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Ok this video is a bit different than all the rest in it's layout at YouTube. It, unlike the others, is sectioned into TEN segments of about ten minutes each video segment. The problem is they do not order them correctly at YouTube so one gets FRUSTRATED trying to find the proper order.

Because this video is SO IMPORTANT, mirroring my own acedemic career and choice to transfer to private Seminary from secular, Post Graduate work in COMMUNICATION, as a result of the hostile atmosphere to my WORLD VIEW which I was experiencing there (and subsequently finding the same hostile environment toward the discovery of BIBLE TRUTH presented here in my thesis, while at seminary), I want you to understand the deep ramifications of what is being said without all the nuisance of the YouTube glitches distracting your focus.

Anyhow, here are the properly ordered segments to this video for your convenience and benefit:

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (part 1 of 10)












I need to put a section here on the Pharmacuetical industries nakedness by directing you to Jack Herer's classic 'The Emporer Has No Clothes'. I feel it incumbant to point out how utterly SICK it makes me to know how this GODLESSLY MOTIVATED INDUSTRY has been feeding off our ignorance like a PARASITE while mankind SUFFERS IGNORANTLY in its GRIP while POSTURING as mankinds SALVATION! Utterly WICKED! The Greek word translated as 'sorcery' and 'drug sorcery' in the Bible is Pharmakia! The DRUG SORCERERS are the one's CURRENTLY holding your TRUST to SAVE YOU from the ILLNESSES THEY CAUSE!

Neither did they repent of their murders or their drug sorceries (PHARMAKIA) or their fornication or their thefts. Revelation 9:21

They simply have NO IMPETUS or MOTIVATION to tell you about such MARVELLOUS PROVEN WONDER 'DRUGS' as CARVACROL and CANABINOIDS found in the GOD CREATED AND GIVEN PLANTS Oregano and Canabis. THEY COULD NOT WORK THEIR MAGIC IF YOU KNEW THE TRUTH! In fact they have a vested PROFIT MOTIVE in this FALLEN SYSTEM and are COMPELLED BY THAT PARADIGM to make sure YOU NEVER KNOW! They simply could not EXPLOIT THEM (and therefore US) through PATENT LAWS to reap huge harvests, so they SUPPRESS KNOWLEGE of TRUTH of their POWERFUL HEALING PROPERTIES through LEGISLATION LOBBYING to keep you IGNORANT of TRUTH and DEPENDENT in their SYSTEM OF ENSLAVEMENT in order to FEED OFF YOUR ILLNESS! And it's been EFFECTIVELY taking place since 1937! It's really VERY SATANICALLY SICK to see the CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY which these GODLESS MEN are perpetrating, ONCE YOU KNOW THE TRUTH!

And here's a couple links to get you STARTED on the KNOWN, Scientifically PROVEN benefits of CARVACROL (because its NOT YET ILLEGAL to STUDY it like they did with CANNABINOIDS), the main essential compound found in wild OREGANO which, like the Hemp plant, will never receive much attention with follow up research to EXPAND our KNOWLEDGE regarding this plants MARVELLOUS POTENTIAL by our current CURSED perspective of perceiving (and interacting with) 'reality' in the MOST HEALTHY WAY available, as long as GREED is the FOUNDATION of LAW! The first is a general study and the second is focused on combatting the pharmacuetically CREATED super bacteria called Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff). I have done my own Independent research and can ASSURE YOU that carvacrol is a VERY POWERFUL aid in HEALTH MAINTENANCE AND RECOVERY!

General Carvacrol Study

Carvacrol Kills C-Diff

I am absolutely confident that we will discover that the Hemp plant (also known as: Bhang, Canabis, Kanab, Kanah B'sim, Ganja, Marijuana, and many others names AROUND THE WORLD for MILLENIUM!) has a VERY UNIQUE and SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP to MANKIND by DESIGN. We NOW KNOW that the Human body CREATES CANNABINOIDS, they are even found in Mother's breast milk! That's right, the Human body needs cannabinoids at a VERY FUNDAMENTAL, CORNERSTONE LEVEL in the body to REGULATE STORAGE and other ORGAN FUNCTIONS as well as HELPS REGULATE and MAINTAIN the IMMUNE SYSTEM! And Cannabis is the ONLY NATURAL EXTERNAL SOURCE of this ESSENTIAL NEEDED COMPONENT of the HUMAN BODY! This marvellous FIND, the isolation of the Delta 9 Tetra-Hydrocannabinol (THC) in 1964 (24 years after it was made ILLEGAL WORLDWIDE THROUGH CONSPIRACY established below) and the discovery of the bodies OWN cannabinoidal receptor SYSTEM ALREADY IN PLACE to RECEIVE IT, was made by Dr. Raphael Meshulam, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. This knowledge will TRANSFORM HUMANITY by DESIGN!

Until 1937 Hemp/Cannabis (renamed 'Marihuana' by the 'authorities' who had and AGENDA to CONFUSE MINDS in order to ENSLAVE THEM, all EXPOSED NOW!) was the MOST COMMONLY prescribed medication, being a BASIC INGREDIENT of SO MANY OINTMENTS, ILLIXR'S AND MEDICATIONS as to make your head spin! Now ILLEGAL as a result of GREEDY MEN exposed by the video below. Imagine the audacity of someone telling you that you may not ingest VITAMIN C and SCURVY was a DISEASE NOT RELATED TO DIET! Lots of illness came from vitamin C deficiency, MILLIONS DIED from an 'INCURABLE DISEASE' UNTIL WE LEARNED THE VERY SIMPLY SAVING TRUTH ABOUT WHAT AILED US and the SIMPLE FIX!

I'm absolutely CONFIDENT that this GOD GIVEN (Gen. 1:29) seed bearing PLANT is both the tree of knowledge, WHOSE ULTIMATE 'GOOD TRUTH' is to lead us to CONQUER OUR ILLNESSES which came from trusting a deceiver regarding a commanded perception of the TRUTH. Man chose to know the EVIL of choosing to perceive reality in any other way than that which YHWH COMMANDS for OUR GOOD! YHWH put Satan in the garden to enslave ignorant man, so that man in obedience could NOT openly reflect the CHARACTER and NATURE of his creator and BRING HIM GLORY in our DARKNESS without SUFFERING for having DONE SO. Such a WORLD PARADIGM as we currently have regarding 'reality' and the laws which SUPPRESS, REJECT and SACRIFICE TRUTH as it's CORNERSTONE, can only bring DEATH AND DESTRUCTION given enough time. I think we see the FRUIT of our WORLD BUILDERS choices, which we inherited, coming ripe and the harvest will be a whirlwind. This should be the lesson of man's PAST HISTORY as he enters a NEW DAWN.

Mankind CAN and MUST overcome those who desire to SUPPRESS the TRUTH in order to KEEP MANKIND ENSLAVED in their SELFISH SYSTEM of SELF DESTRUCTION so that we may NEVER know and REFLECT the IMAGE of GOD as GOD DESIRES. The only way to do that is to KNOW and LIVE IN the LIGHT OF TRUTH. Consistent with his nature it seems YHWH used the very SYMBOL of our DISOBEDIENCE as the very SYMBOL for OBEDIENCE to KNOW the WHOLE TRUTH. Its all in PARADIGM, from Satans perspective God's perspective looks careful that the LIGHT in YOU is not a BLINDING DARKNESS! The GREATEST GOOD is the knowledge of the TREE of LIFE whose fruit may only be eaten if we do not listen to SATAN and condemn ourselves by USING LAW DESTRUCTIVELY, CONTRARY TO ITS PURPOSE, and criminilizing knowledge of the SAVING TRUTH and so DESTROY OURSELVES! The Tree of KNOWLEGE is ALSO the Tree of LIBERTY and MUST REMAIN FREE as GOD COMMANDS for the HEALING of the NATIONS!

So the plant that was used to lead us to know EVIL, must NOW be used to lead us to know the ULTIMATE GOOD as it was DESIGNED and PLACED HERE to LEAD US TO SEE! Hence the tree of knowledge was our CURSE when our paradigm could ONLY BE disobedience in our IGNORANCE, but from the perspective of OBEDIENCE in the LIGHT of TRUTH, it becomes the TREE OF LIFE which Satan only wants seen from his perspective of KNOWLEDGE OF it comes down to a relationship of TRUST. Additionally, there is ample evidence suggesting that some of the founding fathers of the United States also recognized it as the best candidate for the 'TREE of KNOWLEDGE' and therefore as symbol of our 'LIBERTY' under RIGHTEOUS LAW, the best candidate for the Tree of Liberty as well. We certainly know Mr. Jefferson risked his life smuggling highly prized seeds out of India; that Mr. Washington used it as 'Medication' (until 1937 canabis was the most widely recognized and most commonly prescribed pain medication on the American Medical Associations List of Pharmacopia drugs), he grew it, used it, he kept a diary on harvest time/potency relationship, and he commanded that Americans 'make the most of the Indian Hemp seed and sew it everywhere'.

It was such an IMPORTANT RESOURCE for all sorts of things (now largely replaced by pulping our national forests, POISONOUS Petroleum based products, synthetic clothing and clothing made from the EARTH POISONING cotton industry, and side effect causing Pharmacuetical sorcery poisons...all delivered to you for a PRICE of DEATH and DESTRUCTION by GREEDY ROBBER BARONS who are RULING YOUR ECONOMIC WORLD VIEW). Hemp provides a FAR SUPERIOR RESOURCE to supply EVERYTHING those PLANET POISONING INDUSTRIES supplying, NATURALLY, HEALTHILY, and by LIVING GREEN. Before the Bankster Robber Barons and their Corporate interests TOOK OVER, this nation used hemp for clothing, ALL of a ships tack and rigging, paper (on which the first draft of the Constitution was written) and the other fabrics like that which Mrs. Washington created for the first American Flag. It was illegal to be a farmer and grow a crop in Virginia WITHOUT growing canabis for a few years at the end of the 19th century (because of its badly needed resources at the time). Today we know Hemp makes superior concrete and BIODEGRADABLE plastics as well.


The History of Marijuana

And please be introduced to just some of the AMAZING Science TRUTHS regarding this TREE OF LIFE which is being UNRIGHTEOUSLY SUPPRESSED in our current GREED BASED ECONOMY, here:

Canabis Cures Cancer!