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The following video layout at YouTube is sectioned into TEN segments of about ten minutes each video segment. The problem is they do not order them correctly at YouTube so one gets FRUSTRATED trying to find the proper order.

Because this video is SO IMPORTANT, mirroring my own acedemic career and choice to transfer to private Seminary from secular, Post Graduate work in COMMUNICATION, as a result of the hostile atmosphere to my WORLD VIEW which I was experiencing there (and subsequently finding the same hostile environment toward the discovery of BIBLE TRUTH presented here in my thesis, while at seminary, and ALSO truths I've been able to put together from the LIFE EXPERIENCES God gave me to SHOW ME regarding the WORLD WIDE SEX ENSLAVEMENT RING called the WISDOM OF TEMAN in scripture and HOW IT WORKS right in your face), I want you to understand the deep ramifications of what is being said without all the nuisance of the YouTube glitches distracting your focus.

Anyhow, here are the properly ordered segments to this video for your convenience and benefit:

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (part 1 of 10)











Of course the SECRET PEDOPHILIC RELIGION of the WISDOM OF TEMAN being FOUNDATIONAL EDUCATION is the REASON why it is SO IMPORTANT for ATHEISTS to rule Science (as opposed to THEISTS UNITED...atheists divide theists with LIES). It's all about PROPAGATING THEIR SELF HATRED RIGHT IN YOUR FACE WITH YOUR TACIT CONSENT as they pretend to be the arbitrator between religions in the POLITICAL WORLD they MANIPULATE for thousands of years now. I suggest if you DO NOT UNITE to STAND UP against it as GODS HANDS AND FEET on this planet by HIS GRAND DESIGN, YOU HAVE NO PART WITH MY GOD and SHALL BE REMOVED!


I need to put a section here on the Pharmacuetical industries nakedness by directing you to Jack Herer's classic 'The Emporer Has No Clothes'. I feel it incumbant to point out how utterly SICK it makes me to know how this GODLESSLY MOTIVATED INDUSTRY has been feeding off our ignorance like a PARASITE while mankind SUFFERS IGNORANTLY in its GRIP while POSTURING as mankinds SALVATION! Utterly WICKED! The Greek word translated as 'sorcery' and 'drug sorcery' in the Bible is Pharmakia! The DRUG SORCERERS are the one's CURRENTLY holding your TRUST to SAVE YOU from the ILLNESSES THEY CAUSE!

Neither did they repent of their murders or their drug sorceries (PHARMAKIA) or their fornication or their thefts. Revelation 9:21

They simply have NO IMPETUS or MOTIVATION to tell you about such MARVELLOUS PROVEN WONDER 'DRUGS' as CARVACROL and CANABINOIDS found in the GOD CREATED AND GIVEN PLANTS Oregano and Canabis. THEY COULD NOT WORK THEIR MAGIC IF YOU KNEW THE TRUTH! In fact they have a vested PROFIT MOTIVE in this FALLEN SYSTEM and are COMPELLED BY THAT PARADIGM to make sure YOU NEVER KNOW! They simply could not EXPLOIT THEM (and therefore US) through PATENT LAWS to reap huge harvests, so they SUPPRESS KNOWLEDGE of TRUTH of their POWERFUL HEALING PROPERTIES through LEGISLATION LOBBYING to keep you IGNORANT of TRUTH and DEPENDENT in their SYSTEM OF ENSLAVEMENT in order to FEED OFF YOUR ILLNESS! And it's been EFFECTIVELY taking place since 1937! It's really VERY SATANICALLY SICK to see the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY which these GODLESS MEN are perpetrating, ONCE YOU KNOW THE TRUTH!

And here's a couple links to get you STARTED on the KNOWN, Scientifically PROVEN benefits of CARVACROL (because its NOT YET ILLEGAL to STUDY it like they did with CANNABINOIDS), the main essential compound found in wild OREGANO which, like the Hemp plant, will never receive much attention with follow up research to EXPAND our KNOWLEDGE regarding this plants MARVELLOUS POTENTIAL by our current CURSED perspective of perceiving (and interacting with) 'reality' in the MOST HEALTHY WAY available, as long as GREED is the FOUNDATION of LAW! The first is a general study and the second is focused on combatting the pharmacuetically CREATED super bacteria called Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff). I have done my own Independent research and can ASSURE YOU that carvacrol is a VERY POWERFUL aid in HEALTH MAINTENANCE AND RECOVERY!

General Carvacrol Study

Carvacrol Kills C-Diff

I am absolutely confident that we will discover that the Hemp plant (also known as: Bhang, Canabis, Kanab, Kanah B'sim, Ganja, Marijuana, and many others names AROUND THE WORLD for MILLENIUM!) has a VERY UNIQUE and SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP to MANKIND by DESIGN. We NOW KNOW that the Human body CREATES CANNABINOIDS, they are even found in Mother's breast milk! That's right, the Human body needs cannabinoids at a VERY FUNDAMENTAL, CORNERSTONE LEVEL in the body to REGULATE STORAGE and other ORGAN FUNCTIONS as well as HELPS REGULATE and MAINTAIN the IMMUNE SYSTEM! And Cannabis is the ONLY NATURAL EXTERNAL SOURCE of this ESSENTIAL NEEDED COMPONENT of the HUMAN BODY! This marvellous FIND, the isolation of the Delta 9 Tetra-Hydrocannabinol (THC) in 1964 (24 years after it was made ILLEGAL WORLDWIDE THROUGH CONSPIRACY established below) and the discovery of the bodies OWN cannabinoidal receptor SYSTEM ALREADY IN PLACE to RECEIVE IT, was made by Dr. Raphael Meshulam, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. This knowledge will TRANSFORM HUMANITY by DESIGN!

Until 1937 Hemp/Cannabis (renamed 'Marihuana' by the 'authorities' who had and AGENDA to CONFUSE MINDS in order to ENSLAVE THEM, all EXPOSED NOW!) was the MOST COMMONLY prescribed medication, being a BASIC INGREDIENT of SO MANY OINTMENTS, ILLIXR'S AND MEDICATIONS as to make your head spin! Now ILLEGAL as a result of GREEDY MEN exposed by the video below. Imagine the audacity of someone attempting to KEEP YOU IGNORANT by telling you that it is ILLEGAL for you to ingest VITAMIN C and SCURVY was a DISEASE NOT RELATED TO DIET or vitamin C deficiency so that doctors could make money off PATENTED MEDICATIONS which deal with the SYMPTOMS OF YOUR SUFFERING and not the CAUSE! Lots of illness came from vitamin C deficiency, MILLIONS DIED from an 'INCURABLE DISEASE' UNTIL WE LEARNED THE VERY SIMPLY SAVING TRUTH ABOUT WHAT AILED US and the SIMPLE FIX! That is TRUE of cannabinoids today and we have the SCIENCE DATA TO PROVE IT!

I'm absolutely CONFIDENT that this GOD GIVEN (Gen. 1:29) seed bearing PLANT is both the tree of knowledge, WHOSE ULTIMATE 'GOOD TRUTH' is to lead us to CONQUER OUR ILLNESSES which came from trusting a deceiver regarding a commanded perception of the TRUTH. Man chose to know the EVIL of choosing to perceive reality in any other way than that which YHWH COMMANDS for OUR GOOD! YHWH put Satan in the garden to enslave ignorant man, so that man in obedience could NOT openly reflect the CHARACTER and NATURE of his creator and BRING HIM GLORY in our DARKNESS without SUFFERING for having DONE SO. Such a WORLD PARADIGM as we currently have regarding 'reality' and the laws which SUPPRESS, REJECT and SACRIFICE TRUTH as it's CORNERSTONE, can only bring DEATH AND DESTRUCTION given enough time. I think we see the FRUIT of our WORLD BUILDERS choices, which we inherited, coming ripe and the harvest will be a whirlwind. This should be the lesson of man's PAST HISTORY as he enters a NEW DAWN.

Additionally It is not a coincidence that the 'FACE BREAD' of YHWH which the BUILDERS STRUCK, and which is put out on ALL SABBATHS freshly in front of the HOLY VEIL leading to GODS THRONE (which the INSANE KING SAUL killed all the priests who gave this bread to David when he was hiding in the wilderness), contains the SAME CANNABINOIDS as does the HOLY INCENSE which Johns father was burning in the MOST HOLY PLACE within the veil when he saw his VISION (and which is also one of the five ingredients of the HOLY ANOINTING OIL used by prophets, priests, and Kings in YHWH's KINGDOM), is now being KEPT FROM US ALL in this ONGOING OPPRESSION OF MANKIND and his WOMEN by these SODOMITES who DONT WANT TO GO THROUGH THE DOOR to see the FACE OF THE FATHER and DON'T WANT YOU TO EITHER! They don't want you eating the BREAD OF LIFE when they are living so well giving you the BREAD OF AFFLICTION as they USURP GODS THRONE in YOUR LIFE! That holy BREAD and INCENSE are symbols of the CANNABINOIDS our BODIES REQUIRE FOR OPTIMUM HEALTH, knowing TRUTH and seeing ETERNAL LIFE! Not only did George Washington think this plant SO VITAL TO AMERICAN INTERESTS as to be quoted as saying, AND I BELIEVE AND ESPOUSE THAT COMMAND from OUR FOUNDING CORNERSTONE of this nation: "MAKE THE MOST OF THE INDIAN HEMP PLANT AND SOW IT EVERYWHERE", but ALSO THOMAS JEFFERSON RISKED HIS LIFE SMUGGLING SEEDS OUT OF BANKSTER CONTROLLED INDIA so we could have the BEST STOCKS AS A SUPER FOOD SOURCE FOR A BASIC HEALTHY DIET...A CORNERSTONE AMERICAN DIET!

Mankind CAN and MUST overcome those who desire to SUPPRESS the TRUTH in order to KEEP MANKIND ENSLAVED in their SELFISH SYSTEM of SELF DESTRUCTION so that we may NEVER know and REFLECT the IMAGE of GOD as GOD DESIRES. The only way to do that is to KNOW and LIVE IN the LIGHT OF TRUTH. Consistent with his nature it seems YHWH used the very SYMBOL of our DISOBEDIENCE as the very SYMBOL for OBEDIENCE to KNOW the WHOLE TRUTH. Its all in PARADIGM, from Satans perspective God's perspective looks careful that the LIGHT in YOU is not a BLINDING DARKNESS! The founding fathers gave us the TRUE PERSPECTIVE which BANKSTERS HIJACKED even as THEY PROPHESIED IN ADVANCE! The GREATEST GOOD is the knowledge of the TREE of LIFE whose fruit may only be eaten if we do not listen to SATAN and condemn ourselves by USING LAW DESTRUCTIVELY, CONTRARY TO ITS PURPOSE, and criminilizing knowledge of the SAVING TRUTH and so DESTROY OURSELVES! The Tree of KNOWLEDGE is ALSO the Tree of LIBERTY and MUST REMAIN FREE as GOD COMMANDS for the HEALING of the NATIONS! 2000 years ago there was NO MORE HOLY ACT of devotion one could make than to BURN HOLY INCENSE to one's 'GOD'. After Vespasian imposed his monetary system (already heavily controlled by Jews) with his image and his Calendar system SABBATH CONSPIRACY (with Zachai's assistance the 'eyes of a man' on this little horn 'beast') onto the world to BLIND US from the TRUE SABBATH MESSIAH of the FATHER (as promised in advance the anti-christ would do) he then REQUIRED ALL MEN to burn incense to HIM and this NEW SYSTEM. Only the MESSIANIC JEWS were left exposed and TARGETED by this CURRENT WORLD ORDER when it was ORIGINALLY SET UP by VESPASIAN, ZACHAI, AND JOSEPHUS. It's time for a new world order.

So the plant that was used to lead us to know EVIL so we were KICKED OUT of the 'garden', must NOW be used to lead us to know the ULTIMATE GOOD as it was DESIGNED and PLACED HERE to LEAD US TO SEE, to lead us BACK to the 'garden'! Hence the tree of knowledge was our CURSE when our paradigm could ONLY BE disobedience in our IGNORANCE, but from the perspective of OBEDIENCE in the LIGHT of TRUTH, it becomes the TREE OF LIFE which Satan only wants seen from his perspective of KNOWLEDGE OF it comes down to a relationship of TRUST. Additionally, there is ample evidence suggesting that some of the founding fathers of the United States also recognized it as the best candidate for the 'TREE of KNOWLEDGE' and therefore as symbol of our 'LIBERTY' under RIGHTEOUS LAW, the best candidate for the Tree of Liberty as well. We certainly know Mr. Jefferson seeing the PHENOMENAL SUPERFOOD POTENTIAL, risked his life smuggling highly prized seeds out of India; that Mr. Washington used it in his PIPE and INTERNALLY as 'Medication' (until 1937 canabis was the most widely recognized and most commonly prescribed pain medication on the American Medical Associations List of Pharmacopia drugs), he grew it, used it, he kept a diary on harvest time/potency relationship, and he commanded that Americans 'make the most of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere'.

It was such an IMPORTANT RESOURCE for all sorts of things (now largely replaced by pulping our national forests producing 4 x less paper and lumber material per acre than Hemp, POISONOUS Petroleum based products (rather than bio-degradable plastics FAR SUPERIOR in quality), synthetic clothing and clothing made from the EARTH POISONING materials produced by the cotton industry (which replaced hemp for POLITICAL reasons), and side effect causing Pharmacuetical sorcery poisons made OBSOLET by GODS GREEN HERB...and all of that delivered to you for a PRICE of DEATH and DESTRUCTION by GREEDY ROBBER BARONS who are RULING YOUR ECONOMIC WORLD VIEW while DEMONIZING and MURDERING the SAVING TRUTH with YOUR IGNORANT ASSISTANCE...YOU PAY THEM TO KILL YOU and YOUR OWN CHILDREN!). Hemp provides a FAR SUPERIOR RESOURCE to supply virtually EVERYTHING those PLANET POISONING INDUSTRIES supply to us but it does it NATURALLY, HEALTHILY, and by LIVING GREEN. Before the Bankster Robber Barons and their Corporate interests TOOK OVER (concerning which both Washington and Jefferson left a heritage of PROPHECY to WARN US!), this nation used hemp for clothing, ALL of a ships tack and rigging, paper (on which the first draft of the Constitution was written) and the other fabrics like that with which Mrs. Washington created the first American Flag. It was illegal to be a farmer and grow a crop in Virginia WITHOUT growing canabis for a few years at the end of the 19th century (because of its badly needed resources at the time). Today we know Hemp is also used to make superior concrete blocks, press lumber, and BIODEGRADABLE plastics, as well as being able to SUFFICIENTLY provide a supply of natural BIO-DIESEL to begin to replace our DESIGNED DEPENDENCE on POISONOUS petroleum. I would also point out that nicotine, the main ingredient of smokeless and smoking tobacco products, has NO MEDICAL VALUE and is known to be the CAUSE of CANCERS and EMPHAZEMA related FATAL 'DISEASES' and is the TRUE 'gateway drug' given to children by ENSLAVERS, which is as addictive as Heroine or Crack Cocaine (which their SODOMITE PRIESTS PREFER and they ensnare our women in SEX TRAFFICKING with...hemp is an all natural pain management assistor whereas THEIR 'PAIN KILLERS' ar TOXIC chemicals DERIVED PHARMACUETICALLY!). Why is Canabis, which is NOT PHYSICALLY ENSLAVING as they are, and for which there are NO RELATED DEATHS in it's KNOWN HISTORY and TONS of MEDICAL USE HISTORY to verify its veracity as VERY BENEFICIAL IN EVERY WAY, why is it SINGLED OUT to be placed on SCHEDULE ONE by the A.M.A. (deemed as having NO MEDICAL USE by medical POLITICIANS) and Nicotine is not even mentioned? WHAT MEDICAL USE HAS NICOTINE?! WHY IS IT NOT RECOGNIZED AND TARGETED AS AN ENEMY FAR WORSE THAN CANABIS...WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS POLITICAL LANDSACPE?!

In fact why is Cocaine (or Heroine), the PREFERRED DRUG USED BY THESE POLITICIANS and THEIR BUDDIES in SECRET CLUBS like GREEK SOCIETIES by which which your children ARE TRULY ENSLAVED and ABUSED, why is COCAINE listed in schedule 2 as HAVING MEDICAL USES [and is therefore legal to possess for 'research' and penalties for 'illegal' research possession is FAR LESS STRINGENT...and yet this substance (like nicotine NOT EVEN ON THE LIST and the TRUE GATEWAY DRUG) is FAR MORE SOCIALLY DESTRUCTIVE than UNPROCESSED THROUGH PHARMACHIA SORCERY and therefore UNPATENTABLE, GREEN HERB given FROM GOD?!] when it's uses are known to be SO MUCH MORE LIMITED than those promised by Cannabis, and its ENSLAVING dangers UTILIZED IN SOCIETY NOW are far more readily apparent? It's SODOMITE political HYPOCRISY parading around under COLOR of 'law' that hates the VIRTUE of the TRUTH of LAW for MONEY...the HONOR of LAW has been WHORED OUT by POLITICIANS, that's why! TRUTH is at the HEART of good MANS LIFE, HEALTH and very SALVATION from GOD for HIS CHILDREN, and there are CRIMINAL MONEY INTERESTS who want to KEEP YOU FROM ENJOYING THE BENEFITS of KNOWING THE TRUTH because they are PARASITICALLY FEEDING OFF YOUR IGNORANCE AND SUFFERING as if THEY were God! I could write another book about what I've learned about DIET and how it's secretly UNDER ATTACK by the A.M.A. and their GREEDY MAGICIANS but there's already TONS OUT THERE if you know where to look.

But just to give you a glimpse into a bit of my own personal health struggles, until 2016 I had been VERY ILL on and off for several years and near death at a couple points and could not figure out why until the end of 2015. After coming to a place where I could barely eat ANYTHING and was nutritionally deficient and struggling severely with AUTO IMMUNE ISSUES as a result (a silent HEALTH EPIDEMIC being covered up in America now...I lost over 150 lbs to be down to 10% bodyfat once again; despite having also lost 30 lbs of healthy muscle during my illness too!). By the end of 2015 I was finally able to get a handle on my illness through DIET. Over time it became clear to me that I was suffering from an allergic reaction to GLUTENS (called CELIAC DISEASE) and CANDIDA OVERGROWTH (a bacterial imbalance in the digestive system which is exacerbated by eating an overabundance of their preferred foods plentiful in the American diet STRIPPED OF NUTRIENTS, even 'KOSHER' ones like mine has been for nearly 20 years; simple starch and sugar carbs) and related AUTO IMMUNE issues that were clearly resulting from the TYPES of food I was being directed to eat as an ECONOMICALLY IMPOVERISHED person in our American SYSTEM; SIMPLE STARCH CARBOHYDRATE type foods containing GLUTENS and stripped of essential nutrients. These EMPTY CARBS are easily turned to fat as your body STARVES for ESSENTIAL NUTRIENTS and healthy BALANCE. It seems in my case I also had a sensitivity to Glutens all my life which merely PROGRESSED to the point that I WAS DYING...the very ACT of EATING was KILLING ME because of the IMBALANCE of DIET and lack of NUTRIENTS, but I finally found out what I was 'allergic' to all my life, despite having gone to doctors and specialists since childhood who got paid A LOT OF MONEY for NOTHING!

I came to find out through TRIAL and ERROR during this period of STARVATION, that I could AVOID SIMPLE STARCH CARBOHYDRATES containing GLUTENS and SUGARS and safely eat protiens and (healthy/good) fats (like HEMP SEED along with PLENTY of FIBEROUS foods like CHIA SEED and Indian 'DAL') and FEEL SO MUCH MUCH better...I did not realize it at the time but I learned to STARVE MY ILLNESS in order to FEED MY HEALTH! As I said I now call this caloric intake guide my GOLDEN RATIO or 'CORNERSTONE DIET', and I recommend it for A HEALTHY and BALANCED WORLD POPULATION. It begins IN the GUT to DEVELOP OUR MINDS and our POPULATIONS to HEALTHY BALANCE so we may LIVE MORE ABUNDANTLY as GOD DESIGNED!

I'm now VERY HEALTHY and THRIVING on a modified KETOGENIC DIET (which I just recently heard of but had been practicing because I EXPERIENCED the benefits before I ever read about the Science of it) with HOLY HERB as the CORNERSTONE of it (Hemp and Chia seeds are the PERFECT COMBINATION food for a ketogenic diet, but I can hardly afford it at well over $10 and as much as $20 per pound and ONLY THROUGH SHIPPING!...the price for HEALTHY FOOD is kept extremely high by the UNEQUAL LEGAL PLATFORM used by these same criminals who made it ILLEGAL in the first place; so they could control the 'cures' for our illnesses)! It' essentially LIMITING the amount of calories you take in from SIMPLE 'EMPTY' CARBS to a MAXIMUM of 1/2 of ALL CALORIC INTAKE! My current caloric intake consists of 15-20% from Protien, 30-40% Fat, 10-15% Fiber. It's a goal that seems difficult to acheive and maintain BY NATURE OF OUR CURRENT SYSTEM. But this is the caloric intake profile 'TARGET' which I shoot for DAILY, for my own HEALTH SAKE. I call it the GOLDEN RATIO DIET.

Having a maximum amount of 50% of your calories coming from EMPTY CARBOHYDRATES means you MUST CONSCIOUSLY seek to increase the amounts of calories you eat from PROTIEN, GOOD FAT RICH foods and Fiberous foods...VERY SIMPLE if you DELIBERATELY MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE! NOT ONLY would you LOSE ALL EXCESS WEIGHT (assuming you are an AVERAGE overweight AMERICAN like I was) and FEEL GREAT like I DO NOW...but in my researched and experienced OPINION, such a diet would ALSO be useful in PREVENTING, TREATING, and/or CURING a MULTITUDE of other FUNDAMENTAL DIETARY RELATED ISSUES (which serves to FEED an already OVERSIZED GREEDY MEDICAL SYSTEM creating a PARASITIC or CANCEROUS condition on the BODY of MANKIND itself, which is ONLY GETTING WORSE as we continue to FEED IT the wrong diet!) like DIABETES and CANCER...why? Because a HEMP SEED DIET provides a HIGH PROTIEN, HIGH 'GOOD FAT' (KETOGENIC) resource for one's DIET or way of living, which will FUNDAMENTALLY change the ENTIRE POPULATION of NATURAL BACTERIAS in your DIGESTIVE SYSTEM so that YOUR SYSTEM will NO LONGER BE ABLE to SUPPORT THE SICKNESS AND DISORDERS currently CREATED out of our IGNORANCE of PROPER DIET being FOISTED ON US by those who FEED OFF OUR IGNORANCE and CREATE PROPAGANDA WAR over the BODY OF TRUTH! They are PHARMAKIA SORCERERS and they WILL NOT REPENT of their MURDERS and FORNICATIONS but MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE if the BODY OF MANKIND is to SURVIVE! This is MY HYPOTHESIS based on MY PERSONAL BIBLE RESEARCH and actual WORLD EXPERIENCES, which knowledge I have not even begun to SCRATCH THE SURFACE of it, yet.

High CARBOHYDRATE diets lacking fundamental nutrients, as provided by PROCESSED FOOD SUPPLIERS in America today, are actually FEEDING THE ILLNESS CAUSING BACTERIAS which are naturally found in your body so that their POPULATIONS INCREASE creating an UNHEALTHY IMBALANCE in the SYSTEM of the BODY. Such an IMBALANCE in the BODY COMPOSITION at this FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL is causing all sorts of HEALTH problems to potentially to include DIABETES, AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES, SIEZURES and a MYRIAD of forms of CANCER. We see this SAME IMBALANCE also manifesting IN SOCIETY, the SYSTEM 'BODY' of MANKIND itself. If we do not CORRECT IT we will ALL PERISH as a result. That's simply the TRUTH from my well studied Biblical opinion, PERSONAL WORLD EXPERIENCE, and understanding of SCIENCE. Sadly we will ALWAYS have to rely on such personal anecdotal experiences gathered at the risk of great personal suffering and danger under such a SODOMITE CONTROLLED SYSTEM, and never be able to COMPILE THE EMPIRICAL SCIENTIFIC DATA needed to 'PROVE IT' as TRUE and INCREASE OUR KNOWLEDGE, as long as we, THEIR DUMB VICTIMS who TRUST THEM who HATE GOD while SITTING IN HIS SEAT OF AUTHORITY as they SECRETLY ABUSE US, believe that cannibis is as 'evil' as our medical PROTECTORS and SAVIORS (who've been living big off our INCREASING ILLNESSES and IGNORANCE) have told us for SO LONG NOW! FROM MY RESEARCH AND PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IT'S ALL A LIE AND IT'S KILLING US AND THEY (the KEY DECISION MAKERS and their political descendents who foisted these lies on us) KNOW IT! Keeping the system of drug scheduling we currently have is CRIMINALLY INSANE and is CAUSING ILLNESS AT A FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL IN GODS WORLD BODY and AMERICANS can and MUST CHANGE THAT and SAVE THE WORLD by GODS DESIGN using HIS TRUTH as the SAVING CORNERSTONE as HE DESIGNED...or perish for rebellion!


The History of Marijuana

And please be introduced to just some of the AMAZING Science TRUTHS regarding this TREE of the knowledge of the GOOD which overcomes evil to enter ETERNAL LIFE which is being UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESSED in our current GREED BASED, fallen paradigm of reality and it's associated economic SYSTEM of DEATH which MUST CHANGE if we are to SURVIVE, here:

Canabis Cures Cancer!

And this video's focus is mostly in regard to the political and legislative issues and the HIDDEN EVIDENCE of its VALUE. It really showcases the UNCONSCIONABLE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY the GREEDY MOTIVATION of our MEDICAL INDUSTRY and other corporations have taken against the people they PRETEND to want to HELP:

Clearing the Smoke

There's also a wonderful older documentary available called WEED and a new book called SMOKE SIGNALS by Martin Lee that is fairly comprehensive to date.

Mankind has been taught to perceive the tree of knowledge of evil AND GOOD from an only EVIL PARADIGM where conflict MANAGEMENT is all that can be done UNTIL the CORNERSTONE of UNITY is brought forth, now done in my Message. By refusing to choose the paradigm meant for our GOOD, we will continue to suffer, ignorantly IMPRISONED in a paradigm of suffering, death and destruction. Hating the knowledge of SAVING TRUTH which leads to PEACE and LIFE, is MANIFEST INSANITY...animals parading around as if they are intelligent...and they must be TAKEN CAPTIVE BY TRUTH! The struggle occurs at the base of the Tree of Knowledge which is the tree of LIBERTY whose FREEDOM will effect the ECONOMIC and INTELLECTUAL REVOLUTION designed for the BRIDE of GOD to ENTER since the GARDEN!

Invisible, ETERNAL Truth IS the MESSIAH. The FULL MOON is his SIGN. His BRIDE is his BODY and the SYMBOL of this UNION of material and spiritual, human and divine, is the HOLY HERB, symbolizing our LIBERTY in ETERNAL TRUTH! In my minds eye I see this SPIRITUAL REALITY in a MATERIAL 'SIGN' or FLAG as a BLACK background with a HUGE, BEAUTIFUL FULL MOON (with TWELVE STARS 'crowning it') superimposed over that background of DARKNESS which represents the old world order under the Sign of the Beast Sun. This signals the ETERNAL REIGN of GOD finally come to Earth as its CONQUERING LIGHT!

The arrangement of stars crowning the moon could be such that when the dots are connected, it forms the outline of a 7 branched leaf, the Sign of the bride's LIBERTY or FREEDOM in her search for the KNOWLEDGE of SAVING TRUTH (which is HOLY LAW) the tree of the knowledge of GOOD which, when RIGHTLY PERCEIVED, conquers the knowledge of evil because our paradigm changes in how we view it. Like the LAW, this 'tree' helps us see more clearly for OUR BEST INTEREST.

The LAST NOTE I would like to add here is in regard to George Washington and his connection with freemasonry which built this country but always had a 'back door' where evil came in and out, it's coded in the Bible! Most masons are CLUELESS to the MEANINGS of the SYMBOLS they are taught about; since most have many meanings and apart from a KEY to understand, can only be misunderstood. Today it seems impossible to find anymore, most Masons themselves are not aware, that George Washington, who was GODS CORNERSTONE to found this nation and himself set the nations CAPITOL CORNERSTONE STONE in solemn assembly, also sat for a portrait of Himself sitting similarly to famous depictions of Eliphas Levi's BAPHOMET. Mr. Washington, like myself, understood all the symbolism and how the Satanist ROBBER BARONS and their BOOT LICKERS have been deceived to think a spirit of pure evil is coming to power in GODS TIMING, which is the CENTRAL THEME of this CAPSTONE! The ANTI-CHRIST has DIVIDED UP the BODY OF GOD on planet earth for PROFIT SAKE and now the TRUTH shall SHATTER THE BEAST POWER and SET US FREE. Each SYMBOL exposes a DEMONIC LIE which is CURRENTLY RULING OVER MANKINDS MIND keeping him IGNORANT AND ENSLAVED in DECEPTION for PROFIT by DEMONS IN FLESH. The TRUTH has SET US FREE!

It is NOT ANTICHRIST TO GODS PEOPLE who is coming to the WORLD THRONE but a RIGHTEOUS MAN as WORLD JUDGE! George Washington KNEW the BIBLE WOULD 'RULE' the WORLD because HE KNEW MY MASTER PERSONALLY TOO! He came to UNDERSTAND how SATAN was DECEIVED by God to believe HE is the HIDDEN RIGHT HAND OF GOD when in fact he is the HIDDEN HAND of DECEIVING MEN/satan, usurping GODS THRONE on Earth who shall be CUT OFF so we, the REST OF THE HEALTHY BODY of God, can ENTER ETERNAL LIFE as GOD DESIGNED, without THAT CANCER parasitically FEEDING OFF Gods BODY on Earth! We are in the LAST STRUGGLE for WORLD PEACE and we need a NEW RALLYING FLAG representing our KNOWLEDGE of what Mr. Washington was TRYING TO CONVEY TO US, even as the BIBLE TOLD US WOULD HAPPEN (Is. 11:12)! The FALSE LIGHT of 'LUCIFER' is now EXPOSED AS DARKNESS by the TRUE LUCIFER and LIGHT OF THE WORLD, as DESIGNED, and our NEW FLAG will REPRESENT THAT LIGHT!

But rather than depicting an EVIL FIGURE with a 'rod' entwined by two serpents (a rod of healing from GOD which RELIGIOUS CRIMINALS and SORCERERS are struggling to remain in control of for THEIR OWN SELFISH REASONS) extending from between the feet of the seated figure who is pointing at the Rising Moon and the Setting Sun, and the words 'solve this' written on the arms, telling us its about a CHANGE IN 'TIME', we should depict an ANGELIC FIGURE rather than DEMONIC. George knew this TREE and GODS CALENDAR is what the STRUGGLE is over and we would WIN in the END! This same tree which gives such great knowledge to satan that he could enslave us by keeping us from it AFTER we disobeyed, is also the TREE OF LIFE, seen symbolically in her anciently known seven fingered green 'branch'. This flag which should be Made in the U.S.A. of HOME GROWN HEMP just like our FIRST FLAG was, should be flown everywhere to be seen as REPRESENTING the SAVING TRUTH coming in the CLOUDS with the SIGN of the BRIDE broadcasting the WAY to INTELLECTUAL and ECONOMIC FREEDOM, PEACE and the HEALING OF THE NATIONS by GODS ANCIENT DESIGN!

The LEGAL WORLD SYSTEM we have is now seen to be REPRESENTING the LAW OF SIN AND DEATH of the CORPORATE ATHEIST BEAST which was FOUNDED 2000 years ago. Allowing this GREEDY CONSPIRACY to continue to have authority while IN REBELLION to GODS LAW of LIBERTY which will FREE US from them, is INSANE. We are COMMANDED to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! The CORPORATIONS of MEN working together as a BODY are not CREATED FOR GREEDY ROBBER BARONS to DIVIDE and FEED off our IGNORANCE, but for GODS glory so WE MAY EVOLVE to be UNITED WITH HIM AS ONE! The 'corporations' of men are BY the people and FOR the PEOPLE as GODS GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE, not for slick BANKSTERS through their FEDERAL RESERVE SCAM and all their CORPORATE PIMPS and WHORES raping the WORLDs VIRTUE for $$$ to end in SELF DESTRUCTION! This FLAG will represent a NEW REALITY of our RE-CREATED NEW WORLD ORDER KINGDOM upon which MANKIND MUST BUILD HIS FUTURE, if he will have one. The Sun is represented by the background of DARKNESS, the OLD 'CORPORATE' MODEL, which is illumined by the FAITHFUL MOON and the STARS as WITNESSES for the TRUE CORPORATE MODEL...a FAMILY where the HOUSE DADDY is not a PIMP but is MADE in the IMAGE OF GOD, representing the INVISIBLE 'LIGHT OF THE WORLD' more powerful than the sun, which gives it TRUE LIFE EVER ABUNDANTLY FOREVER even as he anciently declared, and as NOW EMPIRICALLY ESTABLISHED in a COMMUNICATION 'MODEL' to be RECOGNIZED!