wheel of our reality; it 'squares the circle' to incorporate and symbiotically join together the seemingly inconsistent 'angles' of both SPIRITUAL and MATERIAL reality such that Science and Religion are joined by a METAPHYSICAL TRUTH told to us MIRACULOUSLY in various ways from the very foundations of this world 'reality'. Such a CORNERSTONE of UNITING TRUTH will heal the currently divided collective FALLEN consciousness Mind of mankind to ELEVATE it to bring UNDERSTANDING, UNITY, DIRECTION and GREAT HONOR, by GRAND DESIGN. The TRUTH viewed from the right paradigm (rather than a million wrong ones) will give man purpose and direction while at the same time ENDING our current CONFLICT MANAGEMENT 'model' for perceiving reality (neo-Babylonian nanny police state leading to neo-Egyptian stratified prison society with a Psychopath pharoah in charge of the asylum) which the TRUTH will resolve, ending the conflict of ignorance and deception which propagates our current situation of self perpetuating psychopathy, to usher in Justice and PEACE ever increasing instead. These glasses or this PARADIGM is something we each hold mostly UNAWARE at a SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL but through which we perceive our 'REALITY' at a most fundamental level. Our responses to everything we perceive is colored by this 'a-priori' PROGRAMMING which was handed down to everyone in EVERY CULTURE by the 'builders' of our current IGNORANT, DIVIDED, 'blinding WORLD darkness' given to us INSTEAD of the PRINCE OF PEACE PARADIGM 2000 years ago (the DETAILS of which are UNVEILED AGAIN herein by PROPHETIC PROGRAMMING DESIGN).

It was TOLD TO US that it WOULD HAPPEN before it ever happened so that in the END days we would be brought to SEE that STONE which IS YET BEING ignorantly REJECTED by YOU as PROPHESIED and detailed within, to then be RECONSIDERED and PUT IN PLACE to then RESOLVE ALL CONFLICT to usher in JUSTICE and WORLD PEACE by ANCIENTLY DECLARED ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN! This TRUTH will CONQUER all the others before it as their CAPSTONE as ANCIENTLY promised (Zech. 4:7)! As told to us way back then when the Bible was penned, Truth shall BIND TOGETHER and RULE OVER all other Philosophical 'RINGS', models, or RELIGIONS which pretend to INTERPRET HIS INVISIBLE REALITY but which are currently in CONFLICT with one another on planet Earth DARKNESS, then the TRUE light of life will shine and we shall have PEACE, by GREAT ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN which CAN NOT and WILL NOT BE INTELLECTUALLY DENIED his recognition any longer! Truth will establish PEACE by ANCIENT DESIGN now put into the CORRECT 'MODEL' by which to BEST UNDERSTAND ALL TRUTH 'UNIFIED' by PROGRAMMING DESIGN. Knowledge of Truth brings with it a CHOICE for LIFE, a PARADIGM by which to perceive and interact within 'reality' MOST CORRECTLY so as not to suffer injury, loss, or DEATH through ignorance, rebellious stupidity, or DECEPTION! Therefore TRUTH is MANKIND'S BEST FRIEND and SAVIOR...and ALWAYS HAS BEEN!

When Truth is viewed in a CERTAIN ARRANGEMENT or useful MODEL, by INTELLIGENT DESIGN it becomes INTENSIFIED to become an EXQUISITE and OMNIPOTENTLY POWERFUL LIGHT seen in the MIND as a GUIDE for MANS PATH; an otherwise unseen REALITY is suddenly seen in the MINDS EYE. It's sort of like physical photons refracted through a CRYSTAL PRISM or within a DIAMOND but it may ONLY be seen by the EYE OF THE MIND and ONLY by those who WILLFULLY and PAINSTAKINGLY (sacrificially) TRAIN THEIR MINDS FOCUSING APARATUS to do so (as Socrates will help us to do later)! One can ENTER a REALITY which is COMPLETELY INVISIBLE to a NATURAL BORN MAN merely by SEEKING the LIGHT of TRUTH and OBEYING HIM when he MANIFESTS in your MIND, the ONLY PLACE where TRUTH may be 'seen' and worshipped in SPIRIT 'reality' (Jn. 4:23)!

By nature of the SPIRIT within a Scientist or Philosopher (lover of TRUTH) who SEEKS TRUTH which is INVISIBLE TO ALL OTHERS with his entire life's energy as a LIVING SACRIFICE, his very PHYSICAL BEING is dedicated as a CONDUIT to communicate the INVISIBLE REALITY into a PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION through a useful MODEL or CONCEPT for others to ALSO PERCEIVE IT. It is he who has trained himself in this endeavor who has and EXCERCISES the GREATEST FAITH in UNKNOWN TRUTH as his ONLY GUIDING LIGHT or 'GOD', if you will. It is he who PERCEIVES the hidden existence of the INVISIBLE TRUTH, who seeks Him to OBEY and so CORRECTLY ALIGNS HIMSELF as a CONDUIT or TOOL by which the SPIRIT OF TRUTH may speak to OTHER MEN through HIM, making His Invisible Presence reality known to others through relational ORDER. So like Noah, Abraham, Moses, any of the Prophets, Daniel in Babylon or even Socrates in Greece, he may SEARCH to be UNIFIED through OBEDIENCE with this SENTIENT TRUTH he COMMUNES WITH as a LIVING SACRIFICE with his TEMPORAL LIFE, awaiting the PROMISE of being UNIFIED IN HIS ETERNAL TRUTH REALITY by FAITH, which again, EXPRESSES the otherwise INVISIBLE PLAN in some way within our temporal, material reality as a SIGN for OTHERS to ALSO perceive what the PROPHET 'sees' as 'REAL'. In this way TRUTH is SEEN in the mind of the HEARER OF TRUTH, to the GLORY OF the GOD of TRUTH and the glory of HIS HOLY PEOPLE of TRUTH who through their OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH as NOTES IN A MUSICAL SCALE, become ONE with the UNIFIED TRUTH as HIS BODY MANIFEST BEAUTIFULLY within our SUB REALITY darkness to SHINE by HIS DESIGN, as PROMISED from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD! It is his SCIENTISTS and PROPHETS who make the circuit CONNECTION which manifests TRUTH in the MIND according to a SPIRIT in which ALL ARE TO PARTICIPATE in order to be MOST BLESSED.

"Anyone who becomes seriously involved with the pursuit of Science becomes convinced that there is a Spirit manifest in the laws of the universe; a Spirit vastly superior to that of man". Albert Einstein

A True Scientist understands that there DOES EXIST an INVISIBLE SPIRIT of TRUTH, a SENTIENT SPIRIT of TRUTH that when tapped into correctly THROUGH RIGHT RELATIONSHIP to that REALITY through a MODEL or LAW as a sort of MODEM, is able to THEN BENEFIT MANKIND toward his LOGICAL EVOLUTION and GROWTH for as long as TIME and SPACE exist for our EXPLORATION and BENEFIT. Opposed to the manifest LAWS of INVISIBLE UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH which He gives us for our BLESSING toward HIS DESIGN PURPOSE in STAGES, man both individually and corporately is DOOMED. He provides both the way and the means, all he requires of us is WILL. Magicians and WOLVES posing as Leaders and Teachers of TRUTH in the BABYLONIAN WHORE CHURCH SYSTEM (which INCLUDES 'atheism' and ANY OTHER 'philosophy' for 'reality') who REFUSE to KISS the PURITY and HOLINESS of the INVISIBLE TRUTH they PRETEND TO SERVE, shall be destroyed on their own chosen path (Ps. 2:10-12) of HATEFUL REBELLION when suddenly he is MANIFEST and they are found EXPOSED LIKE HAMAN having OPPOSED the KINGDOM of HIS TRUTH they were merely PRETENDING to serve while REALLY SERVING ONLY THEMSELVES in MANIFEST HYPOCRISY (see the book of 'Esther', which means 'I WILL HIDE' in Hebrew, for more details)!

As PRIESTS OF TRUTH working toward a PERFECT STATE for GODS GLORY like a Socrates in Greece, Daniel in Babylon or Mordechai among the Medo-Persians, we reverence, respect and even WORSHIP the INVISIBLE TRUTH which, as sort of RECEIVERS and TRANSLATORS of HIS INVISIBLE TRUTH in many various fields, we believe by FAITH in the EVIDENCES of His powerful BENEVOLENCE, that he will bless mankind through us as COMMUNICATORS of this TRUTH, once we are able to empirically demonstrate their PRACTICAL NEED at the HIGHEST LEVELS to SEEK HIS GUIDANCE and BLESSING, in an EFFECTIVE WAY. This is what a prophet, generally speaking, always does. He CORRECTS those gone astray with TRUTH so those who have an EAR may HEAR AND OBEY, and so be SAVED by DESIGN of TRUTH who is both LOGICAL and REASONABLE and PLEADS WITH US TO REASON WITH HIM (Is. 1:18)!

A 'Pure Mathemetician' is essentially a Science Philosopher, Social Architect or World Planner and is a PROPHET of sorts, one who guides those LESS in 'TUNE' with, or not as continuously CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of, this SPIRIT OF TRUTH who GUIDES MANKIND through LEADERS who are SENSITIVE TO HIM. This Spirit uses these Scientists as HIS PROPHETS to MANIFEST IN REALITY what can not otherwise be READILY KNOWN to be TRUE so that ALL may align CORRECTLY in RELATIONSHIP to this KNOWN, UNKNOWN POWER for OUR COLLECTIVE BEST INTEREST in HIS TIMING AND HIS WAY, as he has done throughout HIS STORY and shall continue to do until His PURPOSE is ACCOMPLISHED. Scientists and Prophets assist those with weak eyes to SEE POWERFUL, LIFE CHANGING 'REALITIES' previously unknown and unexperienced; ILLUMINATION of MIND in the PENETRATING LIGHT of ETERNAL, UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH, by which mankind is ALWAYS BLESSED when correctly aligned in proper RELATIONAL ORDER...Truth that will CHANGE REALITY as we currently perceive it from our IGNORANT sub-reality paradigm.

We are discussing the empirical formula or logical WORD model REPRESENTATION of the ETERNALLY EXISTING TRUTH to be used within our DARKNESS as a MIRROR or PRISM which will manifest the LIGHT of UNIFIED TRUTH in such a way so that man may individually and collectively ALIGN HIMSELF CORRECTLY, or HE SHALL SUFFER for having NO RESPECT or FEAR of the HOLY, INVISIBLE TRUTH, a SPIRIT at work in the LAWS of the UNIVERSE who has been communicating with mankind for MILLENIUM and is NOW MANIFEST to be 'SEEN' by ALL WHO LOVE TRUTH and DESIRE to ALIGN THEMSELVES CORRECTLY as HIS SERVANTS. He will CONSUME all who HATE and OPPOSE HIM with the SPLENDOR of his COMING to FULL POWER in HIS WORLD BODY!

Therefore, this is a message about sensitivity training from mankinds collective ignorance paradigm regarding true reality, exposing his SUB CONSCIOUS, FALLEN 'awareness' of REALITY with a SUPER CONSCIOUS UNIFIED TRUTH awareness of TRUE REALITY, in order not to be DESTROYED for simply not paying attention or BELIEVING the TRUTH when he WARNS YOU! This Model contains a SET of SUPER TRUTHS regarding the TRUTH of the SUB nature of our merely 'materially' perceived 'reality' and our CORRECT RELATIONSHIP within this PARADIGM to a HIGHER REALITY LAW, as he designed and told us from the foundation of the world, we simply could not put it together until it was TIME. It's now time. This 'design' or MODEL regarding 'REALITY' is according to the FATHER OF LIGHTS who I prove within is the POWER which unenlightened Scientists are now referring to as 'Dark Energy' in their COLLECTIVE WILLFUL IGNORANCE of HIS UNIFIED SUPER SET 'TRUTH' reality which, as HE CLAIMED THOUSANDS OF YEARS before we could ARRANGE the MODEL CORRECTLY, is now seen by HIS DESIGN and PROMISE as a LIGHT more powerful than the SUN in our MINDS EYE; the UNIFIED EYE which both SEES and UNDERSTANDS 'reality'!

This manifest SUPER SET of KNOWN 'UNKNOWN TRUTHS' our SCIENCES have PROVEN EXISTS, reveals a LIGHT more powerful than 'material reality' and its Sun once seen through understanding in the MINDS EYE where TRUE SIGHT EXISTS, and NOWHERE ELSE may TRUTH be SEEN! We now EMPIRICALLY KNOW our 'material reality' is held together by a MORE REAL, YET UNDEFINABLE 'SUPER SET' of TRUTH; a SENTIENT, OMNIPOTENT REALITY which we now KNOW EXISTS and is holding our perception of a SUB reality together from what we immediately perceive as apparent 'nothingness'...but this nothingness is ALIVE WITH SENTIENT, OMNIPOTENT POWER. A SENTIENT 'reality' BEYOND our lifeless 'MATERIAL PERCEPTION' of 'reality', DOES EXIST and CAN NOT BE DENIED! Though I frequently also refer to this SENTIENT REALITY as the 'programming mind', He has anciently commanded us to refer to Him as YHWH. This is the HOLY, MEMORIAL NAME he gives His SONS of LIGHT being created in HIS IMAGE to call on (Ex. 3:15 and Yahshua/Jesus literally means 'YHWH saves' because the son does ONLY AS the Father commands, he glorifies NOT himself, his glory comes from the glorified FATHER!). This is the Hebrew transliteration of the ANCIENT NAME which expressly means: 'He Exists' or 'He's Present' and the implication is that 'He exists invisibly present everywhere at once'! The KNOWN MECHANICS of our QUANTUM 'physical' UNDERSTANDING of 'reality' NOW SUPPORTS THIS INCREDIBLE, ANCIENT CLAIM of His UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH 'reality' holding our material SUB reality together to be perceived by UNTHINKING ANIMALS as 'most real'. His is a superior, 'timeless/spaceless' 'SUPER REALITY' holding our TEMPORAL 'SUB REALITY' together to be perceived as most real but is NOT, even as he ANCIENTLY CLAIMED (Job 26:7, Heb. 11:1-3, Act 17:28, Rom. 1:20, Col. 1:16-17, 1 Tim. 1:17, Heb. 11:27)! This FACT ALONE should give one PAUSE to re-consider his perception of 'reality', ANCIENT TRUTH and their BEST ALIGNED RELATIONSHIP TO HIM as PROGRAMMER of LIFE. He is able to either PERMIT or TERMINATE entrance into TRUE LIFE REALITY based on QUALITY CONTROL METHODS established here in the TEST REALITY designed to ASSIST toward that END; it's YOUR RELATIONSHIP to the TRUTH which will either PARDON or CONDEMN YOU by HIS PERFECT DESIGN as YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT!

Through developing an EVER EVOLVING, POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP with YHWH, the LIGHT more powerful than the Sun A.K.A.: the UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH reality, the invisible 'GOD SET' of laws we have discovered, which are far SUPERIOR to the 'NATURAL LAWS' of our 'material reality' which we immediately perceive to be most 'real'. This is a DELIBERATE ILLUSION and we NOW have the UNSEALED KEY OF KNOWLEDGE (A.K.A. the Key of David and the 'Sign of Messiah') to INTERPRET the BIBLE BLUEPRINT correctly, AS DESIGNED! He told us this LESSON we are ALL BORN INTO where we must learn to choose GOOD after LEARNING ABOUT DECEPTION, originally started at the 'FALL' when man chose DISOBEDIENCE to the VOICE of INVISIBLE TRUTH in the Garden. We were thrust from THAT PERCEPTION of 'reality' and sent into a PURGATORY type situation to be PURIFIED through the fire of ETERNAL TRUTH and our CHOSEN RELATIONSHIP TO THAT CORNERSTONE in our WORLD DARKNESS. The CORRECT PERCEPTION of reality is the CORNERSTONE that FREES INDIVIDUALS and shall eventually CHANGE WORLD REALITY as GOD DESIGNED from the GARDEN. When Joseph comes to World Power according to the PROPHECIES, the paradigm of Mankind shall be turned from death to LIFE, from bondage to DELIVERANCE, from a PRISON HOUSE PARADIGM to the PROMISED LAND PARADIGM! We shall see that the MOON is the EXPRESSED SIGN of the MESSIAH who comes from the tribe of Joseph, Israels BELOVED SON who would come to his THRONE to SHEPHERD the people as a TESTED STONE (Gen. 49:24)! 'Joseph' represents the VISIBLE MESSIAH, the LIGHT of the WORLD and the MESSIANIC SYMBOL which ties them together is the FULL MOON. Pharoah of this world represented by the Sun.

We shall see that YHWH expressly created the Sun as a SYMBOL for our BLINDING DARKNESS sub-reality of NEO-EGYPTIAN 'enslavement'; the 'natural reality' of FALLEN MAN. But the BLINDING LIGHT of the SUN, which man ignorantly believes represents the Messiah or 'light of the world', has been exposed from the foundation of the world with his UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH reality represented by the MOON which was REPLACED in SACRIFICE when the ANTICHRIST PARADIGM came to power 2000 years ago as prophesied IN ADVANCE TO HAPPEN (explained in detail later). The FULL MOON SABBATH SACRIFICE and its ASSOCIATED 'REST' which YHWH gave from the very FOUNDATION of the world is the KEY which was HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT which would UNLOCK the scriptures so they may be FULLY UNDERSTOOD. The FULL MOON is the SIGN of the MESSIAH; an unsealed ETERNAL TRUTH which is BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN! This MODEL presents THOSE INVISIBLE REALITIES in such a way as they may be PERCEIVED CORRECTLY by anyone who WILL.

Those SENTIENT, INVISIBLE 'laws' rightly arranged to be manifest in a METAPHYSICAL REALITY which is MORE REAL than our merely materially perceived reality. THIS is what SHOULD be taught in Schools if TRUTH were the REAL AGENDA and MOTIVE (and not SELFISHNESS/GREED in a paradigm of conflict managment rather than conflict resolution to maintain DARKNESS over MINDS which religious PERVERTS SODOMIZE and ENSLAVE to a FALLEN PERCEPTION OF REALITY which can ONLY EXIST in the ABSENSE of the LIGHT of TRUTH which I PRESENT!)...we certainly should NOT be teaching Science from a strictly MATERIAL PARADIGM anymore as is STILL BEING DONE 40+ YEARS after WE EMPIRICALLY KNOW, and have ESTABLISHED through the TOOL OF SCIENCE, the EXISTENCE of this SPIRIT OF TRUTH which should be REPRESENTED by a HOLY LAW! It should not be allowed to be forgotten, for CONFLICT MANAGEMENT PURPOSES used by MIND ENSLAVERS, that there is a REALITY BEYOND MATERIAL PERCEPTION which MUST BE RECOGNIZED and ALIGNED TO CORRECTLY in order to POSITIVELY EVOLVE toward LIFE at this time and FOREVER MORE, as HE DESIGNED. TRUTH IS NOT THE ENEMY...SACRIFICING TRUTH TO MANAGE CONFLICT CAN ONLY WORK SO MUCH LONGER BEFORE ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE on planet Earth...that simply WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN! Refusing to HEED the VOICE of UNIFIED TRUTH is a LOGICAL FAIL which is NOT ADVISABLE as it SHALL END in CERTAIN self-destruction and DEATH, but it will be an allowed CHOICE for some fools to make; as an example for more prudent others to learn from VICARIOUSLY!

Through YHWH's ever present MERCY even in his DISCIPLINE, mankind individually and corporately will evolve to become ONE with UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH, as He has Himself DESIGNED. We are now at another MILESTONE in HIS STORY; another fork in the road (which He designed) where a CHOICE must be made in relationship to this invisible POWER which ASSISTS OUR EVOLUTION and is NOW, by HIS ANCIENT DESIGN, is described to us BY HIM in a 'set of LAWS' in which WE LIVE, MOVE, and have our very BEING in 'DAILY EXISTENCE', and which we now KNOW EXISTS from a Scientifically established, EMPIRICAL paradigm or perception of our reality which we CAN NOT DEFINE apart from using a FORMULA, FORM, or MODEL (Like Einstein's E = MC2 or other religious 'world views') by which to PERCEIVE and UNDERSTAND it's (His) OTHERWISE INVISIBLE (and therefore easily deniable or forgettable) HOLY REALITY. We LIVE, MOVE and have our very BEING of existence within the MIND OF GOD as one having a DREAM WITHIN A DREAM from which WE SHALL AWAKE!

We could EASILY HARM OURSELVES by ignoring or otherwise FOOLISHLY having NO RESPECT for HIS HOLY, INVISIBLE PRESENCE once we become CONSCIOUSLY AWARE of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of His UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH reality. A RECOGNIZED and ESTABLISHED Model or 'LAW' to ASSIST US to ALWAYS REMEMBER the INVISIBLE REALITY in order to teach ourselves and our children so we may ALIGN CORRECTLY to this INVISIBLE POWER is REQUIRED in order to POSITIVELY EVOLVE toward the UNIFIED LIGHT of TRUTH, PEACE and LIFE, even as already DESIGNED and told to us from the foundation of the world. HIS COMPETENT WORKMEN shall soon OPENLY MANIFEST his REALITY for the WHOLE WORLD, all as HE DESIGNED for HIS GLORY from the FOUNDATION OF IT.

The Scientifically established Quantum Mechanics of our merely 'material' perception of 'reality' tell us that our 'reality' is a SUBSET of a SUPER REALITY. Therefore, our SUB REALITY is truly FALLEN and in IGNORANT DARKNESS regarding this UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH which is MERCIFULLY HOLDING our subset reality together to be perceived as a merely 'temporary' reality. In other words, our reality is being MERCIFULLY HELD TOGETHER by this SENTIENT, INVISIBLE SET of TRUTHS transcending and HOLDING TOGETHER our FINITE BOX of TIME and SPACE...a SUPER REALITY which we have NOW SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED as EXISTING (the Scientific community has adopted the term 'Dark Energy' which is more a reflection of mans ignorance than the light of UNIFIED TRUTH) ...EVEN as HE HIMSELF HAS CLAIMED for thousands of years, despite his not being IMMEDIATELY APPARENT to most of us in this 'material' reality perceived by most as most real...Science NOW PROVES the existence of our SUB REALITY and an INVISIBLE, UNKNOWN, UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH REALITY holding our temporal box reality together to be perceived by ANIMAL-LIKE MEN as MOST REAL to pull the wool over their FOOLISH EYES as THEIR OWN DESIRE/JUDGEMENT, even as the Bible ANCIENTLY CLAIMS as unveiled and PROVEN TRUE herein!

This SENTIENT, invisible REALITY greater than our MATERIAL REALITY, in which we exist but do not understand the mechanism of 'how' or 'why' but we KNOW that it DOES hold our perception of MATTER together to be perceived as REAL, this INVISIBLE POWER is now SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED as holding our VERY PERCEPTION of 'reality' together from APPARENT 'NOTHINGNESS' (AGAIN, even as HE HIMSELF CLAIMED THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO!) and Scientists are right NOW trying to posit MODELS (Unified 'Field Theory', Super 'String Theory', Deception 'Matrix Theory', etc. ...paradigms ALL OPPOSED to this ANCIENT 'UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH' Model for reality, while at the same time being FAR INFERIOR to it!) by which to PERCEIVE and UNDERSTAND MORE of the MECHANICS behind this SENTIENT, INVISIBLE TRUTH REALITY we KNOW SCIENTIFICALLY DOES EXIST, when in FACT He has told us about himself in his own 'Quantum Physics' explanation or MODEL for understanding the nature of our TEMPORAL, MATERIAL 'reality' which we were thrust into, since the FOUNDATION OF this 'reality' and the very BEGINNING of ANY COMMUNICATION in it! He told us then there were MILLIONS of ways to MISPERCEIVE and OPPOSE the INVISIBLE, UNIFIED TRUTH in IGNORANCE and/or REBELLION and only by LOVING HIM and LISTENING FOR HIS VOICE would we be SAVED FROM HIS HOLINESS, it's OUR CHOICE to listen or not!

The INVISIBLE GOD of TRUTH told us that He would expose our BABYLONIAN, FALLEN, BLINDING WORLD DARKNESS PARADIGM of 'reality' (which he chose to represent through commandments with the Sun) with a LIGHT MORE POWERFUL THAN THE SUN (seen through commandments EXPRESSLY associated with the moon in an ANCIENT PHILOSOPHICAL 'MODEL' for 'REALITY' now ESTABLISHED BY SCIENCE as ABSOLUTELY TRUE) and He has done it as evidenced in this work. TO DENY THIS INVISIBLE VIRTUOUS REALITY and his ATTEMPT TO REASON WITH US any longer is NOW PROVEN with EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE by HIS OWN DESIGN as a MANIFESTATION of a COGNITIVE DEFICIENCY/DISORDER (ignorance or rebellion) to be addressed and corrected with the LIGHT OF TRUTH before such paradigm ends in DEATH and DESTRUCTION for those who refuse the LIGHT of CORRECTION, by HIS MARVELLOUS, PROVIDENTIAL, DESIGN of an UTOPIC KINGDOM for HIS PERFECTED CREATION to EVOLVE INTO!

It is a SCIENTIFIC FACT that the now DISCOVERED and ESTABLISHED QUANTUM MECHANICS holding our 'reality' together to be perceived BY US as 'real', DEMAND the POSTULATION of a sort of MODEL by which to CORRECTLY PERCEIVE the INVISIBLE POWER behind it! Without such a MODEL to ARRANGE the KNOWN FACTS about our PERCEIVED REALITY, the INVISIBLE TRUTH (A.K.A. YHWH/God) holding it together, simply could not be KNOWN, UNDERSTOOD and EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED as EXISTING; let alone believe anything some book may claim about him when there are 30,000 differing interpretations of the Book. To be kept in the darkness of ignorance regarding such a POWERFUL, LIFE SUPPORTING, FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH must CERTAINLY be DETRIMENTAL to us in so many ways we do not even yet understand, if not ULTIMATELY FATAL if we continue to IGNORE THE TRUTH. Certainly to have a model by which to CORRECTLY PERCEIVE this FUNDAMENTAL LIFE GIVING POWER we know exists would be a FIRST STEP toward POSITIVE EVOLUTION. Therefore having a TRUE MODEL or set of VISIBLE LAW by which to RECOGNIZE and CORRECTLY ALIGN ourselves with this INVISIBLE set of laws or POWER holding our perception of reality together, would be ESSENTIAL for mankind to EVOLVE from his current FALLEN, SUB paradigm of IGNORANCE, SUFFERING and DEATH.

We can easily term all of these SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED 'known unknowns' at the foundation of our reality as the 'GOD SET' of truth which holds our SUB SET of reality together to be perceived, or even as the 'SPIRIT of TRUTH' (to quote Einstein's 'Scientific' term for this 'Spirit that is greater than that of man' as he called that POWER he found through the Scientific Method of inquiry). As was his own recognized intellectual superior whose work I introduce later, the Genius Mathematician Kurt Godel, Einstein was clear that any Scientist worth his salt KNOWS THIS SENTIENT and INTELLIGENT SPIRIT upon which we are COMPLETELY DEPENDENT in order to LIVE (as Godel ALSO PROVED MATHEMATICALLY to EXIST), does in deed EXIST, and without understanding and aligning ourselves to this TRUTH POWER correctly as HE DESIGNED, mankind is DOOMED by design. UNIFIED TRUTH is man's ONLY HOPE!

"Anyone who becomes seriously involved with the pursuit of Science becomes convinced that there is a Spirit manifest in the laws of the universe; a Spirit vastly superior to that of man". Albert Einstein

All the Sciences are finding THIS SAME TRUTH/SPIRIT REALITY as established within! So this INVISIBLE POWER which CAN'T BE DEFINED by the tools of our Sciences but only DISCOVERED EMPIRICALLY to be REAL, as ANCIENTLY CLAIMED, he does INDEED EXIST in the form of KNOWN UNKNOWNS or as a SUPER SET of TRUTH 'reality' in which our subset of reality exists...and this TRUTH CAN NOT BE INTELLECTUALLY DISMISSED or REJECTED without SUFFERING for having done so, as he himself has also patiently been trying to show us! That is what HIS WRITTEN LAW in our MATERIAL 'REALITY' is ALL ABOUT! SENTIENT, INVISIBLE TRUTH has and shall continue, to SAVE US from a PLETHORA of obstacles that are designed to help us GROW and LEARN about HIM as their PRIMARY OBJECTIVE, if we merely HEED the VOICE of TRUTH who DESIRES TO HELP US. Clearly YHWH (HE EXISTS), the INVISIBLE, SENTIENT TRUTH, 'POWER' holding our reality together to be perceived, knowing in advance our knowledge of the Atomic forces would in the future DEMAND the postulation of such a 'MODEL' by which the EYE of our MIND may PERCEIVE his INVISIBLE REALITY, provided it HIMSELF as a light MORE POWERFUL THAN THE SUN hidden in plain view and seen ONLY AFTER the KEY for UNLOCKING the knowledge would be FOUND to UNSEAL and MANIFEST the SAVING INSTRUCTION given to the FAITHFUL since the foundation of the world, NOW UNSEALED and MANIFEST as PLANNED.

Ultimately, as he has boastingly told us thousands of years before we would even see the NEED to LOOK FOR such a MODEL or PARADIGM, Truth is a 'CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE', a PARADIGM through which 'REALITY' is to be CORRECTLY VIEWED (as opposed to a clearly INCORRECT way in DISTINCTION to make a CHOICE for TRUTH). Truth then becomes a LIFE GIVING LIGHT paradigm from which to perceive one's TIME-SPACE 'reality' CORRECTLY, which frees us from our IGNORANT BONDAGE to TEMPORAL, FALLEN, MATERIAL 'REALITY' and its DESTRUCTIVE ILLUSIONS darkening the beastly FALLEN minds of those who CHOOSE to perceive 'reality' from the WRONG 'cornerstone' and yet believe themselves 'wise', all according to ANCIENT INSTRUCTIONS revealed HEREIN! Only a BEASTLY, yet UNENLIGHTENED MIND of a REBELLIOUS 'MAN OF SIN' can CHOOSE to REFUSE to 'see' the LIGHT OF TRUTH by REFUSING to grapple LOGICALLY with the KNOWN UNKNOWN REALITY BEYOND MATERIAL PERCEPTION which HOLDS OUR VERY PERCEPTION OF 'REALITY' TOGETHER TO BE PERCEIVED. They REFUSE TO ENTER into TRUE REALITY and wish to KEEP YOU from ENTERING INTO KNOWLEDGE OF THIS SAVING TRUTH because THEY PREFER THIS PRESENT DARKNESS and want to KEEP YOU PHARAONICALLY ENSLAVED in it; even as the AUTHOR of the BIBLE claimed thousands of years ago, NOW ESTABLISHED by SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE within and manifest in our SHARED, PERCEIVED 'REALITY' as ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

Mankind has been given a PROPOSAL in the form of very sophisticated, multi-dimensional Pure Mathematics PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS by the ETERNAL, SENTIENT TRUTH, to be rightly perceived and applied in order to leave his ALREADY CONDEMNED, FALLEN, animal like FALLEN MATERIAL condition to be JOINED WITH HIS PERFECT MAKER through WILLING PARTICIPATION in His CONCEIVED NATURE, CHARACTER, and PLAN to SAVE US FROM OURSELVES according to HIS DESIRE PROMISED to us from the foundation of the World in HOLY CONTRACT. This CONTRACT is NOW UNSEALED and put into a MODEL or ARRANGEMENT so that it may be CORRECTLY UNDERSTOOD at THIS TIME, and ENTERED through OBEDIENCE stemming from FAITH in the SENTIENT TRUTH speaking to YOUR MIND, in order to be SAVED FROM SELF DESTRUCTION and have LIFE ETERNAL extended as a FREE GIFT for simply CHOOSING to SEE (and therefore DO) things HIS WAY (not our own)!

(YHWH) I praise you for answering me and becoming my salvation! The 'Stone' rejected by the builders has become the 'Cornerstone' (from which to perceive 'reality' setting our MIND FREE to EVOLVE to live according to a HIGHER UNDERSTANDING of 'reality' than ANY beastly man of sin can perceive or contrive, as a CONSCIOUS, HEALTHY and INTELLIGENT CHOICE while still among the BEASTS in their fallen perception of reality and INHERENT SELF DESTRUCTION, as a LIGHT FOR THEM to UNDERSTAND REALITY!). YHWH has surely done this thing and IT'S A MARVELLOUS SIGN FOR US! Psalm 118:21-23

The Author of TRUTH wants to test the INTEGRITY of his PERFECT CREATION before extending ETERNAL LIFE after FREEING FALLEN MAN from his IGNORANT condition leading to SELF DESTRUCTION, so he associated HIS LIGHT of SAVING TRUTH with the 'REJECTED CORNERSTONE LIGHT' of LIFE as a LOGICAL LIGHT to flash in the EYE of the MIND as the SIGN of its TRUTH. His PERSPECTIVE of HIS LAW is the SAVING TRUTH which was rejected FIRST by Adam in the Garden to TEACH US about our REBELLIOUS ERROR, by being rejected AGAIN 2000 years ago as prophesied since the Garden (as demonstrated within) by the 'BUILDERS' of OUR CURRENT SOCIO-ECONOMIC paradigm of DECREED DESOLATIONS until THIS PROMISED 'FLOOD of TRUTH' COMES to 'SWEEP AWAY the REFUGE of LIES' which they selected for themselves instead' and WE INHERIT a NEW WORLD ORDER, and ALL AS PROPHESIED SINCE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD (Dan. 9:26b, Is. 28:17)! We shall SOON HAVE a SELFLESS (as OPPOSED to our current SELFISH) SOCIO-ECONOMIC PARADIGM by which to PERCEIVE 'reality' as a COMMANDED, LIFE GIVING PARADIGM from which mankind is to perceive his 'reality' in order to WALK IN OBEDIENCE, established in COMMANDMENT from the foundation of the world, which would bring RESTORATION, HEALING, PEACE, AND LIFE to fallen mankind. This PARADIGM would be one LOST when the PROMISED, OBEDIENT SON was SACRIFICED which LED into BONDAGE that was MANIFEST by MOSES who BROKE THE CHAINS of WORLD DARKNESS (represented by the Sun) with SAVING TRUTH (represented by the Moon) and CONQUER IT for the GLORY OF GOD. There would come a LATER NEO-ENSLAVEMENT scenario like that which happened with PRINCE JOSEPH, and PROPHET like Moses who would lead us out from the WORLD ENSLAVEMENT SYSTEM for which Egypt was only foreshadowed as a SIGN by which we may READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL or understand the TIME within the SEASON we are in NOW through such a SPIRITUAL 'Pure Mathematics' equation!

So this paradigm was a REJECTED COMMANDED PERSPECTIVE given from this INVISIBLE POWER regarding HOW TO PERCEIVE REALITY CORRECTLY, which was SACRIFICED FIRST at the foundation of the world when ADAM disobeyed the VOICE OF TRUTH, then again with Cain, then with Joseph before going into Egypt, then again 2000 years ago at the FOUNDATION of our CURRENT MODEL of ENSLAVEMENT and TYRANNY founded on the CORNERSTONE of DISOBEDIENCE as PROVEN WITHIN. We have AGAIN been plunged into this NEO-EGYPTIAN ENSLAVEMENT to a NEO-BABYLONIAN SYSTEM for the past 2000 years AS PROPHECIED IN DETAIL in advance, which shall SOON BE DESTROYED/CONVERTED to a KINGDOM OF LIGHT according to ANCIENT PROMISE! This PARADIGM of DESTRUCTION we will soon CHANGE out with the LIGHT OF TRUTH, was given to us in a 'CONSPIRACY FOR WORLD POWER' by LYING MEN based in their IGNORANCE OF REALITY, and ALL OF IT according to a PLAN which would be LATER REVEALED which would EXPOSE THE REFUGE of LIES they SELECTED AT THAT TIME in stead of the TRUTH (the reason we still suffer), so WE MAY BE MARVELLOUSLY HEALED to the GLORY OF OUR MAKER as HE DESIGNED; and ALL OF IT BOASTINGLY GIVEN in front of our faces FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD in order to LATER (NOW!) be UNSEALED and MANIFEST to become the FAVORED PARADIGM of our RESTORED WORLD REALITY, the TOPSTONE of HOLY TRUTH over a RECOGNIZED 'BODY' of RIGHTEOUS and HOLY LAW outlining the INVISIBLE REALITY within our SHARED PERCEPTION of REALITY as KINGDOM LAW (Zech. 4:6-7) for our HEALING AND PEACE...and we were told ALL OF IT IN ADVANCE OF ANY OF IT HAPPENING by OUR OMNIPOTENT, BENEVOLENT PROGRAMMING MIND who DOES EXIST, as shall be PROVEN to any and ALL REASONABLE MINDS desiring to SEE and CONFORM to HIS IMAGE of HOLINESS as HE DESIGNED!

Mankind was given TWO LIGHTS in the sky as SIGNS for his MIND opposing eachother and vying for his eyes attention as a PARADIGM by which to CHOOSE to perceive 'reality' as a cornerstone for ALL of the REST of his ACTIVITIES on planet Earth. He may choose a paradigm of BLINDING DARKNESS (a DARKNESS that appears as the sacrosanct 'light of the world') which would result in SELF DESTRUCTION for simply ignoring the INVISIBLE TRUTH who would TELL HIM IN ADVANCE his error, or he could choose to REPENT and HEED the LIGHT of TRUTH when his error is pointed out, which would then lead to PEACE and LIFE ETERNAL. This 'paradigm' of perception is the A-PRIORI TRUTH which EFFECTS ALL LATER DECISIONS IN LIFE, whether or not one recognizes it cognizantly. It is the A-PRIORI PARADIGM by which to CORRECTLY PERCEIVE 'reality' as the TRUTH DESIGNED, now expressed in HIS ANCIENT MODEL once again!

YHWH (He Who Exists-INVISIBLY) EXPRESSLY selected the MOON as his 'FAITHFUL WITNESS' for HIS TRUE, LIFE GIVING PARADIGM for HIS CREATION to view him from, the TRUE PERSPECTIVE of 'reality', a visible COMMANDED 'CORNERSTONE' associated with His SABBATH APPOINTMENTS as a VISIBLE 'SIGN' of a GOD OF TRUTH (which would be REJECTED and FOUND AGAIN) who is to be KNOWN to be SANCTIFYING US as a FACT which can (MUST) be ESTABLISHED according to a VISIBLE SIGN (Ex. 31:13-14) in a LOGICAL and REASONABLE formula, arrangement, or MODEL in order to KNOW that it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE, and who wants us to REASON about (Is. 1:18), perceive AND LIVE ACCORDING TO His higher, invisible MESSIANIC 'REALITY' seen ONLY through the eye of UNDERSTANDING and LOVING the VOICE OF TRUTH as HE DESIGNED, and to ACCEPT HIS PROPOSAL OF LIFE which the understanding of HIS LIGHT manifests in the MIND. This is the PARADIGM by which to INTERPRET the TORAH/BIBLE CORRECTLY which will then MANIFEST HIS LIGHT of SALVATION to us IN REALITY as HE DESIGNED so that we may REFLECT BACK TO HIM our trusting ACCEPTANCE of HIS GRACIOUS PROPOSAL of ETERNAL UNION, through our simple OBEDIENCE to His EXPRESSED WILL, and so BRING HIM GLORY as HE DESIGNED for HIS BRIDE of TRUTH to DO as a REASONABLE SERVICE to a GOD of TRUTH to BRING HIM GLORY as the INVISIBLE POWER THEY REST IN, from the foundation of the world!

He prophesied IN ADVANCE that mankind would REJECT HIS CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE of HIS REST for the wrong one, the BLINDINGLY 'real' SIGN of the TEMPORAL SUN created only for animals to view as the 'light of the world' which they could all agree on in their SELFISH PARADIGM and POLITICAL IGNORANCE OF ETERNAL TRUTH 'REALITY', our current NEO-BABYLONIAN world PARADIGM handed to us by them. To this day the world is viewed (a seemingly unquestionable reality like the water in which a fish lives) from the BLINDING 'light' PARADIGM of the Sun created for the ANIMALS to see as OBVIOUSLY 'true', which to this day is still accepted as SACROSANCTLY 'true' by ALL yet UNEVOLVED HUMANS in our currently FALLEN and DIVIDED perception of IGNORANT DARKNESS 'reality', herin PROVEN with the LIGHT of ETERNAL TRUTH in HIS MODEL to UNDERSTAND HIS PARADIGM FROM, as an only PART TRUE and therefore FALSE PARADIGM! (and therefore our IGNORANT disobedience to TRUTH is the very CAUSE of MOST of our NEEDLESS much moreso if we CONTINUE IN DISOBEDIENCE after HEARING the VOICE of TRUTH when he CONVICTS our HEART to MAKE A SACRIFICE of our DARK PARADIGM?!).

Take heed that the light of 'TRUTH' in which you walk is not the a-priori PARADIGM of BLINDING DECEPTION given for only UNEVOLVED ANIMALS to perceive 'reality' from! Lk. 11:35

YHWH gave us the EXPRESSED Pure Mathematics PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS for perceiving HIS MODEL for REALITY in context of an ancient CREATION 'PLAN', sealed up boastingly in front of our faces to be unsealed at just the RIGHT TIME as HE DECIDED.

Mankind in his DIVISIVE REBELLION is NOW EXPOSED by this UNIFIED LIGHT of ETERNAL, SENTIENT TRUTH REALITY represented by the MOON, to be standing UNITED on the 'cornerstone' of BLINDING, SELFISH IGNORANCE represented by the Sun, rebelliously OPPOSED to the SAVING TRUTH in an EFFECTIVE MENTAL ILLNESS regarding the UNIFIED SUPER TRUTH reality and our ABSOLUTE DEPENDENCE on HIM and his MERCY, EVEN AS the GOD OF TRUTH and LOVE designed, and only those who LOVE and FEAR the HOLY TRUTH will come into the LIGHT to be SAVED. The WHOLE WORLD is enslaved by a PEDOPHILIC-SODOMITE PHILOSOPHY (the only way the world CAN THINK APART FROM LIGHT OF TRUTH) which is INHERENT in the CORNERSTONE of GREED which is NOW IN ITS LAST STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT before SELF DESTRUCTION apart from HIS PROPHETIC LIGHT to DELIVER US! YHWH has told us all things in advance despite our prior inability to put it all together in the CORRECT MODEL or ARRANGEMENT by which to PERCEIVE THE INVISIBLE REALITY CORRECTLY, while ALL ALONG EXTENDING THE CURE to individuals who would step out in faith as a LIGHT to help others see the plan in REAL REALITY, later; as all the FATHERS OF OUR FAITH were given to WALK IN for OUR EXAMPLE! As he was for each of them, YHWH's PARADIGM of REALITY is the perspective of TRUTH which will ENABLE US to SEE and therefore DO, that which shall SET US FREE! It CAN NOT BE DONE OTHERWISE!

YHWH selected the Sun for the REBELS to plunge the whole world into INTELLECTUAL DARKNESS (empirically established in historical review within) so that only those who SEE HIS LIGHT of truth at the END OF THE AGE OF REASON, when it is TIME for darkness and light to be SEPARATED at HARVEST TIME (now), will REFLECT HIS TRUTH TO HIS GLORY IN THE PRESENT DARKNESS for ALL THE SONS OF DARKNESS and LIGHT to see eachother CLEARLY as they each STAND SUDDENLY EXPOSED by the TRUTH as a result of their OWN CHOICES. The children of REBELLIOUS, WILLFUL DARKNESS who PRETEND to know the GOD of TRUTH but really LOVE THIS PRESENT DARKNESS and SECRETLY VICTIMIZE OTHERS WITHIN IT TO ENJOY IT MOST, in PLAIN VIEW of ALL, can NOT and WILL NOT even TRY, to COMPREHEND the HOLY TRUTH, so they FEAR, HATE, and PERSECUTE IT as an ANIMAL RESPONSE, and they SURELY do not want you to be FREED from THEIR CONTROL by it! Such a response is the BIBLICALLY EXEMPLIFIED MANIFESTATION of the PSYCHOPATHY of man which YET is in control of his CONSCIOUS, INSANELY DIVIDED, COLLECTIVE MIND; KEEPING HIM IGNORANT of the WHOLE TRUTH so PSYCHOPATHY CAN CONTINUE to USURP AUTHORITY AND POWER ILLEGALLY on PLANET EARTH to be finally and SUDDENLY EXPOSED and the world TURNED UPSIDE DOWN by the REVEALED TRUTH, all as PROMISED!

YHWH has done this FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD so ONLY those who LOVE TRUTH would be able to KNOW HIS INVISIBLE TRUTH REALITY beyond ANY reasonable doubt and LIVE ACCORDINGLY in THE ETERNAL LIGHT, FREEDOM, UNITY, HEALING and PEACE which HIS CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE of HIS 'LAW' (reality) is PROMISED and DESIGNED to BRING; even in the face of our apparent DEATH at the hands of those ANIMALS who PREFER DARKNESS and HATE, suppress, and/or MURDER the LIGHT OF TRUTH when we shine on them, because our MINDS are ENLIGHTENED to SEE and be JOINED BY FAITH with, the ETERNAL TRUTH compelling us to BE WITNESS FOR HIS ETERNAL REALITY by REFLECTING HIS LIGHT of ETERNAL TRUTH in this merely TEMPORAL DARKNESS DUNGEON by RESTING in the WORKS prepared in advance for EACH PERSON TO WALK IN so that we may FULFILL the ALREADY FINISHED PLAN through CONSCIOUS, personal RELATIONSHIP with the TRUTH yet invisible to others in order to ESTABLISH HIS REALITY within our empirical 'reality', as he DESIGNED for HIS GLORY from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

Having that sort of RELATIONAL CORNERSTONE of ABSOLUTE TRUTH to stand on as a FIRM FOUNDATION to CONNECT ONE to TRUE REALITY in this NEO-BABYLONIAN INSANE WORLD DARKNESS, is TRUE PEACE OF MIND my friend! We shall see that is the SOURCE of the strength of all the FATHERS of BIBLE FAITH. That is what this message OFFERS to YOU, true PEACE resting in the FINISHED PROMISE of ETERNAL LOVING TRUTH which this UNSEALED EVIDENCE regarding YHWH's ANCIENT TORAH (LAW) COMMUNICATION to MANKIND brings to the MIND which SEES and SIMPLY CONFESSES this SABBATH LIGHT OF TRUTH and REST more POWERFUL than the sun, and who simply DOES as compelled by the LIGHT of SENTIENT TRUTH lighting his path, and so MAKES HIS INVISIBLE DESIRE COME TO PASS as a VISIBLE SIGN for those in DARKNESS AWAITING THE LIGHT, even as the MASTER OF LIGHT COMMANDS him in PERSONAL PROGRAMMING RELATIONSHIP, as ALL of the father's of our ancient faith EXEMPLIFIED, as outlined within. TRUTH is SENTIENT and ETERNAL and is extending to EACH INDIVIDUAL and to ALL mankind, an OFFER to REASON ABOUT and LEAVE HIS WORMLIKE CONDITION, to be joined with HIS MAGNIFICENT HOLINESS, the ETERNAL TRUTH FOREVER, by using His blueprint of truth toward that end as He DESIRES. Truth is the Cornerstone of Judgement/Perception which shall establish PEACE by DESIGN of ANCIENT and HOLY SABBATH LAW leading to ETERNAL UNION with our DESIGNER according to THIS PLAN now on the table for YOUR consideration!

For the mystery of iniquity has already been at work...and the MAN OF SIN whom YHWH shall soon CONSUME by the spirit of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming is NOW REVEALED...they REFUSED TO LOVE THE TRUTH so that they might be saved and FOR THIS REASON God HAS ALREADY SENT THEM ALL A POWERFUL BLINDING DELUSION of 'reality' to believe in their DIVISIVE REBELLION so that ONLY THOSE WHO LOVE TRUTH will come INTO the light, and ALL WHO REFUSE the SAVING TRUTH shall have CONDEMNED THEMSELVES JUSTLY...all according to a PERFECTLY RIGHTEOUS PLAN to PERFECT MAN! 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12

Hiding the SIGN of MESSIAH in the BLINDING SUN of the ANTI-CHRIST who we shall see ALREADY CAME, is the REJECTED SIGN and the LOST 'KEY' of KNOWLEDGE or 'KEY' of DAVID that HAS ALLOWED the 'MAN OF SIN' to be BLINDING THE MINDS of the ENTIRE WORLD for the past 2000 years, all as PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE TO HAPPEN and seen POWERFULLY in retrospect regarding known FACTS, to have ALREADY HAPPENED! Will YOU PLEASE come out from YOUR WORLD DELUSION and INTO the SAVING LIGHT of the TRUTH before it's TOO LATE to CHANGE YOUR MIND?

Because you said: 'We have made a covenant with death and with hell are we at an agreement. When the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it won't touch us because we've made a lie for our refuge, and under falsehood have we hidden ourselves from death'. Therefore this is what YHWH GOD says: 'Behold, I lay in Zion as a FOUNDATION STONE, a precious CORNER STONE as a SURE FOUNDATION...JUSTICE will extend as a STRAIGHT RULE, and righteousness will be plumb and sweep away the refuge of lies...Isaiah 28:15-17

This MESSAGE reveals a LIGHT more powerful than the sun which will unleash its beams of light as the HAIL of TRUTH which will SWEEP AWAY the REFUGE of the LIES so that RIGHTEOUSNESS will PREVAIL as PROMISED. This DECEPTION to overtake the WHOLE WORLD is now proven to have ALREADY taken place with the major 'players' identified within, to be ESTABLISHED and RECOGNIZED as a 'CORNERTONE of ABSOLUTE FACT' already ESTABLISHED by CREATION DESIGN for MANS HEALING and PEACE, all as outlined in this message! The Mystery of God is FINISHED, the MAN OF SIN is EXPOSED...the REFUGE OF LIES EXPOSED to be DISMANTLED and REPLACED WITH TRUTH...and ALL WHO REFUSE TO COME INTO THE LIGHT OF TRUTH CONDEMN THEMSELVES according to a PERFECT PLAN of JUSTICE now UNVEILED and MANIFEST as the ETERNALLY ESTABLISHED, INVISIBLY EXISTING CORNERSTONE LIGHT of LIFE for MANKIND'S DESIGNED EVOLUTION existing IN 'ZION' since the FOUNDATION of the WORLD, all as CLAIMED by the INVISIBLE ONE from the beginning of ANY COMMUNICATIOIN at the beginning of our world 'reality', and now established in this LOGICAL and RATIONAL MODEL in which ALL TRUTH is PROPERLY ARRANGED to be 'SEEN' by the eye of UNDERSTANDING as THE absolute CORNERSTONE TRUTH of UTOPIC REALITY, as HE DESIGNED and has communicated to mankind from the VERY FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!


by Philosopher, Bible Apologist and Systematic Communications Theorist

Evan Bohan

A.S., A.A., B.S., M.R.E.


Herein is revealed a marvellously comprehensive Theodicy perspective for perceiving the nature of our Time-Space reality CORRECTLY which specifically addresses the FALLEN nature of mankind's condition in light of NOW KNOWN and ESTABLISHED Scientific FACTS by which to re-assemble an ancient plan that would be LOST, and later FOUND AGAIN by design (Is. 8:12, Jer. 6:16, Zech. 4:7), a TORAH/BIBLE MODEL for perceiving 'reality' which exposes mankinds inherent Psychopathy in regard to reality, for the purpose of his healing and evolutionary 'REBIRTH' into an Utopic NEW WORLD KINGDOM of PEACE, according to herein UNSEALED Programming Design Specifications.

This work therefore posits the Torah/Bible 'OLD PATH' or interpretation giving us our true 'MODEL' for perceiving reality as DESIGNED. This is a THEORY or MODEL to be used as a CORNERSTONE to RE-ENGINEER WORLD CONSCIOUSNESS by UNIFYING IT in TRUTH in a SYMBIOTIC SYSTEM or BODY of mankind. This UNIFIED TRUTH THEORY is the instruction regarding the perception of the FULL 'reality' as SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED and is to be taught to ALL CHILDREN regarding the PROVEN REALITY BEYOND PERCEPTION for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE of EVOLVING PEACE in a NEW KINGDOM ORDER as designed even before creation. So through the Neuroplastic Application of this 'unsealed' Torah (Bible) based Model for perceiving TRUE 'reality', which is NOT IMMEDIATELY PERCEIVED by our body's SENSES but ONLY through the ILLUMINATION of TRUTHS rightly arranged in a FORM or MODEL using COMMANDMENTS RIGHTLY INTERPRETED and PERCEIVED which incorporates a MESSIANIC SIGN as the KEY (which would be prophetically rejected and 'sealed up' to be later found, unsealed and manifest from scripture to be plainly seen and KNOWN in the world again, once pointed out to be seen 'HIDING' in PLAIN VIEW ALL ALONG!) which would UNLOCK the KNOWLEDGE of the interpretation of scripture that has been 'sealed up' for the past 2000 years as designed, so the MODEL could be once again understood or 'SEEN' by the MINDS EYE of MAN to be LED INTO THE PROMISE of REST and be HEALED, by DESIGN of his MAKER! Truth, established by LOGIC and REASON, is SAVIOR of mankind (and always has been) by design of a GOD of TRUTH who designed our CURRENT CAPTIVITY of IGNORANCE with only one way out leading THROUGH HIM, TRUTH, which HE WOULD PROVIDE as the only WAY or door OUT...and He TOLD US SO thousands of years before we would ever put the LOGICAL EQUATION TOGETHER in THIS MODEL to be UNDERSTOOD, and JUST WHEN WE NEEDED IT, all as he DESIGNED! We have been given the AUTHORITY in promise and now we have the UNFAILING POWER through a BLUEPRINT given to us from the GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE by which to perceive reality CORRECTLY in order to OVERCOME our current FALLEN condition, EXPOSING THE DARKNESS through OBEDIENCE to HOLY TRUTH as HIS DESIRE for us in RELATIONSHIP to HIM as our maker. He is OUR HEAD and we HIS BODY of MANKIND which he is preparing for himself as a BRIDE! You either do it HIS WAY by LOVING, living, and walking in the LIGHT of TRUTH of His HOLY SABBATH, MARRIAGE LAW of ETERNAL LIGHT now MANIFEST, or you will remain outside the KINGDOM of LIGHT in the darkness, which will become UTTER darkness once the gates are closed, as YOUR OWN CHOICE in RELATIONSHIP to SAVING TRUTH, at this point!

We shall see the SIGN OF MESSIAH (Mat. 24:30) as a 'cornerstone' sign joining the visible and invisible, Scientific and Spiritual, 'ANGLES OF TRUTH' together in one 'cornerstone', is the same as the Key of David (Is. 22:22) or Key to Knowledge which the builders were allowed to hide (Lk. 11:52), and the Stone they would REJECT (Ps. 118:22) that the whole world would be plunged into the dark ages of a spiritually SODOMITE-WHORE 'MARRAGE' PHILOSOPHY ruling the childrens MINDS [a POLITICAL MARRIAGE between Judah/EDOM and Rome/Israel (Israel was sold into TAX ENSLAVEMENT under the DECEPTIVE SLOGAN 'Judea Capta' even as JOSEPH was sold into ENSLAVEMENT/DEATH by these EDOMITES who deceived JUDAH according to GODS PLAN as MANIFEST WITHIN!)]. Then at the end of that PEDOPHILIC MIND ENSLAVEMENT DARKNESS and it's latter 'age of enlightenment' (where we are NOW in HIS STORY), the LIGHT of MESSIAH TRUTH would once again be FOUND and brought forth after having lain HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW for 2000 years of this dark paradigm begun THEN, which is STILL ALLOWING EVIL TO MANIFEST and BLOOM, then all the SONS OF DECEPTION would be EXPOSED by the TRUTH by their RELATIONSHIP to it by THEIR OWN CHOICE (2 Thes. 2:1-12)! The RELIGIOUS WHORE MOTHER and all her DAUGHTERS of HARLOTRY, who keep you ENSLAVED to the JERICHO WORLD SODOMITE MATERIAL PRISON we NOW LIVE IN, shall soon be BURNED BY TRUTH like a CONSUMING FIRE as PROMISED (Rev. 17:16)!

The SIGN of MESSIAH is also the 'KEY of DAVID' or KEY of KNOWLEDGE which was REJECTED and HIDDEN by the 'builders', and is SEEN by the UNDERSTANDING MIND in the SIGN of FULL MOON SABBATH; it's 'ANGLE' as CORNERSTONE of TRUTH is its RELATIONSHIP to the NEW MOON MOED (full moon = VISIBLE son and the INVISIBLE 'new moon' = the father). It is THIS CORNERSTONE SIGN of SAVING TRUTH which would be REJECTED AND HIDDEN that later would be UNSEALED after a 2 millenial day IGNORANCE of it, which when UNDERSTOOD again, will SET US FREE from our BONDAGE to IGNORANCE (which is what ALLOWS the children of sin to THRIVE ALONG WITH CANCER) so we may EXODUS the paradigm of DEATH AND DESTRUCTION which HAS BOUND THEM as THEIR CHOICE, to enter a NEW PARADIGM of LIFE AND PEACE EVER INCREASING through the choice EXTENDED BY THE LIGHT OF INVISIBLE TRUTH. This is the SABBATH RELATIONSHIP to the INVISIBLE TRUTH and the SIGN of the MOON is the KEY which was hidden by the 'builders', unsealed and MANIFEST fully within, which UNLOCKS the scriptures so that the SAVING TRUTH of the MASTER of SABBATH may be SEEN and REFLECTED by his OBEDIENT BRIDE by what she DOES as HE DESIGNED to happen in RELATIONSHIP. This RELATIONSHIP tying FULL MOON SABBATHS to NEW MOONS through COMMANDMENTS is the MESSIANIC LIGHT of TRUTH which is THE CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE from which we are COMMANDED to view/perceive His 'reality' CORRECTLY which will usher in PEACE... the TRUE 'LIGHT of the WORLD' which gives INCREASING LIGHT AND LIFE...the FULL MOON being the SIGN representing the MESSIANIC LIGHT of TORAH TRUTH, the SIGN of the LIGHT of the MESSIAH sent from the INVISIBLE FATHER (Himself being represented by the invisible New Moon) this Model presents a different PARADIGM for the PERCEPTION of reality than what you have EVER CONTEMPLATED or PERCEIVED before, but once SEEN by the EYE OF UNDERSTANDING, can easily be metaphorically symbolized and understood as a STAIRCASE of truth which the VISIBLE 'SON' of light reveals which leads us to see the INVISIBLE FATHER of LIGHTS in HEAVEN. This RENEWING of the MIND is what gives us NEW BIRTH so we can grow together as brothers of the ONE TRUE LIGHT by FAITH, while still in this present DARKNESS. Our perception of the Sun as a symbol for the life giving light of the world is OUTSHINED BY ETERNAL TRUTH sent from the father in his WORD which is symbolized by HIS CHOSEN and SELECTED 'FAITHFUL WITNESS' of the FULL MOON. When the Bible is read to be understood FROM THIS PARADIGM, then a metaphorical 'DOOR' or a 'WAY' of TRUTH is opened for us to 'PASSOVER' from DARKNESS to LIGHT, from condemnation in a reality which ends in CERTAIN 'death', to understanding and experiencing a TASTE of the TRUE LIFE REALITY (which is SCIENTIFICALLY ESTABLISHED as holding our material reality together to be perceived, within) while yet awaiting it's fulfillment...we are given a SURE PROMISE from the one who HOLDS our perception of reality together, while still working toward FULL EMANCIPATION from our currently CONDEMNED condition of IGNORANCE, by simply loving and FOLLOWING HIS LOGICAL, SACRIFICIAL, LOVING LIGHT of TRUTH which is designed to FREE US from our DARKNESS and BONDAGE to IGNORANCE and the BEAST MINDS which have a vested interest in keeping mans MIND ENSLAVED to IGNORANCE of THIS TRUTH, which is represented by the BLINDING SUN. This BLINDING Ignorance is the very cause of all our ILLNESSES and SUFFERING in the first place. Only a yet unknown LIGHT of TRUTH sent from the INVISIBLE FATHER OF LIGHTS can save us from our own IGNORANCE, STUMBLING ABOUT in the DARKNESS which will DESTROY US by DESIGN of the NATURE of the HOLY invisible LAW, as HE HAS TOLD US now unsealed in this MODEL, and as we have DISCOVERED through our SCIENCE, does indeed EXIST even as CLAIMED before such a model would be REQUIRED BY OUR SCIENCES!

So this PARADIGM or PERSPECTIVE from which to VIEW and REASON ABOUT 'reality' can now be seen figuratively in your Minds Eye as a CORNERSTONE of TRUTH one must have fixed and AFFIRMED as an A-PRIORI in DAILY AFFAIRS and JUDGMENTS. It is THIS STONE of TRUTH cut without hands which will SMASH the cornerstone of our current cracking and crumbling NEO-BABYLONIAN MODEL for perceiving reality with it's Solar 'cornerstone' of MIND NUMBING, GREED BASED 'brilliance' given to us 2000 years ago by the 'Anti-Christ' BEAST SYSTEM BUILDERS which we INHERITED as prophesied IN ADVANCE of any of it happening in the plan, now manifest within as having ALREADY taken place! When the TRUTH is ESTABLISHED as the CORNERSTONE of LAW, we shall see JUSTICE which leads to PEACE so man may be HEALED before eating from the tree of ETERNAL LIFE, as DESIGNED (Ps. 28:16-17, Is. 2:3, Mic. 2:4)!

...the nations will come to you from the ends of the earth and say: 'Surely we have inherited lies, vanity, and unprofitable things from our fathers.' Jer. 16:19b

The Sun represents the 'mark of the beast' MIND of man which, AFTER HEARING THE TRUTH, rejects it for HIS OWN DARK DESIRES of TEMPORAL REALITY, and CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSES to veiw reality from a paradigm which is only PART TRUE...a paradigm whose DECEPTION and DARKNESS (the STRONGHOLD of the ENEMY) overtook the WHOLE WORLD 2000 years ago as prophesied IN ADVANCE, but which is STILL BLINDING MINDS with his IGNORANT MATERIAL ALLUREMENTS PARADIGM of 'MATERIAL reality' FOISTED on mankind's collectively concious MIND as the only real paradigm to view prisoners kept captive in a cave looking at shadows cast on the wall by their captors, never even allowed to contemplate the TRUE NATURE of their materially perceived FALLEN 'reality' in TRUE LIGHT and TRUTH (as exposed within) to be kept CHILDISHLY IGNORANT of the WHOLE TRUTH from cradle to grave by chaining MINDS to never be able to TURN to SEE the ONLY TRUE PARADIGM from which to view OUR FALLEN CONDITION which will FREE US; the children are always given TWO OPTIONS of IGNORANT SELF-OPPOSITION by their MIND ENSLAVERS in a FALSE PARADIGM of DIVISION designed to lead those DECEIVED BY IT to their DESTRUCTION! The divided world currently STANDS UNITED AGAINST the PARADIGM of the SAVING TRUTH believing THEIR particular CULT, still in IGNORANCE and viewing reality from the WRONG PARAGDIGM, has ALL the 'truth' they NEED to be 'saved'; all other contending world views or criticism/CORRECTION of their own model REJECTED OUT OF HAND by the RELIGIOUSLY INSANE in a spirit of BLINDING ERROR which God ALREADY ALLOWED to be sent into the world so HIS ETERNAL LIGHT PARADIGM WOULD SHINE in STARK, OPPOSING CONTRAST to the world's FALSE PARADIGM.

It is only by HIDING the TRUE PARADIGM for perceiving reality that SATAN can continue to ENSLAVE the MINDS of men so that their ACTIONS COMPLY to HIS DESIRE as the SUPPRESSER and MURDERER of TRUTH using his HUMAN HANDLER/ENSLAVERS wearing their suits of hypocritical righteousness as the justification. This is the FALSE paradigm which THOSE BUILDERS foisted on the world we live in today, which must be RECOGINZED and REPENTED OF in order to have RESTORATION and PEACE, as I prove with this communication regarding the SAVING EQUATION of TRUTH; the MYSTERY OF GOD IS FINISHED. The CORNERSTONE they ALL SHARE TOGETHER AS A FOUNDATION TO PERCEIVE REALITY FROM is what is STILL BLINDING THEIR MINDS from seeing the FULL LIGHT of SAVING TRUTH; the TRUE, SPIRITUAL or METAPHYSICAL 'reality' seen ONLY through OBEDIENCE to the COMMANDED PARADIGM...and this was done by our God who is SENTIENT TRUTH, thousands of years before Science would establish the LOGICAL REQUIREMENT for such a CORNERSTONE to UNITE MAN for LIFE and then PROVIDE the EVIDENCE to ESTABLISH HIM AS FACT, in a MODEL which has been in front of us but not properly ASSEMBLED to be UNDERSTOOD, which would offer the LIGHT OF HOPE in LOGIC, REASON, and TRUTH, to SAVE US, as HE DESIGNED, being a GOD of TRUTH. Invisible TRUTH CAN NOT be ESTABLISHED as anything more than a fanciful desire or an OPINION, apart from the WITNESS of LOGIC and REASON in a THEORY, FORMULA, 'MODEL' or FORM by which to REFLECT it to the EYE of our MIND within our BODY'S only materially perceived reality. Truth requries LAW and TESTIMONY to ESTABLISH a boundary for his INVISIBLE REALITY within our MATERIAL REALITY, according to the GOD OF TRUTH who pleads with us to BE REASONABLE (Jer. 8:20, Is. 1:18)!

He selected the FULL MOON PASSOVER SABBATH to represent HIS TRUE LIFE GIVING PERSPECTIVE of the TORAH WORD of LIGHT, THE MESSIANIC LIGHT-LIFE PARADIGM (as opposed to our current antichrist, blinding-darkness paradigm now belching forth its fruit of promised death and destruction), the true interpretation of TORAH TRUTH sent into the world on DAY ONE of creation to EXPOSE and CONQUER our PHARAONICALLY HELD PARADIGM of blinding darkness of DEATH and DESTRUCTION and to lead us into the SABBATH PROMISE of LIGHT, LIFE and PEACE which Abraham SAW and Moses wrote about, still open for any and all to enter by FAITH, today (Heb. 4:9). This interpretation also re-establishes an ancient Oral Tradition regarding the perception of the Sun, Moon and Stars according to the Design Plan now unsealed from the Scriptures and Archeology and made manifest for mankind's EVOLUTIONARY 'REBIRTH' to FULFILL ANCIENT PROPHECY according to DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS at THIS TIME! This CORNERSTONE 'LIGHT'of SAVING TRUTH is a COMMANDED PERSPECTIVE regarding 'REALITY' given to the SONS OF LIGHT to 'flesh out' by design of YHWH, the Father of Lights!

The audience for this work is very broad to include ALL Philosophical Models for the perception of reality, which is the well spring from which the coordination and direction for ALL of mans activities flow; all religions and even atheists are addressed (challenged) by this message. This is intended as a Message of ILLUMINATING REASON and EVOLVING PEACE for the entire world by God's (YHWH = He Who Exists) DESIGN as he has told us from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. I intend to present a Model for reality unsealed from the Bible text where it has been missed for 2000 years as planned. It is now unsealed and delivered with the SUPPORTING SCIENCE for the purpose of preparing mankind to enter the next phase of His Created Order on planet Earth AS DESIGNED. I will introduce the SCIENCE regarding the TRUE NATURE of our 'SUB-SET' reality as the BIBLE told us long before we could ever develop the Scientific Method of inquiry in order to quantify and ESTABLISH just HOW such a WONDEROUSLY SOPHISTICATED 'subset reality' could REALLY be TRUE, in order to PROVE HE EXISTS by giving us such a PROPOSAL to OBEY! Science NOW PROVES OUT the ANCIENT BIBLE CLAIMS and PROMISES only an OMNIPOTENT MIND could have known 2000+ years ago, TOLD US ABOUT all throughout his word, and NOW UNSEALED from His word as He said He would do, to NOW be OPENLY MANIFEST again for the first time in 2000 years!

Additionally, within this work I re-establish an ancient Oral Tradition from the Torah/Bible (and Archeology) regarding a COMMANDED PERCEPTION of the Sun, Moon and Stars and their relationship to our PERCEPTION of 'reality'. Essentially it's the PROGRAMMING TEST OF TIME itself given to mankind by his PROGRAMMER from the foundation of our subset 'world reality' and is manifest from ancient scripture and archeology like as from an UNSEALED TIME CAPSULE. Time, as part of KINGDOM LAW, will be according to a LUNAR (not our current Solar) CALENDAR and it will not go out from Greenwich (London, Dublin, Edinburough) as is currently done using our BLINDING SOLAR CALENDAR cornerstone, but from Jerusalem as a COMMANDED LUNAR CORNERSTONE LIFE GIVING PERSPECTIVE of the PERCEPTION of ALL TIME and SPACE and our RELATIONSHIP to HIM who HOLDS IT TOGETHER to BE PERCEIVED!

Those truths within this logical MODEL for perceiving reality address (and lovingly challenges/corrects) ALL 'Theists' who claim to worship a 'God' of TRUTH, and AS SUCH can ONLY be established as TRUE by the use of LOGIC and REASON! But to to top it all off, to address (or try to reason with) an ATHEIST (or 'agnostic') perspective; to even attempt to argue that what I'm saying is not true (based out of your 'gut' and not your HEAD) with no even remote glimmer of similar or better HOPE for the future of mankind, is to argue for remaining in animal like ignorance with NO EVEN REMOTELY FEASABLE plan to PEACEFULLY RE-ENGINEER WORLD SOCIETY for mans POSITIVE EVOLUTION...effectively condemning oneself (and the world) to remaining in ignorance, VICE and increasing INSANE VIOLENCE awaiting and assisting the religiously deluded to bring their 'anti-christ' which will end-up in SELF-DESTRUCTION. It makes NO SENSE to argue against the KNOWN 'unknown' TRUTH SET proven herein by the SCIENCES to exist, and which we can call the 'GOD SET' of TRUTH. But lets just assume momentarily that what I present within represents a 'NOBLE LIE' or 'pious fiction' told for the good of the people who do believe in a 'God' (from an atheist perspective), so that they would comply with SOCIAL ENGINEERING efforts which their CHOSEN AND SELECTED RULERS would take according to the PLAN OF GOD for THEIR BEST INTEREST, then it's only a coincidence that this message establishing a TRUTH MORE POWERFUL THAN THE 'MATERIAL' SUN (exposing the QUANTUM REALITY of our SUB REALITY symbolized by the Sun with HIS OWN PARADIGM to OUTSHINE IT!) using millenial old BIBLE testimony that only APPEARS to have been ANCIENTLY DESIGNED FOR US TO SEE IT NOW AS OUR ONLY REAL HOPE for a BRIGHT FUTURE, as promised and given to us ANCIENTLY by HIM. But it REMAINS a VIABLE HOPE none the less! And it's also only a coincidence that this MODEL for perceiving REALITY CORRECTLY in order to create CHARACTER OF GOLD or the otherwise invisible IMAGE of GOD reflected in the CITIZENS of the PERFECT STATE according to an IDEAL MODEL unsealed from the Bible within, to be the SAME MODEL which SOCRATES gave us as CORNERSTONE of his DIALECTIC surviving through his student Plato's 'Republic' which juxt opposes the PERFECT/GOOD state and the IMPERFECT/EVIL state. That's right, Socrate's, from whose work this modernized CONCEPT of the 'NOBLE LIE' has its origin, PREACHED THE GOSPEL OF MESSIAH...even as there were some in Israel waiting on Him to COME to FREE US from our CAPTIVITY as we shall see in GREAT DETAIL! So you can call this VISION a NOBLE LIE if you want to be UNREASONABLE because it TOLD US IN ADVANCE what would happen, it was SEALED UP and has WITHSTOOD the TEST OF TIME and is NOW UNSEALED and HERIN ESTABLISHED AS BOTH NOBLE and ABSOLUTE TRUTH and no lie at all! And it is again TELLING US about our FUTURE CHOICES!

So we shall see Socrates GREATEST WORK reflects his DEEP UNDERSTANDING of the Hebrew Torah/Bible MESSAGE, as I shall prove within! So in effect you are going to hear the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD because after 2400 years the 'Noble Lie' from which all 'noble lies' have their origin, is the BIBLE PARADIGM Socrates saw dimly and outlined for us as a Philospher-Prophet who, like the son himself, exposed the darkness of the CORNERSTONE of our current CAVE ENSLAVEMENT in his famous 'Cave Parable' as his own 'cornerstone' teaching about REALITY and our PERCEPTION TO HIM! This parable itself 'FRAMES' and MANIFESTS YHWH's sometimes visible, sometimes not, CHOSEN AND FAITHFUL 'CORNERSTONE' of the MOON by EXPOSING the BLINDING DARKNESS of our MATERIAL REALITY symbolized by the Sun, by using TRUTH as the LIGHT by which to do it, perfectly! Interestingly he also tells us he derived this understanding from information he received from 'Phonecian traders' (Hebrews). So we will see the EVIDENCE to establish this MODEL for the perception of our reality known and taught 2000 + years ago, whose 'light' was sealed up in the face of a BLINDING CORNERSTONE of DARKNESS being thrust on the WHOLE WORLD by the BUILDERS who REJECTED the TRUE CORNERSTONE as prophesied IN ADVANCE, now MANIFEST in this WORLD FORUM. The New Testament perspective which Socrates saw, EXPLAINED WITHIN, is the TRUE CORNERSTONE PERSPECTIVE which will bring LIFE and PEACE as we have been told all along in the BIBLE, we just never understood the mechanics of the LOGICAL EQUATION of HIS COMMUNICATION until the KEY of KNOWLEDGE, which was HIDDEN by those BUILDERS, was found again in order to unlock it all...after 2400 years! But we will look at that evidence later, the POINT HERE is that THIS PARADIGM does not have it's origin in ME but I am merely REPOSITING what others have posited BEFORE ME...the difference is we can NOW EMPIRICALLY PROVE and ESTABLISH this PARADIGM as WORLD LAW in a 'WORLD COURT' of some sort even as itself prophesies (Dan. 7:26), if we shall have a Kingdom of Peace established by SAINTS on Earth as HE DESIGNED!

After BEING SACRIFICED and the world TRYING TO BURY AND FORGET the SAVING TRUTH which has withstood a 2000 year 'TEST OF TIME' and all the elements ANIMAL MEN could throw at it, truth is NOW REDISCOVERED, UNSEALED and MANIFEST FROM SCRIPTURE (as itself claims would happen) and is even established by ALL SCIENCE as TRUTH! There simply CAN NOT EXIST a BETTER (or even remotely CLOSE) explanation for the perception of our 'reality', OR for the BEST RULE of a GOOD 'STATE', than the BIBLE BLUEPRINT for OMINPOTENT TRUTH which Socrates 'saw' and dimly outlined for us, which I also put forward anew, within. Socrates gave his life as his SABBATH REST SACRIFICE in trusting OBEDIENCE as a 'GOOD WORK PREPARED IN ADVANCE FOR HIM TO WALK IN' after 'seeing' and FALLING IN LOVE with this LIGHT BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN, which CLEARLY saved him from WORLD DARKNESS as I demonstrate within! Not only is Socrates not dead, but he even still lives on in the conscious memories of men yet CUT OFF and STILL 'living' in DARKNESS apart from the ETERNAL LIGHT-LIFE REALITY IN WHICH HE YET LIVES. He is in deed a POWERFUL LIGHT still reflecting the TRUE 'LIGHT' of eternal LIFE REALITY in our temporal darkness as a WITNESS FOR ETERNAL LIVING TRUTH, as shall be PROVEN within to the reasonable MIND which DESIRES to come into the LIGHT of ETERNAL TRUTH!

So I shall herein give you the ANCIENT PLAN OF GOD which is supported and/or established as TRUE within by the SCIENCES of Astronomy, Archeology, Biology, Mathematics, Neurology, Philosophy, Physics, and Psychology. This PLAN was known and TAUGHT HUNDREDS of years before the New Testament events occurred, in order to ESTABLISH IT AS TRUE as part of the PLAN, as we shall see most notably from Socrates and Daniel IN GREAT DETAIL.

This work began as my graduate work in Communication (Systems Theory) and Religious Education but has clearly turned into something MUCH MORE IMPORTANT for the WORLD and has become for me personally a 'good work prepared in advance' for me to walk in as one who now KNOWS and LOVES, even unto sacrifice of this life, the HOLY, ETERNALLY LIVING TRUTH. This is a REVOLUTIONARY, WORLD CHANGING, PROPHETIC PARADIGM unsealed from the text of Scripture as promised in those Scriptures and herin MANIFEST! We will review those promises from macro-perspective down to great micro detail into specialized fields of Science to establish this Model or INTERPRETATION of the BIBLE as an ABSOLUTE TRUTH upon which Mankind must BUILD HIS FUTURE to secure dreams of PEACE greater than currently imaginable...and at the same time escape CERTAIN SELF-DESTRUCTION by taking the ONLY LOGICALLY REASONED 'LEAP OF FAITH' for mankind's POSITIVE EVOLUTION at this CRITICAL TIME in HIS STORY which offers ANY reasonable HOPE of having a BRIGHT FUTURE, by Design; Obedience to the PLAN for Mankinds PERFECTION toward VIRTUOUS LIFE ETERNAL or CERTAIN SELF-DESTRUCTION in SELFISH, ANIMALISTIC IDOLATRY. Those are the TWO OPTIONS now on the table. By design of YHWH's marvellous and perfect HOLY LAW, man's own choices in relationship to HIS INVISIBLE HOLINESS REALITY will be his own pardon/self-condemnation. This is an unchanging principle unaltered by man's chosen illusions/deceptions/delusions (insanity) regarding KNOWN REALITY BEYOND PERCEPTION and one's CHOICES in relationship to that KNOWN UNKNOWN who has been telling us all about himself from the foundation of time immemorial.

You can skip the heady Science and Bible stuff for now and go straight to that unsealed 'picture story' set in created ORDER itself (a 'picture story' using the sun, moon and stars to understand INVISIBLE REALITIES which is really simple enough for a childs mind to understand, its merely an UNFAMILIAR tradition), here at this page called the Oral Tradition. It's the latest addition to this message and is still undergoing regular heavy editing in construction (as I find time) so please be patient as I develop it fully because an Oral Tradition is very difficult to write's already been WRITTEN IN THE SKY (where all language originates Ps. 19:1-3) that's why it has ALWAYS BEEN ORALLY TRANSLATED by those, like David, who become PROFICIENT in READING the HEAVENLY LANGUAGE!

The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows his workmanship. Day after day uttering speech and night after night showing knowledge of YHWH. There is no speech nor language apart from having heard their voice. Their rule is stretched across the whole earth and their words to the end of the world. Ps. 19:1-4

I will meditate on your marvellous words of creation (order) and the honor of your glorious splendor (seen only through the use of REASONING about the perception of 'order' in 'reality' itself, which only the animal species of Mankind can CHOOSE to SEE and REFLECT as a SON of LIGHT created in his IMAGE as a REASONED CHOICE may do)! Ps. 145:5

Now for those of us ready to put the milk and cookies aside to dig into the main course, let's begin to get a taste of the meaty Bible and Science section which establishes and upholds this work as the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of our Utopic WORLD KINGDOM REALITY by CLEARLY ANCIENTLY PROPHETIC DESIGN which ONLY AN OMNIPOTENT, SENTIENT BEING existing APART from our reality but holding it all together in a PLAN shown to HIS CREATION 'miraculously' over the course of long periods of TIME, could EVER possibly DO!

The Message from the Bible within this Message unsealed and delivered by HIS PROVIDENTIAL DESIGN, answers the SCIENTIFIC and PHILOSOPHICAL DILEMMAS we have only JUST NOW come to realize TRULY EXIST. He has BRAGGED from the foundation of the world about His giving us a NECESSARY 'CORNERSTONE' of TRUTH, established herein by the UNSEALED SIGN for it which was also given by prophetic design and promise, for us to PERCEIVE AT THIS TIME in HIS STORY and SET IN PLACE as GLOBAL LAW for the HEALING of the nations resulting in WORLD PEACE! I shall PROVE that He EXISTS, that HE LOVES US, that He is ALL POWERFUL and that He has revealed to us HIS PLAN to SAVE US FROM OURSELVES from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD!

This Message then, will serve as the basic argument for the BIBLE RIGHTLY INTERPRETED being only ONE WAY, His. And this communication from the Bible now unsealed AS PROMISED IN THE BIBLE, is for the purpose of ESTABLISHING our reality on so we may EVOLVE into a Kingdom of PEACE established on the CORNERSTONE TRUTH of REALITY as described by HIS WORD by His Design; an INSTRUCTION MANUAL written down in CREATION CODE to be RIGHTLY INTERPRETED using HIS COMMANDED PERSPECTIVE at the PROPER TIME as His LIGHT SWITCH to TEST US as the HARVEST CALL!

He knew in advance we would NEED such a 'CORNERSTONE' of SAVING TRUTH to establish the nature of our 'reality' to SAVE US from OURSELVES so that we could UNITE in a sort of WORLD COURT or CONGRESS to DO what he is DESIGNING us to do at the PROPER TIME. The entire world is now exposed by this Message to be in a 2000 year old rebellion to Him and His HOLY, MERCIFUL, and LOVING IMAGE of 'LAW'; the rejected CORNERSTONE TRUTH and it's OBJECTIVE SIGN selected by HIM through COMMANDMENTS in order to ESTABLISH IT as ABSOLUTELY TRUE! The SIGN which HE SELECTED as CORNERSTONE for OUR PERCEPTION of REALITY is NONE OTHER than the FULL MOON SABBATH 'sign' of the FULL MOON by which HIS CHILDREN of LIGHT would be DISTINGUISHED from WORLD DARKNESS using HIS HOLY STANDARD going OUT FROM ZION as HE COMMANDED!

My SABBATH (sacrifices) you shall surely observe, it is a SIGN between Me and the Children of Israel FOREVER so that you may know that I am He who SANCTIFIES YOU!

Mankind was plunged into a PROPHETIC APOSTASY and WORLD DARKNESS (Dark Ages) by the ANTI-CHRIST 'BEAST' and his FALSE PROPHET 2000 years ago (as revealed within) to become ignorant of THAT FACT like decendents of STOCKHOLM SYNDROME victims (the psychological phenomena of a victim adopting the world view of their captors, and so we have many still to this day assisting little 'antichrists' like Hitler to come to power because they have been trained to believe it has NOT yet happened and it MUST STILL HAPPEN...nothing could be further from the TRUTH), and also ignorant of the very CORNERSTONE SIGN and PARADIGM for REALITY, the IMAGE of the FATHER AND the image of His SON, seen in the REJECTED CORNERSTONE SIGN of the SABBATH MOON as representing the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD in DAY ONE of creation, NOT THE SUN!; which evidence YHWH SEALED UP in his TESTIMONY so we can establish this as ABSOLUTE TRUTH, as we shall do (and which Socrates will also help us to see in his famous Cave Parable as a separate witness of this SAME CORNERSTONE of TRUTH, later). This CORNERSTONE of TRUTH represented by the MOON which was once SEEN by a FEW in the world 2000+ years ago before it was immediately sealed up again as prophesied in advance, has once again been UNVEILED and presented within from the MIRROR of the ETERNAL LAW as He DESIGNED; and as established by the herein UNSEALED SABBATH 'SIGN' of the MESSIAH as a FAITHFUL WITNESS by YHWH who ESTABLISHED IT as 'LAW' for THAT EXPRESSED PURPOSE! What good is a LEGAL SYSTEM which has NO CORNERSTONE in perceived 'reality' to ESTABLISH IT as TRUE?

This PERSPECTIVE or ECONOMY shall become the CORNERSTONE and FOUNDATION of our UTOPIC TEMPORAL WORLD REALITY by HIS PROVIDENTIAL DESIGN! There is NO OTHER WAY to escape self destruction, the writing is on the wall of our collectively conscious societal system! The FALLEN, SELFISH, GREED BASED (IDOLATROUS) ECONOMY founded on the cornerstone SIGN of the SUN foisted upon mankind by the 'BEAST' of Rome (and his religious whore 'False Prophet' who assisted him to power) 2000 years ago as prophesied IN ADVANCE, which we will look at in historical detail, shall destroy the planet and everyone on it through the blindness of those who STILL view 'reality' from that tyrranically BLINDING DARKNESS paradigm foisted on us and which we are just beginning to AWAKE FROM that WORLD TRAUMA! Those still waiting on an 'anti-christ' to come to power (and therefore are PURPOSEFULLY GROOMING the ENVIRONMENT for DESTRUCTION even if PASSIVELY) are themselves descendents of VICTIMS of this deception WHICH THE WHOLE WORLD IS UNDER, who are deceiving and VICTIMIZING others in a DELUSIONAL RELIGIOUS WORLD SYSTEM. What they do in the name of 'God' is really the MANIFESTATION of ABUSE and 'CAPTURE BONDING' behavior associated with STOCKHOLM SYNDROME like HOSTAGE TRAUMA TRAINING on a MASSIVE SCALE. They need THERAPY or REALITY RE-EDUCATION CLASS (teaching THIS message!) to fix their FAULTY and DESTRUCTIVE world view, NOT be placed in positions of AUTHORITY to PROPAGATE such INSANITY (either in 'Government' or 'private sector' as C.E.O.'s, etc.) to lead us ALL into the DITCH! They have been DECEIVED into EXPECTING ESCALATING CHAOS which they AT LEAST passively assist while believing INSANELY they will miraculously escape the destruction THEIR BELIEFS CAUSE through a FAIRY TALE which CAN NOT BE ESTABLISHED in the PLAN of YHWH. They are CAUSING DESTRUCTION because they have NO VISION for a POSITIVE FUTURE, only escalating DIVISION, DESTRUCTION and WAR...ultimately for childish self satisfaction; IDOLATRY! They are in DARKNESS with NO REAL VISION! It is YHWH's SONS of LIGHT and TRUTH who LOVE the POTENTIAL CHARACTER in MANKIND (and that INVISIBLE SAVING CHARACTER which they are allowed to REFLECT as individuals participating in HIS WORK) who are designed to UNITE as a BODY to FLESH OUT this HOLY LAW of SABBATH LIGHT leading to WORLD HEALING and PEACE according to the PROPHETIC PROMISES given to MANKIND from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD! He is NOW offering us this UNSEALED MESSAGE as OUR HOPE for PEACE and the HEALING OF THE NATIONS as he had PLANNED to do and has ALSO told us from the very foundation of the world.

...the nations will come to you from the ends of the earth and say: 'Surely we have inherited lies, vanity, and unprofitable things from our fathers.' Jer. 16:19b

We will first address the topic of the ANCIENT BIBLE MESSAGE claimed to be believed by billions of Christians, Jews, and to some degree even Muslims, in order to establish a STARTING POINT regarding THAT UNSEALED 'SIGN' of SAVING TRUTH before we proceed to the meaty Science portion of this work to establish ALL of His Truth in our empirical reality by His Wonderous Design of it. This work is conceptually abstract, much of it will be new and shockingly unfamiliar information and some of it in parabolic form, so it will be difficult for many to 'grasp' on their first reading pass through. Please read THROUGH what you do not at first understand as it will suddenly 'snap' together for you later as he arranges the 'puzzle pieces' in your mind. If you find it a worthy read, you will take more time with it the second time through (at which point I would love to have FEEDBACK from you).

Here I shall without further delay establish the TWO FUNDAMENTAL DOCTRINES upon which my Philosophy rests and the SIGN of the SABBATH 'CORNERSTONE' of SAVING TRUTH which ties them TOGETHER, FROM THE SCRIPTURES of the 'OLD TESTAMENT' where the 'Gospel Truth' is found (according to Paul and the other writers of the New Testament as we shall soon see). If I am wrong on ANY POINT of FACT, please correct me if you LOVE me, or STAND CORRECTED in the MANIFEST LIGHT of Love. That is what the SPIRITUAL LAW of LOVE, which reflects the very character and nature of our maker within this reality, looks like in action. The Invisible Light of Father YHWH (he who exists invisibly and IS THE INVISIBLE GOVERNOR of the very PERCEPTION OF REALITY ITSELF, the GREAT LEGISLATOR of the UNIVERSE), came as a visible 'LIGHT' to be MANIFESTED IN FLESH so we could LEARN FROM HIM and BECOME LIKE HIM through OBEDIENCE! The first time he came ENBUSHED and Moses wrote down what he 'saw' from him. Then that same 'WORD' of 'light' and 'LIFE' from the 'father' came ENFLESHED according to PROPHECIES GIVEN IN ADVANCE (which we will look at) so we could UNDERSTAND more FULLY what the INVISIBLE SAVING TRUTH, the WORD of 'God' outside our darkness, the SHEKINAH LIGHT and MASTER OF LIFE within our darkness, looks like when properly interpreting Moses and the Prophets. When properly interpreted we see the OBEDIENT SON reflects the FATHERS HOLY IMAGE of LOVE which REQUIRES the SACRIFICE of the SELFISH FLESH in THIS TEST REALITY, to be joined as ONE with the ETERNAL FATHER and ETERNAL SON in HIS REALITY he is CREATING US TO ENTER BY FAITH!

We shall know the nature of the SPIRIT by their DEEDS done while in FLESH according to the HOLY STANDARD of the MESSIANIC LAW delivered through the SPIRIT of PROPHECY since the foundation of the world, for THAT PURPOSE; DEEDS OF LIGHT to be distinguished from psychopathic Darkness in a MATERIALLY APPEARING 'reality' which BLINDS MINDS, using a STANDARD to help us see the INVISIBLE REALITY of 'good' vs. 'evil'. Unveiled within is A PERFECT CORNERSTONE of LAW, and the proper perspective from which to view it, for mankind to ADOPT so as to EVOLVE as he has been DESIGNED!

Now, the two fundamental doctrines (our 'starting point' which themselves SHALL BE EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED AS TRUE later) are: 1. The TRI-UNE NATURE of ALL TRUTH (usually referred to as a the 'Trinity'), and 2. SACRIFICIAL (BLOOD/LIFE) ATONEMENT (usually referred to as the 'Gospel'). We shall cover the last (the 'Gospel' of VICARIOUS ATONEMENT through sacrifice of 'life') first, and the first, Logic x Reason x Facts = TRUTH (the 'trinity' of 'truth'), last.



From the foundation of the world YHWH chose the concept of SACRIFICE as FOUNDATIONAL to his PLAN to redeem creations who would CHOOSE to conform to his Loving Image of LIGHT in contrast to Man's Ignorance, Rebellion and Psychopathy...the DARKNESS man is born into; cut off from direct perception of the INVISIBLE REALITY known to Adam in the 'Garden'. As both the inspirer of the events and for the hands that moved the pen which wrote His Plan down for us to REASON OUT what He is trying to COMMUNICATE, He clearly shows us in THREE SOBERING ACCOUNTS of HUMAN SACRIFICE that require much reflection in order to reconcile with integrity regarding the 'love' and the 'justice' of 'God' within our reality; otherwise one must effectively stand as the condemner of God as a result of CHOOSING to perceive 'reality' from the INCORRECT PERSPECTIVE just like CAIN, ESAU/EDOM, and SATAN. You may wish to read the accounts to refresh your memory before we get into them in detail. The three accounts are: the SACRIFICE of ABEL by Cain which YHWH desired to show us through Abels DEED which reflects HIS FAITH in YHWH's PROMISE of a SACRIFICE we are given the account to DEDUCE (Gen. 4), the vicarious SACRIFICE of Isaac by the faithful Abraham (Gen. 22), and the VICARIOUS SACRIFICE of faithful David's FIRSTBORN SON with Bathsheba by YHWH (2 Sam. 12) after he was promised his Son would build the 'House of God' (2 Sam. 7:5-12). We should recognize that the Hebrew word 'chesed' is translated into English as GRACE or MERCY interchangably. So we shall see that these accounts are POSITIVELY CORRELATED and point to the SAME MERCIFUL PROMISE, or promise of GRACE/MERCY given to MANKIND by YHWH by which He intended to use the event in order to EXPOSE OUR ERROR in THINKING regarding the PERCEPTION OF REALITY for OUR OWN HEALING, from the foundation of the world! It truly is an AMAZING COMMUNICATION!

On their faces and DISCONNECTED from one another, these accounts seem to have no real LOGIC and could EASILY be twisted by an IGNORANT or UNSCRUPULOUS ATTORNEY to LEAD or FORCE a JURY (which could include YOU) to CONCLUDE that GOD, the GREAT LEGISLATOR OF THE UNIVERSE HIMSELF, was some sort of bloodthirsty NEANDERTHAL CONCEPT that made no sense...ultimately arguing that he is a figment of man's own neanderthal imagination and such antiquated concepts of 'God' to regulate the affairs of men should be abandoned by anyone who wants to be 'RIGHTEOUS' in the 'modern world' based on 'modern standards' of what WE (IGNORANTLY) think appears 'righteous'; and ALL based COMPLETELY IN IGNORANCE OF THE FACTS! Such a view of 'God' is a SYMPTOM, a manifestation of MENTAL ILLNESS regarding REALITY! Few ever try to reconcile these accounts LOGICALLY and INTELLIGENTLY with TRUTH to UNDERSTAND their CORRELATION which MANIFESTS the PROFOUND PLAN for MANKINDS ATONEMENT and SALVATION from his FALLEN CONDITION, as promised in these sealed accounts from the FOUNDATION of the World; which is a FUNDAMENTAL ERROR at the foundation of each 'HOUSE of Faith' or world view (religion) which uses the Bible to support their claims of AUTHORITY over the minds (and CONDUCT) of other Men. We shall EXPOSE their ERROR of DARKNESS with the LIGHT of TORAH TRUTH as the GREAT LEGISLATOR of the UNIVERSE designed from the very FOUNDATION OF THIS WORLD HE CREATED, for OUR HEALING!

By cooperating with HIS CREATIVE PURPOSE we shall be able to REASON ABOUT and LOGICALLY CONCLUDE the ONLY REASON these three accounts of HUMAN SACRIFICE are given to us BY HIM for us to SEE, is to show us the TEMPORAL NATURE of our perceived reality and how to PROPERLY perceive reality by using the WITNESSES of LOGIC and REASON as He DESIGNED for us to do to be CONFORMED TO HIS IMAGE; and APART from this TRUE PERSPECTIVE, man is in a HOPELESS CONDITION of BLINDING DARKNESS bound for SELF DESTRUCTION like unreasoning BRUTE BEASTS by HIS HOLY DESIGN! There is NO OTHER WAY to ESCAPE our ALREADY CONDEMNED, ANIMAL-LIKE CONDITION than by ACCEPTING the MERCIFUL OPTION for our HEALING, EVOLUTION, and REBIRTH into an INCORRUPTABLE STATE being EXTENDED TO MANKIND AT THIS TIME through THIS PLAN! It may be UNCOMFORTABLE to HEAR some of the words and NOT notice HOW they are EMPLOYED and therefore this work is inherently DIFFICULT for many, but as a TRUTH LOVER PLEASE be DILIGENT in trying to UNDERSTAND this MARVELLOUS COMMUNICATION from YOUR CREATOR regarding the NATURE of your very PERCEPTION of 'REALITY'!

What is it that the Fathers of our Faith came to UNDERSTAND experientially through these accounts? There can be only ONE conclusion! In light of HIS OMNISCIENCE, HIS OMNIPOTENCE, and HIS LOVE, He tells us through these THREE ACCOUNTS OF HUMAN SACRIFICE that He Himself was going to provide a HUMAN to be SACRIFICED (murdered) on the STAGE of our 'reality' of TIME and SPACE (a 'moed' or SABBATH 'sacrificial appointment'), beginning with Abel in Genesis 4. Any other explanation of THESE ACCOUNTS of human sacrifice (or the vicarious pictures of animal sabbath sacrifices which prophetically point to the SAME PROMISE of the MURDER of this MAN 'ANOINTED' to DIE to SAVE US FROM OURSELVES and ATONE so that we may be RECONCILED to HIS HOLINESS by TRUSTING HIM!) makes 'god' UNJUST and UNLOVING, truly a NEANDERTHAL concept of 'appeasing' a BLOODTHIRSTY God, when we honestly consider all the 'facts'; there's simply no way around that fact. If we do not THINK RIGHTLY about what YHWH is trying to COMMUNICATE to us then we will CONTINUE to MURDER the very TRUTH He sends into our darkness to CORRECT us in LOVE and TRUTH and to SAVE US FROM OURSELF, and so CONDEMN OURSELVES when we CONDEMN HIS PROPHETIC MESSENGERS ACCORDING TO OUR OWN UNRIGHTEOUS STANDARD and PERSPECTIVE regarding the PURPOSE of His LOVING LAW; rejecting His MERCIFUL PERSPECTIVE of His HOLY LAW given for our PEACE and HEALING for our own twisted version which brings DEATH and DESTRUCTION, as we have done from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD! When will we ever learn to STOP relying on what our physical senses tell us about 'reality' from our body's fallen and distorted paradigm of ignorant darkness regarding 'reality', to begin to trust the GREATER LIGHT of HIS INVISIBLE HOLINESS which only the eye of our MIND is allowed to ENVISION, and so EVOLVE (be 'Born Again') as HE DESIGNED?

We see that Abel understood that YHWH was going to VICARIOUSLY ATONE for the sins of his parents and ALL MANKIND in a FUTURE TIME; what he did points to a PREVIOUS VICARIOUS ATONEMENT PROMISE. Abel was reflecting his FAITH in YHWH's MERCY (Grace) regarding a PRIOR 'ATONEMENT' SACRIFICE where Adam was given a PROMISE of GRACE when he was shown what DEATH looked like as a JUDGEMENT for DISOBEDIENCE; and he learned what YHWH's MERCIFUL, HOLY CHARACTER looked like in contrast to his HOLY JUSTICE CHARACTER at the same time, VICARIOUSLY. Adam taught this PROMISE OF MERCY from a LOVING CREATOR desiring us to learn and reflect HIS CHARACTER to His sons but Cain did not accept the instruction as we deduce from later events. But clearly there was a LAMB SLAIN from the FOUNDATION of the World which died IN PLACE OF ABEL'S FATHER ADAM who deserved to die for transgression according to YHWH's HOLY JUSTICE. Cain did NOT BELIEVE and murdered his brother and was SET LOOSE as the world's PSYCHOPATHIC PERSPECTIVE pictured in the AZAZEL of the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE which will END OUR SUFFERING when we PUT IT TOGETHER CORRECTLY to PERFORM THE RITUAL in REALITY which the SACRIFICE to YHWH has GIVEN US SANCTIFICATION to DO! This LAMB or SACRIFICE of PROMISE pictured in ALSO in ABEL'S DEATH and to be FULFILLED IN MESSIAH is the MERCIFUL PROMISE of YHWH when He used that LAMB to COVER Adam and Eve's EXPOSED 'NAKEDNESS' when they TRANSGRESSED. Adam was created naked and unashamed; IGNORANT regarding the DEATH PENALTY for DISOBEDIENCE to the LAW in the HEAVENLY REALITY which we have since been TEMPORALLY SEPARATED FROM as we LEARN HOLINESS covered by YHWH's MERCY!

This is what Abel's sacrifice speaks regarding his FAITH in the PLAN which YHWH clearly showed his parents when in his MERCY and PATIENCE in context of a PLAN he clothed their nakedness with SKINS (Gen. 3). Where else would Abel get the idea to kill an innocent baby lamb, remove all the contents from inside its skin, and offer up those pieces in a fire as an offering to YHWH? More importantly WHY in the world would YHWH be PLEASED with such a BLOODY sort of PSYCHOPATHIC PICTURE as what we see going on in this account if in fact Abel thought it up on his own and was not PART OF YHWH'S PLAN to show us our WAY BACK to 'REALITY'. Well, Abel did not conceive of sacrificing this animal himself (or he would indeed be a psychopath as Cain PROJECTED ONTO HIM from his WILLFUL IGNORANCE of INVISIBLE TRUTH) and we are shown these disturbing images because there are HIGH LEVEL TRUTHS YHWH is attempting to COMMUNICATE through these accounts about the nature of our 'reality'. Abel's sacrifice speaks VOLUMES regarding the HOLY JUSTICE and HOLY MERCY of YHWH toward those who TRUST HIM in the context of a PLAN shown to Adam from the foundation of the world! Mankind was sent into a sort of DREAM STATE apart from the 'Garden', in which YHWH wants to SHOW US his BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER so we would DESIRE TO BE WED WITH HIM in an ETERNAL 'MARRIAGE' UNION which He has been EXTENDING TO MANKIND through what HE DOES through HIS PROPHETS from the foundation of the world as he FORMS A BRIDE for Himself! By FAITH we shall awaken from our separated state to be united as ONE with HIS IMAGE (Ps. 17:15)! Hebrews tells us that THIS IS WHAT ABELS BLOOD SPEAKS regarding the BETTER SACRIFICE promised from the foundation of the World (Heb. 11:4).

Cain was working hard breaking ground and planting in early spring, fetching water to the plants and weeding daily all throughout summer, and in the fall came the harvest frenzy. He was quite the production manager and chief worker constantly toiling over his love in life. His garden was bountiful with gigantic fruits and vegetables all wonderously arranged. He took great pride in his accomplishments and was sure he was going to be favored over his brother who he watched tending his flock of sheep in the nearby pasture, most of the time sitting in the cool shade of a large tree sipping tea or lemonade and staring into heaven while playing music and singing. His brother APPEARED to be doing NOTHING of any importance (from Cain's fallen and only PART TRUE pespective regarding REALITY) except being a living 'scarecrow' to keep predators away from his dumb sheep. Then he was HORRIFIED when he saw Abel MURDER one of his helpless innocent lambs as an offering to please God. He thought his brother had 'went off the deep end' and became a bloodthirsty PSYCHOPATH! And then YHWH showed favor to Abel for what he did (and WHY WOULD HE NOT? HE PUT IT IN ABELS HEART TO MEDITATE ON in the first place, and it was He who was PLEASED TO GIVE US THIS ACCOUNT of OBEDIENCE and DISOBEDIENCE to LEARN FROM, vicariously)! Cain must have wondered: 'Does God FAVOR Psychopaths?' This is ALL ABOUT the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE which UNDERSTANDING will enable you to 'SEE INVISIBLE TRUTH' even as YHWH designed you to be ABLE to see from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD in THIS JUDGE YOURSELF NOW! How about YOU...ALL men shall MAKE THIS DECISION and by SO DOING they will JUDGE THEMSELF: Is your God a PSYCHOPATHIC CONCEPT... a FIGMENT of YOUR OWN IMPROPER PERSPECTIVE of the NATURE of our perceived REALITY... which is a FALLEN and only PART TRUE PERCEPTION, remember? Adam had no idea what 'death' meant as a 'punishment' let alone why such a consequence for an action was a logical reason to not disobey a 'command', in the first place. 'Disobedience' had NO 'PRACTICAL' MEANING to the CHILD LIKE ADAM. YHWH's MERCY regarding his JUSTICE demands he SHOW US VICARIOUSLY. Disobedience means SEPARATION through SECOND DEATH...eternally separated from the SOURCE OF LIFE, Himself; the INVISIBLE TRUTH REALITY who is mercifully holding our TEMPORAL PART TRUTH REALITY together to be PERCEIVED. You do NOT want to CUT YOURSELF OFF from LIFE GIVING TRUTH to maintain a PART TRUE DECEPTION/DELUSION regarding is now established EMPIRICALLY as a manifestation of a COGNITIVE DISORDER to do so, from NOW ON!

Man is now able to discern vicariously the cost of rebellion in YHWH'S MODEL for the PERCEPTION OF REALITY in this MANIFEST WILL AND PLAN OF GOD and so pardon or condemn himself by his own ACTIONS based on what he believes about REALITY...pity the fool who simply refuses to believe, LOVE and live in the LIGHT of the obvious truth of HIS ETERNAL HOLINESS, despite YHWH (His invisible PRESENCE) not being immediately sensed by the animal body they chose to allow to rule over their mind in His stead.

If DEATH had never been shown to mankind in the CONTEXT OF A PLAN seen through REFLECTION when Adam did NOT die according to the PROMISE but was COVERED with SKIN from a LAMB which was SLAIN IN HIS STEAD VICARIOUSLY, why in the world would YHWH be 'pleased' to show us this HORRID, BLOODY PICTURE of Abel 'MURDERING' the very CHOICEST of his innocent baby lambs who TRUSTED HIM as a CARING SHEPHERD over Cain's SEEMINGLY and EASILY ARGUED, bloodless and 'PEACEFUL' SACRIFICE; an offering from the fruit of the ground, the product of the sweat of his own hard, daily laboring as a means to please God? Surely God was merciful to Adam whose VICARIOUS DEATH was evident in the SKINS which COVERED HIS NAKEDNESS...his own 'peaceful attempt' using fig leaves insufficient to remedy the DAMAGE of the DEED in HEAVENLY REALITY. His FLESH in the IMAGE of an INNOCENT LAMB is our TEMPORARY COVERING by which we may LIVE if we TRUST THE PROMISOR! This is what Abel came to SEE and BELIEVE as shown by what he DID. Surely you have a BETTER EXPLANATION than this or you must EISEGETE the text away into practical MEANINGLESSNESS so that one must come away with something OTHER than God was PLEASED with Abel MURDERING an INNOCENT LAMB who TRUSTED HIM, over Cain's firstborn 'right' as a peace loving son and servant of God, reflecting his hard and long service to God through his life of labor. On it's face it seems to make no sense. It seems to be exactly OPPOSITE of 'reality'...if we DON'T LOOK CLOSELY we may miss YHWH'S HANDS CROSSING OVER!

What is FAIR about such a picture as the OBEDIENT SON being 'killed' in apparent reality, as a consequence for OBEDIENCE and the murderer appearing to get away with a LIFE sentence, SCOTT FREE? there a perspective of TRUTH which can show GODS JUSTICE in this case? Does God's FAVOR bring DEATH to those who TRUST HIM and freedom to those who hate Him and his children of LIGHT, really? Why does God show favor to Abel KNOWING IN ADVANCE that Cain would murder Abel in a rage motivated by His JEALOUS COVETOUSNESS over not being favored? You think he wanted to PUNISH ABEL? YHWH is PLEASED to show us this account of Cain Jealously Murdering His brother to show us the COST of CHOOSING to THINK WRONGLY regarding true 'reality' and our relationship to it according to an INVISIBLE REALITY or LAW called YHWH (which means: 'He Who Exists' ). As we shall see later, YHWH is the one in whom we LIVE, MOVE, and have our VERY BEING...He holds our very PERCEPTION of reality together to be KNOWN. YHWH is the one who holds the keys of life and death and Abel is NOT DEAD. And it is YHWH who communicated these events to Moses who wrote them down for us to REASON about and so REFLECT OUR TRUST IN HIS REVEALED PLAN now unsealed and offered to ALL MANKIND to enter.

Choosing to think WRONGLY in regard to INVISIBLE SENTIENT TRUTH, which is also ETERNAL OMNIPOTENT LOVE and HOLY LAW (YHWH) A.K.A. 'God', always produces PSYCHOPATHY in those who make that choice, however immediate or eventual. Using the UNVEILED CORNERSTONE TRUTH of YHWH'S MERCIFUL LOVE as a FOUNDATION upon which we may begin to GROW our TREE OF LIFE in the TRUE LIGHT of LIFE...we will prune, groom, and to CHOOSE to EAT the FRUIT of the TREE of LIFE, grown within us through OUR SIMPLE CHOICES using TRUTH RIGHTLY ARRANGED right in our minds. Like Abel, Abraham, and David, we shall discover both eternal heaven and eternal hell are created for us by OUR OWN CHOICES regarding HOLY TRUTH INVISIBLE TO ALL while we are yet SEPARATED from IMMEDIATE PERCEPTION of his HOLY PRESENCE in our SELFISH DELUSION of 'reality'. This is TRUE REALITY from which all 'judgement' regarding our temporal 'perception' of reality must be filtered to THINK RIGHTLY or we CAN NOT ESCAPE the SELF-CONDEMNATION of CAIN!

We will see the Bible explains to us about an INVISIBLE TRUTH of LOVE which is HOLY, SENTIENT LAW and who desires to CONTRACT with the INTELLIGENT CREATURE called 'mankind' which he is creating for his pleasure from ADAMS INTENDED his WONDEROUSLY INTELLIGENT and TRUTH LOVING IMAGE as a PERFECT BRIDE for HIS ETERNAL, DOTING PLEASURE. We condemn ourselves in eternal reality when we choose to live selfishly in this only illusory temporal reality and by so doing REFUSE HIS GRACIOUS OFFER; accusing his holiness to remain SEPARATED from him ETERNALLY as a result of our own choices in JUDGEMENT. We ACCUSE AND CONDEMN OURSELF when we REFUSE the HOLY PERSPECTIVE of YHWH's ETERNAL TRUTH and His MERCIFUL CORNERSTONE of SACRIFICE; by HIS MARVELLOUS DESIGN of our only TEMPORAL, TEST REALITY! If you do not believe this is the TRUTH now unsealed from the Bible as planned, then please explain to me where sacrifice originated and why YHWH was so pleased with it that he later made it the CORNERSTONE of the TEMPLE SABBATH SYSTEM...and then TOOK THAT SYSTEM AWAY. If you can not present a RATIONAL ALTERNATIVE to this interpretation of these events, why deny the TRUTH when presented merely because it exposes your nakedness? COVER YOURSELF WITH SAVING TRUTH PROVIDED BY YHWH IN HIS LOVING MERCY or stand SELF CONDEMNED by YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT regarding, and relationship with, HOLY TRUTH!

We are hard pressed in this account God gave us regarding Cain and Abel to somehow find excuse to accuse the industrious hard labor and time Cain surely put into his garden; it was a wonderous feat he accomplished from an only 'earthly' perspective of 'judging'. At the same time we are also hard pressed to answer why Abel, who played music to dumb sheep to protect and serve them in order to please YHWH, and who takes one of the trusting, innocent baby lambs from his flock and he MURDERS it (as he MUST have LEARNED to do or He WAS indeed a 'PSCYCHO' as Cain surely ACCUSED HIM!) in order to PLEASE GOD. Apart from the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE we are hard pressed to see why this account should be viewed by ANY SANE and RATIONAL PERSON as being a 'BETTER SACRIFICE' than Cain's as the account given to us indicates, and as we are EXPLICITLY told in Heb. 11:4 that it was. What 'better sacrifice' does the blood of Abel speak to this day? If you do not KNOW how/why Abel's sacrifice is BETTER than Cain's in the JUSTICE SYSTEM of GOD, how can you not end up ACCUSING ABEL just like Cain did? Why is the world STILL IGNORANT regarding the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE of these FOUNDATIONAL ACCOUNTS 2000 years after that BETTER SACRIFICE promised from the foundation of the world actually CAME as first PROPHESIED through Abel's OBEDIENCE? Why are we so UNCONSCIOUS regarding the TRUE NATURE of REALITY as to believe Abel was a psychopath (as MUST be believed if they think he conjured up the idea to chop up baby lambs all on his own!)? Is this NOT supposed to be part of OUR CORNERSTONE of FOUNDATIONAL GOSPEL UNDERSTANDING today as it CLEARLY was to the parties of this COMMUNICATION in the book of Hebrews 2000 years ago? Is it possible we have been DECEIVED to merely THINK we know what YHWH has been trying to COMMUNICATE TO US since the FOUNDATION of the WORLD? And if that be so, how did it happen and how can it be rectified?

As the WHOLE WORLD is today, Cain was living in a DELUSION regarding TRUE reality and what YHWH is pleased with; what his DESIRE is. Cain's CORNERSTONE from which he viewed REALITY was a BLINDING DARKNESS. Abel was merely resting in the GOOD WORKS prepared in advance for him to walk in by FAITH in his RELATIONSHIP with the MASTER OF REALITY and TRUE LIGHT of LIFE. Abel represents the first picture of an OBEDIENT, WELL PLEASING and RIGHTEOUS SON of the HOLY, SENTIENT TRUTH (the SAVING CORNERSTONE of our TEMPORAL 'reality') being SACRIFICED by the PSYCHOPATHIC MIND of MAN (who chose the WRONG CORNERSTONE or paradigm from which to choose to PERCEIVE and INTERPRET HOLY, INVISIBLE LAW according to HIS DESIGN PLAN) in order to EXPOSE such WRONG THINKING patiently over the course of TIME so that the wicked may LIVE to LEARN through repentence...and learning to walk by FAITH in HIM in the GOOD WORKS HE PREPARES for EACH of US to DO to BRING HIM GLORY in these end days; even as he INSTRUCTS and GROWS us toward PERFECTION IN LOVE from our MISTAKES as mankind evolves into this CONSCIOUS AWARENESS of HIS INVISIBLE LOVE REALITY. Adam hurt himself (and all of us, his progeny) when he rejected YHWH's cornerstone of LAW in the garden. He told us while we were yet IGNORANT knowing we would disobey, already having provided the 'Balm of Gilead' to effect our healing as a loving and wise father who wants us to TRUST HIS PLAN, would do to lead us to TRUST HIS PROMISED CORNERSTONE of MERCIFUL LOVE in HIS (currently) INVISIBLE REALITY!

This is the CORNERSTONE of YHWH's gracious PLAN for ALL MANKIND given in prophetic promise from the foundation of the world, only to be UNDERSTOOD fully in these END DAYS! This is what Abel's blood speaks to us who believe in YHWH's 1. Eternal Reality (and our 'testing ground' sub reality). 2. His Absolute Justice juxt opposed to Man's psychopathy regarding TRUE REALITY. and 3. His absolute LOVE demonstrated in his MERCY toward the ignorant, loveless, and even willfully HATEFUL (which is the MANIFESTATION of SELFISHNESS, the ANTI-THESIS of our CREATORS CHARACTER 'IMAGE'!). Only in this LOGICAL MODEL of our 'reality' being a SUB REALITY in which we are offered the PROMISE of a better Life in a GREATER ETERNAL REALITY for our own SELFLESS, SACRIFICIAL OBEDIENCE to CONFORM TO HIS CHARACTER 'IMAGE', even unto the cost of our own apparent 'life' in this merely temporal sub reality according to HIS REVEALED PLAN from the very foundation of the world, does this account make ANY RATIONAL SENSE; while at the same time giving us GREAT INSIGHT into the marvellous POWER, CHARACTER and PLAN of our LOVING CREATOR (Gen. 4, Heb. 12:4) by His GRACIOUS and ABSOLUTELY JUST design plan. Any other interpretation regarding YHWH's intended communication of this text is a DEMONSTRABLE ACCUSATION AGAINST GOD'S MERCIFUL CORNERSTONE OF HOLY LAW designed to SAVE US; effective SELF CONDEMNATION in a SELFISH DELUSION regarding the NATURE of reality and the CHARACTER and PLAN of GOD for MANKIND...the equivalent of spitting at the gloriously merciful ETERNAL LOVE PROPOSAL from God to IDOLATROUSLY enjoy a temporal illusion in SELF DECEPTION ending in an ETERNAL NIGHTMARE!

In the next PSYCHOPATHIC anomoly of Human Sacrifice in another prophetic fore-type regarding the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE YHWH PROPHETICALLY PROMISED Adam from the foundation of the world, we reason that he would send HIS PROMISED SACRIFICIAL LAMB into a SPECIFIC TIME and PLACE as the ATONEMENT for the PSYCHOPATHY OF MANKIND in His latter days. This promise is seen in just a few minutes reflection on the details of Abraham binding his dearly beloved SON Isaac, which represented HIS FUTURE DREAM he had to be WILLING TO SACRIFICE to SEE REALITY CLEARLY; his miraculously birthed child of PROMISE which he was commanded to slay as a Human Sacrifice at a specific time and place, while at the same time telling US PROPHETICALLY in the account that YHWH HIMSELF would MIRACULOUSLY provide THE VICARIOUS SACRIFICE (Gen. 22:8) which would save mankind from HIS FALLEN PERSPECTIVE in THINKING regarding TRUE REALITY which destroys him, and therefore CURE and HEAL Mankind with HIS POWERFUL LOVING 'CORNERSTONE' of TRUTH...a LIGHT of Truth more powerful than the Sun and symbolized by the Moon, as He designed. This is the INTENDED MESSAGE and we see John reflecting his knowledge of this PLAN when he references this very statement from Abraham, and this CONCEPT regarding this SACRIFICIAL LAMB (SEH) promised from YHWH from the foundation of the world when he says: 'behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world' (Jn. 1:29 & 36, Rev. 5:6). Clearly this interpretation far surpasses those mystical (garbage) interpretations put forth by OTHER 'religious leaders', most of whom end up with a Psychopathic Abraham pleasing a Psychopathic God because they VIEW the PLAN WRONG. Most of them view the PLAN OF GOD and the NATURE OF 'REALITY' from the WRONG PARADIGM regarding TRUE REALITY, just like CAIN! Go ahead and press the SELF-RIGHTEOUSLY DELUDED RELIGIOUS LEADERS who CLAIM to know and believe the BIBLE on this issue of where SACRIFICE has its ORIGIN and why GOD is SO PLEASED WITH IT that he makes it the CORNERSTONE of His SABBATH TEMPLE SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM and then takes the system away and YOU WILL see them DEFLECT THE QUESTION, BABBLE INCOHERENTLY, OR if you persist in attempting to expose a NAKENDNESS they DO NOT WANT TO SEE, the SPIRIT OF CAIN will rise up in them and you will KNOW what I have said IS TRUE!

And finally in the last picture of Human sacrifice YHWH clearly wants us to grapple with in regard to His ANCIENT PROMISE, is when shortly after David receives the PROMISE from YHWH that HIS SON would BUILD THE HOUSE of YHWH (2 Sam. 7:12), He takes David's FIRST-BORN SON with Bathsheba as a VICARIOUS ATONEMENT (to be SEATED WITH HIM in paradise, Ps. 110...lucky guy) for David's own sin of adultery and murder (2 Sam. 12), the MURDER of YHWH's OWN PRECIOUS AND OBEDIENT LOVING LAMB; as Nathan recounts to David in Parable. David was accused of Murdering a man of GREATER CHARACTER than himself, the very Lamb of God! We know David became a NEW MAN with a RIGHT SPIRIT renewed within him as a result of his REPENTENCE over the COST of HIS SIN, HIS ATONEMENT SACRIFICE, when we see the meditations of his HEART during the suffering of that child who was granted rest on the 7th day, as reflected in Ps. 51. YHWH showed David HIS PROMISED SON was the ATONEMENT to which ALL SACRIFICE POINTED, he would be first REJECTED by the worlds system builders but then after the ERROR is recognized and rectified in repentence, he would THEN COME AGAIN in GREATER POWER to lead us into the PROMISE according to the PLAN! David was ENABLED BY HIS FAITH in the absolute TRUTH of YHWH's PLAN of MERCIFUL JUSTICE, to enter into the SABBATH REST of the VICARIOUS SACRIFICE promised FOR THE PURPOSE of our PEACE and healing from the foundation of the world, by HIS FAITH IN IT; as has ALWAYS been the GRACIOUS, MERCIFUL PLAN and purpose for YHWH's COMMUNICATIONS and 'LAW' being given to men beginning with Adam and Abel!

Then of course we have Daniel giving us the most ample amount of detail regarding more of the specifics of that SACRIFICIAL LAMB which YHWH would provide as CORNERSTONE of HIS STORY as He clearly promised from the foundation of the world, as a CORNERSTONE for perceiving our FALLEN REALITY. He tells us that he would be rejected in an ATONEMENT SACRIFICE (where the AZAZEL BEAST yet to be removed is also made IDENTIFIABLE by Daniel in PROPHECY, as we shall see later) which would be followed by the Destruction of the Temple, an INTERPRETIVE 'CHANGE in the LAW' and a corresponding 'FORGETTING of SABBATH TIMES' (Lam. 2:6, Dan. 7:25). We shall unseal and manifest those mysteries in greater detail later but there it is in a nutshell. There is no better way to make sense of YHWH'S LOVING JUSTICE in light of these pictures of HUMAN SACRIFICE than this INTENDED SABBATH ATONEMENT SACRIFICE COMMUNICATION given FIRST to Adam as reflected in ABELS SACRIFICE. This is EXACTLY what HIS BLOOD SPEAKS as we are EXPLICITLY TOLD (Heb. 11:4). YHWH has provided the ATONEMENT SACRIFICE PROMISE from the foundation of the world as HE BOASTS, set as a PROMISED CORNERSTONE in ZION before it ever happened, given in these BLOODY ACCOUNTS, and SEALED UP AGAIN AFTER THE REJECTION ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE as we shall see the TEXT TELLS US, until now. And as I shall demonstrate within, to expose mans psychopathy in the form of the RELIGIO-POLITICO 'BUILDERS' of our current system REJECTION of the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH come in FLESH according to the PROMISES at the proper time in HIS STORY, like Cain, and to CHANGE His LAW and his SABBATHS as he told us before it ever happened would be done, and now looking back to the events of that day, we SHALL SEE these unsealed details and EVIDENCES which EXPOSE THEM in such MANIFESTLY POWERFUL ways as to make the case IRREFUTABLE. And finally we shall IDENTIFY the AZAZEL (Cain) BEAST of that PROMISED ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE for which Messiah (like Abel) in his role is finished as suffering and dying as vicarious atonement sacrifice, and is RESTING in the FINISHED SABBATH PROMISE in the INVISIBLE REALITY which Science NOW PROVES does indeed exist and contains or holds together our universal perception of 'reality' as in a box, as we shall see.

The nations will come to you from the ends of the earth and say: 'Surely we have inherited lies, vanity, and unprofitable things from our fathers.' Jer. 16:19b

It is the IDENTIFICATION of this AZAZEL BEAST and the CONFESSION of our errors and the errors of our father's FROM WHOM WE INHERITED these UNPROFITABLE LIES exposed herein, which shall EFFECT OUR HEALING by HIS DESIGN. When we RECOGNIZE and send the DARKNESS of that WRONG THINKING away from the KINGDOM of LIGHT in the SECOND PART of THAT 'Atonements Sacrifice' yet remaining to be fulfilled, mankind shall EFFECT HIS PEACE as YHWH designed from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD! Each person can do this NOW by FAITH once they KNOW THE PLAN! This then is when YHWH TRUTH which IS 'Messiah', shall then rule the Minds of his People as their KING as YHWH has designed, leading us into an UNIMAGINABLY GLORIOUS FUTURE. This part of the Sacrifice is for us to do yet, in proper judgement, for the securing our own PEACE by HIS MARVELLOUS PROVISIONAL DESIGN and told to us as an unmistakable CORNERSTONE set in ZION from the FOUDATION of the WORLD; His Kingdom of Peace is finally soon coming on Earth as He promised ages past as HIS PLAN...and we each can begin to see its light dawning on the consciousness of Mankind leading toward his PERFECTION as PLANNED, BY FAITH!

Let's begin to see what I mean by getting into some of the details of this GOSPEL portion a bit deeper, with David receiving the CLEAR PROMISE of YHWH's Gracious Mercy through VICARIOUS ATONEMENT which ONLY HE COULD PROVIDE for us to expose our psychopathy and give us the opportunity to CHOOSE to enter the PROMISE of HIS SABBATH REST by FAITH IN HIS PLAN today, or not.


The TORAH (Old Testament) 'SABBATH REST' GOSPEL PLAN revealed:

David EVOLVED in his understanding and PERCEPTION of 'REALITY'. You could also say he was 'BORN AGAIN' by his FAITH in the INVISIBLE PROMISE provided by YHWH from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD!

When Nathan confronts David in 2 Sam. 12, David perceives his SPECIFIC GUILT in RELATIONSHIP to and INVISIBLE MORAL CODE between GOD AND MANKIND for which there was NO MERCY provided under Moses System of Law until that time. There was no incarceration in an appropriate 'rehab facility' with the goal of SAVING such from their ERROR in THINKING (which is reflected in lawless/selfish/anti-social behavior) effectual through their REPENTENCE, with the possiblity of parole and/or PARDON once that effected altruistic social change is established in THINKING as reflected by DEEDS. This is to show us the ETERNAL REALITY and the nature of our TEMPORAL 'rehab facility' reality which Adam was sent into when he chose rebellion to the CORNERSTONE of TRUTH while in the garden. DEATH IS the ONLY REMEDY for REBELLION to HOLY TRUTH in the HEAVENLY REALM of 'social order'. This is what Moses Pattern of LAW is to show us. We must learn to BECOME HOLY, participate with HIS CREATING US to become HIS IMAGE, REFLECTING HIS INVISIBLE CHARACTER resulting from the proper perspective and application (relationship) to HIS HOLY LAW (which he embodies invisibly) while we are yet locked in this TEMPORAL DUNGEON of 'material reality' separated from His immediate perception as a WILLFUL CHOICE. The TRUTH will set us free so that we may perceive our time-space on earth as a child might while in a WOMB or with his nursing mother; a wonderful preparation and staging ground for RE-BIRTH into a WONDEROUS ETERNAL REALITY; all part of a wonderous plan in which He has designed for EACH individual to have an OPPORTUNITY to bring Him GLORY by their FAITH in HIS PLAN.

He SHOW US these things as we take the time to REFLECT on what HE HAS DONE over the course of time in stages to be REASONED at THAT TIME there was NO mercy of ATONEMENT under the EXTERNAL LAW given through Moses to be made AVAILABLE for those like David who found themselves suddenly no longer a 'righteous and pleasing son of God' setting an example of righteousness for mankind in UTOPIC SOCIAL ORDER on Earth, but rather finding himself CONDEMNED by the HOLINESS of the ETERNAL LAW in RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT (which he Himself had proclaimed according to that INVISIBLE, UNCHANGING RIGHTEOUS STANDARD only SHADOWED in MOSES LAW). That was all going to CHANGE as YHWH had DESIGNED from the very beginning when he showed Adam his SAVING MERCY (grace); and for which he gives us these details to LEARN this LESSON from [See the book of Hebrews for more of those specifics in Midrash (explanation) which are not covered here]. Now WE have the opportuntity to reflect upon our PAST DEEDS when HE SENDS A MESSENGER which ACCUSES US according to the INVISIBLE SPIRIT of MANIFEST TORAH LAW, to set us BACK on the PATH OF LIFE in LOVE! This is the INVISIBLE REFLECTION of the MAKER of the LAW in it! He Himself provided the UNCHANGING RIGHTEOUS STANDARD we are to EMULATE even to our own apparent 'DEATH' in 'reality' because we KNOW that he is the MASTER OF REALITY AND TRUE LIFE...that IS WHO HE IS! This IS the SACRIFICIAL IMAGE OF LOVE he has EXEMPLIFIED in HIS LAW which POINTS TO HIM in ETERNAL REALITY as both the CORNERSTONE of JUSTICE in SACRIFICE and its CROWNING TOP STONE in MERCY; and between these two STONES is EMBODIED the FULL CHARACTER/NATURE of the GODHEAD in our mere SUB REALITY.

In Spiritual Reality we accuse the very HOLINESS of YHWH without even being SENSITIZED to know it, like animals or brute beasts. MANKIND (Adam) was created or 'BORN' as ignorant as a baby, seeded into this womb of darkness in this mere TEMPORAL REALITY. Kept in this ignorance mankind was thrust into after Adam disobeyed the WORD OF LIGHT/TRUTH, mankind would always be ignorantly hurting his creator forever and therefore himself (other men); never coming to maturity in HIS INVISIBLE CHARACTER. YHWH wants creatures in His Image of HOLY TRUTH (as opposed to FALLEN, psychopathic, perverted truth ignorant of TRUE REALITY) so he gave Adam the command NOT to know the difference between good and evil, so that when he DID CHOOSE to KNOW EVIL in IGNORANCE and BLINDING DECEPTION, then YHWH would be able to MANIFEST HIS LIGHT of LIFE to us, HIS otherwise invisible, HOLY CHARACTER in CONTRAST to our FALLEN STATE of IGNORANT, ANIMAL DARKNESS so eventually WE WOULD CHOOSE HIS WAY instead of our own; being THEN CONFORMED to HIS IMAGE. He provides the ATONEMENT for those who DESIRE HIS CHARACTER IN THEM to keep trying until we get it right because HE ENABLES US TO! He wants creatures in a state of being SENSITIVE TO HIM, HIS INVISIBLE NATURE AND CHARACTER, so He showed Adam the extent of his LOVE when HE PROMISED that he himself, the very CORNERSTONE of our TRUE LIFE would enter the DARKNESS of our physical realm as a LIGHT (sent from Himself; His SHEKINAH) veiled in FLESH who would die INNOCENTLY at the hands of the RECOGNIZED WORLD AUTHORITIES who PERVERT HIS UNCHANGING LAW, as a VICARIOUS SACRIFICE OF LIFE in this temporal realm to EXPOSE our PSYCHOPATHY with HIS LOVE; which would then become the very HOLY CORNERSTONE of reality for Mankind to learn from while here in the TEMPORAL DARKNESS. This is the promise from the foundation of the world of darkness we were born into after Adam ACCUSED and REJECTED YHWH through disobedience to his HOLINESS in childish ignorance of what HIS HOLINESS looked like (apart from unholiness in comparison, how could we ever perceive holiness?). So the righteous standard himself, who was first accused through Adam's ignorant disobedience, would himself later enter into OUR DARKNESS apart from the GARDEN where He sent Adam, to then become the CORNERSTONE SAVING TRUTH for all those IN OUR DARKNESS to SEE as the TRUE LIGHT of the World; leading us with TRUTH to see a GREATER REALITY he has arranged for us to ENTER MATRIMONIOUSLY by FAITH in HIM.

He shows us in our temporal PHYSICAL REALITY what his love for ADAM and all his seed (us) after him would LOOK LIKE after we, Mankind in our psychopathy regarding the nature of reality, would SLAY THE SAVING SABBATH TRUTH as told to us PROPHETICALLY IN ADVANCE. Then in the end days ANOTHER TRUTH, THE SIGN OF THE DAVIDIC SABBATH MESSIAH would be UNSEALED from the TEXT where this KEY TO KNOWLEDGE was SEALED UP, to then be SEEN in the CLOUDS once again and RECOGNIZED by the EYE OF THE MIND as a LIGHT MORE POWERFUL THAN THE SUN. This RE-DISCOVERED KEY TO KNOWLEDGE was SEALED UP to LOGICALLY EXPOSE the 'WISDOM' of those BUILDERS who REJECTED that CORNERSTONE OF TRUTH as YHWH designed. He told us before they did it that in their 'wisdom' (in an ATTEMPT to STEAL what IS NOT THEIRS) they would conspire to REJECT HIM in SELF EXALTATION over HIS PEOPLE/BRIDE; ALL AS DESIGNED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD and UNVEILED HEREIN! But we shall get into those powerful details later.

Adam understood that the PROMISE of HIS DEATH for DISOBEDIENCE on the DAY HE became AWARE of HIS SIN, the COST of HIS ERROR would be suffered by ANOTHER as seen in the VICARIOUS SACRIFICE of a LAMB whose skin COVERED THEIR NAKEDNESS. This MERCIFUL sacrifice allowed them to CONTINUE TO LIVE despite the JUSTICE requirement of Gods law because HIS TENDER MERCY IS GREATER than his JUSTICE. Adam (and we, his progeny) was sent into this world as a REHAB FACILITY where we would learn to TRUST YHWH'S MERCY through his PROMISE of a seed from Eve who would CRUSH that fallen serpent mind of MANS PSYCHOPATHY when vicariously in LOVE and MERCY, he would put on flesh to ATONE for our IGNORANCE and WEAKNESS on the STAGE of Planet Earth (Gen. 3:15, Rom. 16:20 and also in seen in the ancient constellation of VIRGO bringing forth the righteous branch which is given to us in another picture in Is. 66:12).

This was shown to him VICARIOUSLY when YHWH slew a LAMB in order to cover his nakedness with its SKIN. Until that time, what death MEANT was completely UNKNOWN to the childlike innocence of Adam; death was an UNKNOWN EVIL. The RIGHTEOUS SON is then pictured in Abel slain by the Psychopathic MIND of Cain as a result of a 'sacrifice' in the course of 'time' resulting from CHOOSING THE WRONG PERCEPTION OF REALITY (symbolized by the SUN, the 'Mark' of Cain's UNFAITHFUL, self-exalting 'witness'). Abel understood a promise of VICARIOUS SACRIFICE resulting from when YHWH lovingly SPARED his parents and gave them this PROMISE when he CLOTHED his parents with SKINS, Gen. 3:21, Jn. 1:29. This is where Abel got the idea for a BETTER SACRIFICE than Cain's seemingly peaceful one, and the reason YHWH was pleased with the DESIRE of HIS HEART reflected back to HIM (as the otherwise INVISIBLE Moon reflects the TRUE LIGHT of WORLD REALITY to be recognized as the FAITHFUL WITNESS coming 'in the clouds' Ps. 89:37, Mat. 24:30 & 26:24, Rev. 1:15 & 3:14, Jer. 42:5) in HIS OWN SACRIFICIAL LOVE back to YHWH in that PAINFUL SACRIFICE of HIS OWN PRECIOUS, PERFECT FIRST BORN baby lamb which REFLECTS his FAITH in YHWH'S OWN PROMISE TO PROVIDE ATONEMENT for US from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD! This is where VICARIOUS ATONEMENT has it's ORIGIN and is witnessed by the COMMANDED SIGN of the Moon which represents the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD (sacrificed by WORLD DARKNESS until the conquering SEVENTH DAY SABBATH OF LIGHT) from the very FOUNDATION of it as YHWH HAS BOASTED! Any other explanation of SACRIFICE is easily demonstrated as ridiculously incoherent in THIS LIGHT.

Our own work is NOT SUFFICIENT to reconcile us but ONLY by RESTING through OBEDIENCE and FAITHFUL HOPE in the LOVING SABBATH SACRIFICE which YHWH HIMSELF would PROVIDE as OUR LIVING EXAMPLE of what LOVE LOOKS LIKE would be sufficient [for this reason 'sabbath' becomes a SIGN (a test regarding 'TIME' and our commanded perception WITHIN HIM) for the people of god when COMING OUT of Egypt, even BEFORE they received all the rest of the details of the WRITTEN LAW on Mt Sinai, I shall prove, this TIES the SABBATH to the FAITHFUL WITNESS of the MOON through COMMANDMENTS as ABSOLUTE EVIDENTIAL TRUTH]. This is what we glean from Abel and Cain in contrast. This is what the VICARIOUS sacrifice of animals ALWAYS POINTED TO, because the blood of bulls and goats was ALWAYS INEFFECTUAL for 'atonement'. They were ALWAYS only a VICARIOUS SHADOW pointing to the SACRIFICE which YHWH Himself would provide as PROMISED from this SACRIFICIAL PRECIDENT in TIME and SPACE promised from the foundation of the World. Abel was not pleasing to YHWH because he chopped up a baby lamb and burned it up in a fire like a neanderthal or witch/satanist, that is the 'TRAP' from which FALLEN MINDS CHOOSE to view reality... he was pleasing because HE TRUSTED YHWH'S MERCIFUL PLAN and the OBEDIENCE of his HEART is REFLECTED in what he did, reflecting back to YHWH what he did...he trusted a BETTER SACRIFICE than HIS OWN and was REFLECTING THAT FOR US TO SEE, AS YHWH HAD PLANNED FOR HIM TO DO! This is what Abels blood SHOULD SPEAK to us who have RIGHTLY INTERPRETED the SIGNS given for that EXPRESSED PURPOSE, as I intend to make UNMISTAKABLY CLEAR.

As a result of his HUMBLE FAITH (and Cains selfish faithlessness and self exaltation) Abel would be SLAIN as a PICTURE of the OBEDIENT SAVIOR of Mankind which YHWH HIMSELF would provide to REFLECT HIS INVISIBLE REALITY, PERSONIFIED LOVING, MERCIFUL, HOLY TRUTH HIMSELF as a SUFFERING SERVANT (represented by the symbol of the full Moon), who would be slain by the FALLEN PSYCHOPATHIC MIND OF MAN which is divorced from direct perception of his makers HOLINESS (symbolized by the Sun), to SAVE US through EXAMPLE from our OWN misperceptions regarding our reality and what HIS ETERNAL JUSTICE and HIS ETERNAL LOVE look like IN OUR TEMPORAL DARKNESS juxt opposed to OUR REBELLION and PSYCHOPATHY; separated from HIS UTOPIC SOCIAL ORDER (to which Moses System POINTS as intended FROM THIS BEGINNING). Through the IGNORANCE and DECEPTION of our OWN HEARTS separated from HIS HOLY STANDARD (or its proper interpretation), we can be led astray to do the MOST VILE evil in the name of God; like Cain who may have 'justifiably reasoned' that Abel was a menace to society, a Murderous Psychopath merely starting out with helpless baby lambs and it was his duty to mankind to remove THAT SICK WAY OF THINKING from planet Earth, for Gods sake. Is that NOT what we might hear being REASONED TODAY from the world's FALLEN PERSPECTIVE; those whose MINDS ARE BLINDED to think the SUN represents the LIGHT OF THE WORLD through COMMANDMENT?...or like the RIGHTEOUS DAVID who became weakened in his thinking regarding this temporal reality and our relationship to it, when he erred ONCE with Bathsheba and his life was SPIRITUALLY OVER despite the fact he was King in this TEMPORAL REALITY! Kings of the Earth TAKE HEED, the GRACE which David saw as PINNACLE of the LAW, the REASON it was LEAD US BACK TO SENSITIVITY TO OBEDIENCE OF SPIRIT which was LOST IN ISRAEL when JUDAH STRUCK FATHER ISRAEL! in a REBELLION (Mic. 5:1, Gal. 3:19).

David knew he had fallen into Esau's EDOMITE, FALLEN MATERIAL MINDSET and had SPURNED true 'life' for TEMPORAL DESIRES in this DECEPTIVE ILLUSION; blinded by the light of this material world as a default position for only FALLEN MINDS to view reality from. He was a WALKING DEAD MAN in the INVISIBLE SPIRITUAL REALM of reality on planet Earth as a result of his own NEGLECT of his SPIRITUAL HEALTH while here in the darkness of temporal reality in a body of MERE FLESH; and he IMMEDIATELY recognized that when Nathan brought it to his attention. The EYE of his mind had become DARKENED and he had confused his temporal flesh life, his 'space suit', with his ETERNAL SPIRITUAL LIFE (as Esau did and NEVER REPENTED)! He had become weakened in his THINKING regarding the TRUE nature of REALITY, sinned against the Holiness of YHWH's LAW which is the very IMAGE of the ETERNAL FATHER...AND ALSO the Image of HIS SON who would EMBODY THAT LAW of the FATHER in FLESH later: REFLECTING the LIGHT of a GREATER REALITY whom we CAN NOT REACH apart from HIS PROVIDING THE 'WAY' for our MINDS to 'SEE', TRUST and DESIRE like trees reaching for the sun! As a result of the deception of the termporal DARKNESS within his own heart which had blinded and deceived him, the spiritual LIGHT in David had began slowly dying/waning within him, the SPIRIT MAN inside his CARNAL FLESH, and he did not even notice his spiritual ILLNESS until the Holy Prophet Nathan roused him from his COMPLACENCY IN SIN by CONDEMNING HIM in this reality according to the SPIRITUAL LAW of LOVE; to prick his conscience and QUICKEN HIS snatch him from DEATH in the currently INVISIBLE ETERNAL REALITY to which the Law POINTS in this 'materially real' TEMPORAL REALITY as a GOAD to keep us SENSITIVE to the HIGH GOAL we are CALLED TO!

David had become comfortable and in need of nothing in this temporal physical realm but to satisfy his own fleshly desires which, because they war against the spirit of truth (because the Spiritual Reality is not immediately perceptable to flesh), caused him to become spiritually DRUNK in carnal complacency regarding the HOLINESS OF ETERNAL LAW and his ETERNAL RELATIONSHIP to it while in a temporal flesh suit blinding his mind to the invisible eternal reality. He spurned the Holy One who had put him in position to bring glory to Him as a RIGHTEOUS KING over a HOLY LAW in temporal reality. He had an opportunity to EXEMPLIFY the very character and nature of YHWH within our womb of darkness where we are being formed in a temporary quality control system for entrance into ETERNAL REALITY. But ignorantly he despised the Law Giver by breaking the very Law he was hired, and glorified as King, to rule by (as known in advance by our benevolent maker, as with Adam). Convicted by the Holy Prophet Nathaniel, David had two choices to respond do ALL OF US in relationship to the HOLY LAW of LOVE, the very IMAGE OF YHWH when our HEARTS CONDEMN US: Obediently or Disobediently. Let's look at what DISOBEDIENCE in regard to HOLY LAW and the SACRIFICE PROVIDED looks like fleshed out, before we look at OUR EXAMPLE OF OBEDIENCE pictured in David.

1. He could have responded from his flesh AS CAIN HAD (and which had brought David to this place to see the ETERNAL DEATH SENTENCE suddenly hanging over his head in the first place...and which IS the response of those ignorant animal like men like Cain who yet PREFER EVIL in the darkness of Man's ignorance of HOLY ETERNAL REALITY) by lashing out against the HOLY LAW in denial, self-justification or excuse. Or like the Pharisees who slew Messiah, he could have killed or otherwise silenced the convicting MESSENGER, as Cain had done and which is a bumbling error in ETERNAL JUDGEMENT PRONOUNCED ON ONE'S OWN HEAD! By SO DOING he would be ACCUSING THE LAWGIVER HIMSELF of being 'unfair' as Cain had. By rejecting the MESSENGER who dared SPEAK IT and rebelling against HOLY TRUTH when presented, he would have judged HIMSELF by a FALLEN PERSPECTIVE. By so doing he would be further ASSURING HIMSELF a place in HELL by his OWN CHOSEN ERROR IN JUDGEMENT and PERCEPTION of the HOLINESS of the ETERNALLY SENTIENT LAW OF LOVE. We know that in the end our 'faulty standards' by which we JUDGE OTHERS will ACCUSE US according to HOLY ETERNAL LAW IN WHOM IS NO FLAW, but in the meantime, to silence the matter quickly while the world is still in darkness, David could have gone so far as to do an 'end run around' the law and lay some wild charge against the MESSENGER Nathan in order to silence the matter quickly; perhaps accusing him of treason, blasphemy or insanity and/or attempted murder while in the palace in order to have him summarily executed with the whole thing HUSHED in MANS 'cover STORY'...that would have been effective from the perspective of fleshly men who do to try to hide their crimes from YHWH's ETERNAL HOLINESS in such a way (as David had already begun to do when he secretly added murder to hide his adultery...then YHWH accused him of sacrificing HIS LAMB to HIDE/COVER HIS SIN!). The reality is HIS STORY has already been written and they merely begin to sear their own consciences and further assure themselves a place ETERNALLY SEPARATED from ETERNAL LIFE and the MAKER OF IT by THEIR OWN CHOSEN STANDARD OF JUDGEMENT in place of HIM; the RIGHTEOUS STANDARD WHO HIMSELF IS OUR ATONING SACRIFICE to SAVE US FROM OURSELVES by His Own Design Plan; the DOOR He provided for us to be brought BACK in RELATIONSHIP to HIS HOLINESS.


2. He could respond as he did and as YHWH knew in advance that he would so that we may LEARN FROM HIM through this WONDERFUL ACCOUNT giving us DEEP INSIGHT into the NATURE, CHARACTER, and PLAN of our CREATOR; His HOLINESS, His MERCY and His POWER! He gave up his CARNAL LIFE for his TRUE, SPIRITUAL LIFE! David chose to REVIVE his own desire for RIGHTEOUSNESS through the Spirit of Truth that wants to quicken our Mortal bodies with TRUE LIFE by remaining in HARMONY with YHWH's HOLY LAW, which IS SPIRITUAL and IS TRUTH and CAN NOT BE KEPT by FLESHLY MEN but ONLY by the SPIRITUAL who BELIEVE THE ANCIENT PROMISES of ETERNAL TRUTH beyond the FLESH REALM and TRUST His ATONING SACRIFICE through REPENTANCE when we FALL SHORT. He did this by CONDEMNING HIS OWN FLESH ACCORDING TO THAT RIGHTEOUS SPIRITUAL STANDARD; confessing the DEATH PENALTY on his own head in sincere REPENTENCE and by so doing, SAVED HIMSELF according to the GRACIOUS ATONEMENT PLAN of YHWH which He is COMMUNICATING to us through these accounts! YHWH then conferred on David the promise of TRUE LIFE through the picture of vicarious atonement; allowing him to live but taking his firstborn son (to be seated in heaven with him Ps. 110) after the Promise of KINGDOM PEACE was given to him and his son to proceed from his loins. Through David's agreement in the SPIRIT of the HOLY LAW that He should DIE the DEATH of the WICKED JUDGED BY THAT HOLY LAW, YHWH then showed Him the GRACE or MERCY of HIS ETERNAL TRUTH of SAVING LOVE, which is the CROWN over His HOLY INVISIBLE LAW, by PROVIDING ATONEMENT for our shortcomings on the way to perfection, Himself. The LAW was delivered by Moses and YHWH promised the MERCY of His SAVING TRUTH would come through the SACRIFICE HE HIMSELF would PROVIDE as shown to us in SACRIFICIAL DETAILS from the foundation of the world which can only be understood in context of His ONE PLAN from the foundation of the world; HIS MERCIFUL PROMISE OF VICARIOUS 'ATONEMENT' REDEMPTION SACRIFICE for OUR HEALING if we merely TRUST HIM FOR IT and OBEY HIM AS HIS HOLY BRIDE!

This ATONEMENT SACRIFICE promised from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD for the PSYCHOPATHY OF MAN in his FALLEN CONDITION is the very HEART of the 'GOSPEL' and people only PRETEND to know it for their DOCTRINES OF MEN! This MERCIFUL SACRIFICE IN TIME has ALWAYS been the CORNERSTONE of MANKINDS FUTURE from the foundation of the FALLEN WORLD, and looking back to that day we see it's STILL the ONLY real HOPE given for ALL MANKIND by which we may EVOLVE as He DESIGNED. This CORNERSTONE of TRUTH was ALWAYS INTENDED to be our REFERENCE and GUIDE in the Spiritual DARKNESS of our SUB 'reality' from the very FOUNDATION OF IT, TO BRING US BACK INTO RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ETERNAL FATHER OF LOVE who is TRUTH, as we shall soon ESTABLISH as TRUE beyond ANY REASONABLE DOUBT by HIS MARVELLOUS DESIGN!

The Holy Law is the very IMAGE OF MESSIAH (and His FATHER) in WORD FORM to be PROPERLY PERCEIVED in your MIND in order to SEE the REFLECTION of HIS IMAGE of LIGHT in SPIRIT and TRUTH (the ONLY WAY He may be WORSHIPPED. Jn. 4:24) so YOUR DEEDS may reflect HIS REALITY in THIS WORLD. This SABBATH REST 'Law' we should KNOW WELL according to the book of JAMES which calls it a 'mirror' by which we are to see OUR MODEL, the IMAGE OF GOD and the proper PERSPECTIVE by which to view the LAW as the 'perfect law which brings FREEDOM' (Jms. 1:25) because it causes us to have the VISION, WILL and POWER to DO THE WORK we are SAVED to do as HIS BODY through that ATONING SACRIFICE of LOVE which both ATONES for our shortcomings WHILE at the same time ENABLING US to become PERFECT as the FATHER is perfect (Mat. 5:48). David SAW the VISION of the IMAGE of God and understood he would ONE DAY wake from SLEEP to be LIKE HIM.

I envision (dream about) your image in righteousness and will be satisfied when I awake in your likeness. Ps. 17:15

We are empowered to BECOME LIKE DAVID AND ULTIMATELY LIKE MESSIAH HIMSELF through BELIEF in THIS INVISIBLE 'SABBATH PROMISE' which GODS PEOPLE have YET to FULFILL but is still open to ENTER BY FAITH TODAY (Heb. 4:9-11)! When properly perceived he shows us our own heart condition ACCORDING TO HIS HOLINESS DESCRIBED IN THE LAW, which he then extends opportunity for us to share in, and to EMULATE HIS HOLY CHARACTER, through the SABBATH SACRIFICE HE HIMSELF PROVIDED here in our DARKNESS of temporal reality as a LIGHT to be LIFTED UP for that PURPOSE as he had PROMISED from the BEGINNING of it! David could not be King over a HOLY SPIRITUAL LAW without first DYING TO HIS TEMPORAL SELFISHNESS in order to properly apply the ATONING BLOOD of the HUMAN SACRIFICE provided as HIS EXAMPLE in order to SEE the SPIRITUAL REALITY and enter that REST, for which YHWH HIMSELF PROVIDED the 'WAY' here in the TEMPORAL reality according to His PROPHETIC WORD seen verified in and throughout HIS STORY; and ALL through FAITH in that INVISIBLE REALITY, the PRIZE on which the WISE will set their EYES! We see in 2 Sam. 12 and Ps. 51 that this is exactly what David DID DO in repentence over that VICARIOUS Sacrifice PROVIDED FOR HIM AS THE MERCIFUL TOPSTONE of Moses Law (Zech. 4:7)...the ANOINTED MAN who would come later to SEAL THE DEAL before the Earthly Temple would be destroyed to point to the Heavenly Reality Moses Pattern replicated. He became a NEW MAN in an ETERNAL SPIRITUAL REALITY which he came to KNOW through RELATIONSHIP to the LAW in the HOLY SPIRIT which IS MESSIAH'S HOLY IMAGE DESCRIBED IN DETAIL (Ps. 119)! Moses talks ALL ABOUT MESSIAH as Messiah Himself TESTIFIED! Jn. 5:39

This Holy Law given to Moses from the Holy One is given for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE of coming to know HIS SPIRITUAL IMAGE OF TRUTH...the truth of the SAVING LAW come in flesh as a PERFECT MAN to ATONE for OUR IMPERFECTIONS and help us EVOLVE from our fallen condition 'back to the garden', if you will. He set a standard which we CAN NOT ATTAIN apart from HIS SACRIFICIAL EXAMPLE which, when we PARTICIPATE in HIS DEATH through OBEDIENCE to His REVEALED LAW and PLAN FOR OUR LIFE in EMULATION of HIM (as Abel emulated for Cain), pardons us from our FAILURES on the way to PERFECTION while we are still being formed in this DARK WOMB; but only if we CO-OPERATE WITH His SPIRIT of TRUTH in order to CONFORM TO that IMAGE as our MODEL through RELATIONSHIP to HIM in HOLINESS. He is the RIGHTEOUS STANDARD we are to TRY TO ATTAIN because we have been given the POWER through the ATONING SACRIFICE HE PROVIDED to DO JUST THAT! The LAW viewed through the prism of PROPHECY is the VERY IMAGE of the TRUE MESSIAH and David had a personal relationship with him in and through that Spirit of TRUTH which would TESTIFY against his OWN FLESH according to the HOLINESS of that SPIRITUAL LAW (Ps. 119). By openly confessing his guilt according to the INTENT and SPIRIT of it's HOLINESS regarding TRUTH, David pronounced the DEATH SENTENCE on his own FLESH in SACRIFICE for leading him astray from his FIRST LOVE which is SPIRITUAL and ETERNAL not carnal and temporal. This should be FUNDAMENTAL KNOWLEDGE...this SPIRITUAL LAW is given to CARNAL MEN to CONVICT THEM of their ERROR regarding the INVISIBLE IMAGE of the LAW OF LOVE in our REALITY which SHALL SAVE US by HIS Design if we TRUST HIM in RELATIONSHIP. Our FALLEN perspective from which we view 'Law' can ONLY BRING DEATH AND DESTRUCTION...he came to SHOW US the nature of HIS LIFE GIVING IMAGE, HIS REFLECTION in HIS ETERNAL, HOLY LAW!

DAVID LOVED THE HOLY, SPIRITUAL LAW HE CARNALLY VIOLATED (very much like SHECHEM who violated the purity of DINAH and being then sensitised to holiness, was willing to make sacrifice to be joined righteously and in right relationship with that purity/holiness he LONGED FOR, surely this is what ISRAEL taught to HIS BELOVED SON JOSEPH when condemning HIS BROTHERS UNRIGHTEOUS ACTIONS done under a PRETENSE of 'Justice' when they SLEW ONE MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN THEY in their VIGILANTE FALSE PARADIGM regarding the INVISIBLE, HOLY STANDARD OF JUSTICE! Gen. 34:30 as I cover in detail here: the IMAGE of 'Prince Yoseph Manifest') and he (like Shechem) was READY TO BE JOINED to that HOLY LAW in DEATH through HIS OWN SACRIFICE rather than VIOLATE IT AGAIN because he saw the PURITY and HOLINESS of the IMAGE of YHWH for MAN in IT! He was ready to KISS THAT PURITY in ETERNAL HOLINESS even if it cost his TEMPORAL LIFE (Ps. 2:12)! He was brought back to his senses regarding ETERNAL REALITY by Nathan, as YHWH had planned FROM THE BEGINNING to USE HIS GREVIOUS ERROR in order to show His BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER in relation to his PLAN for which he would provide the SACRIFICE for us to be brought back into RIGHT FELLOWSHIP with HIS HOLINESS in relation to HIS LAW which we are to EMULATE as he has told us IS HIS PLAN from the beginning.

When confronted, David was HONEST to the HOLY SPIRIT of YHWH who is TRUTH. He did NOT deny, lie, OR attempt to make any excuse to nullify the TRUTH of HOLY LAW presented to him by attempting to twist it into something UNHOLY and therefore UNTRUE; A SELFISH LIE. He did NOT attempt to twist it into a Law for HIMSELF through a PRIVATE INTERPRETATION (even if a POPULAR or WIDELY HELD one) tailored to his own preference in LAWLESSNESS as THE WHOLE WORLD STANDS GUILTY OF DOING TODAY, as I intend to make VERY CLEAR! Rather, he quickly and soberly CONFESSED HIS GUILT of TRANSGRESSING the very INTENT and PURPOSE of the HOLY LAW in the UNITY OF TRUTH; that being to show us YHWH's HOLY CHARACTER and our NEED of HIS LOVE in the form of a MAN who would EMBODY the LAW PERFECTLY as KING, according to the ANCIENT PROMISE, to ATONE for our LACK in this reality when we find ourselves having FALLEN SHORT through the deceptions of our own hearts (which in the darkness of our GROOMED ignorance IS BEING USED AGAINST US has taken the wheel from God and is driving himself to SELF DESTRUCTION because of his own chosen perception of 'REALITY' apart from the LOVING STANDARD given in PROMISE for our PERFECTION from the very foundation of the world!).

It was after this ACT OF LOVE for the HOLINESS of YHWH and HIS LAW which is ETERNAL TRUTH (HIS WORD/SON), on Davids part, his OWN WILLINGNESS to REFLECT SACRIFICIAL LOVE to the HOLINESS of our MAKER, as Abel, Abraham, and Isaac had done by FAITH IN HIM, to be SACRIFICED for his CRIME according to that HOLY LAW rather than Hurt his Loved one again or continue as if that MORTAL ERROR had not happened, that YHWH is then able to express HIS MUCH GREATER LOVE than Davids; his GRACIOUS SAVING FAVOR extended first to Adam, as clearly understood by ABEL'S FAITH in that promised sacrifice as reflected in HIS DEEDS as well as Abraham and Isaac's. This is the very setting in which YHWH would reveal this 3rd ANOMOLY of PROPHETIC TRUTH regarding the HUMAN SACRIFICE he was going to PROVIDE FOR MANKIND; YHWH's promised GEM... the very Cornerstone of his plan which he boasts that he has 'told us about from the foundation of the world'; the CORNERSTONE of the LAW He established in ZION which will be the SAVING LAW of MANKIND to go out to the WHOLE EARTH (Is. 28:16, Is. 46:10). He has done this using these embedded DETAILS which are TOO EXTRAORDINARY to be CO-INCIDENTAL or to be a 'BAD' or 'private' INTERPRETATION of the text. There is NO LIE which can exalt itself against THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH when COMPARED HONESTLY! This is the STANDARD OF TRUTH to be RECOGNIZED as the CORNERSTONE for MANKIND which YHWH HIMSELF promised HE HIMSELF WOULD PROVIDE to be LAID IN ZION ACCORDING TO HIS FORE-ORDAINED PLAN as told to us FROM THE BEGINNING and NOT FULLY UNSEALED until the END DAYS as I shall demonstrate within by his marvellous design. There is NO BETTER INTERPRETATION of these events than what I am presenting in THIS GOSPEL, which is HIS INTERPRETATION which he has selected me to humbly UNSEAL for MAN'S next phase toward his PERFECTION, to begin at this time as declared in the BLUEPRINT of HIS STORY!

Using this failure on Davids part to be HOLY LIKE MESSIAH who embodies the HOLY TORAH LAW in the spirit REALITY we do not see, as YHWH has intended for us to understand in the end days and NOW BEING THE TIME, we see YHWH wanted to GLORIFY HIMSELF through His CHARACTER and His PLAN (thousands of years before we would ever come to the full knowledge of these ABSOLUTE TRUTHS), while at the same time RECIPROCATING DAVIDS LOVE and his WILLINGNESS TO BE HOLY AS HIS HEAVENLY FATHER IS HOLY, atoning for his failure to LOVE PERFECTLY as YHWH does, so he MAY CONTINUE TO LEARN and GROW to PERFECTION in that LOVE while here. Certainly this is what we can glean from what David learned regarding the LAW of LOVE, as reflected in his LOVE for YHWH's BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT LAW which he describes in GREAT DETAIL in a MOST BEAUTIFUL acrostic Poem/Song/Prayer of the Bible, Psalm 119. I would encourage you to READ THAT BEAUTIFUL REFLECTION on LOVE and LAW NOW!

So here in 2 Sam. 12 is where YHWH unveils to David His MESSIANIC GOSPEL GEM of PROPHETIC SACRIFICE as the foundation CORNERSTONE and ALSO the TOPSTONE (Zech. 4:7) or CROWN of the LAW (established as ABSOLUTE TRUTH by the UNSEALED SABBATH SIGN promised IN TORAH LAW to be SACRIFICED, NOW BROUGHT FORTH TO FULFILL PROPHECY, which ties ALL THESE TRUTHS TOGETHER in such a POWERFUL WAY as to be ABSOLUTELY UNDENIABLE by any and ALL INTEGRALLY HONEST PERSONS; as shall soon be proven!). The LAW is the embodied Messiah, the IMAGE of the FATHER as described in the LAW and WE are HIS PEOPLE/BRIDE over whom he rules AND SHALL RULE THIS EARTH as we FLESH OUT HIS LAW. He would come first in sacrificial flesh to be the SAVING CORNERSTONE first rejected but ACCEPTED when the SIGN of SABBATH is revealed in the END DAYS as promised FROM THE BEGINNING and NOW FULFILLED within THIS MESSAGE! He would be the CORNERSTONE SACRIFICE which saves us when we find ourselves accused by HIS HOLINESS in RELATIONSHIP to His LAW as revealed in the SIGN of the SABBATH CROWN of MERCY and LOVE, to ESTABLISH IT FOREVER by HIS DESIGN! The Law is what he EMBODIES being both the CORNERSTONE of SACRIFICE and the GROOM of the SABBATH PROMISE...Him being Master and King to be joined with His People, His Bride when the CROWNING JEWEL of the SABBATH SIGN, the VISIBLE SIGN of MESSIAH WHO IS THE IMAGE OF GOD, has been REVEALED at the TOP of the STAIRWAY to HEAVEN. This SYMBOL for the 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' for the past 2000 years has been the LIGHT of the BLINDING SUN, the MARK OF THE BEAST mind like Cain, but the ETERNAL TRUTH is reflected in the SIGN of the FULL MOON sacrificed from the FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! The MOON is the SYMBOL representing Abel as the MESSIAH, the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD on whom YHWH's blessing rests from the foundation of the world.

Since DAY FOUR of the creation account, the Sun represents the BLINDING DARKNESS of DAY ONE of our created, temporal reality, the DARKNESS of Cains MIND is imaged in the SUN. Conversely the FULL MOON represents the FAITHFUL SERVANT of LIGHT, the TRUE LIFE GIVER sent into our reality on DAY ONE to lead us to see the INVISIBLE FATHER of LIGHTS represented by the INVISIBLE 'NEW MOON'. This light would appear to be slain every day until the seventh day of conquering sabbath light. This is the very KEY of DAVID (Is. 22:22, Rev. 3:7) and Key of KNOWLEDGE (Lk. 11:52) to the MESSIANIC DOOR of the SABBATH PROMISE for the BRIDE OF LIGHT to enter from the foundation of the World; the promise of NO MORE DARKNESS in the ETERNAL REALITY as represented by the SABBATH PROMISE of the Seventh Day which has NEVER BEEN ENTERED but is NOW EXTENDED TO ALL MEN as promised (Heb. 4:9) just before Messiah is manifested in GREAT POWER!

The Heavens are NOW OPENED and we have the FREEDOM to GO TO HIM DIRECTLY in RELATIONSHIP to that SABBATH SACRIFICE which HE PROVIDED and so PLEAD the BLOOD of the SACRIFICE he promised from the foundation of the world in the INVISIBLE, HEAVENLY TEMPLE ORDER, as Abel did, to PARDON US FROM ALL SIN through HIS GREATER LOVE FOR US..., THROUGH OUR LOVING RELATIONSHIP TOWARD HIM; GROWING IN KNOWLEDGE of HIM and the DONNING of HIS own 'Light' IMAGE in OUR OWN FLESH as we ASCEND the STAIRWAY in our KNOWLEDGE of him and the DONNING of HIS MIND, TO HELP US BECOME PERFECT IN LOVE as HE COMMANDED! THEN MANKIND SHALL EVOLVE AS HE HAS BEEN DESIGNED! When you really believe in HIS invisible 'SABBATH REST' REALITY, as the MATH and SCIENCE PROVES OUT is ABSOLUTELY TRUE (as we shall see later), it makes doing the 'work' of SUFFERING in this 'reality' SO MUCH EASIER. It is impossible to live as a sacrifice here in the DARKNESS of this world and NOT BELIEVE the SABBATH PROMISE regarding ETERNAL REWARD for having done so. And anyone in his RIGHT MIND is not going to suffer for what he SUSPECTS may NOT be TRUE! As Paul said: 'If in this life alone we have hope in Messiah, we should be pitied above all men' (1 Cor. 15:19). Therefore we can and MUST KNOW the CORNERSTONE TRUTH. It is not good enough to have merely heard about him from the TALKING HEADS who DECEIVE THE WORLD. As we shall see, it is his SABBATH TRUTH which is HIS SEAL; the SEAL of the CORNERSTONE SAVING TRUTH regarding the SABBATH WEDDING PROGRAM for mankind as DESIGNED by HER MAKER/GROOM from the foundation of the World...this is the SAVING GOSPEL PROMISE!

Through OUR CHOICE to love His TRUTH which is HOLY CHARACTER (as demonstrated in his PERFECTLY EMBODYING TORAH LAW) to BECOME LIKE HIM, as he has shown us suffering in His death, he will reward us in the TRUTH we KNOW EXISTS and WE DESIRE to be WED WITH because of the TESTIMONIES HE HAS PROVIDED ALL AROUND US. Through relationship to his HOLINESS in the LAW he provides ATONEMENT for those who stumble on the way in relationship, to continue to LIVE in Him, LEARN in Him, and GROW in his LOVING and MERCIFUL HOLY LAW; the proper interpretation being HIS VERY IMAGE we are COMMANDED TO EMULATE! The unrepentent and hypocritical who rely on THEIR OWN UNDERSTANDING and twist the IMAGE of HOLINESS into a SELFISH DISTORTION will only receive the JUSTICE of YHWH and not his loving mercy, THROUGH THEIR OWN CHOICE in their RELATIONSHIP TO HIS MERCIFUL HOLINESS. Any standard other than the RIGHTEOUS ONE HE HIMSELF PROVIDES will CONDEMN THEM in HIS REALITY! Man SELFISHLY CONDEMNS HIMSELF when he CONDEMNS the ETERNAL HOLINESS of YHWH's MERCY PROVIDED AS A CORNERSTONE TRUTH from which to EVOLVE from our SELF CONDEMNED CONDITION...this is REVEALED by the ETERNAL ONE as an ENTRANCE TEST into HIS SABBATH REST. If mankind is to have ANY HOPE of a 'FUTURE' on planet Earth, this MUST become WORLD LAW and that starts with YOU and me WHO CAN READ THE BLUEPRINT and MAKE IT HAPPEN through SIMPLE OBEDIENCE as HE COMMANDS!

Again, through this picture of David's FIRSTBORN SON who YHWH takes as a VICARIOUS ATONEMENT AFTER he was given the PROMISE that a KING would proceed from his loins, is to show us the nature of our temporal rehab facility in light of His ETERNAL LAW OF LOVE and MERCY which David came to know and tell us about in his Psalms, TOGETHER WITH His LAW of ABSOLUTE JUSTICE, seen in reflection on Moses Pattern. Together they comprise PERFECT RIGHTEOUS JUDGEMENT; TRUE, HEAVENLY JUSTICE in our DARKNESS. When this becomes MANS CORNERSTONE for perceiving REALITY, then the Kingdom of God shall be ON EARTH as HE DESIGNED and as we pray 'YOUR KINGDOM COME, YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IN HEAVEN'. We have the MESSIANIC KEYS of BINDING and LOOSING according to HIS PERFECT LAW PLAN rightly interpreted (Mt. 16:19).

David understood by FAITH in an unseen reality which is superior to the 'reality' immediately perceived by us as most real, in our blindness regarding TRUE REALITY, that his firstborn son of promise was SEATED IN THE HEAVENS with YHWH by FAITH in His LOVE and HIS IRREVOCABLE PROMISES! (2 Sam. 7:12; Ps. 110). David upheld the Holiness of the Law, THE VERY IMAGE OF THE HOLY MESSIAH, by his willingness to die for having breeched it rather than reject the HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH. So YHWH showed HIS GREATER LAW OF LOVE toward David by showing him that the very CORNERSTONE of SACRIFICE promised from the foundation of the world would PROCEED FROM HIS LOINS to be SACRIFICED FOR HIM and for the WHOLE WORLD! The promised seed of MESSIAH to proceed from his loins...the SAVING TORAH TRUTH given in PROPHETIC PROMISE as a SACRIFICE IN TIME and SPACE told to us before it ever happened through these ANOMOLIES regarding the ORIGIN of the LAW of SACRIFICE which would CRUSH the ORIGIN/HEAD of MAN'S PSYCHOPATHIC 'SERPENT' MIND (seen in CAIN juxt opposed to Abel)); as YHWH BOASTS HE HAS DONE and has told us about from the VERY FOUNDATION of the WORLD!

In fact, 600 years before it happened Daniel gives us much more detail regarding EXACTLY WHEN this CORNERSTONE of SABBATH SACRIFICE would come to be LAID in ZION. He describes the very ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE (merely shadowed in animal sacrifice) and IDENTIFIES the AZAZEL/BEAST or BLINDING DARKNESS that must be REMOVED for man to ENTER SABBATH PROMISE (which we shall see in detail later). He tells us that the Temple would be destroyed at that time [because it only stood to POINT TO the CORNERSTONE of HUMAN SACRIFICE for us to LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES (begun in the garden) which would COMPLETE the HOLY PROMISE of YHWH given from the foundation of the world to HEAL and SAVE MANKIND from HIS CONDEMNED CONDITION]. Daniel also tells us that the HOLY LAW, which includes HOLY TIME (His commanded MESSIANIC Calendar of EVENTS) would be CHANGED and FORGOTTEN ABOUT (replaced by the ANTI-CHRIST BEAST CALENDAR so familiar to us children of stockholm syndrome victims today) with the details of it being SEALED UP before our eyes in the Bible and its proper interpretation NOT UNSEALED to be UNDERSTOOD until the RIGHT TIME at the end of days by the ANCIENT OF DAYS (Dan. 7:13)!

But let's set that aside for now and very briefly discuss the 'Blood Atonement' aspect of the 'Gospel' focused on in the New Testament, most notably that of Paul whose teachings many use to make a Law unto themselves erroneously, and by so doing have an ANTI-CHRIST GOSPEL no different from the Pharisees who ALSO rejected him while pretending to be waiting for him, FOR OUR INSTRUCTION (Heb. 4:11)!