I have taken all of the chapters and links to this work off the net. I'm currently re-editing it and it will not be made available here for public view again. I've had too many swine attacks over these pearls. You may contact me personally (e-mail me) for any further information regarding it's potential availability to you. Please be prepared to give your feedback on the PREMISES of this thesis available in the Preface and in regard to ALL of the LINKS contained WITHIN THAT 'PREFACE'. I suggest going through it all once to try to get a general grasp of the material, then a second time paying closer attention to details, taking notes and writing down questions. Then we will be ready to dialogue. YHWH bless you as you seek his face.


Table of Contents



(Part 1 Section 1)

Deception Exposed!

1.1 Exposing the Edomite Lord

1.2 Exposing the Edomite God

1.3 Exposing the Edomite Christ

1.4 Exposing the End-Time, Edomite Deception

1.5 Exposing Edomite Prophets of Baal

1.6 Exposing Edomite, New Covenant Theology

Part 1 Section II

Intermediate Level

Section II