Why do people die? Why do suffering, injustice, and evil exist? Where did we come from and where are we going? How should one live this life; is there something more BEYOND this 'realiy' that could change how we perceive the 'here and now' in a STARTLINGLY DRAMATIC WAY? Whose (religiously/politically created) rules should we follow, if any? Which is the right 'path' one should take in life: Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddism, Atheism, Tauism, Paganism, Satanism, or some other 'spiritual' OR materialistic GRID by which to percieve 'reality' and so conduct ourselves into the future? What is the meaning and purpose of life and how does answering that question make any difference in how we live or who we ULTIMATELY will have served with our actions? Clearly all of the established 'isms' claim to be 'the way', but they CAN NOT possibly ALL be 'right'. Is there ANY COMPREHENSIVE MODEL of reality EVER put forward worthy of merit?

These are questions that have plagued the WORLDS' philosophers for thousands of years as evidenced in works like Plato's 'Republic' (which attempts to develop an 'Utopic Government' and is still used as a blueprint by the 'elite', SOCIAL ENGINEERS, to this day). Since ancient times these are questions that the BEST and BRIGHTEST of inquisitive children ask...until they learn to 'go along to get along' within whatever circles, with their related cultural, political and religious beliefs and practices that they find themselves thrust into from birth and consequence. Childrens minds are subtly shaped by the world systems and its institutions already existing around them which they are ENCULTURATED WITHIN from birth.

We learn rather quickly that we should not 'rock the boat' when the answers we receive to certain questions regarding the 'ism' we were born into just don't add up LOGICALLY. We learn to never draw attention to obvious inconsistencies (if we are even able to perceive and articulate them); often times OURSELVES then making them SACROSANCT...too 'holy' to even question...except by 'heretics', 'enemies' or the OTHER political 'party' than the one which we have found ourselves most 'comfortable' in aligning ourselves with as part of our world community. We become PERSONALLY INVOLVED WITH PERPETUATING cultural and traditional LIES and when our chosen path seems THREATENED (EVEN BY TRUTH PERSONIFIED), we are willing to MURDER anyone who would THREATEN those SACROSANCT IDOLS! This is the basic Stockholm Syndrome of mankind who is ruled by INSTITUTIONS controlled by PSYCHOPATHIC CONTROL FREAK FANATICS WHO ALWAYS SEEK POWER OVER THEIR VICTIMS AND DO THEIR DEEDS IN DARKNESS!.

Most (of us) children take the path of least resistance by 'falling in line' with one of these already established and supposedly acceptable cultural or world system ideologies...usually the one born into...and never question the SACROSANCT, traditional and cultural ERRORS at the FOUNDATION of each of them, which we then learn to perpetuate ourselves. It is really a form of subtle child abuse/programming which is very hard to extricate one's self from if NO OTHER INFORMATION is EVER CONSIDERED than what has been (basically) THE FAMILY CULTURE, like a fish which assumes and never questions, the waters he swims in.

We merely learn the unspoken 'rules' and 'go along to get along' in our little compartmentalized, sub-system/sub-culture of the Cosmopolitan World...or we simply choose to live our lives as if there is NO answer to ALL of these questions of any pragmatic value, as hedonistic animals or 'black sheep', neither of which 'fit in' to the 'normal' fabric of society. I demonstrate in this work that this 'world reality' DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF is an economically and politically created UN-reality, shall END one day when the underdog TRUTH unexpectedly CONQUERS the ESTABLISHED, INCUMBANT LIE.

Those world views all share one thing in common; they refuse the truth as outlined in this thesis which exposes them, at the very least, as culpable to the degree of having been deceived by Edomites BY DESIGN. As this thesis demonstrates, Edomites are the 'corporate body/bride' of Satan from whom they receive their power/sustenance as he controls all the world systems using his Psychopathically TRAINED minions, yet is himself hidden and lurking in both History and HIS story (YHWH's Word/the Bible) until these end days; yet he now stands exposed as the 'Man of Sin' spoken of in 2 Thes. IT IS PROPHETIC! He is the PSYCHOPATHIC MIND of man that has rocked the cradle of mankind since he perverted Adam and had Cain MURDER his brother to begin colonizing a WORLD COMMUNITY in the name of GOD and from Nimrods 'BABYL' after the flood, that idolatrous system was spread into the entire world. YHWH's servants have ALWAYS BEEN the IGNORANT FLOCK that gives these WICKED SHEPHERDS their cover and smoke screen to DO psychopathic things to others and even their own 'flocks' or peoples. Psychopaths have always required SACRIFICES of HUMANS in order for their VISION of earthly utopia to come to fruition. It's a recurring theme throughout HIS STORY. YHWH made his people the SACRIFICES for the PURPOSE of exposing the PSYCHOPATHY of mankind in the end days TO HIS GLORY. Two bodies of people clearly divided, those who desire MURDER in the name of peace, and those who would rather DIE than be the hand USED TO MURDER for purpose of perpetuating the incumbant LIE, they would rather die to serve the TRUTH in REALITY. A pure bride comes out of a CORPORATE WHORE whose owners and operators REJECT TRUTH for their personal idols of SELFISHNESS.

You see not only does the Messiah have a BRIDE, a people/nation of THOSE WHO SERVE HIM, but so ALSO this corporate body (whore) also has a KING or HEAD who has always been HIDDEN and worshipped SECRETLY by HYPOCRITES who are using power for SELFISH ENDS as exposed in this THESIS. They are USURPING POWER under the COVER OF DARKNESS and the LIGHT HAS COME to EXPOSE THEIR DEEDS AS PROMISED!. But all secrets shall soon be MANIFEST BEFORE ALL. So even as the body of Messiah has her own head/King, the corporate WHORE has hers, a PSYCHOPATH. There are TWO CATEGORIES of people in the end...sheep or goats represented by two heads, the TRUE Messiah who is ONE with his 'body' and the False one (a BEAST) who comes to rule over a divided kingdom with the assistance of his WHORE (hypocritical religious) body.

The truths found herein demonstrate with immutable, objective evidence that we have been ENSLAVED by IGNORANCE and DECEPTION throughout time UNTIL NOW! Now, as FORETOLD in a Drama Script written thousands of years ago, the TRUTH has come to set us free from our ENSLAVEMENT; as it promised in advance would happen. The answer to ALL of these basic questions regarding our existence has been made UNMISTAKABLY CLEAR with IMMUTABLE, OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE promised thousands of years ago! Your world view is about to change dramatically, as OBJECTIVELY VERIFIABLE TRUTH has ALWAYS done when it changes man's WORLD VIEW. So, to take a popular FALSE WORLD VIEW from the past to analogize the dramatically differing world view which you are about to be exposed to...which will DIFFER SO DRAMATICALLY from what you believe to be true that you will think it to be crazy or preposterous to at first accept, get ready to walk on a 'round planet' you 'flat earth' neanderthals!

Yes, the Purpose and Meaning of Life, as well as the answers to ALL the questions posed above and MORE is revealed to us in the form of an ancient Drama. It is the Drama from which ALL subsequent dramas have their inspiration. There can be NO GREATER DRAMA than the one I am about to describe from the Script I have read. Shakespeare plagiarized some of his ideas from, and owes his success to, this ancient Drama Script which he himself read (as one of the translators of the KJV Bible).

In fact, everything that is happening in the world...all time and space are CONTAINED WITHIN this Drama as a fragment of the's SO MASSIVELY HUGE in its encompasses EVERYTHING we can perceive as real and SO MUCH MORE! From ancient times this Master Drama has claimed to have an 'ancient' origin and yet speaks in specific detail of the future. It expressly claims to declare the END from the BEGINNING.

It calls itself 'ancient' because it has been given from a perspective that exists OUTSIDE our construct of matter and its inherent construct of TIME. It's a LOVE LETTER FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION, another reality, and it consists of very specific instructions regarding the Authors' object of Desire. It is about a Husband wooing his perfectly symbiotic Bride into submission to his loving will, and the Brides' willful obedience to her Grooms' instructions regarding his coming, sort of like an 'elopement', to receive her to himself. Mankind is the Bride, but only few from every generation ever submit to the loving will of the Groom to become part of the body of the Bride; living sacrifices. There has been much tragedy in this Drama called ‘His Story’, but the climax is promised to be SPECTACULAR!

This Universal Drama is being played out in time and space RIGHT NOW. We are each participants in the Universal Drama on the Stage of Humanity. It is His Story...the Creators' account of why we are here. All His Story is contained WITHIN the Bible and there is only ONE version, HIS! All of the translations out there (as opposed to the original texts from which they are derived which we shall look at in some detail) share common errors (as a result of an ADMITTED 'conspiracy', an ADMITTED AGENDA to forge a UNIVERSAL 'FAITH' NOT FOUNDED ON TRUTH, which we shall also look at in some detail) that keep the DEEP, UNIFYING TRUTH of the Bible, which exists in the dramatic form I am about to present to you, from ever being known to the masses. There is nothing that you or I can do about what the masses think. This message has NOT YET come to them, but it has come to YOU.

The masses have been led astray by traditionally and culturally accepted errors held in common over generations. This 'common knowlege' that is shared by many cultures regarding the Bible keeps one from seeing the big picture which I am going to explain to you in this 'cliff note' summary of the Bible...which will be DRAMATICALLY DIFFERENT than any other 'cliff notes' version you have ever heard (no doubt you have heard MANY as the deceiver is attempting to CONFUSE you). You have never seen a movie that speaks THE TRUTH regarding the STRUGGLE in the WOMB OF TIME on the stage of PLANET EARTH between the Two Spiritual Peoples of Israel and EDOM...SHEEP OR GOATS...the only two categories of persons in the END...known and judged by WHAT THEY DO (their politics...politics being nothing more than the outworking expression of what one believes to be the 'path of truth' individually and corporately...the very definition of 'religion'). Those who are unaware of EDOM in prophecy, by default serve him in is time to COME OUT from the Beasts whore body! Let's begin to review the Script to see what I mean.

To begin with, and we shall look at the evidence, the Bible is not about hell and damnation; though that is certainly a part written for some to 'play' in this Script. Rather, it is a Love Letter, a magnanimous marriage proposal to man...and this proposal was planned before man was even created! Therefore, 'His Story' is a Romantic Drama in which the Creator is attempting to woo us (His Created 'Bride') into playing the role he created for us (as a Nation Bride) OUTSIDE of time and space, while we are STILL IN time and space. How? Through FAITH in what He has PROMISED!

Why would he put us here in a world controlled by DARKNESS with good works prepared for us in advance on this UNIVERSAL STAGE if NOT to make his character, plan and purpose known to the REST of his 'real time' to GLORIFY HIM? How else but in showing us where we came from could we ever trust him in regard to where we are going as he tells us in ADVANCE, through HIS STORY? How can we bring him glory but to become like his son who sacrificed his life for us to show us the DOOR of HOPE is the PERSECUTED PATH? Is this not the price we also pay in this TEMPORAL reality, this STAGE where we DEMONSTRATE to whom we belong by WHAT WE DO and WHO WE SERVE? How else can we reflect his character except we learn to mirror His Image as created to do? And how could we possibly know how 'good' he is without knowing what his opposing character ('evil') looks like so we can avoid and or OPPOSE/EXPOSE it for the DARKNESS it is? Good can not be known apart from evil...yet good can not exist WITH evil for very long and yet remain good...evil is corruptive like CANCER (it will infect even cells that would otherwise be 'good'...obedient to their GOOD instructions rather than REBELLIOUS to their 'role/function'). But no matter, when YHWH is finished USING the 'rebellion' of mankind for his GOOD KINGDOM purposes, rebellion shall be removed we shall see.

The Creator, who is the AUTHOR of 'good', is greater than evil (which is merely an anticipated perversion of good which the creator intended to use, as a baker or vintner would introduce yeast to produce desired the creator is using an evil opposer as a TOOL to demonstrate his anti-thesis). That is why both exist here for a time on this planet...and great evil is about to come to its WORLD THRONE so that everyone can see how evil it is...the result of deception and failure to love and apply ETERNAL the end, Evil shall be exposed by the truth, which is GOOD, and be overthrown forever. All of this is hidden within the very pages of the Script and I am going to attempt to show it to you as YOU have a specific part to play in this Drama of the Universe if you CHOOSE to accept it.

The Creator has been making his character and plan known on a Universal Stage using twin sons (as ante-typified in Cain and Abel and Esau and Jacob...these 'twins' are also depicted as twin goats in the ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE, for which the Master's part 'is finished', but that's pretty deep and we will get into that later). One is the TRUE Messiah and the other is a deceiving usurper who has ALREADY lost his birthright but is STILL STEALING THE BLESSSINGS that he has NO RIGHT TO. He ALWAYS has been the first KING of the WORLD ruling through his PUPPETS (he offered it all to Messiah for his obiesence as well). YHWH appointed him to deceive mankind but in the end his devices would become MANIFEST. We see the evidence of those devices all around us today. This is why the Messiah said of Satan that he is the 'prince of this world' but that he now stands condemned and his time is short to rule this world before the TRUTH EXPOSES HIM and his GOAT MINIONS.

The true messiah is calling out a pure and spotless bride for himself on the stage of humanity...a nation that comes out of ALL THE DECEIVED NATIONS of the planet to become the INTEGRITY OF AUTHORITY (which in Hebrew is IsraEl...a SPIRITUAL not merely a BIOLOGICAL people/nation) that she was created to be...even in the face of persecution and death she stands against injustice and tyranny...these are the 'deeds' that mark her as belonging to her head. In this way the Bride, led by the Hero of the Script, will bring him GREAT GLORY through her (our) willful obedience to the Script PRIOR to consummation of the promise in the Last Act!

How does it bring him glory? Because the Brides' witness against the plans of the Villain of the Script, even in the face of certain persecution and death as the Script clearly states she may need patiently endure until the very end, demonstrates her faith in the Author of the Script who wrote it FOR HER to place her FAITH on as a SOLID FOUNDATION! He showed us the reality of TEMPORAL death! For those who trust him, DEATH HAS NO STING! We bring him glory by testifying of the TRUTH in the face of a Villain who has deceived the entire world with a ‘Powerful Delusion' (lots of them sharing the same fundamental LIE) that he has, in powerful spell like fashion, brought the worlds masses together to build upon that FALSE foundation. We were told IN ADVANCE that this would be the case so that we would bring him glory THROUGH PATIENT ENDURANCE. And this is how the Bride purifies herself before her Groom comes for her near the end of the Drama.

The ONE Script of the Bible declares that YHWH, who is demonstrated within to be the Author of the Script in DISTINCTION from the 'LORD' (which is documented within to be a Satanically engineered deception used for the EXPRESSED PURPOSE of constructing a 'UNIVERSAL FAITH' to unify the WORLD which began with the Murder of the Messiah and truth thrown down with the destruction of the temple), this creator, YHWH, created time and space for the purpose of putting on this Universal, Romantic Drama from which he would draw out a mate perfectly suitable for himself; a symbiotic mate drawn from the womb of time and space to be 'reborn' into another eternal in which we share his eternal kingdom in perfect peace and harmony as the intended 'product' of the process of time and creation into which evil was mixed for a wonderful purpose that could never otherwise be realized. Even as a 'blue print' reveals the timing and processes through the phases of the construction project (and at the same time gives glory to the 'Architect' when masterfully CONCEPTUALIZED and thoughtfully articulated to competent workmen), the Bible has, AND STILL IS, accurately predicting the future circumstances of man (the objective evidence regarding the construction project documented within this Thesis demonstrates the TRUTH of these PROPHECIES being fulfilled NOW and exactly what phase of the construction process we are in).

How can we ignore such a magnanimous proposal from the Master Architect of Time and whose character has been demonstrated WITHIN OUR CONSTRUCT OF TIME AND SPACE, to be such PERFECT LOVE, while at the same time demonstrating himself to be ALL POWERFUL (omnipotent), ALL KNOWING (omniscient), and who asks us to SHARE HIS LIFE WITH HIM in ETERNAL GLORY (the very purpose of our having been created)? One would be INSANE to not to fall on their knees and give him their WHOLE BEING WITHOUT RESERVATION if what I say is true! And let me tell you I have SEEN it in the Script WITH MY OWN MINDS EYE. It is there as I describe and I challenge you to look for YOUR SELF at ALL of the evidences outlined in this Thesis! There is no fear of Death for those who have faith in these promises. Temporal Death is NOT our enemy and we have NO FEAR of the eternal REALITY it mirrors for the FAITHLESS!

We will see that temporal death is actually a powerful tool through which we can reach others who fear losing their temporal life. They do not understand that Life is to be SPENT for the sake of others. This is the instruction of the Master whom we are to serve who extends ETERNAL LIFE if we merely trust him in obedience with our TEMPORAL LIFE. Remember what the Master said according to Matthew:

He who has found his life shall lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake shall find it. Matthew 10:39

For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it. Matthew 16:25

In the words of Luke he said it this way:

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. Luke 9:24

Whoever seeks to keep his life shall lose it, and whoever loses his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33

Mark says it just a bit differently which gives us even more insight into the Master's meaning:

For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake and the gospel's shall save it. Mark 8:35

Those who FEAR DYING do not know the MASTER OF LIFE! The time is coming soon to LITERALLY BELIEVE those words as EVIDENCED by your DEEDS!

The clearly omnipotent being who calls himself YHWH and who exists apart from time and space as we can naturally comprehend it, gave us the Script within this construct we call 'time' in order to prepare us for when HIS DAY comes, the Seventh Day Sabbath of Creation, which ENDS 'His Story', and we are reborn into ETERNAL REALITY. All Creation is FINISHED in SEVEN DAYS from HIS PERSPECTIVE, which are still being played out according to the Script by which we understand the proper division of TIME. Each 'Act' has a beginning and an end, as does the entire Drama. But this MASTER Drama is set up a bit differently than the very simple imitations we are familiar with. This Drama is 'layered.' In other words, we have been given the 'Big Picture' in the first 'Act' which contains the FIRST PROMISE. All subsequent Acts and Promises fall within the Scope of the FIRST and are mere 'dress rehearsals' if you will for the Last Scene where the Villain is finally exposed 'On Set' and then removed from it. Again, all of the promises of the Script are necessarily encapsulated WITHIN the first Promise regarding CREATED TIME. With that said, let's begin to see what I mean.

All matter has its existence within the construct of Time and is given to us in overview FROM YHWH's PERSPECTIVE as the Seven Days of His Story given to us in the first 34 verses of Genesis. This account is often referred to as the 'creation account' with the associated understanding that it was a past event...but that is incorrect despite how pervasive. Man is still being created and after evil is removed shall be declared 'very good' at the end of day six (which is approaching quickly now). So we should understand this account to be encompassing ALL CREATED TIME. Why? Because YHWH promised us that he TOLD US THE END from the VERY BEGINNING. He has merely rolled out more details over the course of history so that ONLY IN THE END would we UNDERSTAND IT. Only now is it possible for us to SEE HIS STORY from HIS PERSPECTIVE as He told us the END from the VERY BEGINNING.

Remember the beginning, from the ancient times, that I AM AUTHORITY there is no more higher authority than Me which RECOUNTS THE END FROM THE BEGINNING, declaring from BEFORE hand those things NOT DONE saying MY POLITICAL REALITY SHALL STAND and all of my longings will be done. Is. 46:9-10

YHWH told us the 'end' from the 'beginning'. In other words, to put it into analogical form; for all of you who believe that the 'world is flat', not round...or rather that the 'seven days' of creation are OVER WITH, as opposed to being still played out, allow me to point this out as a FALSE WORLD VIEW (which I will demonstrate forthwith) that has a significant impact on what you believe...which impacts your politics (again, politics merely being the FINAL EXPRESSION THROUGH LEGISLATION of what one believes, as a community, to be true). The only 'politics' that YHWH's people are to participate in are HIS. HIS WORLD VIEW being played out in LEGISLATION brought to the table by OUR SUFFERING to bring WORLD PEACE is the ONLY WORLD VIEW we are to participate in.

Therefore it is in THIS PERSPECTIVE (that the Seventh Day Sabbath is still a FUTURE EVENT...according to Hebrews 4) that we must place our faith in to demonstrate we belong to him as his people/Bride. The wedding banquet happens on the Sabbath. When the Drama ends with the eighth day, as the details of the Script clearly tell us later that it will, Creation and its inherent construct of Time as we currently perceive it, will also cease to exist (flesh circumcised on eighth day) and we will have entered a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REALITY! A circumcision of flesh and rebirth into an eternal, spiritual reality for which this life was merely the womb growing us (collectively and over time) to full term to become the Bride of our loving Master. The purpose for time and creation will come to full term with our REBIRTH into a completely different reality for which we must make preparations for entrance NOW, today, by FAITH in this Promise given in the 'Love Letter. In this way we are reborn by faith, today, into the fullness of the PROMISE WHICH IS COMING at the end of His Story! This body will never make it out alive but through FAITH we understand and ENTER INTO SPIRITUAL LIFE as only mirrored in this matrix of fleshly deception. His Story is the Bible and we are living it out in REAL TIME until EVERY WORD HAS HAPPENED! The word of YHWH truly is 'ALIVE AND ACTIVE!' In Him alone we truly live, move and have our being! Our Creator has given HIS STORY of 'created matter' to us ENTIRELY within our construct of time in the form of the Script, the Bible.

If knowledge is power then by definition the Script itself is prima fascia evidence of the OMNISCIENT OMNIPOTENCE of it's Author who clearly exists apart from our construct of TIME as we know it...and anyone who knows it knows him! What he said he would do in 'ante-typical fashion' and prophecy before hand, he has DONE in the Hero of the Script, the Messiah Yahwshua. This is not to be confused with the MYRIAD concepts of 'Jesus Christ' ranging from that of Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, and most other 'protestant' denominations that STOPPED PROTESING LIES. (all exposed and documented as part of the world's deception within for those who wish to LOVE THE TRUTH and root out error) who some may believe themselves to be calling on truthfully until they learn to put childish ways behind them and grow in the fullness of this afore promised, end-time, EliYahu Message (I know that is equivalent to telling little children that Santa Claus is a FABLE...but I do not believe they should be lied to in the first place...but let's put this into proper perspective...I am not sorry to be the bearer of GOOD TIDINGS which is TRUTH...I am sorry for the PAIN ASSOCIATED with COMING OUT FROM TRADITIONAL AND CULTURAL IDOLATRY!).

This is a message that has been UNSEALED from the Bible itself (original texts, not translations...which you can easily verify in your own Interlinear Bible) where it has been hidden in plain view; check for yourself if you think I am lying...and SHOW ME MY ERROR IF YOU LOVE ME! It is commanded! I have already laid my life down in this world to bring these truths to you...killing me will not stop the truth from overcoming your false paradigm! If I am wrong I would REALLY APPRECIATE being CORRECTED in LOVE rather that PERSECUTED AND ALIENATED for the name of YOUR GOD! Is that what love does to those who are different as a result of SINCERE BIBLE STUDY and practical application? I have loved much to bring this to you...I suffer daily as a pilgrim and sojourner on my way home. It is the least I can do for the MASTER WHO SHOWED ME WHAT LOVE LOOKED LIKE.

The Messiah Yahwshua, whose actions and SPECIFIC NAME were prophetically given to us IN ADVANCE OF HIS APPEARING ON STAGE, AS PROMISES TO BE RELIED UPON (as documented within), can readily be seen as the True Messiah spoken of in the Script Promises. It is only upon THOSE PROMISES (and not the myriad of FABLES which are propogated through the use of UNIVERSAL TERMS OF 'Zion', 'Israel', 'Lord', 'God', and even 'Jesus' and 'Church' through which the world has ALREADY BEEN shall be IRREFUTABLY demonstrated within) that the Bride places her FAITH which is demonstrated by what she DOES (in the face of this WORLD deception just beginning to be exposed to your view), and this brings her into conflict with the deceived World System controlled by the Villain who is attempting to supplant the TRUTH through deceit...thousands of deceptions divided against one another yet holding UNIVERSAL TERMS OF DECEPTION in common as ONE BODY, an UNTRUTHFUL, VIOLENT, HATEFUL PEOPLE who are attempting to take the kingdom through violence. Yahwshua came to show us EXACTLY WHAT TO DO even as he came to do what the Script says he would do the WAY it said he was to do it, PERFECTLY!

He is the Hero of the Script, Truth Personified! He played his role PERFECTLY! He had a specific work to do at the Anti-Climax Scene of the Drama where he was sacrificed and then raised as our Hero to return according to the SPECIFICATIONS OF THE SCRIPT toward the end of this Universal Drama. He was slain as the Script DEMANDED to make ATONEMENTS for his Bride (who had been led into deception by the false Messiah, Satan into believing this was ALL there is...but will be led out of Deception by the TRUTH given as a loving remedy for our condition) for whom he would later return in SPLENDID GLORY AND POWER to rescue from his nemesis...the Villain/deceiver of the Drama who is the 'god' of this world for a time...he is still ruling, despite the Messiah's PART being finished with HIS DEATH, until the SPIRITUAL ATONEMENTS SACRIFICE, for which the law was given as a SHADOW, is COMPLETED! Then the GOAT representing SATAN is REMOVED! These concepts may be lost on many of you at this point but it will become ever clearer as you read this 'Intro' again AFTER you finish reading the Thesis itself.

Good and Evil (Headed by two annointed beings; Yahwshua and Satan) struggle together for the heart of a fair maiden (Mankind) who has been long anticipating the overthrow of evil on the Universal Stage of Humanity as she has ALWAYS SUFFERED at the hands of her TYRANNICAL WORLD MASTER

The purpose of this Living Drama is to demonstrate the nature and character of the Creator for the Bride on the Stage of Humanity so that the Bride WILL reciprocate her understanding of that character and become like her Head who is coming back to redeem her as his own IF SHE (we) OBEY HIM. We all have a role to play in this living Drama which is the Creators' Marriage Proposal before the entire Universe which stands witness to these events. To play this role one must become 'set apart' and we do that through faith in the end time Message promised from the beginning. In this promise we find the AWESOME OPPORTUNITY to bring Him glory through our becoming like him in TRUTH and SPIRIT.

The Head (Yahwshua) of this Bride (a MIXED MULTITUDE/'nation' dispersed throughout the world and called ‘Israel') has shown to us on the stage of Humanity (at his execution), the fullness of the character of our Creator with whom we, together with him, are to become ONE when 'all is finished' (and not one jot or tittle of the instructions will cease to exist until then!). This will happen despite the devices and schemes of the Villain who works SECRETLY to rid the SET of truth which exposes him (this is why the world is COMPLETELY IGNORANT of the SIGNIFICANT PROPHECIES regarding EDOM in the last days preceding the Messiah's return. How could he become the world king if everyone is aware of these prophecies? would be impossible...but we, a small remnant, know it must happen and we shall see it.

He hides himself and has others do his bidding and only the properly interpreted Script can expose him by his DEEDS. Knowledge of the Script demonstrates whose actions assist whom...anyone who does not understand their part in the Drama must WAKE UP to the fact that they have ALREADY been deceived by the Villain AS THE SCRIPT SAID IT WOULD BE in the end days. There is no shame in this. We have ALL been deceived by design (we are the Bride being led out of deception by the SECOND ADAM). But there is shame associated with failing to recognize these Bible Truths revealed by the HOLY SPIRIT as promised in advance would happen in the end days. It is the very VOICE OF MESSIAH calling you to SANCTIFY YOURSELF FOR HIS RETURN AS YOUR PROMISED HUSBAND! One must repent (that is: acknowledge the truth and begin practicing it) and learn to walk in the fullness of truth understanding that they have, BY DEFAULT, been deceived by the Villain who is the Stage Master until he is exposed according to the DEMANDS of the Script in the final scene.

He is the Puppet Master. Only knowledge of the Script can expose 'who works for whom' and the Devices the Villain uses. He is about to become WARDEN over his PRISON PLANET. The Script says that near the last act, the truth about the Villain is loosed to EXPOSE HIM so that he can no longer HIDE himself as the Puppet Master. This marks the 'shortness' of the time he has left to control the Stage and its players in preparation for his Last Scene in command of the Stage (and also signals the great apostasy and removal of the restrainer as outlined herein). This is where we currently are in the Drama Script. This EliYahu Message is that which was to come. It has come to UNSEAL THE SCRIPTURES THEMSELVES WHEREIN THIS IMMUTABLE, OBJECTIVE MESSAGE IS FOUND!

The Script is replete with examples typifying the struggle between good and evil and its purposes. The end of His Story, like any good Drama, shall be quite climactic as it is the fulfilling consummation of requited love and anticipation on the part of the ADORING BRIDE who is eagerly awaiting being freed from her tyrannical, worldly captivity by her Hero the BrideGroom; to be 'borne' into the eternal reality for which creation exists to prepare her (us) as a 'womb'. He comes to save her from the wicked clutches of the Villain who has raised and deceived her from infancy in a world he has controlled with men who USURP authority to themselves AS GOD. He has tricked her into his service where she has said and done things to shame and injure her True Love, mostly out of ignorance and deception which she learns about SUBSEQUENT to his demonstration of his LOVE at the execution stake and the UNVEILING of the GOSPEL sealed up after the destruction of the temple. Once she learns the truth of it, she repents and tries to walk in the truth she has found. She has done this on the Stage of Humanity over the course of time since being plunged into the 'DARK AGES' by the murder and removal of her Head nearly two thousand years ago. At every turn she has found herself struggling against the Beast tyrant and his Whore who would attempt to suppress her CONSCIENTIOUS OBEDIENCE to her TRUE HEAD (which historically resulted in the 'age of enlightenment', the 'Protestant Revolution' and the subsequent founding of the UNITED STATES upon those SPIRITUAL TRUTHS which will not remain buried). Eventually she is even forbidden to speak his true name UPON PENALTY OF DEATH (as speaking truth will become a 'peace/security' issue in a satanically despotic system)...let alone speak of his enduring Love and of his ANCIENT DRAMA PLAN which exposes the lies of the Villain and his puppet whores within whose kingdom she is held as PRISONER.

As long as she will not give up her searching for and recounting the TRUTH regarding the promises of the BrideGroom that she has found continually throughout the generations, the Villain persecutes her using his deceived, worldly minions who PREFER TO LIVE IN DARKNESS where they walk with torches in a dark world THEY CONTROL for a short time longer. She, finally realizing the truth, refuses to continue to work toward the ATTEMPTED destruction of her lover, as the Villain eventually deceives the entire world to do. He persecutes, tortures and even murders the true bride on the stage of humanity over the course of time for her WITNESS AGAINST HIM AND HIS PLANS...yet she lives on...a small remnant in tatters and rags scattered throughout the world and its generations, holding them accountable to truth while awaiting the fulfillment of the promise of her Beloved whom she KNOWS is coming soon according to his PROMISE. She remains steadfast and faithful even unto death. And then, in the last hour, in the FULLNESS OF TIME...when all hope seems lost and it appears that the earthly resistance against the HEAVENLY REBELLION is about to be completely wiped off the face of the earth...then the Hero is seen MIRACULOUSLY coming on the clouds, trumpets blasting...with the GREATEST DISPLAY OF POWER EVER SEEN as the Villains’ armies and henchmen throughout the entire world try to destroy Him at his triumphal procession, and by so doing are themselves DESTROYED COMPLETELY while the Bride is United with her lover IN THE AIR with SUPERNATURAL BODIES impervious to the Nuclear Holocaust being unleashed upon them; which in fact destroys the wicked long last! Who could turn down such a proposal? Who would not want to COGNIZANTLY participate in such a wonderful event...THE MARRIAGE DRAMA OF THE UNIVERSE called HIS STORY as written in the SCRIPT thousands of years ago...long before such destruction/RE-CONSTRUCTION was even conceivable!?

We have the opportunity NOW, TODAY, to study the Script and choose our role in the Drama, or by default remain one of the ignorant 'extras' in the Villains’ Beast System which is nothing more than enslavement to ASSISTING the Villains’ War Apparatus AGAINST THE HERO at his the Script itself indicates the roles are thus distributed; sheep and goats based on what they DO. We have the choices of learning and finding our personal role in the Script (which is TRUTH AND REALITY) or continuing to live ignorantly in Babylonian confusion/delusion; any one of a myriad of ECONOMICALLY/POLITICALLY CREATED, acceptable world deceptions, false realities, and entertainments by which the Villain of the Drama enslaves the minds of the entire world and comes to his tenuous tyrannical reign over his divided PUPPET ECONOMY toward the end of the Drama. That's the essential 'Plot' of the Drama. Now let's get some more details regarding the recurring Themes. Let's start with the Creation Week Overview given to us by our Loving Creator in Genesis.

There are actually MANY HIS STORY OVERVIEWS given throughout the Script which ALL FIT TOGETHER into a wonderful, symbiotic whole; a mosaic of sorts. As with 'layered' transparencies, each subsequent overview (and its associated promises) is layered over the previous which expands ones understanding and gives more detail and dimension to the former picture which becomes EVER CLEARER so that by the layering of the LAST ACT, when we arrive at the final hour of fulfillment...THERE IS NO MISTAKING IT for the Bride who has been watching and waiting...SHE KNOWS HE'S ABOUT TO COME! There are two 'witnesses' or His Story Overviews given in the first SEVEN chapters of Genesis and we will cover only those two for the purpose of this Foreword/Abstract; which is essentially a beautiful summary of the Bible Plan.

History Overview # 1

In the first 34 verses of Genesis we have the FIRST HIS STORY OVERVIEW in the Creation Account. It is here that we are given the purpose and goal of man's creation. The entire history of matter and its construct of time as we understand 'life' to be are contained within those Seven Days. Creation (and time) is encased within Eternity (which is YHWH) as a womb inside a mother; and we are forming in the womb NOW. The gestation period for this 'birth' is about to be complete and it will be revealed that there are TWINS forming in this womb of time (depicted by Jacob and Esau). The Body of True Messiah is struggling on the stage of humanity, the womb of time, with his evil TWIN, the Anti-Messianic body of Edom, whose king is Lucifer, for the Blessing and Kingship of planet earth as given from the Father of the Universe).

One of these 'nations' is the 'sheep' and the other is the 'goats' and we can only know the difference between the two by what they DO as given in the prophetic details regarding EACH (not just if Edom does not exist...he is NOW EXPOSED as promised). This is the Gospel…the very purpose of Creation. By faith in ALL these promises we have the ability to become ONE with them today! After this struggle (and subsequent removal of EDOM from the land which has NEVER HAPPENED AS outlined within) comes the Seventh Day Sabbath/Marriage Ceremony as promised. Then after being joined with our head...and the removal of the wicked King, Time and Creation cease to exist as we now understand them to be, and we (a faithful, mixed multitude called 'Israel') enter the Eighth Day Eternal Kingdom for which time and creation exist TEMPORALLY as a tool or stage of construction.

Again, after this Seventh Day when the Perfect Bride is consummated as One with YHWH, time and creation as we know it cease to exist and is therefore cut off (circumcised) as we enter the SPIRITUAL, 8th day Eternal Reality. Flesh cannot enter the Kingdom of YHWH. YHWH wants a perfect nation/bride to join him in Eternity when this Creation Week Drama is finished. Until it is finished and the Bride fully grown and joined to her head, NOT ONE THING IN THE SCRIPT WILL DISAPPEAR! It will happen exactly as it is written with or without your cognizant participation. You can not stop or change it...all you can do is GET WITH THE MARRIAGE PROGRAM; or enjoy your life steeped in deception now and suffer great shame as a fool eternal EDOMITE GOAT fool...when all deception is swept away as promised and only THIS REALITY REMAINS. Wake up before it's too late!

Remember the beginning, from the ancient times, that I AM AUTHORITY there is no ULTIMATE AUTHORITY like Me which RECOUNTS THE END FROM THE BEGINNING, declaring from BEFORE hand those things NOT DONE saying MY WORLD VIEW SHALL STAND and all of my longings will be done. Is. 46:9-10

Time, Space and Matter all have their existence in YHWH. From that 'womb' he is creating Man (male and female) who, as a Righteous Nation of people under their Righteous King, becomes his Bride and enters the TRUE REALITY for which we are being created NOW. Even as man is created in His Image and Eve pulled from the side of man, spiritually we as HIS Bride being drawn 'from his side' as it were. Why? Why are we here? Because it was not good for YHWH to be alone; that is WHY he created Man ‘in his image.’ He is showing us that he is looking for a (righteous nation) Bride to share his eternal realm with. LOVE MUST SHARE (that is why it was not good for Adam to be alone)...but evil cannot share (thus cain killed his brother), it can only TAKE. If love shares with evil it is not reciprocal and therefore is NOT GOOD and must be shown as such. That is why evil, suffering, and injustice exist for a time IN THIS WORLD. YHWH wants us to CHOOSE HIM and His Righteousness which he has shown us on the Universal Stage and by so doing, BRING HIM GLORY! This is why the Deceiver (and the true Messiah) was in the garden...and is still with us today...HE MUST BE EXPOSED AS A LIAR (and thereby defeated) BY US, YHWH's people, Israel...those who stand on the STANDARD by which ALL THINGS shall be measured and judged...the TRUTH; the Word of TRUTH (the STANDARD by which 'good' and 'evil' is measured) which is Messiah's WILL living in us!

Now, just to re-iterate what we have learned by giving more supporting substance to the vision of the Drama of His Story, let's recount things from another perspective and thereby add another layer of understanding. The FIRST and ALL ENCOMPASSING PROMISE of the Script...UPON WHICH HANG ALL THE PROMISES OF SCRIPTURE, is the promise of the SEVENTH DAY SABBATH after the sixth day of Man. After giving this overview of ALL CREATED TIME as His Story, then Genesis 2:4-3:24 takes us BACK to the beginning of day six, to the Garden of Eden where the Plot of learning good and evil from the Villain, who is also the STAGE MASTER of this Drama, is NOW introduced. So for the rest of the Bible, the ‘Act’ of the Script we are LIVING OUT is the 6TH Day of Man and the Seventh Day Sabbath is a FUTURE PROMISE we enter only through faith after the deceiver is exposed and removed from His Story. The Seventh Day Sabbath of YHWH's Creation is still A FUTURE EVENT (Heb. 4)! It comes AFTER we learn 'good' from 'evil' from the Prince of this world who controls the Set in secret through deception and violence until he is exposed and deposed toward the end of the Sixth Day which we are still in. This is what the rest of the Script clearly shows us. According to later revelation that merely expands upon this promise/overview, at the end of the 'day of man' the Hero comes in the clouds, gathers together his Body (Bride Nation) with new, supernatural bodies from all over the world to meet him in the air whereupon he leads them BACK to the land (Obad. 1:21) to CONQUER EVIL. During the reign of the TRUE MESSIAH on this planet we will then be led to the garden to eat from the tree of life. After eating from the tree of life, we are then led into the Seventh Day Sabbath promised from the foundation of the world. This is essentially the Gospel Overview...but let’s go a bit deeper into another layer of the details AS RECORDED IN THE SCRIPT.

The Worlds' Whores (spiritual leaders who refuse repentance in the face of these HOLY SPIRIT TRUTHS and continue to preach a DIFFERENT GOSPEL in rebellion/self deception for WORLDLY GAIN) teach that the Seven Days of the Creation Account are a finished event from our perspective...that it happened in OUR PAST. But this event is CLEARLY given from the Author's perspective...A PROMISE that we are to place FAITH in. FOR TRUTH SEEKERS THIS MATTER IS IMPERATIVE! This really is the only interpretation any rational, reasonable mind must conclude after looking at the details of the Script rather than FOLLOWING THE ERRONEOUS TRADITIONS and teachings of men. Unfortunately, most 'religious' persons are self deceived, hypocrytical lemmings who are actually worshipping Satan THROUGH THEIR DEEDS...though they themselves MAY be saved (only YHWH can judge heart motives), their works will all be 'burned up'.

Worshipping YHWH as one pleases rather than through OBEDIENCE to the Script, is rebellion to YHWH and his plan and this rebellion is actually obedience to Satan (as Satan is the LEADER of all the rebellious) and will bring their rebellious leader to his throne in Jerusalem to rebel with him against the TRUE KING all as prophesied (also ante-typified by David given in YHWH's mercy to show us what happens after the SUICIDAL KING OF DISOBEDIENCE/Saul is removed as promised). But for those of you who are not rebellious but rather wish to come out of the World Delusion spun for you since birth by knowing the TRUTH which will FREE YOU from such bondage, let's just quickly review it once so you can see REALITY.

Reading the 'Creation Account' we see that the sun (from which we derive our concept of a 'day') was not created until the 4th day of this Account. Ergo, the days of the 'Creation Account' CAN NOT be 'solar days' consisting of 24 hours as a day is understood to be from OUR PERSPECTIVE. The Script itself gives us clear indication here that His 'day' is beyond our frame of referential experience. Rather, this account is given from the CREATORS' PERSPECTIVE and HIS determination of TIME is what is important for us to understand. This is the TRUE WORLD VIEW! This is why we must 'renew' our minds by learning and PRACTICING the TRUTH and taking captive EVERY IDEA that would exalt itself against the knowledge of YHWH...even supposedly sacrosanct traditional and cultural errors, which may bring us into PERSONAL, DIRECT CONFLICT with the ENTIRE DECEIVED WORLD (both 'creationists' and 'evolutionists' have the same basic error at the foundation of their respective false paradigms...a Hegelian Dialectic which Satan has used to GET MORE CONTROL through deception)!

Since then a 'day' in the Creation Account could not possibly consist of a 'solar day' (the world's perspective regarding the Biblical Narrative), then suffice it to say that a 'Creation Day' may certainly consist of 'epochs' of time whose duration in terms of the sun, whether solar days, solar years or solar cycles lasting thousands of years, we have no verifiable means to measure since the first three days of the Creation Account had NO visible indication of the existence of those spheres and the light that they emit. It was only on the Fourth Day that He caused their light to be seen. It was not until the FOURTH DAY that the sun, moon and stars were COMMANDED to be used as the CALENDAR IN THE SKY by which man is to make his 'appointments.' The deceived world also does not understand or obey THIS COMMAND (which we will also expose) because the Script tells us that the Villain attempts to 'change the laws AND TIMES' given from YHWH. Since that FOURTH DAY of the Creation Account, the Sun, Moon, and Stars (constellations) were given to man as YHWH's IMMUTABLE, OBJECTIVE 'Calendar in the Sky' for his Bride to use as a tool in UNDERSTANDING THE DIVISION OF TIME from HIS PERSPECTIVE. So again, the perspective from which we MUST UNDERSTAND the Creation Account to be pointing to is not from a THIS 'worldly' perspective but a HIS 'worldly' perspective!

Therefore of ourselves, we can not even PRACTICALLY begin to understand what is clearly outside our framework of comprehension without OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE. This is the beauty of YHWH's Love Letter to us in the form of the Script! It is now demonstrated as THE IMMUTABLE, OBJECTIVE TIME TABLE AND PLAN FOR MAN from an OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT, LOVING AND LONELY CREATOR. YHWH himself gives us the tools in His Letter to us that enable us to CONCEPTUALIZE HIS TRUTH in such a way that would otherwise be beyond our natural ability to perceive; and he did it in such a way that it would only be understood FULLY in the END he promised THOUSANDS OF YEARS IN ADVANCE! They science of physics now PROVES that we live in an INTENTIONALLY CREATED ATOMIC HOLOGRAPHIC 'REALITY PROGRAM' WHICH HAS A 'FIXED RUN TIME.'

He originally gave His IMMUTABLE Calendar in the Sky to Adam before man, in his youth, could read and write, and the Drama of the Universe was associated with stars and their groupings through oral transmission from generation to generation as we have CONCEPTUALLY EVOLVED in our ability to understand HIS PLANS AND PURPOSE FOR US revealed through that Drama. Although the Orally Transmitted Gospel in the Stars given to Adam has been swept away in a flood of lies poured out from the Villains' mouth, we still have verification of this event in the ANCIENT names for stars and constellations in LANGUAGES ALL AROUND THE WORLD that belie a COMMON ORIGIN for them which predates the scattering of man across the planet after the flood...they took the story with them in great detail. We know this because many of the Ancient Names still exist, with similar meanings or stories associated with them, in different languages all around the planet which belies the ORIGINAL DRAMA from which they all came, but transmission of the Drama through THAT medium has been lost.

That original Drama was transmitted orally until writing developed and was then put in the form of the Drama Script which is with us yet today. It was transmitted faithfully in writing until the Hero of the Script paid the ransom for his Bride (even as the Drama in the sky seems to testify but is beyond the scope of this expose to go into detail) and according to the written Script itself, TRUTH WAS THROWN TO THE GROUND for a time. Like the Drama in the Sky, the Villain has tried to change the Script by changing names, meanings, and focal points (as demonstrated within this Thesis). Since Messiah was caught up to the clouds the dragon has poured out a flood of lies from his mouth to overtake the truth (Rev. 12:15)...but to no avail. All will come to pass AS PROPHESIED by the author who saw it all in advance of it ever coming to pass and has TOLD US IN ADVANCE SO WE WOULD TRUST HIM EVEN TO OUR DEATH. Over the course of time, the 'god of this world' whom we have heeded since the garden, has changed the names and meanings through TRANSLATIONS and through CULTURAL TRADITIONS so that the TRUE GOSPEL of the SCRIPT has been lost to man's consciousness just like the Gospel in the Stars previously. In the same way that the Villain through custom and tradition was able to overtake the truth regarding the Drama in the Sky, so he has also been able to do with the WRITTEN DRAMA (the 'WORD' in both print and flesh) which has been essentially 'buried alive' for 2000 years. The TRUE AND LIVING WORD which is INDESTRUCTABLE, has been buried alive for two days and is about to RISE AGAIN on this THIRD SPIRITUAL DAY as promised!

The Villain has subtly changed and twisted things through translations and cultural traditions over time but we still have, for all practical intents and purposes, the Same Script that our Hero used as evidenced by the fairly recent (last century) discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls that have been dated with absolute certainty to predate the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Since we have the very same Script (for all intents and purposes) that the Hero used when he was on Stage for the 'redemption price/execution' Scene...we are safely assured then that he will return to redeem us according to THAT SAME SCRIPT...since of course the redemption price has already been paid...all we have been waiting for is THIS EliYah Message to come, unsealed and delivered from the ORIGINAL HEBREW TEXT demonstrating the TRANSLATIONAL LIES which bind the minds of men in ignorance and deception. The Beast will soon be forced to reveal himself as this message EXPOSES AND THREATENS his remaining in ‘stealth’ mode any longer. This message is the spiritual equivalent to Thermate being strategically placed to slice through the supporting colums of the 2nd Tower of the ECONOMIC Babyl they are currently constructing and which they affectionately refer to as their 'New World Order'. The Bride of Messiah is the body of people placing their loads of truth, as instructed by their head, in such a way as to bring Jericho down from inside.

Once the Bride is revealed and TAKEN OUT OF THE WAY by her separation as a WITNESS AGAINST THE VILLAIN and his plans, then the Villain will reveal himself and the prophetic clock will begin again...the countdown to Nuclear Holocaust. This Message has already begun exposing him as a WITNESS from the wilderness so all we are waiting for now is the Villain to reveal himself through his actions. He has already been persecuting those who would expose him...he and his Whore will ONCE AGAIN spill the blood of all those who witness against his dark kingdom plans. Oh yes, we will see PUBLIC EXECUTIONS to maintain 'peace and order'. He will even attempt to destroy the Hero upon his return for the living remnant of his Faithful Bride; but it will end in his own demise despite all his elaborate plans and preparations. His scheme is SUICIDAL and all those who join him LOVE DEATH.

Time is the most valuable commodity you possess on this planet...and it is continually decreasing. How you INVEST YOUR TIME, what you DO, is what you will be held accountable for before your maker. The Villain (the 'god' of this world) wants you to use your time in service to him as a prop in his carnival of world delusions...or at least wasted on temporal entertainments and lusts rather than the pursuit of truth which will free you from the deception of this HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE. In the end days EVERYONE IS DECEIVED into believing (or otherwise coerced into accepting) that there is a ONE world system...a WORLD UNITED in WAR FOR PEACE...except of course those who know the TRUTH and EXPOSE that Satanic paradigm. EVERYONE shall be given the CHOICE to either be a ‘productive member’ of their 'world community', of which their local community government is now revealed to be merely a subsystem of a HUGE BEAST...a WORLD ORDER, that is coming together (by the design of EDOMITE BANKSTERS as I shall demonstrate forthwith) to share a 'common market', global currency system or 'WORLD PURSE' if you will, through their 'OATH' of allegiance; in order to be able to buy FOOD (the mark of Edom/the Beast). We were warned IN ADVANCE that this would happen!

My son, if the wicked beguile you, do not consent!

If they say: 'come with us to ambush the blood of the innocent underservedly, we will gobble them up as life is by the grave, completely like those who fall into a deep pit. And we shall find all the precious resources and fill our houses with the spoils. Your lot will fall in with OUR ONE PURSE and it will be for all of us.'

My son, do not walk the path with them, keep your foot from their paths as their feet rush toward evil. They anxiously run to spill blood as if for nothing a snare is set in full view of all the birds. For their own blood they lay in ambush as they treasure up for their souls.

So are the paths of all the greedy...greed takes the soul of its owner. Prov. 1:8-19

The Villain uses his Edomite banksters who instigate and fund both sides of EVERY CONFLICT and victimize the innocent in order to capitalize from their losses and manipulate themselves into positions of RUTHLESS, ABSOLUTE DOMINATION over the entire Earth. They are the MIDDLE MEN in an ECONOMY that is RIFE WITH CORRUPTION and stands OPPOSED to YHWH and His ECONOMY. Hence he uses others to make you serve in his kingdom in some capacity through his Edomite minions; you must be directly involved with the construction of his Spiritual Tower of Babel which he calls a 'New World Order'...or you must indirectly serve those who are…it's all the same psychotically disfunctional SYMBIOTIC SYSTEM. But YHWH has his own SYMBIOTIC SYSTEM which is PERFECT and is SET APART distinctly from the Villains; and it is against THIS system men strive while they ignorantly SERVE THE BEAST in building his 'tower' through their participation in his 'New World Order' rather than 'come out of her' through simple obedience.

The individuals that compose the Bride's body do not have ‘worldly organization’ (as depicted by the pyramid on the back of the Dollar) holding them together as a functional body. They are united by their mutual love for the TRUTH and they take orders DIRECTLY FROM THEIR HEAD! The Beasts Body (world citizens) live in hierarchical power structures. They live in sub-systems subordinate to another subsystem located above them in the Beasts Hierarchical pyramid. Many of them stepping on other's heads in their scramble for a more elevated place in a SELFISH SYSTEM. They share ONE PURSE in this system…a One World Economy, as it were. A 'survival of the fittest' in a POLITICALLY CREATED ECONOMIC UNREALITY ENGINEERED BY MEN WHO WORSHIP SATAN. This is something the scriptures give us CLEAR WARNING to avoid (Prov. 1). The ‘World Economy’ thrives on WAR! They kill to make the coffers bigger and gain more control and power…they self destruct in the end. We are warned NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THEIR SELF DESTRUCTION! It is a PYRAMIDAL STRUCTURE…the (so called) ‘elite’ of course at the TOP of the pyramid live luxuriously off the LIVES of ALL those who live below them in their SUBORDINATE RANKS of world enslavement. Each subsystem is subordinate to the system above it. They are all interlinked into a ONE WORLD BODY through their participation in the World Economy (one purse). Edomite middlemen banksters were given the 'wisdom' to create a MONSTER...a 'Beast' of truly Biblical proportion.

These two Systems I have just described are DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to one another. You will either love the TRUTH (which IS YHWH) and HATE the Villain (the 'Lord', 'God' of this world who deceives the nations into obedience to himself/rebellion to YHWH), or you will CONTINUE to serve the Villain while despising YHWH’s revealed truths. You CAN NOT serve both! You will either HATE EDOM (the creator of 'Mammon') and LOVE YHWH or you will serve Edom and despise YHWH who sent his holy spirit of truth to free you from the deception as not deceive yourself...YHWH is not mocked!

YHWH wants you to know and worship him in SERVICE. How you spend your time will determine your destiny after the Drama is over. Spend it in mundane fantasies and serving fleshly lusts (when not busy slaving for Pharaoh in some capacity) and you lose. Allow YHWH to elevate your mind above the temporal/mundane concept of life through loving, studying, and obeying his Truth which will free you through a true EVOLUTION of your mind from bondage to the deception shackling minds in ignorance TO THIS WORLD, and you will be granted access to the tree of life. You will then have made the TRUE EXODUS (in your mind first) and entered the Seventh Day Sabbath rest promised from the foundation of the world, while it is yet called 'today,' by FAITH in that Promise in your mind's Hebrews 4 teaches.

In every respect, the proper understanding of the Overview of His Story given from the beginning of recorded time is ELEMENTAL to a proper understanding of the remainder of the details in the Script. When we enter the Sabbath of YHWH today through faith, it means we UNDERSTAND THE PROMISE OF THE SCRIPT enough to know that we have crossed over from death to life...set free by TRUTH from the various world deceptions and its Villain who controls them all...we have been set free by the truth which exposes the devices of our adversary and helps us to step OUT of the net which he spreads in full view of all the birds (Prov.1). We have learned to eat ONLY GOOD FRUIT from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and leave the EVIL fruit behind...knowing the difference through was always intended for us to learn as a RESULT of our disobedience in the garden which was based upon ignorance of the differences between TWO fruits guarded by two anointed 'cheruvim' in the garden. Two MESSIAHS completely polarized in OPPOSITION to one another; one is good, the other evil. We are learning the differences between good and evil through EXPERIENCE on the stage of humanity.

"Solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil." Hebrews 5:14

For a bit more evidence regarding the seven days of creation as being played out NOW, let's recall the Master of the Sabbath being questioned in his regard to his 'working' on it and his reply:

My father has been working all this time and I myself am working. Jn. 5:17

In other words: Sabbath is a FUTURE EVENT for which you have instruction regarding Sabbath for you to understand ME as the Master of the Sabbath which is a MARRIAGE DATE in the FUTURE. Father YHWH has not yet sabbathed with us as INTENDED because it REALLY IS NOT SABBATH YET...the Sabbath YOU are focused on is a SYMBOL of the is NOT the actual sabbath but a SHADOW of it.

In regard to the 'Old Testament Law/Instructions' he said: 'not one jot or tittle will pass away until everything written there is completed'. Yahwshua himself is telling us of the FUTURE REALITY of Sabbath for which the weekly Sabbath, and all the other festivals of YHWH, are mere SHADOWS of the reality which is YET coming. Never the less, they are shadows and fore types that WE MUST KNOW AND UNDERSTAND PROPERLY in order to come out from the world deception! For this reason we have not known or understood, until now; as promised! This suggests that anyone who pretends to know what the SIGNIFICANCE of 'Sabbath' is, and yet has never placed it in THIS 'HIS STORY' perspective...IS AT LEAST DIM IN VISION and if not outright DECEIVING those who would listen; as is the case with the false prophets of the Whore whose lies DOMINATE the world consciousness of man in these end days and who have really muddied the water through their ignorant ACCEPTANCE of the Satanically originated Julian/Gregorian Calendar of the WORLD SYSTEM. This is another layer of the Gospel, but let’s recap from yet another perspective and fill in even more detail!

THE FIRST PROMISE given to man is one that we may enter today through faith in the Script, but which, according to the Script, comes AFTER the sixth 'day of man' which we are still in. The Sabbath of YHWH at the end of HIS STORY is the very GOAL AND PURPOSE for mans' existence/creation in MATTER! Remember that the Messiah is the MASTER OF THE SABBATH?

"The Son of Man is Master of the Sabbath." Matthew 12:8

And that is why Messiah is the "telos/goal" of the "Law/instructions".

"Messiah is the Goal of the Instructions of Righteousness for the believer" Rom 10:4

The world has its perspective from the pulpits of whores and whore mongers (some are merely deceived and will come out upon hearing this message of truth) whose institutions have been spiritually fornicating with the kings and princes of this SATANICALLY CONTROLLED WORLD since their inception. Let me remind you that the nations Kings (rulers, and that means religious powers too!) conspire against YHWH and his anointed (Psalm 2) with the Villain of the Drama until the last scene and THEN (according to Obadiah 1:21) "the kingdom shall be YHWH's". So until then, there is a 'CONTROVERSY OVER ZION' taking place according to the Script. The Villain’s bride is a religious WHORE which is INSTRUMENTAL in bringing her king to power IN JERUSALEM (even as the rebellious nation, headed by Herod the EDOMITE, rejected Messiah while conspiring to bring Vespasian to power over them...whose son then razed the Temple in 70 well as the picture of Jezebel and Ahab) but in the end the Script tells us, after 'loving her' thus and attaining their MUTUAL GOALS, he (this wicked king which USES HER) burns her with fire when he is finished using her because he DESPISES HER! They merely used each other to get what they each wanted IN THIS WORLD. The pattern is replete throughout His Story. Satan rules this world through deception and violence. He is the ultimate sociopath and he is bringing his sociopathic minions into places of power RIGHT NOW...COME OUT from the DELUSIONS they SPIN FOR YOU TO OBEY THEIR OPEN EVIL NOW while you are still able to perceive TRUTH! Wake up! Be FAITHFUL TO YOUR KING!

Now I want to discuss the next Promise in the Script a bit before moving on to the Second His Story Overview given to us in the first seven chapters of Genesis.

Second Promise:

The next promise in the Script is two-fold. It is the promise of STRUGGLE and REDEMPTION. The struggle between good and evil and Man's redemption for choosing 'good’ is the very GOAL of His Story. Two SPIRITUAL PEOPLES (Israel and Edom) struggle in this womb of Creation until the younger overcomes the older toward the end of created time and inherits the right to enter into Sabbath rest. That promise is of REDEMPTION through GRACE provided through SACRIFICE...the gospel from the foundation of the world.

Adam INNOCENTLY disobeyed the command to "not eat fruit from the tree of 'knowledge of good and evil.'" I say 'innocently' because 'good' and 'evil', as well as the concept of 'death' or even 'disobedience', had never been experienced personally or vicariously and therefore COULD NOT BE COMPREHENDED by the ignorant mind of Adam. He may as well have been told that if he ate from the tree it would have been 'good', that punishment was 'good', that death was 'good'...HE DID NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL...HE DID NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT IT MEANT TO 'DISOBEY' AND THAT DISOBEDIENCE WAS 'EVIL' OR THAT PUNISHMENT WAS PAINFUL...HE HAD TWO AUTHORITIES IN THE GARDEN TELLING HIM TWO CONFLICTING THINGS. How would he ever know who to trust FOR SURE? How would he EVER KNOW what is GOOD? Can 'good' be known apart from it's antithesis, evil?

Like a child who has never experienced fire, he did not know the pain! He was created as IGNORANT/NIEVE as a BABY! And YHWH is our loving father who gave us his instructions for obedience (as a father might tell his son 'don't put your hand in that fire or it will be very painful' knowing that the child WOULD do just that until he LEARNED BY EXPERIENCE the pain of such actions and to place his trust in the loving guidance of his fathers instructions) so we would learn the difference between good and evil by experience on the Universal Stage over the REPEATING course of man's History; which we see now was WRITTEN IN ADVANCE. Man is growing up THROUGH His Story in the womb of TIME and the SCRIPT was given for us to rely on in real time. It was always intended that he would learn to SET APART GOOD FROM take that set apart stance of obedience while struggling on the Universal Stage for the purpose of bringing GLORY TO THE CREATOR in REAL TIME and avoid the fire of SPIRITUAL DEATH ( for which Satan was created to lead the 'dross' into after the purpose for creation is over). Man was removed from the garden with the promise of redemption and return after struggling with good and evil and learning to become SET APART by choosing only the good...and THEN, in the fullness of time, toward the end of the sixth day, he would be allowed to eat from the tree of life (having been declared 'very good' at the end of day six) where Messiah has led us BACK into the garden where man had been cast out, and THEN we enter into the Seventh Day Sabbath which still awaits our entrance, according to Hebrews 4.

The epitome of 'Good' and 'Evil' takes many forms. The most frequent and powerful pictures given us in the Script are through sibling rivalry over the responsibilities and blessings of the 'first born son'. They are contrasted through 'struggle' on the Universal Stage ever since. And the Script tells us the struggle continues until 'Integrity' has been removed from WORLD AUTHORITY by CORRUPTION...the natural result of rebellion stemming from free will and Satan comes to openly rule the world. True Israel who is spiritual (by faith, not by descendency), has been sprinkled among the nations as salt...they are men and women of INTEGRITY. In the end times they are removed from having any position of influencing/preserving world authority as the world becomes thoroughly corrupt (2 Thes. 2). They find themselves bystanders silently approving the slaughter of innocent people for the sake of lies.

There would also be a massive deception over the entire world which refuses to love YHWH's truth and lay their lives down for it. This is where we currently are in the Drama. Do we trust YHWH enough to emulate His son? The truth sounds insane in such a world so deceived by the Villain. Ignorant animals have more sense than the brute beasts who control this planet! This is what causes the Bride of Messiah to separate herself out to 'the wilderness' (to live apart from the world economic system as witness against it) before Yahwshua comes to lead her (those who SHALL survive along with all who have EVER DIED IN FAITH) into the Sabbath promised from the foundation of the world; she as Bride and the survivors of the nuclear holocaust as the guests at this WEDDING SABBATH. 'Come out of her my people' and become 'a voice crying in the wilderness.' ONLY in this way will two distinct peoples/nations/brides come into clear, CONTRASTING view, one will be a Saul and the other a David waiting in the wilderness for the kingdom to be delivered into his hands as promised; Edom vs. Israel; Satan vs. Yahwshua; the Whore vs. the Bride. The Bride of YHWH beginning with Her Head, the Messiah, has been given the RESPONSIBILITY to WITNESS TO/AGAINST THE WORLD KING! The same BEAST that was in power when the Head of the Body of Spiritual Israel was murdered AS WITNESS is about to be empowered again in the form of an IMAGE which the BEAST IN POWER NOW is currently creating…all to the glory of the Dragon from whom they receive their world power (and their food/sustenance)! We are in the WOMB OF TIME where good and evil (like Esau and Jacob in Rebecka's womb) struggle together and in the end brings forth TWO SPIRITUAL PEOPLE/NATIONS. The first to be revealed fully is Edom who represents evil and despises YHWH and the second will be true Israel, which represents good and receives their Authority from their Head who is Yahwshua and to whom belongs both birthright and blessing for their OBEDIENCE TO THE SCRIPT even in the face of temporal persecution and death!

The 'garden' is where the tree of life is guarded by a flaming sword and two Cherubim...the same two cheruvim who OPPOSE EACH OTHER IN THE STRUGGLE OVER THE MERCY SEAT/THRONE OF YHWH. Two Messiah's struggling for the BIRTHRIGHT to sit on the throne as the TRUE SON OF YHWH from the garden of Eden where they both have vied for the obedience of man, EVEN TO THIS DAY! The Garden is where we are to return to Sabbath with our Creator at the end of His Story (entered today through faith in this plan, which is the final step in the 'evolution' of created man). The double edged, 'flaming' sword (the Bible) is the standard by which we must pass before being eligible to return to the Garden and partake of the tree of life. The cherubim are two Messiahs in the Script, both of which are called 'morning stars' (one 'morning star' having been cast down to the earth) is teaching 'good' fruit and the other 'evil' fruit. One is TRUE and the other a DECEPTION! Both of them are Mighty Rulers who have authority over men but the obedient (obedient to father YHWH) younger/smaller (us, led by Yahwshua our head) defeats the disobedient older/larger (Lucifer worshipped as 'Lord' and 'God' even as in ancient days when his children tried to supplant YHWH and his anointed) and becomes the rightful firstborn son to inherit the Promises and to sit on the WORLD THRONE. One Messiah and his Body form the Bride called Israel (the integrity of authority) and eat from the tree of life after learning to abhor evil. The other 'nation bride,' who is prophetically called Sodom, Babylon, and EDOM, who (at the heart of the world movement are the banksters who are supported by all the WHORE NATIONS of the Earth) is pretending to be Israel but is RIFE with corruption as the MOTHER OF WHORES, together with everyone who belongs to her through their DEEDS, is punished as Edom and removed from the stage forever as Azazel; AS DEMANDED BY THE SCRIPT! Sheep and Goats...only TWO categories in final judgement!). The sheep will live, though they die...the Goats are dead already, though they live.

Which is which and to WHOM do your DEEDS really belong? There is much deceit in the world controlled (for a time and purpose) by the Villain of the Drama and only obedience to the properly assembled details of the instructions given to us in the Marriage Contract can unlock our understanding of the SPIRITUAL TRUTHS our Creator wishes for us to walk in as his witnesses TODAY. Again, the SCRIPT which is truth and reality, will be VICTORIOUS in the End over all of the deceptions that keep the masses stumbling in darkness while following after neon lights. This will cause us to come into no small amount of conflict in an ignorant, beast-like world in service to the Villain through their ignorance and PERPETUATION OF DECEPTION, despite their ever apparent 'good intentions.' They believe they are calling upon the Creator of the Universe but they call on the LORD (baal) and serve him in ignorance through a FALSE GOSPEL as the very text they claim to 'trust' in DEMONSTRATES UNEQUIVICALLY! They follow the erroneous traditions handed to them by their fathers and REFUSE to REPENT!

The most imperative work that man has then, is to read the Script in order to understand and obey his role in the Drama through their POLITICS (the PRACTICAL expression of what one 'believes'...FAITH borne out in DEEDS), the 'good works assigned' to him from the foundation of the world, and walk in them. But most never do as they allow the Villain to keep them from even seeing it...he has deceived us but this EliYah Message was promised to come to SET US APART.

Unfortunately, the Script tells us that the leading 'Hero' in our Drama is quite the underdog. Aside from very short (but extremely powerful) cameos on the Stage, his part is essentially non existent in terms of stage 'lime-light' until the end of Day Six. Rather, the entire Cosmopolitan World is led increasingly astray until the Villain has the ENTIRE WORLD under a POWERFUL DELUSION (YHWH wrote this into the Villains’ Part. 2 Thes. 2).

Because he is allowed to control the Stage, the Villain is able to pit 'good' against 'evil' (of course through deception that makes one choose evil believing it to be good...OR the 'best of two evils') so that the audience (who are unknowing participants in the Drama because the Villain/Stage Master never allows them to hear such truth regarding TIME AND SPACE as the Script itself reveals) is deceived through their ignorance (much like Eve) into believing evil is good and good is is white and white is black. The entire 'reality' of man is completely constructed because the deceiver controls the Set, some men (who love only themselves and or MAMMON) pay him tribute because he gives them their hearts desire in THIS TEMPORAL world (like EDOM) if they merely assist him toward his WORLDLY goals (or at least stay out of the way as he LEADS THEM ALL...because he is created FOR the DESTRUCTION of the ATOMIC HOLOGRAPH). So they are promoted to key positions of world authority by the Villain through his 'system'. In his UTOPIA, War brings Peace and ruthless despotism (which is murderous) brings Security. Their 'Love' is HATRED AND PERVERSION (as exmplified even in their sexuality)! The epitomy of corrupt character is coming to it's ultimate expression as the ruling elite unveil their plan for THEIR 'New World Order' utopia.

In modern literature their propagandistic 'utopia' can be recognized as a hybrid between Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" and Huxley's "Brave New World." But as Huxley said in a speech at Berkley shortly before he died in regard to the late Orwell's work, he believed that the ENSLAVEMENT we would be SOCIALLY ENGINEERED to accept would be DESIRED by the masses...they will be made to "LOVE THEIR SERVITUDE." They are deceived and deceive others into attempting to create an 'utopia' on Earth for themselves which is EXPLICIT DISOBEDIENCE to the very exposing light of this TRUE Gospel PLAN of the CREATOR.

They are walking in the light of ANOTHER TORCH! A torch that will be exposed as neon which is only bright IN DARKNESS...but when the FULL light of day in TRUTH is known by the masses on the stage of the world at the return of Messiah...the neon is shown to be a false/inferior light. Until the TRUE 'daystar' returns to the earth, the one that was cast down to this earth looks bright to those he deceives even as a neon light is bright only until the sun shines on it. Lucifer (which means 'Light Bearer' in Latin from the Hebrew 'Heylel' which means 'brilliant one') shall prevail as the 'god of this world' until he is exposed by the TRUE 'light of the world', deposed, and forever removed from the presence of YHWH. We can only know which is which by knowing THE WHOLE TRUTH of scripture, not just the parts Satan wants you to see...but also those HE KEEPS YOU FROM EVER EVEN KNOWING EXIST...LET ALONE UNDERSTANDING THEIR SIGNIFICANCE, as the Magician of BLINDING LIGHT that he is! He certainly DOES NOT want you to do a WORD STUDY regarding the word 'LIGHT' and the CONCEPTUAL TESTIMONY of exactly HOW AND WHEN it shall conquer ALL DARKNESS...the very HEART OF THE GOSPEL!

The Villain controls the set and can give whatever he wants to anyone...he even tried to get the Hero of the Script, the TRUE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, to pay him a small tribute as the darkness, and in return he would give him ALL of the kingdoms of the world and their glory (which he has STOLEN through DECEPTION). But the Hero knew the Script and understood, ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPT rightly interpreted, that the Villain is a liar who has only TEMPORARY control of that which he has STOLEN...the Script shows us HOW WE have already DISPOSESSED HIM through our obedience. WE SHARE NO GLORY WITH HIM, HE IS COMPLETELY CUT OFF FROM LIGHT! Only according to the SCRIPT will 'good' overcome 'evil'...LIGHT conquer DARKNESS and NO OTHER WAY!

It is in these INSTRUCTIONS that we must PLACE OUR FAITH! Our head came to show us where we come from and where we are going. Those who are his will hear his voice AND OBEY! But this is how the Villain works...he offers us what we are already promised in such a way that if we trust him (through any one of a myriad of his DECEPTIONS and half truths) rather than the ONE Script (which is not divided against itself but is a cohesive, layered WHOLE) then we lose through our own self deceptions (the reason we refuse TRUTH is through preference for LIES)! We try to have what rightly belongs to us in rebellion to the plan and therefore lose it all. This is why the King of the universe did not take the kingdom from Satan when offered. He knew that was NOT THE WAY OR THE TIMING! Unlike us and our Master, the Script tells us that in the end days, Satan practically deceives the whole world through their ignorance of TRUTH. How does he do it? He is the 'god' of this world and is a Master Magician.

He spins fantasies which men hold as culturally sacrosanct FROM BIRTH (as pointed out in the beginning of this Foreword) without challenge and so they invest their time and energies PERPETUATING those deceptions themselves as his WILLING agents. So many waste their lives in his deceptions, entertainments and diversions. The world is indeed a MATRIX of DECEPTIONS. They are the very deceptions the Script says will overtake the world; but they know not because they refuse to look deeply into the Script and simply walk in the light thereof. One must be WILLING to come out from their bonds to be set free from their no other way can one 'unplug' from the Matrix. For most of the world, as long as they are ENTERTAINED as SPECTATORS rather than participants; their bellies full and they have a television remote in (or a 'soma' pill 'vacation' as in Huxleys prophetic analogy) to keep their attentions diverted...most would rather remain IN relatively comfortable BONDAGE to their preferred DELUSION than to walk in the uncomfortable truth AS A WITNESS participating in the REALITY OF THE PURPOSE FOR THIS LIFE.

He has used culture and tradition to adorn the set; and human bonds/politics and pressures brought to bear against men (as Dr. Carrol Quigley's work demonstrates is our reality in his expose of world history "Tragedy and Hope" given to us by his revered Bankster Elite who ARE the world's shadow government as he declares openly in it's pages) are the chains that bind one to REMAINING A SLAVE TO THE VILLIAN and the DECEPTION reality which he has created for this world where HE RULES. As Tolkien said of these men and their secret rings of power 'One ring to rule them all and in the darkness, bind them.' But the Truth of this Gospel will set you free! Now you have a CHOICE not to 'buy into' the WORLD DECEPTION any longer; CHOOSE ETERNAL (rather than temporal) LIFE!

During this 'day of man' in which we live according to the Script, the set is always rigged with the Villain in control until he is deposed and bound over for 'sentencing' as the terrorist, murderer and thief in the UNIVERSAL DRAMA. Until that time he is allowed to deceive men through their ignorance of the Script. He twists the Script to say what it does not. Before men he accuses the Creator of being the 'deceiver' and deceives many...he has done it since the garden.

Through culture and tradition he is able to make men FLAGRANTLY DISOBEY the very text they claim to revere as His faithful people (this in preparation to reveal LUCIFER as the 'god' of this world to the 'disillusioned masses' in a THIRD WORLD WAR according to Albert Pike in his letter to Geoseppi Mazzini...usually referred to as the 'THREE WORLD WARS LETTER'...25 years before WWI). This is why Yahwshua said: “why do you break the commandments of YHWH for the sake of your traditions?" And Paul said: "See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception according to the TRADITIONS OF MEN...."(Like the DECEPTION of FIAT MONEY inspired by Satan and introduced by Edom). Yahwshua also said: 'in that day many will say "Master, didn't we do this or that for you" and he's going to plainly tell them THEY WERE SELF DECEIVED...they had NEVER MET...they served an IMPOSTER through self deception and the TRUE MESSIAH will command them to DEPART...their deeds demonstrating they are WORKERS OF EVIL!

In the meantime, when we correct those who ignorantly speak good of evil and evil of good in this matrix of deception (as we are COMMANDED)...we become his witnesses by taking such lies CAPTIVE to the truth...the very WORK WE ARE CALLED TO DO as salt and light to this world. At the same time we do this we invite persecution from those who can not or will not see; those who are deceived into believing that they have a VESTED INTEREST in maintaining the deceptions and frauds through silence or are just too ignorant or otherwise feeble minded (through pharmachia sorcery) to care. They are IN POWER NOW. We walk a 'tight-rope' toward effectiveness between the masses in deception who think themselves obedient to the Creator while following the plan of Satanic World Government, and the leaders/controllers of Government itself which desire to silence our exposing them; both really are our enemies and they SHALL MURDER US yet there are some, sprinkled here and there, who are our brethren yet asleep...only YHWH can guide us through this valley of the shadow of Death as we heed his voice...FEAR NOT...he is FAITHFUL AND SHALL DELIVER US AS PROMISED...THOUGH WE SUFFER/DIE TEMPORALLY!

The Villain knows how to use political debate in order to synthesize controversy (controversies he himself creates: modernly known as Hegelian Dialectics) as a means of creating ILLUSIONS of reality in place of TRUTH. In the end the Villain exalts himself as the world's Hero in the false Cosmopolitan Reality he has created with the help of his Whore, in place of the true Hero of the Script (even as Edom tried to steal the birthright and blessings of OBEDIENCE which he had not only forfeited, but had SPURNED AND SOLD IN CONTRACT FOR FOOD/TEMPORAL SUSTENANCE). He is allowed to create illusions regarding what is good and what is evil so that evil will DOMINATE...for goodness sake! Then the TRUTH is UNSEALED (this message) to Expose his lies in preparation of the last scene, as a HERALD for the 'underdog' Hero of the Drama to return for his Bride where upon they become ONE BODY which CRUSHES the Skull of the Dragon, the ancient Serpent as described in the Script. He comes back according to the Script and we are united with him in the air. Using the Script (which is the sword of the spirit) we descend upon Mount Zion to defeat the Villain and His armies who are GATHERED THERE NOW as the ABOMINATION CAUSING DESOLATION according to Revelation and the entire book of Obadiah which says in verse 21 ‘SAVIORS’/Messiahs (plural) descend upon Mount Zion to judge EDOM and THEN the kingdom of the world becomes YHWH's! It must first be taken by Edom who says 'we will rebuild the ruins' (Mal. 1:4) as it now has been (beginning with Rothschild's aquirement of the 'Land' through DECEPTION and pre war deals with THEIR FIRST WORLD WAR!) whom YHWH exposes and then defeats as an IMPOSTOR at the very END of the Drama! THEN AND ONLY THEN will the Kingdom of YHWH be with men! (Obad. 1:21). Until that day EDOM SHALL RULE on the 'Holy Mount' through DECEPTION in a CONTROVERSY OVER ZION of which the vast majority of the world are either UNAWARE or deceived into believing the VICTIMIZED palestinians are 'EDOM' thereby helping true Edom, as a result of his deception, to come to FULL POWER OVER THE WORLD and the installation of their Satanic King who will call himself the ULTIMATE Authority.

History Overview # 2

Now let's take a look at the next overview of His Story so that we can begin filling in more details of the VISION beginning to form in our minds' eye. He gives us the next Overview of what Humanity will look like in Gen.2-7. In other words. In the first 7 chapters of Genesis, YHWH gives us TWO WITNESSES of what the END of HIS STORY would fully develop into...the Scene where evil is FOREVER REMOVED. This gives us great insight into the nature and structure of society in these end days. Let me try to develop this for you in your mind somewhat.

Man is removed from the garden in order to learn good from evil experientially on the Universal Stage, the womb of time. YHWH gives us many contrasting forms of good vs. evil after the Promised OPPOSING Messiahs/Seeds Struggle (Gen 3:15). First we have Cain and Abel. Abel was a faithful servant of YHWH while Cain was self serving and therefore another puppet in the Villain’s evil army. Cain killed his brother whose line was replaced by Seth from whom eventually came Enoch who walked with YHWH right out of this world without having died. This of course is ante-typical of those who, toward the end of His Story, are still alive upon return of the Messiah and are WALKING IN OBEDIENCE and therefore are 'translated' to glorified bodies (and the faithful dead raised into theirs as well) without seeing 'death' (prophetically understood as the 144,000 witnesses who are later joined by the resurrected dead at the return of Messiah in the clouds...who's second advent they herald). That's the picture of the 'good.' Now for the prophetic culmination of 'evil' fruit as given ante-typically for our instruction.

Cain was a murderer. From him came other murderers and sociopaths. But his line was also marked with GREAT WORLD SUCCESS like metal workers, builders, musicians, etc....essentially all the roots of 'Cosmopolitan Social Culture and Class' we have today are traced back to Cain. Satan and his people enjoy this world through deception and murder. The SAME world system that exists today EXISTED THEN. It was his wicked seed that built magnificent cities and structures...even employing men from everywhere to come together in the grandest building project ever undertaken, the Tower of Babel (which construction was AGAIN begun after the deluge, temporarily stopped by confusing language, but BEGUN ANEW in a more powerful spiritual form since the time of Messiah) which seemed to reach right into the heavens themselves to oppose the Creator of the Universe (Keep in mind that in place of that worldly 'utopia' project headed by Satan, the god of this world, the TRUE MESSIAH is building us an ETERNAL HOME which is ultimately NOT HERE). Earth Man, deceived by the Villain through a civilization based in peace between false religions for the mutual goal of this edifice, thought himself INVINCIBLE when he MARVELED at the work of his own evil inspired hands...his 'civilization'. Well it may have been the first time but certainly was not to be the last...His Story repeats itself because He gives us ante-typical pictures to PREPARE US FOR THE END which is HAPPENING NOW, as promised from the beginning and played out over and again throughout the generations of mans history!

YHWH scattered the workers of the Tower across the planet (because Evil corrupts Good and the playing field had to be leveled for the preservation of man until the very end...sorta like the way the founding of the United States, until NOW, has preserved the world from ABSOLUTE despotic tyranny until the time of the VERY END; actually checking FULL Satanic control until His World System, which is secretly constructed, is ready to be revealed...a plan written out in detail on the back of the Dollar). We await the (unveiling to the masses and subsequent) destruction of that tower (which is BORN through the destruction of the old economic system whose FULL DESTRUCTION is symbolized through their own actions...all symbolized by THEIR destruction of the International Trade Towers on 911 and blaming it on BOOGIE MEN to perpetuate deception to accomplish the task with the SUPPORT OF THE WHOLE WORLD) all as promised ante-typically. But that is where we are now. Let's take a look at the future through the past.

The Script tells us in chapter 6 that men were then multiplying all over the face of the planet, much like today. Man, whether it is a small tribe or a huge civilization, must have SOCIAL ORDER, LAWS for interaction that are somehow mutually agreed upon. With few brief exceptions in His Story, all we have ever seen from the rulers of the world is MIGHT MAKES RIGHT! Very seldom have we been given a glimpse of what is GOOD in terms of a righteous kingdom where peace reigned (where justice reigned and the weak, orphans and widows and other defenseless persons were not PREY!). David's kingdom was a shadow of such a one but it came ONLY AFTER the FALSE KING Saul was anointed as a result of the people REJECTING YHWH. He, like Satan...was ANOINTED to FAIL and go down in INFAMY. Their plans are SUICIDAL! This is ante-typical of the Messianic Reign which like David with Saul, comes after Satan brings the world to the brink of SELF DESTRUCTION! As long as evil exists, a righteous kingdom can NEVER be attained...evil will ALWAYS CORRUPT GOOD, eventually...if allowed to work its deceipt through the holy loaf as yeast does. There has never been a truly righteous reign on the planet because evil must eventually come to its ULTIMATE EXPRESSION in the form of a WORLD KINGDOM united under their Leader which is DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED TO THE CREATOR of the Universe and HIS FIRSTBORN even as Edom! Again, this is ante-typically pictured in the reign of David after that of Saul who, allow me to remind you, was given by Samuel at the request of the people who clamored for a king IN REBELLION TO YHWH AND HIS PLAN!

We must learn about 'good' authority through experiencing and REJECTING 'evil' authority, COME OUT of the Evil and WITNESS AGAINST IT as commanded for those who WILL PREVAIL AGAINST IT AS PROMISED! Where was David who was a living witness against Saul's unrighteous deeds until the kingdom PROMISED to him was DELIVERED BY YHWH HIMSELF? We, like him, separate ourselves from serving in THEIR War Machine which they ignorantly believe will bring them PEACE, to live in the wilderness trying to avoid being killed by them (and thereby be one of the 144,000 who are left alive and are 'translated' in the 'twinkling' after the resurrection of all their brethren from the past who DIED IN THIS FAITH).

We understand how the Villain has used classical conditioning, deception, and violence to control the minds of his puppets which bring him to his World Throne and we WITNESS AGAINST HIM. This is ultimately what it means for us in THIS ACT WE ARE CURRENTLY IN to walk in obedience to the Script as His Bride Nation...the integrity of authority, Israel. These things were done for our ante-typical instruction.

The sons of 'authority' (the translation 'god' is a ‘sacrosanct’ LIE as I demonstrate later) were associated with the nephilim or 'fallen ones' and were the 'men of renown.' They were 'renowned' because they did not mind carrying a big 'club' if you will, for the purpose of smashing skulls RUTHLESSLY if need be. This is how they ORDERED the 'civilization' they envisioned for THEMSELVES on this planet where the Villain reigns for a time. Well these men of renowned, the sons of 'authority’ eventually got to a place where their power was SUPREMELY CORRUPT. They were able to take whatever they wanted from the people over whom they ruled tyrannically...IT WAS THE LAW! It, like today’s emerging GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, was also a PYRAMID TYPE STRUCTURE of 'cast.' The lowest among them, always maintained in ignorance, poverty and slavery through despotic discrimination for 'their own good' by their masters, were the most pitied of slaves (with whom Moses IDENTIFIED HIMSELF in his wisdom from YHWH as he COMMANDED US to identify!)...they were mistreated and abused at the pleasure of their LORDS who ruled over them...really no different than today. And it will get VERY much worse VERY SOON...Hitler’s world will be compared to a PICNIC IN THE PARK with what is UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOW and about to be UNVEILED ON THE STAGE OF HUMANITY!

Anyway, the account goes on to say that the sons of authority were the fallen ones, the men of renown. They had status and power which other men (and women) LUSTED after in their naive ignorance of TRUE POWER, which is ALL WAYS GOOD in YHWH's ECONOMY. But that's the nature of Satan's EVIL Power which RULES THIS worlds ECONOMY till he is removed by the Righteous King in the end AS PROMISED according to the SCRIPT (which is clearly being played out faithfully). Their power is is evil. But it must be shown for EXACTLY WHAT IT IS ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPT so that YHWH's RIGHTEOUSNESS can be known as COMPLETELY DISTINCT from it (sort of like when Moses and Aaron called men to their sides in obedience in the desert, those who did not side with them were slain...this is the FUTURE reality we shall see). So this ANTE-TYPICAL evil society gets to a place that it is so bad that it is LITERALLY a 'Hell on Earth.' At the CENTER of this 'civilization' was a bustling slave trade. This is a key sign that SATAN IS RULING directly...that corruption has reached its COMPLETION in the WORLD society (that had once experienced freedom to worship YHWH). Men, women, and children were sold as sex slaves in a SEXUALLY DEPRAVED, SODOMITE WORLD SYSTEM completely controlled through its self perpetuating deceptions and ECONOMY.

The same thing is happening in the world today...hundreds of thousands (if not MILLIONS!) of people…men, women, AND CHILDREN, are sold into SEX SLAVERY every year on this planet! And the HEADQUARTERS for this WORLD WIDE SEX SLAVE TRADE and WORLD PERVERSION is the (EDOMITE) State of Israel...don’t believe me? GOOGLE UP 'Sex Slavery in Israel' and see what THE FRUIT OF THAT TREE LOOKS LIKE! (then answer why you would support such DEMONISM for the sake of righteousness...surely the end DOES NOT justify the means for us who SEE THE TRAP YHWH SET for those who DO believe it!). And the 'Christian' Nations of the West completely support their abominations...even actively sending money and military support that directly AIDS such activities! YHWH FORBID WE SUPPORT THAT! Where is the outcry? It is silenced because TYRANNY IS RULING NOW and is able to muffle the cries of those they victimize and kill or otherwise frighten off anyone that may threaten to pull the curtain aside to see the rape taking place! SILENCE IS COMPLICITY! They will imprison and/or kill any who threaten to expose them. But we are not those who shrink from death, we RESIST THE DEVIL even as the Master of Love and TRUTH demonstrated for his Bride to EMULATE.

Billions of people on the face of this planet have had their minds ALREADY subtly controlled through mass propaganda and stimulus/reaction training coming DIRECTLY FROM THE VILLAIN through his minions in ALL KEY POSITIONS of the World System he is CURRENTLY SHAPING. Hitler’s' mind control and propaganda was INFANTILE in comparison to what is being employed AGAINST YOU...RIGHT NOW! The same 'powers that be' that funded his 'system' are the SAME POWERS funding the CONTINUATION OF THEIR PROGRAM through the 'system against you' It is merely a CONTINUATION of their EXPRESSED AGENDA (as documented within). The growth of the Villains System will be accompanied by such WICKED ACTIVITY as the trafficking of BODIES AND SOULS of men and it is HAPPENING NOW IN THE BEAST CONTROLLED WORLD NOW AND ITS GOING TO GET EXPONENTIALLY WORSE with the destruction of the BULWARK against tyranny, the US and its economy, and the declaration of WORLD GOVERNANCE!

You and everyone you know will be called to continue turning a blind eye to these issues of SUPREME INJUSTICE (pure religion/politics which are 'good' defends the orphans and widows rather than destroys the family unit which then creates more widows and orphans for them to victimize further...that would be an 'evil', SATANIC SYSTEM) while you serve the very WICKED SYSTEM which is destroying EVERYTHING around you…killing, stealing, destroying ALL IN THE NAME OF THE LORD/GOD and for the stated sake of 'PEACE FOR JERUSALEM' when there CAN BE NO PEACE with WICKEDNESS! YHWH was rather sickened by it all (as he no doubt is today) even though he knew it would happen and that he would use it to show us the GREAT DELUGE which is about to come, for which the first was merely an ANTE-TYPICAL PICTURE...even as Sodom and Gomorra another; those were just dim shadows of what is happening today and about to overtake the ENTIRE World.

Noah, at YHWH's command, SEPERATES HIMSELF OUT and begins building a HUGE BOAT in the middle of the DESERT! What a nut, eh? Here we have a man of INTEGRITY who REFUSES TO CAPITULATE TO CORRUPTION! He no doubt had been tempted to give in, EVEN AS YOU HAVE...I know I walked away from a six figure income (and all the WORLDLY luxuries of status, power and influence that go with it) to TELL YOU THESE TRUTHS; living homelessly being persecuted from town to town!

Mind you the Script clearly tells us that YHWH had not yet sent RAIN to the Earth. So when Noah answered the people around him as WITNESS of what YHWH said he was about to do...that the UNPRECEDENTED occurrence of 'water falling out of the sky' was going to happen soon, they thought it preposterous. But if that wasn't enough of an afront to their (so called) ELITE, educated, social (spiritually bankrupt/dillusional) sensibilities, he went on to tell them that if they did not build themselves a boat as he was doing, they would all be swept away in a torrent and drowned IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT...well that was enough for them to write him off as totally INSANE. But of course that is exactly what happened! So who was really insane? Reality is stranger than fiction in a DELUSIONAL WORLD. The ignorant animals had more perception of REALITY than the people living in those days. It is NO DIFFERENT TODAY...EVEN WORSE! Terrible TRIBULATION ending in NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST is going to come upon EVERYONE must continue reading these 'end time, ark building instructions' while you still can!

So what we see then is a highly stratified (for their time at least) Social World whose laws were wicked so that the people became THOROUGHLY CORRUPT under these ruthless, murderous men of renown who allied themselves with the Villain against the Truth, made themselves into a world of sexually depraved, ruthless murderers controlled by the GREAT ONES; yet being a GREAT WORLD CIVILIZATION of 'culture and class' which they all marvel at in preference over an option they can not understand with the carnal mind! It was no doubt a WORLD SYSTEM which was in opposition to YHWH and Noah was CALLED OUT to be separate from them as a man of obedient WITNESS...ante-typical of us in these end days. He worked PATIENTLY on his Boat in faithful obedience to his call for a hundred years; despite all the contrived 'wars' and other 'events' that captivated the thoughts and minds of the rest of the world who had rallied against the Creator in their misguided efforts to bring UTOPIA to the Earth through ignorant rebellion to YHWH's PERFECT PLAN for HIS BRIDE as a result of their refusal to adopt this PURPOSE FOR LIFE. They sought their OWN LIVES and LOST THEM. Noah tried to warn them as I do today...but for the most part...TO NO AVAIL...they thought Him to be mad even as I am thought to be today.

But there has always been a remnant of people, individuals of INTEGRITY scattered throughout His Story that, according to their ability to perceive, obey, and defend Truth, would attempt to throw off the yoke of ignorance, deception, and mind control within every generation of culture and tradition in order to pursue truth as INTEGRETY does and to protect those around him from dangers they do not a father cares for a son. In the end our Hero (who is integrity PERSONIFIED) proves to be faithful and true...and the Script itself will judge all those who took part in the Drama...all who have ever lived. Those who worked for the Puppet Master shall be removed with him forever...the purpose for the Drama will have been achieved. A pure and spotless people/nation/bride for the creator will have been perfected for Himself (drawn from his own side, as it were...and saved from the destruction that the deceiver brings upon himself and all those who follow him in rebellion to YHWH's character.).

It is foolish not to get to know the Script is the 'ark building instructions' for the Promised, End-Time Deluge for which the first was just a 'practice run.' The Script has been played out faithfully for thousands of years. We have been given a plethora of historical overviews and ante-typical lessons to understand the FUTURE OF MAN. Those who obey will be miraculously protected from the destruction that will SOON sweep the wicked clean from the Earth in preparation for the TRUE KING of ISRAEL (King of Integrity in Authority) who will fill the vacuum of power when EVIL POWER is first EXPOSED and then COMPLETELY REMOVED at his coming. He will be the Prince/head of THE RIGHTEOUS BRIDE PERSONIFIED IN A NATION for the first time in the History of the Planet (as physical Israel under David was merely ante-typical of the spiritual reality as well)...the crowning Joy of YHWH...the apple of his eye...the desire of ages...the purpose for creation and the patient toleration of wickedness. Evil exists because it must come to its SUPREME THRONE before ULTIMATE GOOD can overthrow it UTTERLY! Good CAN NOT be known OR distinguished as 'good' UNTIL EVIL IS EXPOSED AND REJECTED IN TRUTH! This is what man has been learning since the Garden; until ALL THINGS ARE FINISHED.

Having walked with the Creator through His Script in meditation now for over 20 years, and having been given the understanding of the DIVISION OF TIME from him, I see the Stage now clearly being set for the Villain’s rise to his world throne in his final Act before the return of the Hero to take over as the Stage Master. He is putting the final touches on his NEW WORLD ORDER which will be EVEN MORE HIDEOUS than his OLD WORLD ORDER which YHWH swept away in an ante-typical deluge. Using his control grid puppets and massive communication and commerce system on this prison planet, the Villain will TERRORIZE the Earths' inhabitants until they submit to his system ON OATH; they must ALL SUBMIT TO HIS NEW ECONOMY which is the Image of the CURRENT BEAST except it wll be global and centralized in power. YOU ALREADY HAVE A NAME IN THAT SYSTEM AND IT IS A NUMBER...YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS! Everyone on the planet has one...though it is called by different names in this matrix of deception we live in now. We have been DECEIVED through PROMOTIONAL PRIVILEGE (as the Edomite Bankster representative Edward Mandell House explained to Woodrow Wilson in regard to the Federal Reserve and the 'Social Insurance' system they were foisting upon this Nation and the ENTIRE nation at a time). Soon you will have to pledge allegiance to the BEAST and accept a NUMBER as your IDENTITY in HIS SYSTEM in order to be ALLOWED TO CONTINUE USING HIS SYSTEM AS HIS ACKNOWLEDGED DEBT SLAVE! That is the first part of their 'Master Plan' for Man...the second is TOTAL ANIHILATION! They, like their head/master Satan, are demonically sociopathic on a grand scale.

In this Act the Stage Master/Villain introduces a crescendo of chaos and pandemonium resounding throughout the world as a result of the propagation of his world deceptions in his attempt to rally the world together to support his 'plan for peace;' their 'one world utopia' (while at the same time trying to stay one step ahead of the truth nipping at his heels to expose him). The Villains’ time is short as the flood of his lies is no longer able to overtake the child of YHWH who from the wilderness has already begun EXPOSING EDOM as WRITTEN IN THE SCRIPT. The 'whore', many of whom worship the false messiah the Villain created, will call for the spilling of the blood of those who expose her with THIS GOSPEL in the name of their collective Lord/God and the continuing stability of his/their DEMONICALLY DIVIDED 'social order'. The true Bride will not go along with the Villains' System and will stand as witness against it and against his whore wife...even to their being beheaded, as John the Baptizer was and as John the Revelator envisioned. We are to stand as WITNESS against the EDOMITE IMPOSTER who killed his brother and is attempting to enslave his bride as just another whore in his harem of nations. In this witness is the POWER to reach YHWH's messengers who will CONTINUE the work...even as Stephen who ploughed Paul's heart with HIS LOVING SACRIFICE.

As a flood, the end will come very quickly; the Master said it would. But as promised, the flood will not be with water this time. The Script makes it clear in many places that it will be by FIRE and BRIMSTONE akin to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra. But this fire has the ability to melt earth and rocks...even men’s tongues and eyes in their heads WHILE STILL STANDING ON THEIR FEET! Thermo-Nuclear Holocaust! Man is going to destroy HIMSELF but Yahwshua comes to save us from our own deeds! For those who trust Him, as depicted by Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego in the 'fiery furnace', we shall pass through the holocaust of fire COMPLETELY UNSCATHED! All of these things are given for our ante-typical instruction in these END DAYS according to the OVERALL PLAN/PROMISE given to us 3500 years ago!

It has already begun to 'rain' my friend; the 'flood' will be along soon enough. The 'men of renown', the fallen ones, are once again in full control through Bankster controlled secret societies (and their ancient, Babylonian beliefs) through whom Satan runs your government officials and priests like the (spiritual whore) puppets they are. The Kings of the Earth are about to CONSOLIDATE their power to give the Villain FULL CONTROL. YHWH's people Israel (the integrity of authority) are no longer able to effect change in the world as its salt and are NOW being called to the wilderness as WITNESSES against him, preparation for his self-destruction...and being DELIVERED IN POWER by the MESSIAH as promised from ancient times.

The Villain is consolidating his world control NOW and dividing out power and influence to any wicked imp willing to lick his boots and crush his brothers skull! Crumbs will fall from his table to feed all those who are PRODUCTIVE MEMBERS in his EVIL WHORE EMPIRE. Those who are not ‘productive’ or co-operative in this pursuit will be persecuted and MURDERED as has always happened at the hands of WICKED MEN IN THE NAME OF 'GOD'! False Israel which is known as Edom in the prophetic Script, will rise in the 'Controversy Over Zion' to bring this false Messiah to his throne in the Edomite State of Israel. Woe unto them!

A Good King and a Bad King. A Good Messiah and an Evil Christ. An adoring Groom and a hateful, deceiving Beast. A beautiful Bride and a selfish Whore. Which is which? Things are not always what they seem; that is the 'Mystery of Iniquity'. The Good King has given us his PROMISE of Sabbath at the end of His Story in a Script that clearly comes from THE GREATEST AUTHORITY OF ALL. In it he has described how he would allow the Evil King to control the Stage of planet Earth until he ACCOMPLISHES the task which he was given to do here since being placed in the Garden with Man. In the end, the Evil King and all his people are removed forever. In the meantime there are ONLY TWO BODIES being formed. One body belongs to Messiah Yahwshua and the other body belongs to the Lord/God who is Lucifer/Satan...the deceiving serpent/Dragon. You see we have ALL been RAISED IN WORLD DECEPTION since the Garden. We, like clay, have been molded through custom and tradition to follow after the Stage Master who has deceived THE ENTIRE WORLD from day one. But the Creator told us ALL THESE THINGS IN ADVANCE (like telling his son not to touch the flame) so that there would be a people that would COME OUT from the deception and try to AWAKEN their brothers around them who are still sleeping in these end days and are intentionally (albeit through deception) putting their children through the flames of molech. Giving you the option of ABSOLUTE TRUTH AND REALITY in the face of POPULAR DELUSION AND DECEPTION is the very purpose of the end-time, EliYah Message which was promised to come and is NOW HERE!

The whole world is in rebellion to the Creator of the Universe and they are building the end days Spiritual Tower of Babel in the name of their ‘LORD.' They have been deceived by the Lord God (Satan/Lucifer as demonstrated within) whom they collectively serve through their DEEDS (as exposed by the Script and outlined in detail within this work with historical documentation)…they are assisting his rise to his WORLD THRONE. He has led the entire world astray through DECEPTION as the Creator said in advance would happen. They think they are doing GOOD while continuing to participate in the Villains’ "Market Magica" by which the Villain has been able to take the whole world captive to become his SLAVES. They are all working TOGETHER, unified in a World Market System which is about to consolidate the Villains' power and control into his EVIL WORLD EMPIRE. At this point, which is almost where we are currently in the Script, all the people of the world, one nation at a time, must need demonstrate their allegiance to the Villains’ WORLD KINGSHIP when he forces all men to take a vow to him in order to CONTINUE to participate in his WORLD MARKET SYSTEM which he has ALREADY CREATED. Men have been deceived into RELYING ON HIS SYSTEM rather than living SELF SUFFICIENTLY in tribal communities in reliance upon YHWH as they have ALWAYS DONE in the past (until the past 100 years). What that means is that YHWH’s True Bride must COME OUT (get back to the 'old path') at some point to become either self sufficient FROM this BEAST SYSTEM in which they now find themselves ENSLAVED as in Egypt, or suffer in it for refusing to leave it as COMMANDED by the Script which is THE TRUE PLAN! Many shall be beheaded (I expect I may be one of those).

The True Bride hears this ELIYAH MESSAGE that was promised to come before the Head of the Bride returns for his body as promised in Heb. 4. This Body/Bride thinks differently than, and is 'set apart from,' the WHORE who commits adultery with the WORLDS' KINGS. She separates herself out to the WILDERNESS as commanded when they see the world situation about them as I have attempted to develop in your minds' eye from the Script. YHWH brings them to a place where they need not place their faith in the Villains’ System any longer because they KNOW, based on FAITH IN the objective truth of WHAT HE SAID, that he is ABOUT TO DESTROY IT! The signs are UNMISTAKABLEY CLEAR! Those who choose to continue to rely on THAT SYSTEM will perish WITH IT even as PROMISED in the Script! You have been DULY WARNED!

YHWH’s Bride is NOW ENABLED to see these plans that have been ‘sealed’ within the Script AS PROMISED until THESE END DAYS when the message was promised to be unsealed for His bride to perceive and prepare. She sees that the Villain King and his Whore Wife are building a SPIRITUAL TOWER OF BABYL with its' seat of Power in Jerusalem from which the Villain intends to curse and attempt to annihilate the True King when he returns with his Bride as the Script demands. That was the purpose of the Wars the Villain created with the help of his Whore. It is the Edomite 'Controversy Over Zion' SEALED IN THE SCRIPT which YHWH said would take place in the end days where he would be avenged upon his nemesis...the Villain.

"The sword of YHWH is filled with blood...for YHWH hath a sacrifice in Bozrah, and a great slaughter in the land of Edom...for it is the day of YHWH's vengeance, and the year of recompences for the Controversy Over Zion. And the streams thereof shall be turned into pitch, and the dust thereof into brimstone, and the land thereof shall become burning pitch. It shall not be quenched night nor day; the smoke thereof shall go up for ever: from generation to generation it shall lie waste; none shall pass through it for ever and ever. Isaiah 34:6-10

Let us remember that the land of Edom has ALWAYS BEEN the land we know today as (the southern portion of) the 'State of Israel'. Through her support of this Edomite 'State' of Israel the Whore believes she is helping to fulfill prophecy…and she is. She believes that she (the 'Church') is the Bride of the Creator. But she is deceived (as the Messiah will tell her when he says: 'I never knew you'). She is the Bride of Christ, who is the EVIL Messiah...she HATES the GOOD Messiah (and His bride) THROUGH HER ACTIONS which exposes her LIES (while attempting to remain in power). Both of these 'women' are in the script but she can not perceive but ONE...thinking herself the bride of Messiah she is exposed as DRUNK AND CRAZY! She has not been 'set apart' by the truth which she actually hates and persecutes in her INSANE DELUSION. She serves the Villain after whom she whores herself out for his worldly luxuries while despising YHWH and his REVEALED TRUTH which offer nothing of WORLDLY COMFORTS.

So they assist the Villain in prophecy. Together the Villain and the Whore (in obiesance to the Edomite Banksters) began WWI so they could take the 'promised land' from the Ottoman Turks as DOCUMENTED in my Doctoral Thesis. They began WWII to fill it with a mix of mostly unwilling Jews controlled by (murderously) fanatical, Zionist Jews who are really EDOMITES according to the Script, in order to attain 'statehood,' with no practical consideration at all for the million Arabs who had already been living there for generations without a 'state.' In this way the Edomites are pretending to be Yahudim/Jews but are LIARS! They are the 'Synagogue of Satan' who killed our Hero to REPLACE HIM with their OWN VERSION! They have VIOLENTLY DISPLACED the people who were living in that land in the name of THEIR Lord God. At the same time, they have created the ILLUSION of a 'Controversy Over Zion' being with Arabs to deceive even the elect, if possible into a war with ISHMAEL (who they prop up as 'Edom'), into not seeing that their TRUE target of conflict is with YHWH HIMSELF who is attempting to hold them ACCOUNTABLE.

WWIII, which is RIGHT NOW a war against individual freedoms by World Government through TERRORISM, will result in the Whore (comprised of all the WORLDS' recognized 'faiths' united together for the sake of 'peace in Jerusalem') aiding the Beast to set Jerusalem up as the Capital of their New World Order with Satan reigning as their King. All of this of course in the name of 'peace' when in fact it is the GOVERNMENTS who are manipulating the TERROR...ACCORDING TO THE SCRIPT, in order to ACHEIVE THIS VERY SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE! They intend for the law of THEIR Lord God to go out to the whole world from Jerusalem...the MOTHER OF WHORES! They are definitely fulfilling prophecy...but they are doing it according to the character and plan written for those who follow the Villain's role according to the Script. I need to be clear here, this all has NOTHING TO DO WITH PHYSICAL LINEAGE as ESAU REPRESENTS ALL FLESHLY MEN! Spiritual people need bodies to MANIFEST DEEDS. Once that need is over we shall enter a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, WHOLLY SPIRITUAL reality. Flesh is merely the way 'truth' of the spirit was introduced into the world, not how it leaves. Fleshly men can not perceive the SPIRITUAL TRUTH of the Script which DEMONSTRATES THEM TO BE 'violent men who try to seize the kingdom by force.' Woe unto them! Anyone who stands by and watches this happen without speaking AGAINST IT is COMPLICIT in are called to be a WITNESS! REPENT AND OBEY!

The Bride knows the plan and devices of the end time Villain; he NOW stands EXPOSED by the Script which has been unsealed. The Script clearly tells us that in the 'end days' Edom (the Villains' Body) is OVERTHROWN in the 'Controversy Over Zion.' The Bride is able to see this 'abomination which causes desolation' ALREADY IN PLACE in the 'land.' She realizes the ‘time’ is short according to the Script and sees that she (TRUE Israel=integrity of authority scattered throughout the world and having nothing to do with physical lineage) has been removed from the capacity to ‘check’ Government in ANY MEANINGFUL CAPACITY. The Beast in power now is TOO STRONG to make war with. He is NOW creating the Image of the FIRST BEAST which you will be required to swear allegiance to ON OATH in order to continue eating HIS FOOD! The world has passed the point of no return in becoming THOROUGHLY CORRUPT, it is percolating in all sorts of wickedness.

In the recent past (the founding of the United States), some men in the world system banned together and were able to check such tyrannical systems as YHWH allowed and directed. But those days are past. We are in the end days…the Scene where CORRUPTION RULES in the form of a POLITICO/ECONOMIC BEAST imaged after the FIRST BEAST who killed our Master and brothers in the first Century SLAUGHTERS which are COMING AGAIN!

...for then there will be a great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor shall ever be again. Matthew 24:21

We are entering unchartered waters in the sense that in the fairly recent past, righteous men guided by YHWH (such as the founding fathers of this Constitutional Republic of the United States) who were called to preserve their individual corners of the world from the tyranny that would eventually ENVELOP IT in the end, had access to weapons of defense that were as good or better than what the Tyrants had access to as AGGRESSORS; and they DEFENDED THEMSELVES against the despotic hand of tyranny. Today that is not the case. Though you MUST RESIST the tyranny, it must be a decentralized movement; any grass roots military option will be EASILY QUASHED by The Beast who can and will use air strikes and weapons of mass destruction against any who would try to actively oppose it militarily. The average man does not have access to, nor any way to defend himself from the beast other than to find respite as best he can in the wilderness areas of the world; hidden away from the 'all seeing eye' of Sauron/Satan through his control grid until called to face the Goliath. Therefore, as all integrity is removed from public office throughout the entire world as a result of the ignorant MASSES (through the 'democratic' process of MOB RULE overturning the SAFE GUARD against tyranny for the past couple of hundred years ON PLANET EARTH, the Constitution of the Republic through the deception foisted upon us by these International Banksters who Proverbs 1 tells us to resist) CAPITULATING TO CORRUPT GLOBAL ECONOMIC PRESSURE brought to bear against them by the STAGE MASTER, as is happening at EXPONENTIAL RATE right now. Satanic corruption takes over COMPLETELY in world politics.

This IS where we are headed. In Obedience to the Script, YHWH's TRUE Israel removes herself to the wilderness where she is led to PREPARE FOR THE STORM THAT IS COMING. Her job in these end days is to be a 'voice calling in the wilderness, prepare the way for YHWH!' She stands as witness against the World and its Villain as she suffers patiently awaiting the TRUE KING to return for HER as PROMISED IN THE SCRIPT while she OBEYS THE END TIME ARK BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS.

Bankster created conflicts used as a tool for consolidating Satanic power and control throughout the world are NOW bringing an explosion of chaos into all the nations of the world as pretext to the deceived minions ACCEPTING their WICKED PLAN of a 'New World Order.' Just as these pangs of childbirth are now beginning, they will continue until the fevered pitch which ushers forth nuclear holocaust. In the midst of this destruction and annihilation (during which Edom will build the Satanic Temple in Jerusalem and sit there as 'god'), the Hero of the Script returns to gather together and lead his faithful few (dead rise first followed by those 144,000 who remain YET ALIVE because of their faithful obedience) across the seas of the skies (our new bodies will be INDESTRUCTABLE; impervious to the nuclear holocaust they unleash against us and upon themselves) and, in the GREAT EXODUS for which the first was merely a dim shadow, will lead us into the Promised Land (which is currently held by Edom in the Controversy over Zion according to the Script) to establish His RIGHTFUL, EARTHLY POSITION as the Chosen Master of the Sabbath at the end of the Day of Man (Obad. 1:21). Evil is then removed, Man is declared to be VERY GOOD at the end of Day Six of the Creation account and THEN we enter into Sabbath, led by the Master of the Sabbath, at the end of His Story as PROMISED FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD and foreshadowed ante-typically for our instruction throughout the body of the Script. This is 'the gospel' which YHWH has 'sealed up' in the scriptures themselves, UNTIL NOW!

So, let me try to wrap this up. The Bible SCRIPT is not about hellfire and damnation (that comes by the hand of Satanically led leaders and their minions who CHOOSE that path of delusional 'utopia' in opposition to YHWH's perfect plan...theirs is a path of certain destruction), rather, it's a Love Letter which contains a BEAUTIFUL MARRIAGE PROPOSAL to an obedient people to enter into eternal bliss after rejecting the evil we were FORE-WARNED of through a commitment to YHWH's REVEALED PLAN as exemplified by our Messiah who is TRUTH personified. It's about a loving creator who devised a plan to create beings who have free will to choose 'good' or 'evil' and be divided into TWO CAMPS. One camp ignorantly and INSANELY are on a path of SELF DESTRUCTION while the other camp rise up with this IRREFUTABLE, IMMUTABLE, OBJECTIVE TRUTH to WITNESS AGAINST THEM to the glory of YHWH who TOLD THEM IN ADVANCE and upon whose promises THEY RELIED IN THE FACE OF CERTAIN PERSECUTION AND Integrity ALWAYS HAS. Man is going to destroy himself and the loving creator has given us a way out, but hellfire (and second death which is eternal) comes upon those who SPURN such a magnanimous Proposal, the purpose for their creation...and that BY THEIR OWN VIOLENT HANDS; like Saul, suicidal! The Master of the Sabbath did not come so that you DO NOTHING! Everything you do (and don't do) serves ONE of these two Kings, either Saul or David, who are ante-typically Satan and Yahwshua. Everyone has a 'world view' or 'faith' which causes him/her to act in certain ways POLITICALLY. As insane as it may seem to the DECEIVED MASSES, the 'world view' our creator desires us to have is the ONLY ONE that is REAL. Theirs are politically manipulated deceptions being baked together like Nebuchadnezzer's statue with the 'feet of clay mixed with iron'. The rock from heaven is about to SHATTER THEIR REALITY!

Faith does something...and that something depends completely upon the SOUNDNESS OF YOUR FAITH...which is directly related to your UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE PROMISES given to us as the TRUE WORLD VIEW. Through these beliefs one demonstrates his POLITICAL PARTY...either sheep or goats...Israel or Edom. YHWH's people live by HIGHER LAWS which the world CAN NOT OBEY because they are SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED. The entire world and its systems, which walk in the delusion of FALSE LIGHTS they make for themselves, will be purged away to make room for the RIGHTEOUS KING for which David was a DIM SHADOW. You either LEARN TO BE A LAMB/SHEEP or you will be REMOVED FOREVER AS GOATS BY DEFAULT!

Therefore we can see that the Bible has told us the answers to all the questions we posed at the beginning from the very beginning in his self revelation to man...even to to point of telling us outright that there are many imposters who belong to the world and it's current king. They do his bidding with the masses unaware of how their decisions have impacted the world we were later born into. A world already steeped in deceptions and counterfeit truths on a certain path of self destruction as detailed within this thesis. The Creator told us how the masses are easily led astray...and that by our own deceiptful hearts...time and again throughout the scriptures...the last time to bring the Prince of Darkness, the 'god of this world' to his throne before his ultimate exposure and defeat. He shows us that if we would trust his plan and obey his voice he would LEAD US OUT from the WORLD DECEPTION and eventually, after much suffering for his name's sake, into places of power (which is 'service' in the Kingdom of YHWH as exemplified by the Master; the difference being that then he will be properly recognized as now he is not) to rule with him. Two nations of people in the nation is divided against itself and is worldly and they have been in the process of bringing their king to his throne for (at least) the past two hundred and fifty years as DOCUMENTED in this thesis. The other nation is spiritually above them (though it's constituency SEEMS to be comprised of the intellectually challenged). They are a spiritual nation of INDIVIDUALS sprinkled throughout the nations who stand apart from the various hegelian dialectics of deceipt going on around them, trying to bring attention to the inherent error in the premises. This nation of individuals scattered throughout the world as salt and light are the preserving agent in the world. They understand that the proponents and antagonists in the WORLD STRUGGLE serve the same purpose for the puppet master they serve, most of them quite ignorantly. Through these institutions devised for the public good they have and continue to deceive men into believing their authority is legitimate. It is not. Like Saul they have the Kingdom for a time but David has already been anointed to rule in his place. It is only a matter of time now before Saul is exposed on the battlefield with his suicidal plan and then the King of Peace shall come AS PROMISED.

This is the GOSPEL, but there is no replacement for learning the Script for your self. It is the textual form of Messiah which must come to life in your flesh as the instructions are written on your hearts and minds. He must wash your mind so that you can think TRUE, hear his voice, and OBEY. You must APPLY the truth by practice so that doing GOOD becomes your opposed to doing evil as we are ALL trained/deceived to do from birth in Satan’s numerous World Deceptions which will bring him to his throne over his divided kingdom; which in the end CAN NOT STAND! You can not have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe THROUGH anyone or anything except his WORD which IS truth. Never the less, this Gospel which I preach is the TRUE 'overview' of the Bible which IS the ENTIRE Gospel in stands DISTINCTLY OPPOSED to the RIVER OF LIES that have been poured out from the mouth of the Dragon ALL THESE CENTURIES to overtake us. It is fully supported from the Script in my Doctoral Thesis. Studying this work will edify and assist the spiritually minded individual who is already familiar with the Bible, toward EXPEDITIOUS SANCTIFICATION (a quick and timely 'setting apart' for YHWH's special purposes through TRUTH). It is to that end that this MASSIVE AMOUNT OF MEDITATIONAL FODDER has been assembled from my own mind as guided by YHWH. If you wish to 'study to show yourself approved', BEGINNING WITH THIS WORK will greatly decrease the amount of TIME you will need to devote toward the task. It has been given to you by YHWH as PROMISED. This SELF EVIDENT GOSPEL shall prevail! Please see the promised End-Time, EliYah Message in FULL at www.OpenSecret.INFO or at